A Girl For Her

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Chapter 21

Jana looked at Tamera with deep concerned eyes saying,

“I have to go back to Roseland to check on my children and bring them here along with ending it with Martha, she hasn’t bothered checking on me and I think she moved on.”

Tamera sighed heavily replying,

“If you must, I mean it is up to your kids if they want to be here with you and get our life going.”

Jana couldn’t look at Tamera responding,

“I am hoping Angel doesn’t come around looking for me because I can’t face her and the fact that she isn’t herself anymore.”

Tamera hugged Jana tightly replying,

“Babe, everything will be okay, you can still fight custody for the kids if need be. As of right now, you have to take care of you and your choices. I am blessed that their isn’t a warrant or anything else out for you. I will always be here for you no matter what.”

Jana is grateful she doesn’t have to be Jennifer anymore it felt a relief to be herself once again especially in public. Jana released herself from Tamera as she heard a car pull up in the driveway as she looked out the window, she didn’t recognize the vehicle so she rushed downstairs and opened the door quickly to see it is Martha with the kids saying,

“Bitch, I hope you found a happy ending because I am not watching these bratty kids. I am done with you and everything else.”

Jana walked over getting Jonathan and Avery then put them behind her back replying,

“Martha, excuse your language and I was actually coming home to you today but if you insist on leaving that is fine too, I will just stay here with Tamera and her parent’s.”

Martha grumbled under her breath about the kids needing to be in military school or something like it as she responded,

“I am done with everything, Avery did tell me a secret though when she is older you can figure it out or you may already know and as for Jonathan he’s an asshole no matter what I do he doesn’t listen and forbids anything I say.”

Jana sighed heavily replying,

“I knew there was a reason you wanted to be with me and it was just sex an to show disrespect to my children.”

Martha started to walk off as Jana had the last nerve and turned Martha around punching her square in the jaw saying,

“I am glad this is over, so get out of here and pack your shit because I am done with your ass.”

Martha rubbed her chin than punched Jana herself along with grabbing her by the hair and throwing her to the ground replying,

“Jana, you are such a selfless bitch if Angel ever comes back as herself, I hope she see’s what a bitch you have become. You are a cheater,liar and a fake, I am glad it is over.”

Jana sobbed on the ground as Jonathan and Avery hugged her tightly with tears as they all three watched Martha walk away. Jana held her babies as Tamera came out of the house saying,

“What is her fucking problem? Excuse my language kids but wow she has some serious issues with kids.”

Jonathan and Avery looked at this woman as Avery spoke,

“Mom who’s this? Because she looks bad-ass.”

Jana smiled at her children even though her jaw hurt badly she replied,

“Jonathan, Avery this is Tamera Wormwood. Tamera these are my wonderful children Jonathan and Avery.”

They all shook hands with smiles as Avery looked at Jana saying,

“Is she better than Martha, I wish I never told Martha my secret now.”

Jana hugged Avery tightly replying,

“She’s much better, hell she gave me a new look princess.”

Avery laughed as Jonathan and Tamera joined them in laughing. Jonathan sighed heavily saying,

“Mom, remember how I told you Nathan wanted you guys to meet him and his family?”

Jana nodded looking at her son with a heartbreak sure to come as she replied,

“Of course, what is going on?”

Jonathan shuffled his feet than responded,

“He has a girlfriend and I am only his best friend. Nathan is straight so we aren’t ever going to be a couple.”

Jana hugged Jonathan giving him a kiss on the cheek with a tear falling knowing her son will be facing challenges to come with acceptance of men wanting the same pleasure he does. Avery cleared her throat saying,

“Mom, I know Jonathan has already told you he is gay, I am lesbian just like you and Momma Angel. Me and Brianna admitted our love several years ago, she’s more than my best friend and we have been together for a year now.”

Jana released her hug from Jonathan than looked at Avery saying,

“You are a teenager now my sweet baby girl and Jonathan is almost ready for adulthood, you both have life choices to make if that is to be with the same-sex I’m fine with it. Momma Angel would be so proud to see our babies being just like us.”

Jonathan and Avery released themselves from the hug as they both smiled as Jonathan said,

“Mom, I hope to find a boyfriend while we are out here since I am hoping you are staying with this woman not unless Momma comes back.”

Jana shook her head replying,

“Jonathan, I will not being going back to Annabel or as I know her as is Angel. Don’t get me wrong I’ll always love her but I sold our home in Kansas and plan to stay here outside of Massachusetts with Tamera. I am divorced from your Momma for our own good, she will find love again I am sure.”

Jonathan shook his head with a sigh as did Avery. They had wanted their Momma but it seemed that Scarlett had made it clear that Jana and Angel would never see each other again. Jana looked at Tamera and her kids saying,

“Alright, so I will get you kids into school this week since I have been here less than a week.”

Avery shook her head no replying,

“Mom, I want to be with Brianna, I will pay you or Tamera back for a bus ride back to Roseland, Kansas or a plane ticket either way. I want to go back to my old school and keep my friends including my girlfriend.”

Jana sighed looking at Tamera saying,

“Looks like I am going to need Avery on an overnight flight back to Kansas as soon as possible, can you help me with that?”

Tamera walked over kissing Jana on the cheek replying,

“You got it babe.”

Jana saw Avery and Tamera walk away then turned back to Jonathan saying,

“Well, I am happy for Avery just wish she would’ve told us when you did. Did you know?”

Jonathan sighed nodding yes replying,

“When she told Martha, I overheard the conversation in Avery’s room but I didn’t want to tell you until she was ready.”

Jana smiled nodding in agreement responding,

“Baby boy, I am glad you let her tell me when she was ready that is a responsible big brother. Are you ready to start a new school out here?”

Jonathan shook his head no replying,

“Mom, I am going to get bullied again for being gay and having a gay mom.”

Jana knew that all too well as she responded,

“You will be okay, I hope you find a boyfriend though honestly. I am very sorry about Nathan but it’ll be okay.”

Jonathan sighed than nodded in agreement without another word as they walked inside together to find Avery and Tamera packing bags as Tamera said,

“Babe, I am going with Avery to the airport and dropping her off than I will be back home. You know how to find everything here, my parents are sleeping so Jonathan if you have game systems keep them on a down low.”

Jana kissed Tamera heavily then released one another as Jana replied,

“Drive safe, I will see you tonight.”

Tamera held Jana’s hand tightly responding,

“Of course.”

They held hands for a few minutes longer than separated as Avery rushed Tamera out the door. Jana saw that Jonathan found himself a comfortable spot on the couch looking at her saying,

“Mom, since we have to be quiet and everything can you give me a tour of this big house?”

Jana giggled replying,

“Sure son.”

Jonathan grabbed Jana’s hand as they walked in the house with whispers as she showed him where everything was and where she slept with Tamera. Jonathan turned his mom around saying,

“Mom, since Avery isn’t here, do you think the Wormwood’s would give me my own room for privacy. Granted I would love to sleep on the couch but I am getting too big for that stage again and I would like my own room like I did back in Kansas.”

Jana patted her son on the shoulder replying,

“I am sure once Mr. and Mrs. Wormwood wake up we can discuss it. I am sure they would though since they have spare bedrooms all over this house.”

Jonathan nodded looking into a black room that seem to make him smile. Even though he had a light on the room was still very dark and shown every favorite artist he loved like Metallica, Pink Floyd, Eminem and many others. A older man came up behind Jonathan and Jana clearing his voice saying,

“What is going on here?”

Jana smiled at Harold replying,

“I was showing my son Jonathan this house since he’ll be with me and Tamera.”

Harold nodded responding,

“Well, Jonathan I see that you and my son Luther have similar taste. You are more than welcome to stay in his room though I highly recommend keeping it up because Luther hates messes of any sort.”

Jonathan smiled at Harold replying,

“Thank you sir. I will keep it clean.”

Jonathan found a bed for himself and finally crashed without another word including missing dinner. Tamera arrived home around midnight with a smile and looked high on caffeine which made Jana laugh. They ran upstairs to bed without another sound since it is very late.


Jonathan woke up to a guy staring at him. He didn’t know what to say or do except sit up. The guy cleared his voice saying,

“So my dad let a handsome guy sleep in my bed, what a pleasant surprise. What’s your name kid?”

Jonathan smirked replying,

“I am assuming you are Luther, I am Jonathan. I am here with my mom Jana and your sister Tamera.”

Luther chuckled responding,

“Pleasure to meet you. Looks like we are sharing a room?”

Jonathan blushed replying,

“Actually I know your father had other rooms, I really liked everything in here.”

Luther leaned over and whispered,

“Seems you made the correct choice.”

Jonathan shivered as he turned his head slightly with Luther’s lips locked on his, they kissed for several minutes then released as Jonathan couldn’t breath looking at Luther replying,

“Wow, that kiss is amazing. So are you gay or bi?”

Luther got closer to Jonathan whispering,

“I am gay just like you.”

Jonathan chuckled replying,

“Why are you whispering? Your sister is gay so why would it matter if you are?”

Luther backed away with a heavy sigh responding,

“Technically, she’s not my sister and they aren’t my blood parent’s, I am adopted.”

Jonathan smiled replying,

“I am too, my mom Jana and her ex fiance Angel adopted me and my sister.”

Luther smiled himself but frowned again responding,

“I am not sure how my adopted family will handle another gay person in their household. They didn’t take it to well with Tamera even though they adjusted a bit better now. This is a Christian household we don’t speak of LGBT here or at all.”

Jonathan seemed confused since Harold didn’t mind at all as Jonathan looked at Luther replying,

“What about Mrs. Wormwood?”

Luther shrugged responding,

“She’s not so pleasant, she hates me and her own daughter. Mrs. Wormwood is the devil pretty much, though Howard is more of acceptance. Helen doesn’t like anyone that is outside of the bible and it’s words. Your mom and Tamera would have to move out soon enough though because Helen will be over the roof finding lesbians in her home.”

Jonathan sighed not knowing what will happen with him and Luther even though they just met and shared a kiss. Luther Eckert is a handsome guy though with slick black hair, green eyes, dressed in tight black clothes that shows his abs and ass, he stood about six feet two inches, weighing one hundred twenty pounds. He had tattoo’s along his arms and gauges in his ears. Jonathan is very attractive to Luther for some odd reason even though they probably aren’t the same age.

Jonathan finally had the courage to ask,

“How old are you? Do you have a boyfriend?”

Luther chuckled again replying,

“I am sixteen, no boyfriend since these guys are jerks here.”

Jonathan smiled responding,

“I am sixteen too, I am not dating anyone either.”

Both of them stared and grinned as a knock on the door startled them as they said come in together. Jana walked in to see Jonathan smiling at his mom with a young man sitting across from him as she said,

“Sorry to disturb you Jonathan and young man but Jon, you have to get ready for your first day at school.”

Tamera came in behind shocked to seeing Luther as she said,

“Luther, I hope you are showing Jonathan around school today and quit getting into trouble.”

Luther walked up to Tamera from the bed saying,

“You have nothing to worry about Tamera, I can show this sexy young man around since I found him in my bed, you worry about how to explain to your mom about Jana and Jonathan living under her god for sake roof.”

Tamera ruffled Luther’s hair replying,

“I think you and Jonathan make a cute couple, I will find something for all four us and maybe dad too so he doesn’t have to listen to mom bicker about me.”

Luther rolled his eyes than looked at Jonathan with a smirk saying,

“We best get to school handsome, Principal McCarther hates tardiness and she can be a pain.”

Jonathan nodded heading to the bathroom and getting ready as he peeked out the door saying,

“Can I borrow some clothes Luther, Martha rushed us out, my mom’s ex girlfriend.”

Luther grabbed clothes with a smile than tossed them to Jonathan without another word as Tamera and Jana watched the exchange. Luther dumped out Jonathan backpack and left it empty since their stuff will be in the same room. Luther saw that Tamera and Jana finally left leaving him to ponder how to handle his hormones with a handsome guy like Jonathan he’s met a match for himself and now he has to hope they survive with Tamera’s help.

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