A Girl For Her

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Chapter 18

Scarlett stayed by Annabel’s side all night as they talked about what their plans for their anniversary turns out they had the same spot hit the beaches in Florida and spend a week in a hotel to relive their wedding day. Scarlett had never imagined that they would be wanting to go to the same spot which is Palm Beach, Florida just she had to schedule very soon plus make it work with her boss Jerry and Annabel’s boss Sierra. Annabel is so anxious to get back to work soon after her release that it made her so excited to be able to contain herself.

Annabel kissed Scarlett on the forehead as they fell asleep next to each other. By late that evening Annabel had woken up feeling the urge to puke so she grabbed her ventilator rushing across the room reaching the toilet as she spewed everything out with Scarlett holding her hair. After about ten minutes Annabel laid on the floor feeling weak as Scarlett called a nurse to help get Annabel off the floor and back to bed within a hour they were running multiple scans and x-rays.

Through everything that evening luckily nothing bad appeared on anything it was just after effects for the medication and recovery of them finally working out of the system they told Annabel that she can clear out her system that way. Around ten in the evening they headed home as Annabel recovered very well from the side effects and almost nearly dying the day before.

Jana and Martha had build a great relationship within time after several weeks the kids quit groaning and complaining that she wasn’t Momma Angel but they took it in stride since Martha took them to school on the way to opening her bakery most morning’s. Martha helped tucked them into bed every night and helped with homework if needed to be.

Martha is very respectful on the guideline of no making love until they were together for at least six months at most. Jana had started back working at the bakery within a week because they really needed her to save the store which they did once word got around that she had returned from her three and a half year trip. Jonathan and Avery would walk from the school to the bakery to get some cookies then work on homework their with a few friends most days.

Jana had always thought of Angel when it came to making a wedding cake especially in rainbow color. Martha would come up behind her and kiss her cheek saying,

“I know you still think about her, she was one and a million but don’t you still have her number? Why don’t you text her to see how she is doing since you came back to Kansas? I am sure she misses her best friend if anything.”

Jana kissed Martha back on the cheek replying,

“I will text her to feel better about myself if anything. I do miss her as a best friend.”

Martha shooed her off to the back where she could have privacy since the kids were well behaved at this point. Jana reached the break room to see no one was in there then looked for Annabel’s number as she found it she texted a quick message saying,

“Hey Annabel, it is Jana, I am texting to check on you, I am very sorry about breaking your heart but you aren’t Angel and obviously Scarlett is your wife now and forever so it looks like what we had never existed. Us making love was a big mistake, I am in Kansas with our kids living my life with Martha since she is planning to divorce her husband. I hope life is treating you well. Your best friend, Jana!”

Jana never heard back from Annabel even when she called a few times during that week it seemed the number had either blocked her or Annabel just wasn’t near her phone. So Jana just gave up for now to wait until Annabel contacted her in time.

Martha told Jana over and over never to give Annabel could have possibly been sick or something it is known to happen for sure. Jana finally received a message after a month as it read,

“Jana, I am so sorry for not replying turned out Scarlett had drugged me with antidepressant pills to help me from my supposed anxiety,stress and depression that I didn’t have. I am glad you still kept me as a best friend. I wish you would have stayed in Massachusetts so we could see how far our relationship would have went but you are right I’m not Angel and probably never will be again. I do love my wife Scarlett even for what she puts me through it is just the way I am now. As long as Jonathan and Avery are happy just tell them that somewhere in my heart I’m still Momma Angel even though I am Annabel, I will miss you all and hope to see you all again in the future including Martha. Your best friend forever, Annabel Thomas!”

Jana shook her head in disbelief that after she had left of Massachusetts she still is Annabel and the fact that Scarlett drugged her up doesn’t want to make her leave is beyond Jana’s mind set. Jana had to believe faith would rescue that woman but that even seemed far fetched for being four years in a week that Scarlett had taken her lover,future wife, and best friend.

Martha came in the back room seeing Jana frustrated with the final text message she received it had seem the one she used to love has become a completely different mindset. Martha sat down on the couch in the break room looking at Jana saying,

“Well honey it just goes to show Angel is history and Annabel had become your best friend in time. I will never understand why Angel would risk her personality to become someone she isn’t? I mean okay Scarlett had abused her a lot within the time period but Angel seemed more fierce than that when we met. All I can say is fate has its roll of dice now.”

Jana breathed a heavy sigh replying,

“Angel wanted to save our relationship from Scarlett destroying it further and I am assuming if it meant being Annabel than I would never have to face Scarlett’s death wish upon me. Angel loved me enough to save me and our children.”

Martha looked down at the floor responding,

“You do have a point my dear but this will never end with you two as I’m aware and it is going to take all of us to get Annabel to see she is Angel even if it means digging up old records.”

Jana accepted that fact long ago as she replied,

“I knew that was coming babe just now to work on it.”

Martha shook her head no responding,

“Not quite yet let’s see how far Annabel reaches her breaking point.”

Jana raised her brow replying,

“That could be years sweetheart.”

Martha knew and left it at that leaving Jana to ponder the thoughts completely as she heard Avery calling her name back into the bakery. Martha helped Avery set up the chocolate cupcakes that were made by the main baker in the back along with a few other sweets coming out.

Annabel was down with a nasty sickening for a month that cost her, her job so now she is on the search for a new one when she went to apply for a new job she saw that a text appeared on her phone, she looked to see if Scarlett was anywhere near thank goodness she wasn’t because as she glanced down the name appeared to be Jana her heart flutter with joy to see her best friend speaking to her again though it didn’t last long when she sent out that last text message and never got a response back.

Jana and Annabel had a one night stand several months ago that seemed to be just that before Jana went back to her home state of Kansas due to her not being Angel which she understood is heartbreaking though she wondered why a woman like her would be attracted to the exact opposite of her loving wife. Annabel will never know that answer since Jana will not return even for the children sake.

Annabel saved the number under a hidden name then closed her phone as she heard Scarlett come up behind her saying,

“Any luck of finding a new job?”

Annabel shook her head no replying,


Scarlett scooted Annabel away from her desk as Annabel held her responding,

“My love, I found us both a job. You are going to be a waitress at a local restaurant and since Jerry fired me finally I got me a job a few blocks down from the restaurant you are working at, I am working at a local bookstore.”

Annabel didn’t seem so thrilled that Scarlett kept getting her dream jobs as she worked these 9am to 5pm shifts most the time depending on the job at Abbots she had to be up by 5am to be to work by 6am to end up home around 11pm it was a full day shift working that forklift. Annabel sighed replying,

“Babe, how come you always end up with my dream jobs like the business you had and now a bookstore? Books are my thing not yours, you are too much wrapped up in wearing Corsets for fashion and prancing around like a child.”

Scarlett got off of Annabel smacking her right across the face responding,

“Listen here you little skank this is my choice of how I live my life and if I want to be a business woman I will or if I want to be a book store seller I will. You can’t control your jobs that I apply because you have no low life experience like me, so keep your mouth shut or you’ll end up in a ditch for me to kill you. Alright, love you babe.”

Annabel swore her wife was on drugs she’d never actually kill her, she had trapped her in a cage and has been abusing her since gosh knows when anymore though Scarlett is a loose cannon anymore. Annabel smiled sweetly after being smacked in the face replying,

“Alright my love, you enjoy working in a bookstore as I will enjoy my job as a waitress.”

Scarlett kissed Annabel with passion then releasing her responding,

“Good sweetheart, now I’m going to take the buses to go get our uniforms and I’ll be back in a hour or two so go ahead work extra hard on that book you’ve been dying to get published and I’ll be back to make love to you again.”

Annabel nodded turning on her laptop getting to work as Scarlett slammed the front door making sure she was disturbed for a few minutes due to pissing her off again. Instead of working on her book she got to work on finding Jana’s address since she had no recall of it or the home number or did they have cell phones? Annabel had no recall then she heard the front door clicked so she went back to her book as Scarlett said,

“I am sorry for disturbing you babe, I forgot to grab my favorite book Twilight to show the workers that I get the thrill of working with. By the way you work by 9am sharp tomorrow so I’ll be home with your uniform, see you in a hour or two.”

Annabel couldn’t believe Scarlett was going to make her work tomorrow at this so called restaurant that she didn’t even get a interview too, so she slammed her laptop closed then went to the dining room opening Scarlett’s laptop skimming through past jobs to see if she can figure out how they are getting jobs so easily. Turns out nothing appeared on the screen to prove that they are working any where it looked like Scarlett wiped her laptop clean. Annabel closed the laptop and went back to her own.

No clue of how Scarlett was doing that disturbed her so she contacted Tonya her close friend in the area to see what she could come up with. Annabel snatched up her cell phone texting Tonya,

“Hey sugar, it’s Annabel, I was wondering could you figure out how Scarlett is getting me and her jobs so quickly I couldn’t find anything on the laptop of hers.”

Soon as she sent it a reply came from Tonya,

“Annabel, I am not that technical but I know someone who is...I will contact them then contact you on the information.”

Annabel responded to the text,

“Thank you, back to work on my book for now.”

After that she worked hard for like three hours on her book without hearing Scarlett returned though Scarlett knew if she was working not to disturb her. Scarlett then grabbed Annabel by the hair whispering,

“You went on my laptop didn’t you?”

Annabel whimpered replying,

“No babe, I have been on my own the whole time.”

Scarlett pulled her head back further than slammed it against the hardwood table that was when Annabel passed out completely knowing her death is awaiting for this much abuse but she knew she had to keep Jana protected.

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