A Girl For Her

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Chapter 5

Jana was up extra early getting ready for her new day at a bookstore sleeping next to Angel has been a blessing compared to the men she had always ended up sleeping next to always wanting sex and she wasn’t all for it.

Angel felt Jana get up as she looked at the woman seeing her amazing luscious lips an her beauty of the nightgown fall on her beautiful form that made Angel licked her lips but she kept her hormones in check to not scare Jana they have kissed a few times and grinded against each other when hormones were up but they didn’t go no further.

As they both fell for each other day by day it was a miracle that nothing happened in between including exes. Angel and Jana held hands in public, kissed at times but never jumped each other like rabbits to make their relationship fall.

Angel grabbed Jana by the wrist as she whispered,

“Don’t leave the bed yet, I have a surprise for you.”

Jana giggled because Angel has been showering her with gifts non-stop from roses,teddy bears,jewelry like home made necklaces,home made bracelets and now another gift as she saw Angel got out of bed naked an moving with pure grace that is when she saw a present in her hand wrapped perfectly in red with a blue bow an it was a small box, they have only lived together six months and life was perfect for them no matter what it was. So as Angel got down on one knee saying,

“This isn’t a engagement ring so you know, it is a promise ring from my heart to yours. This has been an amazing six months even without making love to you. I can just kiss you and sparks fly. Jana, you are the most amazing woman an I promise to take you as mine for as long as you want me too. So will you take this as a promise?”

Jana smiled with tears streaming replying,

“Oh Angel, it is a beautiful blue ring with the right stone, you are amazing too, yes you can keep me as a promise.”

Angel slipped the blue heart shaped ring on Jana’s finger as they kissed with tears of joy. They haven’t argued and stuck together through everything since living together an working together at the bookstore that had been amazing as well. They have discussed renaming it to something more stronger for costumer’s and redesign to make it stand out.

Jana and Angel showered together again then got dressed in their uniforms for that day even though Angel is manager she made Jana her assistant and everyone loves her way of working. Jana kept up with everything from sales of books and coffee to organization an much more. It blew Angel away completely that Jana could move just as fast as her.

Jana looked at Angel in curiosity as she saw amazement in the woman’s eyes saying,


Angel smiled as she replied,

“You are just beautiful when you work the way you do.”

Jana giggled with a smile responding,

“So you find this ragged body beautiful?”

Angel grabbed Jana’s butt replying,

“Sure do.”

Jana smacked Angel by the shoulder as they went back to work enjoying the day. After a long day working in the store with Angel, Jana felt relieved to be home with her lovely girlfriend, she couldn’t believe the ring on her finger as it shimmered in her eyes. Jana saw that Angel fell asleep on the couch with the television on and her sweet tea on the coffee table. As Jana went into the kitchen to get a drink the doorbell went off scaring Angel out of her sleep as she rushed to the door with her eyes wide open seeing Angel looked at Jana with a big buff man standing in the doorway saying,

“I need to speak with Jana.”

Jana stepped out from behind Angel replying,


The buff man pulled Jana on the wrist as they walked down the hallway a bit as he whispered to Jana,

“Since when did you decide to be with a woman? last I checked you were straight and we were supposed to be married soon.”

Jana whispered back to the buff man,

“I am not sure who I am yet and I do like Angel she is wonderful. Wallace, give me space, hell you have multiple girlfriends anyways I don’t fit into you’re picture life. Oh here is your ring back I have been meaning to return it.”

Wallace shoved Jana in the wall an kissed her with desperation as Jana shoved him off saying out loud,

“That was rather rude, now just leave, I am not coming back with you after this.”

Wallace had tears in his eyes as he walked away looking down at the floor. As Jana got back inside with Angel saying,

“I am so sorry, that is my ex-fiancee Wallace....we had a relationship of fifteen plus years but he is to busy for me and never really loved me.”

Angel hugged and kissed Jana as she replied,

“Don’t worry Wallace can’t hurt you no more, I’m here for you.”

Jana shook her head as memories flooded of the bond they used to have as she responded to Angel,

“I feel like I’m letting you down since you’ve had to deal with two men that have had force themselves on me which was Gunther and now Wallace.”

Angel patted Jana on the back as she replied,

“Relax, it is all okay...plus those two aren’t even worth any of the hell that I can turn around on you by just making love to you.”

Jana laughed responding,

“You are something else Angel.”

They kissed a bit more in the doorway than watched a romantic lesbian movie called “Perfect Ending.”


Angel has begun making coffee for the morning in their apartment that they have settled in for a year now, she always watches out the window for birds that capture her eyes that amazes the beauty of them. Angel hasn’t pushed Jana to making consensual love in the morning due to her still being a virgin and not knowing where it would go they have tempted many times to go pass the clothes but Jana gets too shy and runs away in shame of her body.

Angel has learned to let Jana prepare herself when she is ready they have watched some lesbian porn to make her a bit comfortable but it makes her more nervous if Angel touches her a certain way, so the only thought as they are slowly packing away and moving to Kansas is have Jana do it in their own home that they will have very soon.

Yes, it has been official they are leaving their bookstore cafe Windsong behind to Shauna Meigs the young lady who started their last fall has blossomed into manager an has decided to take over so Angel and Jana can move on, possibly have a new store in Kansas so their kids can see if they have kids of course that is still up in the air.

Jana came up behind Angel wrapping her arms around Angel saying,

“Good morning love.”

Angel turned around looking at Jana with deep love that she couldn’t help even with the messy hair and pinkish cheeks she replied,

“Good morning darling, coffee is ready and we still got more packing to do before we leave, I have to pick up the truck today too, so it’s going to be a long haul with everything.”

Jana smiled with joy responding,

“Thank you baby, either way I can’t wait to live near my parent’s, oh my goodness they will love meeting you.”

Angel drank a sip of her coffee than placed it on the counter as she replied,

“Sweetheart, I am not sure how you’re parent’s are going to handle us. Anyways, I am sure we will both make it either way, you are my everything and I love you.”

Jana kissed Angel as she responded,

“I love you too more than I have with anyone else. I just wish I knew who I was inside and out.”

Angel placed her head against Jana’s smiling replying,

“You’re you and that’s all that counts to me.”

Jana released Angel as she went an got a cup from the cupboard an filled her some black coffee with sugar. Angel watched Jana smoothly move with every little thing she did and it made her heart flutter with joy seeing a beauty like her daily has made it all the better.

Jana sat down at the table sighing to herself in a lost thought about home and everything about it, she always called home when she could. It was like she just moved here two years ago or so and now she is moving back home in her heart it just felt different but good, she only got away from home because of Wallace who wanted to keep traveling the world.

As if on cue Angel was ready to finish packing and get a move on since they had nothing left here but the shop that she adored with everything inside her it was in good hands with sweet Shauna Meigs is a petite young lady with auburn hair,dark sea green eyes, pearl white skin, weighs about ninety-two to ninety-five pounds and height about five feet five inches or five feet six inches she’s a small little lady but is very good with the store she’s only about twenty-one or twenty-two years old still learning life.

Shauna is known for her marketing skills,being a waitress,handle register and much more she is Jana made over. They have made Shauna like their little sister when they needed any help or anything it came in handy. Now that they were moving Shauna will be missed but never too far for a call.

Angel called for Jana again as Jana sighed placing her coffee cup in the sink cleaning it out along with the pot and everything as she stored it in the box than headed over to where Angel was which is in the small library room as she walked in Jana saw that Angel had almost all the books down with a greeting smile Angel said,

“There you are, sorry for taking you’re thoughts away babe but we have to get a move on before the afternoon heat gets worse and we still have a long drive to our new home in Kansas that is awaiting us.”

Jana nodded as she helped moved the boxes to living room with Angel as they heaved as many as they could before Angel had to go for a walk a bit down town to get a movers vehicle that they had to order online for too seems that this vacation spot for living has become a nightmare for both of them since it literally had nothing of excitement for them to do.

Jana grabbed all the boxes she could then she heard the truck pull up and that was when Angel jumped up for joy out of the truck than ran inside to Jana saying,

“Okay, I know this is going to take us a while but we will get it done baby, halfway through our day than we can settle into the truck for a while and all the fun we will have on the way.”

Jana was just ready to go so they moved every bit of furniture,boxes,supplies from each room into the truck since they had nothing to go with to their new house. Just as they got the last box in the truck they both stopped and took a breath that was when they heard someone running toward them it was Shauna out of breath completely saying,

“You both packed already, wow! you two had a ton of stuff in that small apartment.”

Jana and Angel laughed as Jana replied,

“It was mostly all Angel’s with her books,dresser, and such, other wise not really much more was to pack besides the coffee maker that we had our last brew this morning.”

Shauna hugged them both with slow tears falling responding,

“I am going to miss you both, you two have taught me a lot with the store and it has been amazing.”

Jana and Angel hugged her in return as Angel replied,

“Just remember not every new hire is going to be what you need this is your store now not ours and you can change it around or keep it the way it is, we support you and are here for you.”

Shauna giggled responding,

“I was going to rename it Midnight Cafe give it a more simpler name than what we have now so that way I can work at night instead of during the day since I have college to still attend too and such.”

Jana gave Shauna another hug replying,

“Just do your best and I am sure Windsong will be following us to Kansas.”

Angel clapped her hands together responding,

“Alright ladies, I must get us on the road long ride ahead of us fourteen and a half hours is long drive from here.”

They all three gave each other hugs and peck kisses an went their way as Shauna let her tears fall as she saw Jana and Angel get in the truck an headed south.

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