A Girl For Her

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Chapter 19

Martha loved spending time with Jana even just watching movies they had a amazing bond that could never be broken even though Jonathan and Avery didn’t like her at first they warmed up finally and would enjoy family time.

Martha’s divorce was finally finalized a month ago and Jana has made sure that their relationship would build. After the divorce her ex-husband married some young woman from some college institute that he worked for. Martha didn’t want to remarry as soon as the divorce because she wanted to see how far she could get with Jana before Angel appeared back.

Jana cleared her throat Martha being startled with her thoughts said,


Jana giggled replying,

“You were zoned out on me, everything okay?”

Martha smiled responding,

“Oh yeah, all is great just thinking of everything that has gone on in the past month.”

Jana sat on Martha’s lap kissing her with deep passion whispering,

“Well it’s been a good six months are you ready?”

Martha released a deep breath holding Jana whispering back,

“To be honest, I am nervous to even begin making love, can we wait just a couple more months make it a year to be on safe side, please?”

Jana kissed her once again whispering,

“Of course it took me that long to make love to Angel though she proposed to me and it sparked a light in me twice as much.”

Martha knows Jana misses Angel but being compared to her was never easy. So Martha finally spoke up,

“Jana, I really do admire your heart for Angel but it’s time for you to stop comparing me to her every chance you get. I will never be her!”

Jana backed off of Martha than went to her room slamming the door as both children sat there looking at her soon Jonathan spoke,

“You know mom has had it hard since Angel became Annabel she didn’t know how bad it’d be once we got back here, I knew you didn’t like us. Martha, you are a joke to me and my sister. We only deal with you because of mom. Any other time I would have made mom choose someone other than you.”

Martha got up from the couch then looked at Jonathan replying,

“You know what young man I shouldn’t have to deal with this, I love your mom and I will do anything for her but I will not be compared to Angel the rest of my life. You want your mom happy than let me try and make it work for her to be happy.”

Jonathan growled at Martha as he responded,

“You love mom then let her think about Angel it’s not a crime.”

Martha shook her head no replying,

“Young man, you have a lot to learn about relationships so let me and your mom handle this and you go draw or something.”

Jonathan grabbed Avery by the arm as they both went into their rooms without a word so Martha just sat down on the couch with a heavy sigh knowing this was going to get more complicated.

Jana unlocked the bedroom door to see Martha still in the living room as she went down the stairs silently stopping mid-way saying,

“Martha, I am sorry about the kids being rude lately and I am so very sorry for comparing you to Angel so much but Jonathan is right I do miss her but I have you in which I should respect that.”

Martha scoffed responding,

“Jana, I get that you miss her and the children do too but we have to move on from this just like she has with Scarlett. I do accept your apology but we still aren’t making love for another six month’s.”

Jana shrugged her shoulder’s replying,

“I don’t care about that, I care about keeping us together Martha, you have become my best friend since this whole thing have happened. I will always miss my first fiancee but I have a new woman to love.”

Martha smiled at Jana responding,

“That is very true even as your boss and you are my co-worker we have the most beautiful friendship in the world right now.”

Jana laughed going down the stairs as she approached Martha with a smile replying,

“And I am glad even as we work together you don’t fire me all because of our relationship status.”

Martha stood up grabbing hold of Jana than planting a kiss that makes your feet curl then releasing the kiss responding,

“I am just glad you work for me and we have this relationship all together, I love you Jana Johnson!”

Jana blushed furiously after that amazing kiss replying,

“I love you too Martha.”

Martha and Jana changed the channel from whatever the kids were watching as Avery came out saying,

“Mom, are you and M...M...Ma...Martha okay?”

Jana looked at Avery rather suspiciously replying,

“Of course we are and why did you stutter her name?”

Avery fidgeted with her fingers responding,

“No reason mommy, I am going to play with my dolls...enjoy your show.”

Jana wondered what is going on with Avery she never stutters even being the happiest kid in the house at 9 years old. Martha didn’t even speak about what is going on with Avery which didn’t add up either. Jana got up from the couch and knocked on Jonathan’s door first, sure enough he let her in as she said,

“Jonathan, what is going on with Avery?”

Jonathan took off his headphones raising a eyebrow replying,

“What mom?”

Jana sighed in frustration responding,

“What is going on with Avery?”

Jonathan shrugged his shoulder’s replying,

“I am not sure what you are talking about except she has been very,very quiet recently.”

Jana closed his door and sat on his bed responding,

“That is my point son, Avery stuttered Martha’s name which is very odd of her for her to do around anyone.”

Jonathan got up from his desk sitting next to Jana replying,

“Let’s go talk to Avery.”

Jana nodded as she walked up the stairs from the basement all the way to Avery’s room as she knocked on the door saying,

“Avery baby girl open up.”

Avery didn’t answer as Jana opened the door to see that she was lying on the floor playing with her dolls quietly. Avery looked up at Jana saying,

“Hi mommy and Bubba, I am just playing. I am fine honest.”

Jana wasn’t falling for that as she kneel down beside Avery and Jonathan closed the door. Jana slowly spoke,

“Avery, why did you stutter earlier when talking to me?”

Avery placed her dolls on the ground, moving to her bed replying,

“I...I....told her to keep a secret about me.”

Jana looked at Avery quizzing responding,

“Okay, so she hasn’t hurt you or anything?”

Avery shook her head no as Jana sighed a relief and so did Jonathan that is when they decided to leave it at that in time Avery will tell her what exactly is going on.

Annabel was in a severe coma that she couldn’t even open her eyes as memories flooded after month’s of not having any:

“Angel had left with Scarlett to protect her children and Jana from pure destruction of their relationship it had tore Angel apart being away from Jana knowing that this is her life now. Angel missed her grandmother’s advice on how to handle life’s difficult moments especially when it became protecting loved one’s. Angel never loved Scarlett especially all the hell they went through in school ever since the abusing started in ninth grade Angel just wanted to leave school and never come back but she couldn’t leave Michigan it was her home state.”

Annabel still never understood why she can’t having flashbacks involving Angel it was like her subconscious wouldn’t let it go. Even in a coma her mind would keep replaying everything that wasn’t right like seeing a old woman that she called grandma. Annabel could hear a voice saying,

“Annabel as soon as you wake up from this whenever it maybe since you are in a deep coma you will need to go get some therapy from what the doctor said from your fall.”

Her fall is Scarlett out of her mind she’s the one that knocked her out cold by hitting her on hardwood table so does that mean as soon as she wakes up that she’ll be going to a loony bin for something she didn’t do to herself. Annabel had to think quick on how to get out of the mental system but one thing she knows that right now is nothing she can control with being in a coma.

Annabel literally felt sick to her stomach hearing Scarlett blame her as she heard Scarlett’s voice again,

“Baby, please just wake up so they can get you help. It has been six days and you are still not awake, I don’t know if you can hear but I miss you so much whatever you do don’t die on me. You did have to have surgery on your brain since you hit your head so hard from that nasty fall last week just please,please wake up.”

It had been almost a week since that fall and now Scarlett wants her to wake up, if she wants to stay in a coma she will or until her body decides otherwise which currently it’s staying in that state. Annabel would rather be in a coma than being sent to a mental facility for something she didn’t do to herself.

Next thing she heard a whisper from a nurse it sounded like,

“Annabel, you don’t know me but I have been taking care of you, I am nurse Sarah Hendrix I’ll be keeping an eye on you as you progress. You do have brain damage from your fall which has caused you to be in this coma and I am going to do everything in my power to make sure your surgery went well. So far everything else is good even from the last time you were here so that is good progress, I just wish to know where all these bruises have come from. I do hope you wake up in a couple days, so you can go get the therapy you need. I will let you rest from hearing my voice see you again in a couple of hours Mrs. Thomas.”

Annabel hated that everyone assumed she needed therapy when her wife needed it most due to being so abusive and demanding of everything. Annabel tried once again to wake up but her mind and body refused she tried at least two more times before she fell into a deep sleep again with a peculiar dream at that.

“Scarlett was out with her boss Jerry they seemed like a nice couple until they had become to acquainted. One thing led to another and they ended up in a hotel bed together making deep passionate sex but Scarlett ended up in tears as it had become to take it’s toll on here when she announced to him that she was leaving her job and to work elsewhere. He smacked her across the face then grabbed his clothes leaving the hotel without any pity of what he had done to her constantly. Scarlett sobbed more than screaming so loud it echoed to room service as they knocked on the door to ask if she was okay? Scarlett wasn’t okay she had been used by her boss for his enjoyment than leaving her even though she had been married for several years it wasn’t enough no matter where they traveled to he would follow as would the business. Scarlett cleaned herself in the shower then scrambled out to get to where she needs to be.”

Annabel never thought her wife would be facing rape on daily basis and never did anything about it, is that why Scarlett always abused her? But why is she having premonitions of everything lately has her brain giving her full access to everything from past and future. Annabel couldn’t understand any of it and it disturbed her even being in this long coma that has been going on for however long she wanted to wake up and get out of it but her mind and body refused no matter how hard she tried to escape.

Annabel felt that she would never get out of the hospital bed until she heard a voice again that was huffing and puffing in her ear saying,

“Baby, I need you back badly my previous boss Jerry has been raping me for years and now I need your help to get me out of here. Please just wake up I’m not sure how much I can take of him hurting me. I need my wife,my best friend, my everything just wake up.”

Annabel didn’t hear another word except sobs as she couldn’t reply in anyway. Annabel had a feeling that prick was hurting her wife because Scarlett always came home smelling different than usual. Nothing more she could but be trapped in this darkness awaiting her awake moment to be shipped off to therapy.

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