A Girl For Her

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Chapter 23

Scarlett finished up lunch as soon as Annabel came out in her short black dress and black heels that revealed her perfect curves. Scarlett whistled at Annabel with delight as she came up to Annabel than spinned her around seeing all the curves that surrounded her body that captured Scarlett’s heart. Scarlett giggled saying,

“Alright babe, you got me all blushing and craving you but I know that is impossible right now. Lunch is set out on the patio ready to go but you are not to go without me, so I wish for you to wait on the couch for a few minutes as I get my suit on.”

Annabel chuckled as she went to the couch replying,

“I will watch something on television until you are ready for our lunch date. I am pretty excited we get to do this.”

Scarlett smiled at herself in the living room mirror responding,

“I am too, I will be right back.”

Scarlett went to the guest room where she had her suit ready to be put on. Scarlett sighed missing her daddy wishing he would have been alive to teach her how to tie a bow tie because she had no clue few years back, so she had to take to YouTube to learn how to be able to tie a bow tie and with perfection. Scarlett finished getting dressed than decided to ditch the bow tie last second and went as is in the suit.

Scarlett opened the door to see Annabel standing in front of the television with a blush and smile across her face it made Scarlett melt each time she could see her beautiful wife. Scarlett breathed a sigh of relief when Annabel walked over with her heels clicking on the hardwood floor. Annabel let out a low whistle saying,

“Who knew you could clean up so well darling?”

Scarlett chuckled with a smile replying,

“I can when I want to babe, I want this day to be special for us both.”

Annabel kissed Scarlett on the lips with a sense of hunger between them. Scarlett carefully backed Annabel up responding,

“Slow down sweetheart, you aren’t getting that this evening. We can make out later but no monkey business since you just got out of the hospital.”

Annabel rolled her eyes with a smile replying,

“Alright love, we have plenty of time to make up for it.”

Scarlett gently grabbed Annabel’s hand guiding her to the patio where there lunch sat waiting for them. Scarlett pulled out a chair for Annabel as she sat down with such grace that took her breath away each time they were together. Scarlett rushed to her side of the table and they enjoyed lunch peacefully outside as Annabel said,

“Babe, this is amazing. I am in love with this bologna, American cheese and mayonnaise along with these sour cream and onions chips.”

Scarlett giggled with a blush replying,

“Thank you darling, I did my best.”

Annabel blushed herself responding,

“You’re welcome and you do wonderfully.”

They held hands after eating a wonderful lunch that had been peaceful with birds singing and smell of gorgeous flowers around them. Scarlett winked at Annabel saying,

“Babe, we aren’t done yet but let me clean up lunch and meet me in the living room once again.”

Annabel gave a cheerful smile replying,

“I will meet you in there then fair warning if you take to long I will fall asleep since it’s been a crazy long day.”

Scarlett grabbed the plates and lifting herself off the table with both in her hands then walked gleefully by Annabel leaving a kiss on her cheek responding,

“Even if you fall asleep we can make it up tomorrow, I will carry you to our bed with no problem.”

Annabel nodded with a grin than headed off to the living room and laid on the couch as Scarlett headed to the kitchen putting both plates in the sink than headed back to the patio grabbing both wine glasses, she got back inside and hearing Annabel slightly breathing heavy sensing she fell asleep. Scarlett shook her head, cleaning the dishes and kitchen too since Annabel is sound asleep.

Scarlett finished the dishes than carried Annabel to bed with leaving a kiss on her forehead as she whispered,

“Much deserving sleep, my love.”

Scarlett silently closed their bedroom door as she decided to watch television in the afternoon by herself since their lunch didn’t go to late and Annabel needed her rest with everything that went on day by day they would enjoy their anniversary together.


Annabel stretched herself awake looking around the room for Scarlett who wasn’t there and rushed out of the room to find Scarlett on the couch. This is her moment to get back with Jana and be Angel again. She missed being herself with her beautiful short blonde hair, blue eyes and her pink colored clothing especially her long dress.

First and foremost she has to sneak away from Scarlett. Scarlett has been giving her hell for years and has made it quite difficult to do anything. Now it is time for her to make her life better. Annabel rushed inside the room grabbing her packed bag and quietly got dressed with wearing tennis shoes to keep quiet leaving.

She’s made a list in her head, get her official name Angel Knight back. Second, get Jana back into her life back in Kansas. Third, believing that she can marry her true love once and for all. She will not give up on Jana. Annabel quickly and quietly left without sound, she went back to where it all started which is back at Roseland, Kansas to get her name and everything situated, she’s not overly concerned about Jonathan and Avery knowing they are grown kids to make their decisions on life.

Annabel took a plane from Boston, Massachusetts to Kansas City, Kansas she destroyed her cell phone so Scarlett wouldn’t be looking for her. A three hour flight seemed safer and she left their car at the airport because she knew Scarlett would be looking for it. As she arrived at Kansas City, she took herself by taxi to the government’s office filing divorce from Scarlett and getting her name back explaining that she is Angel Nicole Knight, that her fiancee Jana Johnson had called a search for her.

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