A Girl For Her

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Chapter 4

Angel fell asleep an hour later with a thought of Jana in her mind seeing her beauty in her dreams as they kiss with pleasure taking on a full sexual thought from feeling each others breasts to going down on each other then ending with a cuddle that made her heart leap. As soon as she heard a knock her door she could hear Jana calling her name and she ran to the door hugging her tightly saying,

“I have missed you, oh my goodness I have had a rough evening after you left, my ex girlfriend Scarlett came by and forcefully kissed me an expected me to take her back, oh please,please,please just stay with me Jana so she don’t come back.”

Jana held Angel gently brushing her hair and pushing her lightly to the couch replying,

“I have missed you too and I am sorry you had a rough night, I will stay with you as long as you need me and Scarlet isn’t getting you, you have me.”

Angel looked up with teary eyes responding,


Jana nodded and wiped away the tears replying,

“Yes, I am right here and I won’t let you go.”

Angel kissed Jana’s cheek as Jana did the same as she lifted Angel’s head saying,

“So when you did sleep what did you dream of?”

Angel turned away and blushed replying,

“Ummmm....I am not sure how to tell you this but.....I um..uh...had a hot dream of us.”

Jana turned Angel around responding,

“Oh really?”

Angel giggled replying,


Jana and Angel giggled together then Angel got up from the couch and pulled Jana with her to the kitchen saying,

“We need breakfast, it’s been a long weekend and we need to eat more than that sandwich from the other night.”

Both ladies laughed as Jana grabbed the eggs and Angel got the bacon out as they both made a meal together while talking and carrying on. After they ate Angel grabbed Jana by the waist kissing her with gentle ease as they moved on to the bedroom and Angel pushed Jana to the bed as they kept kissing with passion as their tongues intertwined together feeling the mist of each other grinding their hips together and fondling with each other’s breasts with their clothes on as each feeling the pace of their breaths together as they kept going in motion together as they both squirmed beneath each other as Angel placed her hands outside of Jana’s jeans she felt the wetness soak through as did Jana repeating as the both kept kissing in intensity as they rubbed each other in between the legs they both let out deep moans in between kisses as they tried not to holler each others names into the air as Angel felt Jana’s wetness soak even more that was when they both stopped and looked at one another in the eyes saying together,

“That was amazing.”

As they both giggled and Angel rolled off of Jana with a sweet sigh as did Jana. Angel lifted up on her shoulder saying,

“I know that wasn’t actual sex but that was wonderful in so many ways, Jana you are amazing in more ways than one.”

Jana smiled at Angel looking into her eyes replying,

“As you are but don’t we got to work today?”

Angel shook her head responding,

“I gave everyone in the bookstore/cafe a break from working so much, we’ve been going non-stop since we opened last year.”

Jana sat up looking at Angel in surprise replying,

“How long have you given all your workers time off?”

Angel winked responding,

“About two weeks, enough time for everyone to recover before the major holidays.”

Jana didn’t know what to say because that is a lot of work from last years opening to now that is a long time then she replied,

“So how much is the shop up to in money wise?”

Angel couldn’t hide it they made quite a lot in the past year so she told Jana,

“We’ve made over a thousand or so plus paid taxes and such.”

Jana was still in complete shock replying,


Jana couldn’t believe that her and Angel just made love in their clothes it has never happened before that she can recall even with a male partner in her past but it was just so breathtaking that Jana would do it again with Angel just to feel her closeness beneath her fingertips. As Jana watched Angel go to the shower the urge to follow was right in her panties but she held herself from following and just waited until Angel got out as she finished rubbing herself off more and could hear Angel finishing herself off in the shower that it excited her even more, as she came in her panties the same time she heard Angel came in the shower it was a sigh reliever for them both. Jana moved away from the bathroom door and went into the kitchen to wash her hands then saw Angel smiling at her saying,

“I am not the only one who needed pleasure by the voice of another.”

Jana blushed replying,

“I guess not, I’m going to hop in the shower real quick I’ll be right out.”

Angel nodded seeing Jana rush off to the shower as Angel turned on the television to see that Scarlett got put into a mental ward for abusing her girlfriend Anissa. Jana came out of the shower seeing Angel smile saying,

“What is going on?”

Angel smiled even more saying,

“Scarlett is in a mental ward for abusing her current girlfriend finally because I never had enough proof to get her even behind bars.”

Jana picked Angel up and twirled her around while placing a kiss on her lips saying,

“Thank goodness, she is gone for a while. So, I got to thinking since you don’t like to be alone and we just made love in our clothes that I was thinking to move in with you just in case Scarlett tries to come by here again after she gets out.”

Angel grinned even more by kissing Jana repeatedly saying,

“Yes,yes,yes,yes a thousand times yes!”

Jana giggled responding,

“Well then it’s clear I’m moving in so I need to get myself more clothes,extra stuff and come back.”

Angel nodded excitedly then replied,

“How long will it take for you to get everything and return?”

Jana thought about it then responded,

“I would say about a hour or two no longer than that.”

Angel gave a okay nod. Jana left Angel’s in a hurry then as she got into her car, she caught eye of Destiny looking at her in the evil eye knowing this is going to be hell to get away from Destiny now.

Destiny approached Jana saying,

“Where have you been the past twelve hours? You haven’t came home at all since you met this new friend.”

Jana shrugged replying,

“It is none of your business actually Destiny since you got a man who keeps you busy I’m sure especially between the sheets.”

Destiny looked closer into Jana’s eyes then responded,

“You have fallen for someone I can tell your mood has changed and I know it isn’t Gunther or Max since you more than likely pushed them away, so who is it?”

Jana rolled her eyes replying,

“If I told you who will you leave me alone?”

Destiny nodded then waited the response from Jana,

“Destiny, I am dating a woman her name is Scarlett Thomas.”

Destiny finally moved back from Jana replying,

“You are with that crazy chick on the news, are you nuts? I would have been happy if you just told me you were with another woman but her...no..no..no way you have to move out of my apartment because she isn’t welcome at all...you hear me?”

Jana laughed and got in her car as she responded,

“I am glad you agree on me moving out because that is what I am doing and I am actually dating a better woman than Scarlett Thomas but that is for me to know and you too never found out, see you later Destiny.”

That is when Jana drove off and got to the apartment stuffed everything in a bag including anything else in a bag then rushed out of the apartment and headed back towards Angel within fifteen minutes to spare as she knocked on the door. Angel smiled seeing Jana with everything in one bag and curiosity got her saying,

“Where is the rest of your stuff?”

Jana walked right into the apartment replying,

“I am not worried about it Destiny can sell the rest for rent or buy her a new place with a man she is with.”

Angel raised a eyebrow responding,

“Did you and Destiny leave on bad terms?”

Jana smiled with a reply,

“Yes, and I am glad we did she was way to nosy for my liking.”

Angel nodded then closed the door as she went to Jana and gave her a hug. Jana stepped away from Angel’s hug saying,

“Now I need to find a place for my clothes and everything?”

Angel grabbed Jana’s hands replying,

“How about we place them in my drawers for now until I can get a bigger place for the both of us, so you will have privacy too.”

Jana nodded responding,

“Though, we could go find a house or bigger apartment this weekend I do have extra funds from being with Destiny she actually kept giving me money so I’d go out but the money went towards books and saving for elsewhere to live, sounds selfish I know but I got tired of hearing her nag about me not having a man in my life.”

Angel shook her head giggling replying,

“How about this we will stay here in the meantime and when the time comes we will move, right now we will share my room along with everything else, I honestly don’t mind.”

Jana blushed responding,

“Sounds good to me.”

Angel kissed Jana on the lips whispering,

“Just so you know my mind never left that afternoon we made love in our clothes, you are beautiful in my eyes.”

Jana’s lips curved into a smile whispering in return,

“I never thought that would happen and not sure why, I am not sure what to think or say besides thank you.”

Angel grabbed Jana’s hand leading her toward the couch as they both sat down, Angel said,

“Jana, I know we just met forty-eight hours ago it’s just you are wonderful as far as I got to know and wouldn’t trade it.”

Jana blushed a bright red not sure what to say at all with a woman like Angel confessing her heart to a woman she barely knows.

Angel couldn’t believe her eyes seeing that Jana returned then tore Destiny out of her life it was like a miracle happened before her very own eyes. As she looked deep into Jana’s eyes it was like complete spark went off again in her body as she could feel the urge to keep holding hands and even making love that afternoon just sparked them closer it was such a feeling of excitement that Angel couldn’t contain from Jana that within grasp they could make love without clothes in time and seeing beauty under the clothes would just make Angel go completely crazy. Angel took a deep breath then spoke,

“Jana, how about we get you arranged in my room so that way you can rest and be recovered before we head to work in a couple of weeks?”

Jana nodded as she got up from the couch grabbing her luggage and carrying it to the room as Angel watched Jana bend gracefully picking up her bags as Jana turned around saying,

“Are you enjoying the show?”

Angel laughed getting up off the couch and helping Jana with the luggage replying,

“Actually I was you got a nice butt by the way.”

Jana rolled her eyes not sure how to respond to Angel’s flirtive ways. Angel giggled even more seeing Jana react the way she does it seemed that a woman has never hit on her before which is surprisingly seeing how beautiful she is in every way possible that makes it breathtaking. As they both put up clothes,essentials and such all around the house Angel could feel closer to Jana with her personal belongings then the house phone rings Angel picks it up saying,

“Hello, how may I help you?”

A voice on the other end replying,

“I need to speak to Jana please if she is there.”

Angel saw Jana still putting away things as as responded,

“May I ask who is calling?”

Voice on the other end gave a shaking voice replying,

“I am...um...Gunther...her work partner...can I please speak to Jana?”

Angel sighed in frustration then responded,

“Sure, hold on a second.”

Angel placed the phone down then went over to Jana saying,

“Gunther is on the phone for you.”

Jana looked up shocked replying,

“How did he get your number, oh my gosh, this is not what I needed, I am so sorry Angel....”

Angel grabbed Jana’s hands responding,

“It is okay, don’t worry about it.”

Jana nodded then answered the phone and as she spoke into the phone she could hear Jana getting frustrated then Angel heard Jana say,

“I am lesbian go the heck away and never call here again..GOOD BYE!!”

That is when Jana looked at Angel with a shock that she said that within ear shot as Angel said,

“Well that is a nice way to get a man off your back.”

Jana shook her head replying,

“I have no idea where that came from...I never said that to anyone before.”

Angel hugged Jana tightly whispering,

“You have nothing to worry about it is all going to be okay.”

Jana nodded agreeing then kissed Angel gently as Jana could feel the heat between her legs warm up as she said,

“Angel, I never thought I’d be attracted to you like this and now all I want to do is be with you even in bed...I know we already fooled around once even though it wasn’t deep passion love making....”

Angel cut off Jana by replying,

“Jana,sweetheart, breath, I had a feeling as soon as we saw each other attraction would be through the roof but I don’t want to break you’re heart either since you aren’t even sure who you are..I mean sexually you are still straight and could be bi or lesbian later just can’t determined it right now, I know I’m lesbian because for one a man’s penis makes me sick and queasy also it is just disturbing to even think about an I’ll never want to sleep with one. Now as for you, I can’t answer whether you have slept with a man and liked it or you are a virgin still learning who you are.”

Jana heaved a sigh responding,

“I am a virgin never had sex with either gender but you are right I need to explore before I even say I am straight,bi or lesbian. Though being attracting to you is a amazing feeling at least in my mind.”

Angel kissed Jana’s forehead replying,

“In time we will be in bed together for now let’s just enjoy one another like sharing a room and getting settled into this new beginning together.”

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