A Girl For Her

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Chapter 24

Angel received everything she needed to move on from Scarlett and now she had to make her way back to Massachusetts to get Jana in her arms again. She knew Tamera is young but she loved her woman and she will get her back. Angel caught a flight to Boston again then went to North Attleboro near where Scarlett would be. Once, Angel got into Boston, she dyed her hair back to blonde with short wavy curls, turn her eyes back to blue and found a pink dress with pink heels, dabbing a little lip gloss.

Angel arrived at the two story house, taking a deep breath then walked up to the steps knowing Jana could possibly shoo her away again. Angel got up the steps before she could knock the door open. To her relief it was Avery closing the door quietly then whispered,

“Momma, what are you doing here?”

Angel hugged Avery saying,

“For your mom.”

Avery smiled with joy replying,

“Thank goodness, mom still misses her true love. Yes, Tamera is a great woman and awesome to mom but we know better.”

Angel felt more relieved as Jana came out the door than looked at Angel and really took a good look at her saying,

“Angel, is that you?”

Angel blushed nodding yes replying,

“My love, it is me. I am no longer Annabel Thomas, I am Angel Knight, the one you loved from the beginning. I am ready for all of us to go back to Roseland, Kansas. I bought our home back and our children can make up where there wanting to go.”

Jana looked at Tamera and then back at Angel, Tamera nudged Jana saying,

“Go on, I will be okay. I knew she would come back and you are lost without her, it is in your eyes every day. I will always love you but she’s your true love.”

Jana ran up,hugged and smelled Angel’s perfume that felt so normal to her again. Angel twirled Jana around then planted a deep kiss on her lips that made them both feel more in love. A voice cleared from behind Angel as she placed Jana down, turned around seeing Scarlett. Angel felt her reunion fall apart again.

Scarlett furled saying,

“WHAT THE FUCK?! Annabel, you aren’t supposed to be kissing HER!”

Jana backfired replying,

“Bitch, her name is Angel not Annabel. You need to find your own Annabel.”

Soon enough sirens caught up where Angel is located. Officers came and arrested Scarlett one lady said,

“Scarlett Myra Thomas, you are arrested for kidnapping Angel Nicole Knight. You have the right to remain silent. If you do say anything, what you say can be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to consult with a lawyer and have that lawyer present during any questioning. If you cannot afford a lawyer, one will be appointed for you if you so desire.”

Scarlett hung her head and another officer approached Angel saying,

“Thank you so much for telling us, she would find you here. Glad you are back in safety with everyone. Have a nice evening.”

Angel kissed Jana on the cheek and held her kids tightly saying,

“Now, that she is gone, let’s go home please. I miss our true home.”

Avery smiled replying,

“I would be so happy to see Brianna again, I miss her like crazy even though we talk every day, it’s not the same.”

Jonathan held Luther’s hand saying,

“I am staying here, I will write and everything. I am glad to have you back momma, life will be much smoother now.”

Angel nodded at Jonathan leaving him with Tamera and her family it hurt her but she loves him dearly. Jana squeezed Angel’s hand saying,

“He fell in love with Luther during this mess and they’ve been happy since. Jonathan is gay, he fell in love with one of his best friend’s back in Kansas but it backfired when his best friend had a girlfriend.”

Angel looked Avery saying,

“What about you, Princess?”

Avery shyly smiled replying,

“I am lesbian, me and Brianna have fallen deep for one another before we got sent here by evil Martha. So, Brianna will be happy to have me back home.”

Angel hugged her daughter tightly responding,

“So proud of both my babies, no matter how bad it was, you still kept going.”

Jana felt her eyes mist saying,

“I can’t wait for a true happy ending, we never planned our wedding after we got engaged.”

Angel sighed replying to Jana,

“It will take a while since I just filed for divorce from Scarlett and I am going to have to fight her for everything including causing harm,abuse and so much more.”

Avery perked up saying,

“Let’s not stand here and mope I want to go home.”

Jana and Angel laughed, Angel replied,

“Alright, let’s go see if their is any flights available.”

They arrived at the airport in Boston after a long taxi ride but looking at the scheduled flights their is none until next week. Next best option is to take a long bus ride. They were grateful for staying near Boston and found the bus route to take back to Kansas City, Kansas. Luckily, Tamera agreed to send everything through UPS for clothes and everything.

It only took them one day and several hours to get back home by bus but they were happy to see home again. Avery called Brianna to meet her at the bus station and they were happy to have one another again. It felt like a happy ending but their is so much more to enjoy.

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