A Girl For Her

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Chapter 22

Annabel had finally woken up from her induced coma as Scarlett had tears streaming down her eyes saying,

“Oh my gosh babe, I am so glad you are awake this is a miracle.”

Annabel scowled at her in a growl as she tried to speak but her voice is parched. Scarlett grabbed her water and Annabel grabbed it chugging it down after finishing the water she spoke,

“You are a lucky bitch that I lived after you drugged me up. What the hell were you thinking?”

Scarlett kept lowering her hands down motioning for Annabel to calm down as Scarlett whispered,

“I have only meant for them to keep you calm and not hurt you. I am sorry baby please forgive me.”

Annabel growled even more replying,

“You drugged me up to keep me calm, Scarlett...ugh I can’t even comprehend why you must keep doing this to me. First you abuse me and now you drug me up, what else is going to happen to me before I die.”

Scarlett turned away from the bed with tears responding,

“I am hoping you will always be mine so I tend be cruel. Annabel please listen I am very, very, very sorry. I promise I won’t hurt you anymore just stay with me.”

Annabel rolled her eyes replying,

“Where is Jana?”

Scarlett huffed with a sigh responding,

“With some woman named Tamera Wormwood.”

Annabel’s jaw dropped that Jana had moved on now how is she supposed to move on from Scarlett, whole reason Jana came out to her was to get Angel back and now that is far fetch because she don’t know who Angel is. Annabel wish she could get out of the hospital bed and find Jana again but in the end it is better she wanted Scarlett and now she got her even though she has no idea how her children are doing if they are even hers. Scarlett cleared her voice saying,

“Jana did divorce you and the children are no longer in your custody but we can always adopt my love. I am sorry Jana destroyed your life.”

Annabel laughed at Scarlett replying,

“No, babe, you ruined my life but that is okay, I am sure I can ruin yours just as good as soon as I come out of this damn hospital but for now it’s a waiting game.”

Scarlett’s eyes went wide then she growled responding,

“You would not hurt me Annabel for as long as I have control over you.”

Annabel didn’t care anymore as long as she could get away from her depriving wife the better. Annabel knew the ropes of how bad Scarlett can get after being locked in a cage,beaten all to hell and now drugged up for no apparent reason, Annabel will escape some day from her wife or murder her ungrateful wife. Annabel smiled with a love look at Scarlett saying,

“I do love you Scarlett Myra Thomas, I can’t wait to go home and be with you sensually and romantically my sweet love.”

Scarlett chuckled at that thought replying,

“I love you too Annabel Ann Thomas. Our time to go home will be within a few days and then we will go do our wedding anniversary along with everything else that we have planned to do before you got put in here.”

Annabel rolled her eyes not impressed by anything as she responded,

“So, what is this I hear that Jerry has been raping you for years?”

Scarlett turned around looking at Annabel replying,

“Yes, Jerry has been having sex with me for years but no point in reporting it when he will keep doing this every time I turn around.”

Annabel lifted herself up off the bed and back onto the pillow responding,

“Babe, you can report him to the authorities you shouldn’t have to deal with a asshole like him.”

Scarlett laughed shaking her head no replying,

“He’s my boss sweetheart their isn’t much I can do or say, it’s his way or no way.”

Annabel shrugged her shoulder’s responding,

“You do have a choice, you are very stubborn to realize you can put him behind bars.”

Scarlett sat down in a blue chair that is reserved for visitors or family to wait on loved ones as she replied,

“I can’t do it Annabel, I just can’t.”

Annabel sighed not liking the thought she had but said it anyways,

“Are you in love with your boss?”

Scarlett dropped her jaw unable to speak though knowing she had to tell Annabel something as she replied,

“I am not in love with Jerry, he’s in love with me even though I have told him I am a lesbian with a wife. He has wife and kids himself but late evenings he wants me and only me not his wife. I am not sure if I am the only woman he cheats on his wife with but I know for a fact I’m one of the top callers on his list.”

Annabel laid their listening to Scarlett ramble on about her denial though it sounds accurate that Jerry would have multiple partners to have sex with while his wife is away or taking care of the kids. Annabel knew then that Scarlett had choose her due to what Jerry has made her done to ruin her life completely but in time she would like their marriage to be a happy one.

Annabel drifted back off to sleep listening to Scarlett’s voice that relaxed her. Scarlett never left Annabel’s side and doctors would come in check her heart,pulse and blood pressure. Doctor’s told Scarlett that Annabel will recover within several weeks and they’ll get her walking again, she will be on pain medication to reside from the one’s that were in her system.


Scarlett’s life is crumbling before her eyes as she see’s her wife struggle daily to move out of the bed. She loves this Annabel but it is the wrong Annabel. Scarlett had a big crush on Annabel Hudson a cowgirl from Texas and that girl made her heart leap unfortunately she made Angel change into someone she isn’t and made her lose everything she had but it is to keep her sane from losing Annabel Hudson. Annabel looked at Scarlett saying,

“I am Angel Knight and you have killed my soul to be someone I am not. You are a devil that shouldn’t be alive. Scarlett Myra Thomas, you are a rotten person.”

Scarlett could see Angel coming through but not all the way as she lashed out of how bad Scarlett is. Scarlett stayed beside Angel whispering back,

“Yes, you are Angel Knight that is no denial you are and always be the feisty woman. Jana deserves you back but I have no control of the current name you are under since you are legally my wife as Annabel Thomas.”

Angel wanted more than anything to have her fiance and kids back though it is clear her life will be known as a fake Annabel Thomas. Scarlett remembered her high school crush clear as a day but her memory will now lie on Angel Knight as her new Annabel Thomas for the rest of their life. Scarlett and Angel had everything perfect apartment, she had new friends to count on her and Jana has moved on but let her true love go to someone else because she found a new partner.

Scarlett took in Annabel’s features which were resemblance to Annabel Hudson which is what she wanted besides the skimpy clothes that didn’t help her into become the true Annabel Hudson until later on. Scarlett took a deep breath saying,

“Annabel, we are still married, I do regret that you aren’t Angel anymore but we are living this life together. I will not torture you anymore. Jana has made a happy life with Tamera and so have your kids. You can get out of this hospital quicker than anyone I know. We will live life so much better than before. I will desperately get therapy for you this time for my anger and my history to fix myself. Annabel Hudson is gone but I got my Annabel Thomas for the rest of my life. So please let’s get you better and go home, no more moves.”

Annabel clasped her hands together on her lap replying,

“If you promise to go this time to therapy, I will get out of this bed and walk again. Promise me a better life and let’s make our marriage worth it.”

Scarlett reached across the bed grabbing both of Annabel’s hands responding,

“I promise my lovely wife, I truly promise this time.”

Annabel is grateful to hear her wife say that so she replied,

“I will get up and walk with your help. I will seek a therapist myself for the abuse you put on me to recover from this frightful scars and nightmares.”

Scarlett smiled pressing her lips against Annabel’s forehead as they both worked their way through on getting Annabel moving as Scarlett set up appointments to see a therapist for her anger after Annabel had gotten better.

After two weeks Scarlett got roses and their apartment ready for Annabel’s home arrival that afternoon. Scarlett couldn’t wait for Annabel to finally be home with her again. Scarlett finished what she needed to than headed to the hospital to sign her wife out and bring her home. She had a astounding idea for them when they arrived back.

Since they had missed their anniversary Scarlett’s thought would be to have a romantic fun filled day with cake, red wine, red roses, rose petals around the house, lunch will be sandwiches and tea on the patio, dinner is steak and vegetables, to end an evening with romantic Romeo and Juliet along with popcorn and candy. Scarlett knew they couldn’t make love right away but they could make out as long as Annabel’s medication wasn’t to strong to make her sleepy.

Scarlett arrived at the hospital as she saw Annabel in a wheel chair outside with a smile. Scarlett got the car closer to Annabel so she could place her in the car without a worry, Scarlett helped the nurse put Annabel in the car safely and Scarlett signed the release forms than they headed on home to Scarlett’s fun filled day plans. They held hands on the way home as Scarlett smiled saying,

“I am so glad to have you back home and we have worked things out to where our life is better.”

Annabel smiled in return replying,

“All because everything is fine now doesn’t mean it’ll fall apart again. I do have faith we will make it work for sure this time. I do regret leaving my family because of you but I had to protect them from your danger. I am now faithful to you completely and I am glad Jana and the children are happy too. I still would like to see my kids some day.”

Scarlett nodded in agreement responding,

“Of course, I am still so sorry for doing that but I do know now that I did need mental help for not having the real Annabel. We will see Jana, Jonathan and Avery again as soon as we can. Right now, I have a surprise for you back at home and I can’t wait to show you.”

Annabel squealed with joy as they arrived in the driveway of their apartment complex as Scarlett parked their car and went to get Annabel out of the car. Scarlett carried Annabel up to their four story apartment, she had built up adrenaline to get Annabel up to their peaceful apartment. Upon arriving at the apartment Scarlett put Annabel down and opened the door as Annabel clung Scarlett by the shoulder to keep her upright.

Annabel’s eyes went wide as she saw how wonderful their apartment looked with rose petals, roses on the dining room table and a beautiful evening to welcome her home. Annabel kissed Scarlett on the cheek saying,

“This is so beautiful, I am in awe of everything you have done.”

Scarlett carried Annabel inside to the couch with a smile. Scarlett walked to the kitchen saying,

“Today, I am hoping you will enjoy being with me out on the patio with sandwiches and iced sweet tea. I have managed to make our apartment into a romantic getaway since we couldn’t go onto a cruise or anything since I made a big mistake on drugging you up.”

Annabel looked down at her clothing replying,

“It is wonderful my sweetheart, I feel out of place with not being dressed properly in just jeans and t-shirt. I need to go look in our closet for your favorite dress that you bought me several years ago.”

Scarlett smiled with a bow responding,

“Of course my love, I will change into my tuxedo in the guest room after I finish our meal.”

Annabel took small steps to their room without speaking a word to Scarlett though she’s in pain, she’s grateful that Scarlett has finally changed without a fight.

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