A Girl For Her

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Chapter 25

Jana and Angel walked into their home that have felt distance away, Jana felt so sorrow saying,

“Angel, I have sold all of your personal items but I kept your grandma’s stuff in the attic. I didn’t know if you’d ever return to me and our children. We are now in our fifties with teenagers and I don’t know if I’ll spark will be there. I made love to you as Annabel to have a feeling of my one true love back, yet it felt like a crime to be making love to a woman who wasn’t you. I didn’t sleep with anyone else, when you told me you slept with Scarlett my heart shredded.”

Angel backed away replying,

“Than what was it back at Tamera’s? Do you even love me at all? I am what made you who you are today. Jana, we can get back to being us, I never loved Scarlett.”

Jana backfired responding,

“I love you Angel, with everything in my heart. What I did back at Tamera’s is my pure excitement toward you.”

Angel felt her eyes moist replying,

“I will stay on the couch tonight, I never felt so heartbroken in my life especially over you.”

Jana grabbed Angel’s wrist responding,

“I am so sorry it has been built up inside me in so long, please let’s go lay down, we’ve had a rough day.”

Angel released her wrist from Jana replying,

“No, you think I am still Annabel and I am not Annabel, I have changed myself back for you and yet I am still Scarlett’s minion because she had brainwashed you too.”

Jana raised a brow responding,

“Brainwashed me, Angel, she tried to kill me, she wanted me dead and even had a death threat sent out all over this state.”

Angel huffed infuriating replying,

“Yet, you still believe that I am following in her footsteps.”

Jana tried her best to keep calm, she calmly responded,

“Angel, you were gone for over ten years, I don’t know what to expect.”

Angel calmed down herself replying,

“You are right, we will start over again. Hopefully, no more bad stuff from our end.”

Jana held Angel’s hand responding,

“We will do our best, for now I think we should get used to living in the same house again.”

Angel nodded in agreement. Angel looked around the home as if it were her first time here, yes, she got it back but reliving that horrible day had scarred her for life, she looked at Jana with deep sadness,

“I can’t live here, we need a new place, this has horrible memories of what Scarlett did after we moved in. I am calling back the Realtor and move us a new home.”

Jana took a deep breath then hugged Angel around her waist replying,

“We will move then, anything to get you comfortable.”

Angel held Jana close feeling her warmth against her responding,

“That would be wonderful. Thing is, you love being near your mom, what are we to do?”

Jana chuckled replying,

“Mom is fine and she understands what you have gone through.”

Angel sighed responding,

“Where to next?”

Jana turned Angel around replying,

“Anywhere, I will still be with you.”

Angel smiled and they kissed with delight. Angel called the Realtor that next day and explain the situation, he wasn’t happy about losing them but understood. Their next trip is planned to California in a small town outside of Los Angeles. Though they still had no idea when they would get married, they had let their kids know where they ended up.

Angel decided they were better off taking a plane across country, Jana had called Shauna to make sure Avery ever needed anything to take of her. Tamera had a well hold on Jonathan so they weren’t extremely worried. Jana made sure Angel didn’t worry to much about their children even though they are close to adulthood they shouldn’t worry.

Every day Jana had left little notes for Angel to read for their beginning of happiness. They lived in a little home just for the two of them with a completely new start. They hadn’t reached enough progress to make love but they had been sleeping in bed together enjoying cuddles and soft kisses. Jana saw Angel make her morning coffee with a smile saying,

“Babe, I never thought I would say this. I am happy, we found our way back together and have made life so much simpler. Now all I want is to legally marry you like I wanted to over ten years ago before that bitch ruined who I was.”

Jana laughed while sipping on her coffee responding,

“Don’t you want some therapy first to see how well you are managing?”

Angel rolled her eyes replying,

“I am fine, baby, nothing wrong at all. I don’t feel depressed,angry or any remembrance of what had happened.”

Jana shrugged her shoulders responding,

“Just checking, so when are we setting this wedding date?”

Angel laughed with joy replying,

“When Jonathan and Luther decide, they plan on being married out here anyhow from what Tamera said.”

Jana smiled at her lovely fiance responding,

“You got it babe. I want our kids to be here anyways and Shauna, she’s been amazing apart of our life.”

Angel didn’t seem to happy about Shauna being apart of their wedding, her and Shauna had a short relationship many years ago, no it didn’t end on bad terms but it made it awkward working together. Angel drifted off in her thoughts then started feeling drowsy all of a sudden. Jana grabbed Angel picking her up saying,

“I got you babe, it will be okay, you are probably over exhausted.”

Angel mumbled something but Jana couldn’t hear it as Angel fell asleep. Jana laid Angel on the bed, checking her forehead, she was running a high fever and her body was cold. Jana feared the worst as she whispered to Angel,

“Babe, I am right here. It will be okay. We will make it through this.”

Angel whispered in a strangled voice,

“We haven’t even got to be married and I have become ill out of nowhere.”

Jana shushed Angel whispering back,

“It is okay love, we have our souls connected from many years ago. Remember, when we first made love?”

Angel nodded, Jana softly spoke,

“It was the most magical moment of our live after bringing our babies home from foster care.”

Jana kissed Angel’s forehead and letting her rest. Jana knew God had plans for Angel their life had been so rocky that she wouldn’t be surprised if this took her away too. Jana called up Jonathan explaining that his momma is very sick and he needed to make plans with his sister to get out to California as soon as possible.

Jana heard Angel strangling to call her name. Jana walked over to the bed saying,

“What is it love?”

Angel spoke softly,

“I love you Jana! You have been the best woman, I could have after being so far apart. I wish Scarlett had taken my life away the way she had, our marriage and life would have been perfect especially in Kansas.”

Jana felt her eyes mist replying,

“Baby, you are my happy ending with or without wedding rings as for where we are, I don’t care, I am happy with you.”

Angel felt Jana kiss her cold palms, feeling Jana’s tears. Jana softly spoke,

“You want to go to the hospital? I will take you.”

Angel shook her head no quietly replying,

“I want to stay right here, I want to see my babies again.”

Jana nodded understanding and stayed by her side holding their hands tightly. Jana wanted nothing more than to take Angel to the hospital to figure out why she is dying so sudden. Jonathan and Avery rushed into the house than found Jana holding Angel whispering,

“Mom, we are home.”

Jana stirred from her sleep saying,

“Angel, wake up babe, our babies are home. Angel, Angel....”

Jana felt tears wet her eyes knowing her lover is gone for good, God had taken her home before she could say goodbye to her kids. Jana looked at Jonathan and Avery saying,

“She’s gone, she’s gone to heaven.”

They all three hugged each other tightly along with their partner’s Luther and Brianna. Avery spoke with calm and quiet,

“Mom, come live with me and Brianna back in Kansas. Grandma is still alive.”

Jana shook her head no replying,

“I want to go back to Tamera, she still loves me back in Massachusetts but I am not going to forget my one and only love Angel.”

Jonathan and Luther helped set up Angel’s funeral while Avery and Brianna set up a whole family reunion with her parent’s together, Angel parent’s and many more family. Jana stayed to herself most the time, remembering everything and Tamera would hold her. Tamera whispered,

“Jana, I know you lost Angel, but you must speak for her at the funeral, you are the only one besides Jonathan and Avery that know her.”

Jana shook her head replying,

“Tamera, Angel is a silent woman and that is where she is going. A silent peace for her life.”

Tamera nodded as they cuddled close to one another. Jana had no idea what to do anymore with her life being that she could live a long time is far beyond her mind but she’d make the best of what she has. Jana became happy enough to even have her love back though it was for a short time and Tamera took that in stride. Jana has a wonderful life with Tamera after Angel’s funeral and looked back to that happiness when she found out, she had truly loved Angel Nicole Knight.

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