A Girl For Her

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Chapter 3

“Do I seriously have to go on this date? I mean seriously what if he’s like the last one?”

Jana complained to her best friend of Fifteen Years, as Destiny replied,

“Girl, I have already settled down and had a child, you need to give this guy a chance heck who knows Gunther could be the one ever thought of that?”

Jana responded to Destiny,

“Gunther is nice but it’s one date not a whole answer right away on anything for all I know he could be a stalker or a murderer.”

Destiny got a laugh out of that response and replied,

“You know Jana if you prefer a woman I do know someone that would make it worth your while.”

Jana raised her eyebrow at Destiny responding,

“For one you know I’m straight and I am not going to date a woman just because you find it amusing to assume I’m so hysteric when it comes to men.”

Destiny shrugged replying,

“Suit yourself but don’t be so critical on Gunther he could be worth it.”

Jana heard the doorbell while responding,

“You got me there but doesn’t mean anything.”

As she answered the door she saw it was Gunther in a black suit with a red tie while she wore a lovely red dress that fit her body perfectly. Gunther kissed her hand saying,

“You look very beautiful tonight, you ready for our date?”

Jana smiled sweetly replying,

“Yes I am.”

Then as she was about to close the door she let out a shout to the back of the house to Destiny saying,

“Destiny, if you’re going out tonight please be sure to lock up. See you later this evening.”

As Jana closed the door behind her she walked down the steps to Gunther’s car and saw how gorgeous it was being that it was brand new it’s a 2003 Monte Carlo red with tinted windows, the car blew Jana’s breath away. As Gunther opened the car door she saw it had leather seats knowing it had cost a fortune to get a beautiful car like this. She sat in the car as she waited for Gunther to make his way around quickly as he got in on his side she looked over at him, smiled again then turned away facing the road as he started the car and they were on their way to a fancy restaurant. Gunther cleared his throat saying,

“We are going to Maya’s Italian Diner if that is okay with you?”

Jana smiled lightly replying,

“Sure, sounds perfect.”

Though in the back of her mind she rather have a steak with some potatoes and green beans but that is okay Italian is good too. They arrived at the restaurant ten minutes before their reservations as she got out of the car, she saw the beauty of the restaurant and enjoyed the cool breeze of the evening. Jana saw that their was a fountain, walked over to it as she sat down to take off her heels then climbed on the edge with her heels in her hands and taking each step around as Gunther looked bored trying to get her down as she said,

“I am having fun relax nothing to be embarrassed of.”

Gunther replied gratingly,

“You know what this is supposed to be a serious date to get to know one another not fool around and be kids come on we work as professionals in a hospital get a grip.”

Jana didn’t like his smart mouth so she responded,

“I guess I’m not the one you want then because I like to have fun and not be serious all the time, go home.”

Gunther walked off leaving her on the side of the fountain as she walked around it several times until she headed home herself.


Angel was taking a jog near her favorite fountain when she heard this couple arguing the lady was beautiful for sure in that red dress it took her breath away but she just watched as it seemed to be bad timing to approach her with the guy looking like a jerk. Angel took out her phone and snapped a picture of the woman so she could remember what she looks like the next time she went out. As she turned to leave some guy approach her saying,

“So what are you doing out here in the middle of the night by yourself?”

Angel rolled her eyes replying,

“How about none of your business?”

The guy responded,

“Listen here baby you’re coming home with me tonight alright?”

Angel pushed him away and walked off as the guy grabbed her wrist saying,

“I don’t like the way you are treating me, you might want to behave little missy.”

Angel struggled against him and then kicked him in the balls saying,

“How about this you ignorant asshole keep your hands off of me and let me on my way.”

The guy laid their still whimpering as she ran to the other end of the park where she saw the lady sulking in her tears as it seemed she was heading home too, Angel quietly approached her saying,

“Miss, are you okay?”

The lady looked up at Angel replying,

“I am having a bad night.”

Angel patted the lady on the shoulder responding,

“Would you like me to walk you home? I’m Angel by the way.”

the lady smiled replying,

“Sure, it wouldn’t hurt, I am Jana.”

Angel had to remember her name for sure, the lady was beautiful and took her breath away. As they walked about four miles away from the park, she saw that Jana looked rosy-cheeked asking politely,

“You look like you haven’t ate this evening, would you like to go somewhere to eat that is both reasonable and fun? maybe a cafe down the road?”

Jana smiled at Angel uncontrollably replying,

“That would be wonderful, I am actually starved since my date decided to be a jerk.”

Angel felt so happy at that moment because the guy left her and it was her chance to make a new friend. Angel responded,

“Don’t worry I had a rough one too, some random guy tried to take me home with him so I kicked him in the balls making sure he couldn’t get up for a while, what went wrong with yours?”

Jana sadly replied,

“He didn’t want to have fun and I did, he wouldn’t even join me on the fountain for fun.”

Angel shook her head responding,

“I would have joined you it looks fun and enjoyable.”

Jana was relieved to make a new friend in the middle of the night but she wasn’t going to be home alone for sure. As they reached the cafe it was at the worst time to be closed that is when Angel came up with another plan as she gently patted Jana on the arm saying,

“How about we go to my place it’s about another block away and I’ll make you something and even make a cup coffee or tea whichever you like, I will even make you something you would probably enjoy, so what do you say?”

Jana laughed replying,

“Yes, that sounds fine, I rather not be home alone tonight anyways my roommate and best friend went out tonight so I’d like a night away.”

Angel released her shoulder and smiled all the way to the house feeling pleasant that she got someone to finally hang out with.


I was left to be by myself walking home after a completely distresses date with Gunther, he needs to be more fun not so uptight. I couldn’t help bursting into tears after another horrible date with some guy who is always about work and no fun it’s quite stupid even to cry over it but then as about a mile away from the park a commotion was going on and I turned around to see some lady getting into a struggle with some guy then as I went to continue walking she kicked him right in the balls and that made her smile also giggle a little as she saw the lady running in her direction she continued walking in a slow pace no rush to get home into a empty house since Destiny and Roscoe had a date night on the town. Jana got a startled as the lady approached her to check on her as they kept talking ended up getting to know what happened turned out the ladies name is Angel and she seemed fun to be around, I was more in shock that she invited me to her house for dinner since the small cafe here in town is closed. Jana couldn’t believe she made a new friend that night as they finally approached a small apartment complex it gave her a whole new perspective that some like to live in quiet and alone. Angel and Jana walked side by side to Angel’s apartment as they got about three stories up the tall building they finally reached the door that read number 30C. Angel reached for her key in the back pocket and slid the key in the hole, turning it, opening the door slipping aside,

“Guests first.”

Jana walks in seeing its dark as Angel closes the door and turns on lights apologizing for it not being organized as Jana looks around saying,

“Oh it’s alright, I understand being busy and exhausted.”

Angel rushed over to Jana and grabbed her hand guiding her to the kitchen setting her at the bar as Angel then smiled saying,

“What would Miss Jana like as a drink and to eat? I have Mountain Dew,Dr. Pepper, Sweet Ice Tea,Milk and of course Water. As for food I can make Mac & Cheese, Sandwiches, Ramen Noodles, and possibly a TV Dinner of Lasagna.”

Jana felt her stomach rumble but she honestly replied,

“I will take a water and I’ll settle for a Sandwich preferably what you make will be good.”

Angel smiled grabbing two glasses from the cabinet responding,

“I will do the same for myself then, so Jana what are your thoughts of dating?”

Jana looked down at the counter replying,

“I don’t like to because it’s no fun.”

Angel could relate in that matter as she responded,

“I can relate it isn’t fun no more and seems all guys want is one thing.”

Jana looked up at Angel with a shy smile replying,

“When was the last time you’ve dated or been in a relationship?”

Angel looked down as she served the water to Jana and started making the sandwiches responding,

“I have dated and been in a relationship unfortunately the one I was with for two years left me for someone else and it was hard to move on from that relationship and haven’t found anyone else just yet.”

Jana couldn’t beat that she has never been in a stable relationship to experience. Angel could see the sadness in Jana’s eyes as realizing it wasn’t best to ask the question and avoid it at best. So Angel figured asked a different question as she put the sandwiches on the table as she waved Jana over saying,

“Dinner is served we are having ham and cheese with light mayo,lettuce,tomato, and light salt and pepper. I hope that is okay? I do also wonder what made you move out here?”

Jana walked over to the table sitting in the chair beside Angel replying,

“It sounds great and looks yummy, I have moved out here because I wanted a change of pace and also to try and explore what is around here, I am from Sampson which is about two hours from here.”

Angel smiled with her mouthful with finishing her bite she responded,

“I have a idea where that is though I have never left here even since my parents passed away and being alone has been my best option an I rather not deal with a roommate.”

Jana liked her best friend and roommate but they needed one another for the support she couldn’t imagine being by herself too much with no one to speak with so she replied,

“I am sure in time you will find someone to love and support you.”

Angel laughed responding,

“Sorry, I rather just deal with my customers and my co-worker/friend Shauna otherwise everyone else is just annoying and doesn’t understand me.”

Jana felt compelled to say something but didn’t as she finished her sandwich and Angel handled the plates and glasses. Angel could suddenly feel the tension between her and Jana as it turned into a rather late night being close to five in the morning with neither of them on set minds and in need of rest. Angel went to the closet getting Jana her bed clothes for the couch since she didn’t feel particular having someone in her bed, she folded the blanket at the end of the couch and set the pillow on top. Then went to her room grabbed a nightgown for Jana, brought it to her saying,

“This is all I have the bathroom is in my room but I will not barge in on you until you are done, go ahead and get yourself settle in will speak later.”

Jana got up from the table and headed to get herself settled in for the night/morning since they have pulled an all niter. Angel watched Jana head to the direction to her bedroom and could feel herself so curious what it’d be like to be with Jana full time then she shook her head thinking better of it not to imagine being with another woman it’d only cause more heartache even the thought of being in love felt wrong especially what Scarlet did in the end that left her hurt so bad to where she felt so sick to her stomach that she rather hurl then feel that type of relationship again. Angel decided to watch television until she heard Jana get out of the shower since she rather not walk in since it is rude.

Angel knocked on the bathroom door saying,

“Jana, are you dressed?”

Jana replied instantly,

“Yes, I am.”

Angel walked into the room as Jana came out of the bathroom and Angel sat on the bed looking at Jana with sorrow eyes saying,

“I am sorry for earlier ever since my last ex-girlfriend left me, I feel that I have to act on it by hurting someone.”

Jana sat next to her responding,

“It’s okay you didn’t mean to, we both have had a rough night I will take the couch it’s fine.”

Angel shook her head no and slightly grabbed Jana’s hands replying,

“Can you please stay with me in here, I have slept alone for quite some time now and I can’t take it much more.”

Jana looked around nervously trying to come up with words to say but could only respond,

“I am not sure I could this is all still new to me being with another woman.”

Angel felt so remorse to her thoughts of being with a beautiful woman that has literally took her heart for extra leaps. Angel held on to Jana’s hands a little longer saying,

“I understand if you must though I think you are beautiful in your own way and I will be in here if you need me.”

Jana released her hands and walked away, closing the door behind her as Angel heard Jana crawl onto the couch and go to sleep. Angel sighed as she made her way into the shower with her night clothes as she stripped down completely turning on the faucet to the shower and just getting right in relaxing in the heat feeling her tense body having a hard time calming down. As she jumped hearing the bathroom door creak open as she looked through the glass she saw it was Jana looking at her, so she just scrubbed her body even feeling Jana’s eyes on her and as she turned her head around slightly she saw that Jana had sat on the toilet saying,

“Angel, I can’t sleep.”

Angel replied shyly,

“Oh, I’m sorry if the shower bothered you Jana wasn’t trying to disturb you.”

Jana’s voice came back shaky responding,

“It’s not that Angel, I just never had a friend who cared like you do and my best friend Destiny doesn’t understand me, she has a husband and a child a life I have always wanted but unfortunately tables have turned to where I can’t find that one guy I do love.”

Angel felt bad for falling in lust with a straight woman she should have no better and replied,

“Jana, men have no idea what they are missing you are as beautiful as they come and I would appreciate you more than any man would.”

Jana turned her face away by responding,

“Thank you Angel, I am straight though by far not interested in women. I just want a guy to understand how much it would mean for me to settle down and not rush me into the bedroom.”

Angel sighed and shut off the water as she saw Jana leave the bathroom feeling unsure how to handle Jana she just dried off and looked herself in the mirror then slipped her clothes on then headed to bed in silence.

Jana left the bathroom in silence as soon as she saw Angel get out and just sat on the couch in thought of why Angel kept admitting her attraction to Jana it made no sense whatsoever. She just didn’t understand so she got out of the night clothes and into her date night clothes, then left to her own home closing the door quietly not disturbing Angel, she was thankful they didn’t switch numbers at that moment. As soon as she got halfway down the hall she heard a voice call her an as soon as she turned around it was Angel and she slowed her pace saying,

“Angel, I must go this isn’t right for either of us, I rather just be left alone since I am straight and you are obviously lesbian.”

Angel turned Jana around replying,

“Look at me so what I feel attracted to you and I am actually bisexual just prefer a woman, that makes me no different. Jana, I will not hurt you in any way just come back to my apartment please.”

Jana shook her head no, the next thing she knew, she felt soft lips against hers then they were released as Jana couldn’t breath. Jana looked at Angel as she touched her lips with shaking hands responding,

“Why did you do that? I told you I am straight and you just kiss me as a innocent woman with hunger.”

Angel laughed shaking her head replying,

“You are literally blind Jana, as I told you I think you are beautiful and I am wanting you to come back to my apartment. I am not out to hurt you at all, I find you very attractive and no man will ever treat you the way I do.”

Jana shoved Angel against the wall responding,

“You have no idea who I am and what I am about you can’t just assume what I will feel towards a man if their is one good enough for me.”

Angel crossed her arms over her chest replying,

“Jana, you didn’t even hear me again but that is okay.”

Angel gently grabs Jana by the hand and drags her back to the apartment closing the door behind her saying,

“Okay, listen to me one more time I find you very beautiful and I’m not going to be some guy who leaves you hanging like that idiot did yesterday evening, I am willing to show you what a real woman can do to please you in every way.”

Jana stood their just looking at Angel dumbstruck unsure what to say as she just thinks of what to say next but nothing comes to words. Jana sits on the couch without a word as Angel sits next to her saying,

“I am sorry for being so honest with you but since I met you yesterday evening, I just can’t and won’t let my feelings go without knowing.”

Jana looked at Angel replying,

“Why me? out of all the women in this world you choose me in which I’m nothing to anyone else, my best friend Destiny has the life I want and crave for.”

Angel smiled as she hugged Jana responding,

“That is where you are blind on, women that are friends or couples can have all that as well, give me a chance to show you and will go from there.”

Jana took a deep breath looking down at her hands replying,

“Are you sure about this? I mean we just met and I am not sure what to think of all this? I wouldn’t even know what to tell anyone that knows me?”

Angel placed a finger over Jana’s lips responding,

“We can keep it hidden okay. I want what is best for you and myself, I have never been attracted to a straight woman before but you take my breath away.”

Jana gently removed Angel’s finger from her lips replying,

“I have never met anyone so crazy about me but I need to call my roommate Destiny and let her know where I ended up since she might still think I’m with Gunther.”

Angel grabbed her house phone responding,

“You can just tell her you ran into me on the way home and we are just having coffee or whatever you wish to tell her.”

Jana nodded then took the phone into the bedroom as she dialed the apartment number upon answering first ring was Destiny,

“Hello, who is this?”

Jana sighed replying,

“Hey Destiny, it’s me Jana just calling to tell you my date with Gunther went bad and I am safe with someone new that I came across while walking home.”

Destiny sounded frustrated of course responding,

“Where are you? I am coming to get you now...and you better give me that address.”

Jana then hung up the phone and walked out to living room to see Angel smiling saying,

“How did it go?”

Jana shook her head replying,

“Destiny thinks she can just take me from where I am and take me back there for a lecture on my dating points but I hung up on her so she couldn’t find me, I hope you didn’t have caller ID.”

Angel smiled responding,

“I do not so she can’t come get you.”

Jana smiled herself thankfully for Destiny not able to find her right away in the meantime as she gets to know Angel a bit more. Jana and Angel talked most the day away stealing kisses every now an then but nothing more went beyond that even though in the back of Jana’s mind she wasn’t sure what to feel with Angel it was a whole new path that has taken her for a leap of faith. Jana held Angel’s hand saying,

“I am glad we met but I must get changed and head to work even though I don’t want to with Destiny working there.”

Angel held her hand a little tighter replying,

“How about we take a different root for your job, you can come work at my bookstore/cafe downtown it isn’t that far and you can leave that job it obviously isn’t worth it?”

Jana shook her head responding,

“No, it isn’t worth it and I am glad to have lost a day of sleep with you, so I’m ready to move on to your job but I mustn’t worn out my stay I must go back to my apartment and work on living near you at least so I’m not to far out of my way but it’ll take me awhile to get where I need to be.”

Angel nodded with a smile kissing Jana softly on the lips then releasing replying,

“We can take this slow and date it is no issue, I would love it if you lived near me but I know how money can be tight and such so in time you will be here in my neighborhood.”

Jana smiled then walked with Angel to the door as they gave each other one more kiss then Jana grabbed her purse and left. Angel could feel herself getting a bit chilly being by herself then a knock startled her thoughts, she peeked out the door it was Jana as she opened it saying,

“I forgot to give you my number let me write it on a pad for you.”

Angel smiled grabbing a pen and pad of paper as they switched numbers then they kissed one more time than Jana left as Angel watched the beautiful woman walked in pleasure. Angel slowly closed her door then sighed as she leaned against it feeling the sudden loss of her new love leaving for a while which they forgot to exchange on and they have a positive outcome.


Soon as Angel got up from the door, her doorbell rang she was hoping it was just Jana coming back again for something else but when she looked at the peephole she saw it was Scarlett so she sighed and unlocked her door saying,

“What do you need Scarlett? We broke up a long time ago.”

Scarlett pushed Angel inside and they both landed on the couch as Scarlett kissed her long and hard as Angel try to shove her off then once she pushed her off saying,

“What do you want Scarlett?”

Scarlett gave a sweet smile replying,

“I want you back of course baby, you are my world I realize that.”

Angel shoved her out of the apartment replying,

“Get the heck out of here and never come back, you found love in someone else and so have I, so get out,GET OUT!”

Angel locked the apartment again then crawled into a corner rocking herself with the fright of Scarlett breaking the door down since she is crazy enough too.

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