A Girl For Her

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Chapter 20

Jana seem to have everything settle with removing anything involving Angel from changing color of the room,bed sheets,removing photo’s,clothes,nick knacks,specialty items,books and much more just to clear up space. Martha and the children had helped along too with just selling everything as it came out. Jana had finally come to terms that Angel was never returning to her no matter the reason of falling in love with Scarlett has done to her.

Martha smiled at Jana saying,

“Well babe, we’ve made off quite a bit with most of the stuff. We will have enough for another garage sale tomorrow. Even your mom stopped by and checked it out.”

Jana nodded feeling saddened to see the stuff go but it had to for the better the picture’s were tossed out for good though no more picture’s of the good life. Jana replied,

“Thanks for the help sweetheart, I think now would be a good time for me to just take a step back and breath after everything today, I never realized how much she had built up within several years of us being together.”

Martha sat down next to Jana holding her hands responding,

“It is a surprise of what you find though I doubt you have found much history on her and Scarlett by any chance?”

Jana shook her head no replying,

“Unfortunately Angel never packed her yearbooks or any of those assets most of it was her grandmother’s which I kept so we could put in storage they are in our closet until Angel comes back for them, I know she loved her grandma dearly for keeping her away from Scarlett.”

Martha sighed responding,

“Well since I have left over money I’ll take her stuff to a storage unit and I’ll pay it, it can’t be that much stuff from her grandmother.”

Jana laughed replying,

“Hold on to that money this will have to come out of our checks from the bakery at this point because trust me her grandmother gave her a lot being the only grandchild.”

Martha shook her head in disbelief that a grown woman would keep so much of her grandmother’s stuff as she responded,

“So where is the rest of it?”

Jana grabbed Martha by the wrists all the way up to the attic as she opened the attic door and turning on the light she finally replied,

“Here in this attic and it is covered from front to back of boxes that had all her grandmother’s stuff in it.”

Martha couldn’t believe it, it made it all the way to Kansas and now in a attic that will never be touched for many years of Angel’s grandmother’s stuff that is probably irreplaceable. They both got out of the attic and headed downstairs to see what the kids were up to since they were both very silent.

Jonathan was talking on the phone he had since started dating at his age thirteen hard to believe though she isn’t sure if he is straight or gay he never had shown any interested in anyone in particular. Jonathan smiled at Jana saying,

“Hey mom, on Friday can I go stay with Nathan and his family we are going to shoot some hoops than have dinner on Sunday for just a family get together. I hope you and Martha can come, please you’ll like his family?”

Jana looked at Martha as she gave double thumbs up and then replied to Jonathan,

“You can go over I’ll write you a bus note, come talk to me when you’re done.”

Jonathan nodded closing the door then she went over standing beside Martha to see that Avery is passed out in her room with dolls in her hands it was so cute so Jana lifted her up putting her into bed to make sure she was comfortable instead of the floor. That is when Jana heard Jonathan come out of his room saying,

“Okay mom, I’m ready to go talk by the way you never answered if you guys will be coming over to Nathan’s family dinner?”

Jana placed her hand on his upper back guiding him to her room then closing the door leaving Martha out in the living room to watch television as she said,

“Jonathan, me, Martha and Avery plan on coming Friday but that’s not what this is about as your parent, I am concerned about your sexuality because when I was around your Momma Angel I was straight until I came out as lesbian a year later before your Momma left with Scarlett, so I’m wanting to know are you dating Nathan?”

Jonathan felt his privacy being invaded but he couldn’t hide from his mom because Jana knew everything well before he did including when it came to dating so he sighed heavily replying,

“Mom, I know Momma would have been proud to see her son being gay with his best friend but Nathan doesn’t feel that way no matter how much me and him hang out, I have tried everything to tell him it is okay to be in love with his best friend but Nathan says he’s straight and never liked guys that way though we flirt and have kissed a few times. Mom, I am gay and I really,really love Nathan, I am only thirteen just I know I am I’m head over heels for him.”

Jana hugged Jonathan replying,

“You can’t force him to be in love with you but going closer together at everything will improve just never give up on spending time with him.”

Jonathan nodded hugging his mom again then letting her go as he left the room without another word. Jana heard Jonathan closed his bedroom door and going doing the steps as Jana sighed heavily knowing Jonathan was gay but her son in love with a straight guy is more complicated.

Jana just got done speaking with Jonathan when the alarm went off on her phone that they were in search for Jana Johnson of Kansas for the impending death of Annabel Ann Thomas in Massachusetts. That had freaked Jana out as she went to Martha showing her saying,

“Get Avery to a friends house, Jonathan to Nathan’s and you are coming with me, we have to get out of here Scarlett has placed me as a possible murderer for something I didn’t do and the law will most likely be heading to my mom’s soon for more information. So go get Avery and Jonathan in the truck as we will drop them off then get on the road to leave towards California or Washington State next.”

Martha nodded rushing out to get Avery in the truck and Jonathan ran to Jana saying,

“What is going on mom?”

Jana showed Jonathan the text message as he ran to get his stuff texting Nathan on the way out saying,

“Alright mom, let’s get out of here quickly.”

Jana left without anything as Avery just had a doll,night clothes,a bag of clothes,shoes and necessities to get her to a friends house before it got to much later to leave. Jonathan was dropped off first since he went there almost every weekend to Nathan’s and then Avery over at her best friend’s house Brianna luckily they were able to take her at such short notice.

They left right after heading towards one of the further states knowing eventually that they may have to find another vehicle and change appearance before law catches her personally. Martha took a deep breath as the highway seemed so far of any destination as she said,

“Jana, turn around I need to stay with the shop or let me call one of your co-workers, I won’t tell them where you are going but I have to stay behind for the bakery.”

Jana wanted to shake her head no but she knew her girlfriend had a job to handle so she stopped the truck letting Martha call a co-worker to meet her at the gas station right near Roseland luckily the lady came and got her no problem so she left Martha there at the gas station as she got back on the road without even kissing her kids and girlfriend goodbye her life is now on the highway along with changing her number.

Jana knew nobody outside of Kansas so she had to think if she knew anyone in California to let her move in with that person but thing is that seemed very hard to do with barely any contacts anywhere in the U.S. so she decided to take a shot at living on her own or finding a temporary girlfriend to live with to keep her identity covered though she might have to go as Jennifer or Jenny Cornelius it’s a mouth full but she needed to hide including dying her hair also added extensions to make it much longer without anyone knowing who she is and going with dark clothing to look different.

Jana drove for hours on end feeling her body get exhausted from the drive as she saw a hotel in her vision seeing that it was run down but she needed sleep so badly even on a hard bed. So she pulled into the parking lot, parking the truck and rushing inside from the rain as the receptionist looked up saying,

“Aren’t you looking like a wet puppy, sorry are rooms are full.”

Jana got up to the counter replying,

“Listen lady, I know you have rooms because the parking lot is empty so give me a room to sleep in, I have been driving since 6pm and I’m exhausted.”

The lady laughed pointing at a sign as it read,

“We don’t give rooms if we don’t have to it is our right.”

Jana shook her head then slammed her hand against the counter knowing she had to drive more before she could sleep anywhere, she was so exhausted she’d dragged butt back to the truck as a gentleman appeared in the dark saying,

“I heard you had trouble getting in that hotel, that is my daughter she can be rather a bitch, so here is a key into my hotel you are in room #15 just park around the left side, have a nice visit ma’am I’ll check on you in the morning.”

Jana shook the man’s hand then got in her truck to the left side of the parking lot and found her room as she grabbed her overnight bag from the backseat she unlocked the room and got inside to see the room was beautifully furnished with light blue bed sheets, light blue curtains and beautiful blue everywhere with a nice television,sink and expanded bathroom. For a run down hotel it had nice furniture.

Jana stripped down to nothing getting a nice hot shower to relax her body from the hell she gone through that day and she still had to figure out a way to change herself before the law found her. She got out of the shower drying thinking of how nice it would of been to shower with Martha once but they never did because she was ashamed of her body in thought caused her to think that was why Martha didn’t want to make love, she is older than Jana by a decade the most but she never judged her girlfriend at all on the weight or anything.

Jana settled herself into bed as thoughts still kept her up including her children that have made her happy even though she’s been with Martha they have taken on so much since Angel has left willingly to save her. Jana had tried so hard to sleep that whole night but it has become more and more difficult she’s used to reading before bed though she never packed a book being in a rush and everything was closed.

Jana woke up not so refreshed from not sleeping all night worried the police were already outside looking for her but she’s already so far out of Kansas that they may not, she put miles in quite a bit yesterday evening. As she went down to the lobby to have breakfast the older gentleman from the night before looked pleasantly happy to see her as they walked together to the lobby and the gentleman finally spoke,

“I am Howard Wormwood, I am so glad you stayed here.”

Jana smiled replying,

“Nice to meet you Mr. Wormwood, I’m Jana Johnson and thank you for having me.”

He nodded as Jana noticed he is a fragile thing gentleman,with white hair for his age which be about sixty or seventy years old, and the lightest blue eyes the ocean could see. He stood about five feet one inch and one hundred seventy pounds not a very heavy guy at all.

Mr. Wormwood patted Jana on the back as she got coffee with a bagel then his daughter came up saying,

“Dad, what is she doing here?”

Mr. Wormwood just gave a sly grin replying,

“Tamera, I still run this hotel even though you are the receptionist of this hotel not owner if you want ownership you have to wait until I’m dead. You are only twenty-four years old and have no idea how to run this place best be grateful I don’t make you do the maids jobs again.”

Tamera sighed knowing he wasn’t going to let this go so easily, so she stomped back to her desk pouting like a two year old. Jana couldn’t help but giggle at the woman’s tantrum as she said,

“Well it looks like she’s a handful for her age. So you don’t care who stays in the hotel as long as rules are respected?”

Harold patted her on the hand this time replying,

“I have no problem with it whats so ever and you can stay as long as you like.”

Jana return the pat responding,

“Unfortunately I can’t my ex fiancee’s girlfriend has accused me of something so I am on the move until otherwise.”

Harold gave a sad look replying,

“I am going to have Tamera change your appearance you can still be outside of Roseland just three hours away the law won’t come here anyways. What name did you have picked out for yourself?”

Jana smiled as the man was willing to help her she responded,

“Jennifer or Jenny Cornelius”

Harold nodded going to the front desk to speak with Tamera as they argued for like twenty minutes before they both came over unfortunately Tamera didn’t seem so thrilled even being twenty four she had that teenage attitude. Jana looked at her more closely now seeing that she stood five feet eight inches, ninety-eight pounds, with black and red hair all the way down to the middle of her back straight, white fair skin just like Harold’s and light green eyes that stood out perfectly with her complexion.

Tamera sighed heavily in a bored way saying,

“Alright, I’ll make you a Jennifer but one thing is for sure we are changing everything from hair to clothes, so follow me to my home in your truck. Dad, this is going to take several hours have fun sitting at the desk.”

Jana grabbed Tamera by the wrist replying,

“Tamera, hold up, why can’t we just take my truck or your vehicle instead of two separate one’s?”

Tamera pulled her wrist out responding,

“Because I don’t want to invade personal space.”

Jana shrugged she had a point as she went behind Tamera seeing her getting into her 1997 Ford Focus and Jana got into her truck. Jana followed Tamera for about thirty miles until she turned off on some dirt road that the road led to a few abandoned houses on each side. Jana thought they were never going to get back on asphalt with the road so bouncy turned into a hour drive once they finally reached a two story house, of course it was white with light yellow siding seeing Tamera get out she didn’t spend too much time gazing as she rushed up behind Tamera saying,

“So, this is your place?”

Tamera shook her head no like she was feeling guilty for saying that as she replied,

“It’s actually my parent’s.”

Jana nodded replying,

“Oh okay.”

They walked into the house silently as Tamera grabbed her hand guiding her to the bedroom that was the toppest one in the house. Tamera opened the door for Jana letting her in saying,

“I like my privacy and I don’t have my parent’s to bug me very often up here.”

Jana turned around smiling replying,

“You have a very nice bedroom love the dark colors.”

Tamera blushed responding,

“So, um, what are we doing as a design to make you look different?”

Jana shook her head no not knowing what look to go for so Tamera grabbed her by the shoulders placing her on the bed as she grabbed all her supplies from her vanity. As Tamera said,

“How about I make your hair blonde with purple frost tips, clothing all dark make you Gothic like so no one can recognize you, oh my you would be so HOT looking like that. I can give you clothes too along with all the hair dye as soon as I am done. We will just need to cut off all them long locks that need to go since you are more of a tomboy type of girl.”

Tamera ran downstairs to get her mom’s scissors as Jana looked around the room with more detail seeing that she had a few women posters that were Gothic chicks. A red lava lamp with flowing unique bubbles,dark purple computer chair,dark purple bed sheets but a black bedroom wall this girl went all out to make this room hers. Soon as she was done looking around Tamera came back blushing saying,

“I love everything dark purple and black, look here is my stuffed doll I made her Gothic like because it was fun. I am sounding like a kid but I have had a thing for black stuff for as long as I can remember.”

Jana grinned sitting back down on the bed replying,

“That is wonderful Tamera, your room is amazing.”

Tamera turned a bright pink in the cheeks again responding,

“Before I get started I have one more question.”

Jana nodded replying,

“Okay, what’s the question?”

Tamera lowered herself eye level with Jana responding,

“Do you have a girlfriend?”

Jana laughed replying,

“Yes, she’s in Roseland with my kids she works at a bakery.”

Tamera pushed her hands off of Jana shyly covering her face in embarrassment responding,

“I know I was rude to you but you are the most gorgeous woman I have ever seen and I was hoping you were single.”

Jana blushed herself replying,

“Thank you, if only I was.”

Tamera turned around then got to work they didn’t speak anymore knowing it would get more complicated. After an hour sure enough she had made Jana become Jennifer with beautiful complexion and all.

After several weeks went by going into Winter which made it very cold for Jana her memories cuddling with Angel would be the best. One late evening Tamera came knocking on Jana’s door as Jana answered it she saw Tamera smiling saying,

“I know it’s very late but I can’t help worrying about you out here. I know you also said that you had a girlfriend and kids it’s just that...I can’t stop thinking about you every chance I get. My dad has told me millions of times not to get to clingy with a customer especially when you barely know them but Jana I feel closer to you even changing you into Jenny. I guess what I am trying to say is I have a deep crush on you and I would hope one day you come back and be with me instead, hopefully your kids will like me.”

Jana hugged Tamera they’ve became good friends since the reporting happened even though it is still all over the news for her the cops have only been here once not finding her in any of the rooms. Jana badly wanted to give Tamera a chance but knowing leaving Martha would be even harder since they just worked everything to where Martha could meet her without being recognized either the law has been to their place several times asking for her even barricaded their home just to find her. The kids have called her at least three times a week through her new phone just to talk about school and everything.

Jana just decided to reply since Tamera was sitting there fidgeting waiting for an answer,

“Tamera, you have become a great friend in such a few weeks and I adore you for it. Thing is my girlfriend Martha will be visiting here soon, I just can’t be with you both and I am not ever going to be over my first love Angel since her ex girlfriend Scarlett had changed her into someone she’s not supposed to be. I am glad you have feelings for me it shows that you do like someone and my children would surely adore you.”

Tamera nodded responding,

“Didn’t you tell me at one point your kids didn’t like her though? So why be with someone that your kids don’t like?”

Jana held her smile replying,

“Because children can’t always pick and choose your life partners, this is where I am known to just stick to my gut. Martha adores my children even when they dislike her so much but I’ll never give up on her so easily she’s been there for me since Scarlett has been around and she is my support.”

Tamera took a deep breath responding again,

“But it is your children’s choice really not yours. Be with me for the time you are here and than you can let your kids decide who’s the better choice for them me or Martha? Come on please,please,please,please...”

Jana sighed heavily replying,

“Let me think about it alright because I’m not sure how long I’ll even be here.”

Tamera jumped for joy replying,

“You got it, this is going to be so much fun and don’t worry if we’re going out in public I’ll call you Jenny or Jennifer.”

Even Jana wasn’t sure she wanted to leave this hotel since the cops were out looking for her then she recalled that she could go live with the Wormwood’s depending on Harold and it’d give her a even further distance from Roseland. Jana decided to let her stay the night since it was really late as it was coming close to midnight. Tamera ended up on the other bed because Jana wasn’t going to have Tamera sleep next to her since she needed more time to think on this and needed to talk to her kids first to see what they thought.

By spring time she moved in with the Wormwood’s dating Tamera which had become more fun since the girl kissed her every chance she got and showed her the meaning of a true relationship. Jana’s mom would bring the kids over to see her and they all three got along.

Jana still was on the run with constant updates of her whereabouts not even Martha ever spilled even though Martha has no clue she moved in with the Wormwood’s. Tamera and her would go see movies and everything including hanging out with her friends introducing Jana as Jenny since it sounded better than Jennifer.

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