A Girl For Her

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Chapter 12

Annabel quit having nightmares of some previous life as soon as they moved to Bristol, Massachusetts. They took a flight from Flint to Bristol which only took four hours even with all the luggage they packed and started all over by re-ordering furniture,bed,kitchen supplies and more.

Annabel didn’t like this constant moving with Scarlett but after she told Shauna and her co-workers that she had to leave they all sobbed also concerned for her safety, she gave them hugs back and told them nothing is going to happen. She left Midnight Cafe with a heavy weight on her shoulders like she knew something was a mixture.

Annabel finally cleared her throat saying,

“Baby, so since we are in the town you are born in, do you know anyone out here? I mean I never even heard of North Attleboro before until now.”

Scarlett turned around from making a plate of salad replying,

“My mom Andrea is still out here, I called her last week to be exact, she can’t wait to meet my beautiful wife Annabel and had discussed with the fact of us having kids since we have been together for almost four years now. Also is thinking about having us moved to a place near her and it is an actual house instead of a apartment, oh my gosh babe you will love to have heard my mom’s thoughts.”

Annabel wanted to hide away in her own library or something because meeting parent’s is none of her best qualities. So she responded,

“My love, I can’t keep constantly moving this is causing havoc on my emotions please can we just stay here until we are ready for sure to have children and a bigger home. I am enjoying just us at the moment and the lovely view of this apartment, it’s a little high priced for what I expected but it is a beauty.”

Scarlett cringed at the denial of moving near her mother so she replied,

“Babe, please just a last move let’s say in about six month’s tops?”

Annabel sighed hating this constant moving decided to respond,

“Fine sweetheart whatever, I just want to be able to stay in one place and not constantly keep changing from place to place like we did in Michigan.”

Scarlett kissed Annabel sweetly then finished making her salad for lunch as Annabel went into their bedroom with the laptop that they had packed and sat on their new king size bed with black and pink flowers all over. Annabel looked up writing novels as a specialty she had one but couldn’t remember what it was about with the constant moving she had trouble staying focus.

Annabel heard Scarlett turn on the television in the living room as Annabel let out a deep sigh every time she wanted to be focused Scarlett would distract her with noise, so she shut down the laptop and went out to watch television with her wife.

Annabel cleared her throat saying,

“I am going to go job hunting today sweetheart.”

Scarlett shrugged replying,

“It better be than that Midnight Cafe you worked at for over three years because you never made enough to keep us fed or anything. If you don’t find work by the end of the week, you will be working where my mother did as a young woman which is a engineer downtown North Attleboro. You are to be home after your shift just like before. My meetings are at night since I was able to transfer my business.”

Annabel was so sick of being on a damn schedule with her wife every time she found a job it was enough to nerve her some days, it wasn’t like Annabel was going to cheat on her wife.

Annabel responded with a dry throat,

“Yes my lovely wife, I will stay near home to you and come home to do house chores along with getting myself fed and to bed at a decent hour.”

Scarlett smiled with a reply,

“Good to hear my lady, now go get ready for job hunting...once you find a job you better remember the bus route from here to there and same back.”

Annabel nodded in agreement sighing as she got up from the couch as Scarlett grabbed her wrist saying,

“To add my wife, you need to keep a stalk of that auburn hair dye around or your natural color will show which I will highly disapprove.”

Annabel nodded in agreement again then released her wrist as she went into their room to find proper clothing for interviews in case she gets any today. As she got dressed Scarlett came in the room then beat Annabel multiple times which caused her train of thought to go missing once more she begged Scarlett to quit hitting her but it was always the same daily before she went anywhere.

Scarlett had made sure Annabel would forget something about herself even though they have been together for so long, Scarlett still managed to hit her so hard to leave cuts,black eyes,bruises and damage jaw most the time, she’s thankful that her body never broke against all the hits.

Once Scarlett was done she left the room leaving Annabel to scramble and get up as she rushed with trying to cover everything before she went to interviews let alone speaking one on one with people. The only thing Annabel has managed is not to argue with Scarlett because she learned it is never good too.

Scarlett felt proud of herself watching her wife begging for the abuse to stop but she never felt like a relief of marrying her was enough so she made sure to make her suffer subsequently since she kept giving many excuses for the love of Jana which was very sickening when she knew Annabel would take to long to do something Scarlett had to make sure that her memory would never return, so she would enjoy watching her wife shrivel up and cry.

After about thirty minutes of making sure Annabel was good to go for her interviews Scarlett walked out of the room listening to Annabel scramble for makeup and anything else to cover up the marks since she knew damn well Annabel wouldn’t go outside without covering up the mess. Once Annabel was ready she grabbed her purse by the door kissed Scarlett goodbye then went to catch the buses for the day.

Annabel had sat down on a bench after filing many applications in each store she could find knowing none of them would be good enough for Scarlett. As she sighed a woman sat beside her saying,

“You look like hell.”

Annabel looked up with a new resolution as she replied,

“I have had a bad day and my wife is going to be so upset with me once she finds out.”

The woman had lovely short black hair,hazel and green eyes,luscious red lips,weigh one hundred thirty pounds, and about five feet nine inches she was very lovely looking for sure. She had dressed in all black which made her stand out.

As the lady responded,

“My name Tonya Jones, I can’t stand a person who beats someone else which I have noticed about your face and the way you lean it hurts. As for your wife being upset for certain jobs you find that is even more ridiculous.”

Annabel sadly looked down again replying,

“I am Annabel Thomas, my wife is very abusive, I don’t know who I was before, we have traveled seven times within the past three years and she has not picked my jobs since we’ve been together.”

Tonya shook her head as she scooted closer to Annabel responding,

“Do you remember anything of your past at all? Like your name? Your parent’s name? Anything that could trigger a memory?”

Annabel sighed heavily replying,

“No, because once I do have a memory of any sort including dreams my wife beats me for it and my mind loses of what the memory was.”

Tonya hugged Annabel responding,

“You’re wife is very cruel and you need to be in a women’s shelter away from her.”

Annabel shook her head no as she looked up at the sky and sighed once more replying,

“I have better get home my wife will be tracking me down if I’m not home by a certain time.”

Tonya hugged Annabel once more then walked away with tears streaming from her face. Annabel felt so bad for making the woman cry and now she had to head back to her wife before another beating came about which wouldn’t surprise Annabel at all including Scarlett’s temper that has literally gone over the top.

As Annabel walked into the apartment she heard Scarlett throwing things so Annabel closed the door silently then made her way to the bathroom and locking it in hopes of Scarlett not hearing it. That was when she rocked herself until she could hear Scarlett stomping around grabbing what she needed then slammed the apartment door so hard it shook everything.

Annabel unlocked the bathroom door then walked around the apartment to see everything destroyed from their kitchen,dining room,library and much more area’s that needed cleaning soon she heard her phone go off as the text read,

“Since you couldn’t care to come out of the bathroom and face me, you will be deeply punished tonight so don’t you dare even think about going to sleep. You were supposed to be home before dark and you were late once again, so prepare for another enjoyable punishment and clean our apartment while you are at it since it is going to take you most the evening anyways.”

Annabel read the messages as tears dripped down her face by morning she’s going to be all battered and bruised again which was hard enough to cover today during filing applications. Annabel had wanted to run but she had nowhere to go, she didn’t even get information off of Tonya because that would make Scarlett assume of cheating.

Soon as she started cleaning a surprise knock came at the door so she called across saying,


The voice spoke,

“Angel it is Jana and your kids answer the door please...”

Annabel raised her eyebrows then walked to the door and answered it to see a woman she didn’t recognize with two teenagers as she closed the apartment door then placed her arms over her chest saying,

“My name is Annabel not Angel and I believe you and your kids have the wrong place.”

Jana looked rather surprised at that response as she replied,

“How can you forget who you are? You are the most amazing I have been with including our children that love you dearly. You are Angel with lovely blonde hair,blue eyes, and a gorgeous figure. You aren’t Annabel, Scarlett has you brainwashed.”

Annabel looked Jana dead serious in the eyes with evil in it responding,

“You have serious problems woman because Scarlett is my wife and I have never been with any other since then as far as I am concerned so pack you and your kids and never come back here again.”

That was when Jana grabbed Angel into a bent over kiss and planted a passionate one on her as she felt tears stream down her face then let Angel go as her and the kids walked away.

Annabel didn’t know who that Jana person was but she kissed way better than Scarlett and had meaning behind it. Annabel couldn’t understand why the woman was calling her Angel though it made no sense what’s so ever. Annabel sat down at the table lost in thought of what could it mean by that lady showing up mysteriously she even searched her memory of this woman and nothing appeared it’s like her past life had disappeared with the abusing constantly because Scarlett always did damage her head in some way like against windows or walls so hard she’d lose conscious for hours on end.

Annabel decided that instead of pondering about the mysterious woman who had kissed her that she might as well go back to working on the house since it is going to be an all night chore for her just to get done before Scarlett got home. As she got off the table she felt like the most horrible person for pushing Jana away but she honestly couldn’t remember living a life without Scarlett.

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