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Courge town

The next morning Jane wake up to the sound of high pitched ringing ,what ? What’s going on ?said Jane .Jane aunt enters your room ringing a handbell.come on Jane! The guest are coming after dinner and your are still in bed ! Said auntie Regina. Alright alright ! I heard you ! Said Jane . You have 20 minutes to get ready said auntie Regina.she leaves ,but you can still hear ringing the bell.Jane looks at her phone .it’s 6 in the morning.okay she is officially out of her mind! It’s best not to argue with aunt Regina when she is expecting guests.said Jane .so Jane has a quick breakfast and starts with her aunt Reginas to do list .by noon you’ve cleaned half of the house and now as you are coming back from the local bakery where you went to pick the order for aunt Regina she stop you .oh there you are then said auntie she looks at her watch .still not fast enough said auntie.what do you mean ?said jane .don’t worry , we’ll fix that . My method work for everyone! Said auntie Regina.don’t wanna know what She mean by that .said Jane oh by the way ,you’re serving the drinks .I’m expecting everyone to arrive in four hours .said auntie auntie Regina looks you over and clearly she not pleased with what she are going to be on the front line ,so make sure you’ve wearing something nice and elegant! Said auntie Regina. Three hours later you’ve getting ready for your evening shift. Your be on the front line I thought auntie Regina was having a chilled evening with her friends but then nothing is chilled when it comes to her and Kate .alright all I know is that I’ll have to look good tonight .but not too good .I suppose?we see about that said Jane looks at the dazzling dame. I hope this outfit won’t make me stand out too much .I mean ,Kate would hate me for that ..okay I’m coming down said Jane .would any of you ladies like a drink ? Said Jane .Jane you look amazing ! Where this new outfit from ? you Must tell me all about it said Amalia .look pretty boring to me said Kate ! but daring .what are you talking about ! I mean look at the fabric and the colours it’s perfect.what should I say ? I actually work here ,you know said Jane .oh you do ? I’m afraid you don’t really know what work is as you don’t know what life is you know what I did to my sons to teach them life ? I kicked them out of the house when they turned seventeen!said Samantha. Oh my goodnesses said Jane .that not nice said Kate .do they ever talk to you said Amalia.of course they do ! Twice a year ,but I don’t care ! They’re stronge men now ! Your aunt is probably too kind to you .anyway said Samatha oh.I surely am .iam Kate ?said auntie’re the kindness boss ever mommy !said Kate .see said auntie Regina. Anyway I’ve got an offer for you Jane how about you marry my butler ? He’s a bit older than you .a bit bald as well ,but I’m sure you like him said Samantha. Yikes ! He’s disgusting said Kate .oh right and he’s my nephew as well by coincidence! Said Samantha.auntie Regina starts laughing.that’s a great idea! Imagine the two together ! Ah this is so much fun .let’s drink to that! Regina raises her glass of champagne and shout to the further of our useless nephew’s and nieces! Said auntie Regina. Jane feels tears coming on theses are not tears of sadness .but of anger and helplessness.why are you so cruel to me ?.I mean how can you enjoy someone’s misfortunes said Jane .life s so complex ,darling .you gotta find joy in everything around you said Samantha.I refuse to drink to that said Amalia. Suddenly everyone turn to Amalia. Come on .Amalia! We’re only teasing ! No one cares who she’s gonna marry said auntie Regina..beside sammy right the new generation of our families are mostly useless! We need to teach them everything said auntie Regina. But it’s doesn’t give you the right to insult your niece in public! Said Amalia.this is my house .I do whatever I want here !said auntie Regina. You always do whatever you want no matter how others people feel about it ! Or just admit it ,you hate Jane because she’s way smarter and much more education than your daughter?said Amalia. What ? Mum said Kate .how dare you ! Said auntie Regina.auntie Regina throw her glass at Amalia ,but she dodged it and smiles at her opponent definitely.I know what you’re thinking you’re still mad at me for what happen twenty years ago At the ball !said auntie Regina.I might be ,but that no longer mattes .I’m out of this house where friendship and family mean nothing ! Said Amalia.yeah you better go now and never return !said Regina.Amalia leaves fixing her hair ,your aunt turn to you .you clean the mess said auntie, this could be a good moment for me to sneak out and ask Amalia what’s going on between her and aunt Regina, Said Jane yes auntie said Jane .Jane find Amalia out on the street .she is standing on the pavement.looking down.Jane run toward Amalia and hug her from behind .you’re the best of them all said Jane .oof! Said Amalia.Amalia loses balance for a second but then said smiles at you .oh my you scared me ! Said Amalia.Sorry I didn’t mean to! But really you’ve the Best person that I know here ! Said Jane .oh dear child ...that’s because there’s are things that you don’t know about me .said Amalia.auntie Regina was talking about the ball that happened non your time right.said Jane .Amalia looks down again her voice sounds sad and quite .Jane notice that she looks very vulnerable. Correct .we took part in the same contest, competition over the man we both liked .Stan had feeling for me and we planned to run away together if his family chose anyone else but me .but then Regina set me up! Oh it was a masterly performance! So Stan turned away from me and she won .said Amalia.and Stan is Kate farther ?said Jane .that’s right .they divorced when Kate was little ,cause no one could tolerate Regina for so long soon he left the country.I think he’s somewhere in Europe now said Amalia.oh ! And you ...said Jane .I couldn’t forgive Regina for what she did .I mean I’m happy with my life as it is ,I, glad that I had Kevin but still this loss of the man who I loved thanks to my best friends betrayal ... it’s ain’t easy you know .said Amalia.I think I do said Jane .Amalia let’s out a deep sigh then looks at you .when you appeared young and beautiful.I thought this was my chance to get back at Regina said mean .you offered me your support to ensure that I win and Kate loses?said Jane .Yes ! and this way Regina and I will be even said .I don’t know what to say right now said Jane .but once I got to know you better ,I thought we could be good and I and now I really want you to win this contest.just cause you’re so much better than everyone else here .so Jane will you allow me to help you as a friend? Said know what ? Let’s kick some ass ! I’m so into winning this competition! Beside auntie Regina deserve her revenge said Jane haha! I’m really glad that you think so you can count on me said Amalia. thanks Amalia said Jane .Amalia wait ! Thanks you for Standing up for me !said Jane .she turns and waves at you .Jane come back to the living room. No one seems to have noticed your Jane quickly clean the mess. And get back to your tray.suddenly,the doorbell rings you open the door and see ..a good evening to you all said Celeste.hello there! Said corey .hi and welcome said Jane .Celeste and Corey walk in corey winks at you and you smile .I’m sorry we’re late had to prepare for the next round of the contest you know ! Oh don’t worry ! That’s nothing we understand you are very busy these days said Regina.would you like something to drink ?said Jane Celeste takes a glass from your tray.that’s very kind of you ,Thanks said Celeste.hold on you’re the contest winner! Said Celeste. You mean she is the first round winner solid Kate oh yes I do actually ! Thanks darling that’s Jane right said Celeste it is madam!said Jane .please call me Celeste! So how are you Jane ?at that moment Kate grabs Celeste hand .I’m so glad you come over said Kate I’m pleased to hear that said Celeste. I really need your advice on the what to wear to the ball . You a great taste! Said Kate .Kate going to steal Celeste attention.I’f I still want to win the contest I need to became her favourite contestant said Jane .I think you should wear something classy and elegant .and probably a bit more modest than you normally prefer.said Jane, elegant never goes out of fashion said Celeste.hmmm I wasnt asking for your opinion cousin said Kate .I think Jane has a point .wear your favourite dress that makes you feel good ,but also make sure it’s not vulgar said Celeste.Celeste takes you by your elbow and looks at Kate .and now could you excuse me? Jane do you have a minute said Celeste. But.. said Kate .Jane looks at Kate .who is trying to stare you down ,and nod.. sure said Jane .Celeste take you aside ..come on ! Put that tray down we need to have a small chat said Celeste.oh ,do we said Jane .you can feel Kate is watching you’s about the next round of the contest.which is when the contestant comes to our house for dinner .so I want you to be the first to vist us !said Celeste,you can see corey standing behind her back and smiling .will I have to do anything specific?said Jane . Not at all ! You be our guest .so hopefully you enjoy our dinner and company Said Celeste winks at you .I’m sure I will and when is this happening? Said Jane ..tomorrow evening! Our driver will pick you up at be ready said,that’s pretty soon ? But I’ll be ready said Jane ..good Said Celeste..Celeste squeezes yiur hand and leaves to join aunt Regina and Samantha..good job ! She like you ! Said corey how do you know? Said Jane , me I know my mom well enough .she still watching you carefully but you definitely have an advantage over the others said corey .that’s really good news then .thanks you Corey said Jane .Corey takes your hand in he’s how could she not like you Jane said corey .you hear the bell ring again .I wonder who could that be ?said open the door and gasp.ah! Hey Jane said Kevin .Kevin,,are you alright? Said Kevin I’m sorry Kevin .this is not the best time to talk .if it a bad time .I could ...before he manage to finish the sentence ,Corey appears behind your back .you could ? Carry on .what would you do ? Said corey ..Corey said Kevin why are you here kevin said corey .I’m not gonna lie to you .old friend,I come to see Jane said Kevin.this is not going to work for you Kevin said corey and why is that said’ve always been a womaniser,but I’m not letting you play games with Jane ! Said corey .man you’re out of your mind ! Why would you bring up my past when Jane around said Kevin what I’d I have feeling for her! Said Kevin ...since when do you have feeling for women you’ve after?said corey .. that’s was not nice thing to say ...said Kevin .you grab Corey arm feeling tension Hardening his muscle.let’s go back .Corey.the. Guest are waiting I’m sorry Kevin you should leave .said Jane are u sure said Kevin.I’m afraid so .Kevin gives Corey a furious stare. Alright I’ll leave ,but only cause you ask me Jane ,,said Kevin.Jane close the door behind him and turn to Corey uhm Jane ? Sorry about me and Kevin .you shouldn’t have seen all that it’s alright I know you were only trying to protect me .said Jane .that right I’ll do anything I can for you my lady said corey .even endure my aunt crazy party .said Jane yes even that said corey speaking of the party .do you feel like getting out of here ? There is a beautiful full moon tonight said corey and what about auntie Regina? I don’t think she’ll mind you leaving said corey .Regina darling ,I think you’ve had to much alcohol said Celeste.oh god .this is embarrassing said Kate .yikes said Jane .right. I think we can go said Jane oh this is wonderful said Jane .she looks at Corey .your eyes are so beautiful in the moonlight.I could easily get lost in them but you look worried ,is there anything I should know ? Said corey . I’m a bit worried about meeting your family tomorrow.I mean what if they don’t like me ? Said Jane ..Corey takes your chin in his hand and looks in to your could they not like you ? You’re the most charming creature in the world !all you need to do is be yourself .you’ve got everything!said corey he place the most sweet and tender kiss on your lips .I’m feeling so happy right now said Jane kiss him back ,caressing him with your tongue and lighting a fire on he’s lips .you are so wonderful ,magical.I feel like I could do anything you ask .said corey why don’t you hold me tight for a little longer said spend another ten minutes enjoying each other’s company, then you head back to the living room that now looks like a big mess..what going on here ? Said Jane seems like the party went well said corey .you’re lucky enough mom didn’t notice your absence.Jane said Kate .are you going to tell her that I left ? Said Jane cause you did me a favour last night ,so don’t worry said Kate oh thanks Kate said Jane ..but you’ve got to clean the mess alright mom need me .said Kate .the moment Kate leaves Celeste enters the liv8jg room .there you are ,Corey let’s go home darling said Celeste.I’m so sorry for all the mess and everything that you’ve said Jana oh you don’t have to worry sweetheart . It’s was great party and we will see you again tomorrow! Celeste said .you say good bye to Celeste and exchange meaningful glaces with Corey .then you look around the room one more time .never thought auntie Regina was such a pig !said Jane . God I’m so tired ,do I really have to deal with is now said Jane .okay I should probably clean everything before I go to bed just keep myself out of trouble for once.said took a good hours to clean the try to be very careful while working with sharp bits of glass.but you still cut your finger on something .oh that hurt said Jane .when everything’s done Jane go up to her room and fall asleep instantly .

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