A Girl For Her

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Chapter 11

Angel had fallen asleep in the backseat after Scarlett explained how their life is going to be without Jana and her children, she missed them badly but she had to leave with Scarlett to save her fiancee and children from this terrible heartache that has been wedged between it’s bad enough Jana had kissed her boss, unfortunately her situation being caught with Scarlett having sex with her had made it worse because Scarlett literally masturbated in front of Angel again this time it was a seduction that made Angel weak.

Scarlett patted Angel awake saying,

“Well, we are here in Rose County finally and we are about a hour or so from where I live so come sit up front with me.”

Angel climbed up to the front then replied,

“So what are we doing in Rose County and where do we need to go to?”

Scarlett smiled responding,

“I am going to change you of course and we are heading into clothing stores,hair salons and much more to get you set up as Annabel Thomas you will be my wife. You will no longer Angel Knight so prepare for new changes baby because you are now living your life back in Rose County as soon as we head to Berkeley for everything.”

Angel sighed hating the outcome of changing who she is to please this woman but it is what it is until Jana and the kids can come to rescue hopefully before she is brainwashed to blithering, she rather be dead than being called Annabel Thomas. Angel replied after thinking it over,

“So pretty much you are going to have to get me a new ID,birth certificate,social security card and what not just so I can be that wife you wanted years ago...this is so fucking ridiculous, you can’t be making me someone I don’t want to be..I am sure you could find a real Annabel anywhere else without changing me.”

Scarlett stopped the car once again then placed her hands around Angel’s throat responding,

“You are going to be MY Annabel whether you approve or not, you are my everything and always will be as long as I make you my wife that damn whore of a woman you claim to love won’t have you as long as you are with me.”

Angel tried to release from Scarlett’s grip so she could breath but Scarlett just held tighter making Angel lose her breath completely as she passed out in the front seat from loss of oxygen.

Scarlett put the car back in drive after releasing Angel making her suffer for claiming she couldn’t be her Annabel,Annabel is going to be her love and will be with her forever not this damn Angel chick who’s in love with Jana Johnson gosh damn it. Scarlett finished the drive in complete silence once more as she looked over to Angel every once and while to make sure she was breathing, thankfully she was.

They had arrived in Berkeley before heading into Rose so that way Angel can be changed to Annabel before it gets to much later it took them most of the day to change her hair from long wavy hair to short shoulder length,dye it auburn,change her eye color from blue to gray, and pick her out new clothes and shoes that would make her look unique so she went with short shorts an halter tops along with flip flops that Angel despised most of all.

Scarlett smiled each change come to Angel that it made her whole day that they discussed on how she would act because if she didn’t she’d be beaten and that she would be working at Shauna’s Midnight Cafe so she would be applying as Annabel Thomas to make it look reasonable, the worst part of it all is that she has to wear contacts to see because her original eye color wasn’t good enough and anyone would notice who she was. So instead of being the famous Angel Knight of Rose County with the bookstore cafe called Windsong that is now Midnight which is going to throw her completely off.

Scarlett is so happy to see that Angel is now Annabel a perfect sweet imaginable love that she couldn’t resist the urge wanting to make Annabel feel special by making love to her that she actually spoke,

“Annabel, you look so amazing even better than what you were before. This style fits you perfectly, I couldn’t imagine a better wife for me.”

Annabel replied,

“I wish you would have just left my image alone I loved being Angel not Annabel. Annabel sounds so plain and original.”

Scarlett smacked Annabel across the cheek responding,

“You are ANNABEL not ANGEL and I will make sure it sticks in that pretty little head of yours. Now Annabel let’s go to dinner and enjoy ourselves then go home to watch movies.”

Annabel sighed replying,

“Yes, my wonderful gorgeous wife.”

Annabel wanted to puke saying wife to Scarlett this is going to be so sickening and hard to adjust since she wanted Jana more than anything. Could she handle this twist of events an get to Jana before it became hell once more? Jana had finally came out as lesbian,she proposed to Jana and now she is stuck back in Rose County with her ex girlfriend from High School because she willingly gave in when she should have fought for herself.

Scarlett was extremely proud of the way Annabel replied as being her now wife even though they have to get everything ready for the law to see that she can be Mrs. Annabel Thomas for the rest of her life and never go back to Angel Knight.

As time went on memories of Angel faded as Annabel came about more and more personally through the next year or two. Annabel had never felt so different but she loved her wife Scarlett that meant everything to her, even though she always had these weird dreams about Angel Knight and Jana Johnson.

Angel Knight is a beautiful blonde that is in love with a woman name Jana Johnson who she saved from men that were out to torment her and it took Jana a year to know who she was. Jana and Angel agreed to have kids then make deep passionate love soon after. Jana was a gorgeous brunette with the sincere of love. Angel felt like Jana was the whole world and they were meant to be with each other. Angel had the best years with Jana until she was gone from her.

Annabel woke up in sweat and breathing profusely as she shook her head from the mysterious memory of being Angel Knight and some woman named Jana Johnson was her partner for life. Though Scarlett has been with her for over three years now and they have the perfect love.

Scarlett used to beat Annabel for unknown reasons she couldn’t recall but she knew she was Annabel Ann Thomas and her lovely wife is Scarlett Myra Thomas. Scarlett was very beautiful in every way with black short wavy hair,blue eyes,heavy set weighing two hundred ten pounds,height at five feet seven inches and always had to wear corsets to look special even though they didn’t work around her body to well and she always tried on tight jeans.

Annabel knew Scarlett was beautiful but her clothing style had always been distasteful. Annabel had tried to encourage her wife to wear something more suitable with her body but she disagreed with the choices for a big woman.

Annabel had such a wonderful job working with Shauna Meigs at the Midnight Cafe but she’s had to keep update her applications because her and Scarlett kept moving though she hasn’t figured out why they keep moving from one apartment to another.

Shauna pulled Annabel to the side one evening saying,

“Annabel you look familiar to me but I can’t pinpoint as to who you are? Are you sure, you have lived in these parts before?”

Annabel smiled at her boss replying,

“Shauna, I have been here for many years, I haven’t moved at all.”

Shauna shrugged then guided Annabel back to where she was with customers as she spoke to other customers about her it seemed.

Annabel finished her job in no time flat as she saw Scarlett pull up though Scarlett never came inside to greet her, she placed her apron on the rack in the back as her cell phone went off as she read the text it said,

“Babe, you need to hurry up, I have a meeting in twenty-minutes and I need to get you home to rest before dinner.”

Annabel rolled her eyes as it was the same routine daily but she never argued with her wife. Annabel always kept memories of her wedding day to Scarlett in the back of her mind it was always such a sweet one even though it was more of a Gothic,Wicca wedding that subtle them both.

Scarlett had taught Annabel the ways of Wicca since they got together and they do rituals every time the moon is out in full. They would special prayers for those that have gone for life to soon or something involving candle light, Annabel never kept vague memory of what goes on it always seems clueless to her.

On the drive home from the cafe shop Annabel had a feeling that Scarlett was going to bring up moving again if she even mentioned the fact that Shauna has a suspicion of who she is though she has no clue who she is and why everyone assumes she’s someone else.

Scarlett cleared her throat making Annabel startled by saying,

“Annabel, are you even listening to me?”

Annabel shook her head that was when Scarlett hit her against the windshield leaving her in tears once again that was when she replied,

“I am now my beautiful wife, I am sorry for daydreaming again, what were you saying?”

Scarlett sighed responding,

“I was telling you that we are going to have to move again, I am tired of everyone assuming your Angel Knight when you are Annabel Thomas and you know you are Annabel Thomas but no one will believe you. So, we are heading to my birth town in Massachusetts so you better tell Shauna and all you’re other co-worker’s goodbye.”

Annabel felt even more tears flow as her wife literally told her that they were packing up and leaving again this time to another state so she’s assuming Scarlett must’ve heard rumors around town. So, Annabel replied with a heavy heart,

“Why do we got to move so far away?”

Scarlett raised her eyebrows responding,

“Due to the fact that someone in this town knows you as Angel Knight and it better not be Shauna, I swear she’ll be dead to us.”

Annabel shook her head replying,

“Shauna said I looked like someone familiar but she never said exactly whom I looked like.”

Scarlett had assumed someone in this dead town was starting something but it could be nothing just to be safe though they are moving whether Annabel likes it or not.

Annabel had wondered why people thought she was some woman named Angel Knight like who the hell is she? And why is it so important for them to know if it’s her? Annabel had no idea where people kept assuming she was this mysterious woman.

So as they were packing to go to Bristol, Massachusetts Annabel spoke up,

“Baby, why do we constantly move? I mean it’s not like people do actually call me Angel.”

Scarlett dropped her clothes on the floor then walked over to Annabel placing her hands around Annabel’s throat shoving her against the wall as hard as she could replying,

“Because if my sneaky suspicion is correct it is someone that assumes you are her and she is determined to get you.”

Annabel tried to release herself from Scarlett’s grip but it just kept getting tighter then Scarlett released her as Annabel coughed hard then cleared her throat responding,

“Babe if you are so concerned with this person than why don’t you handle this miscellaneous person?”

Scarlett sighed with a reply,

“Knowing this person it wouldn’t do it any good, so let’s hurry up and get going on the road while we can.”

Annabel nodded as she finished packing her luggage.

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