The Black Rose: I've Been Watching You (Book 1)

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Troy was a small boy with big super star dreams, however those dreams change when a new student comes comes in to town and snatches him from everything and everyone. Issac has maintained one of the top, if not thee top gang in America. The Black Rose. With the help of the Black Rose, Issac has been able to watch over Troy for 12 years without getting caught and now he enters his Senior year of high school with one goal and one goal only. Claim what's his...

Romance / Action
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Author's Note

Hi guys, I first want to say that in this little fantasy world of mines which is this story. Troy is the male version of ‘Allie X’

btw love her, you should go check her out.

I want to personally shoutout ms ellesugi for inspiring me and definitely check out her patreon. You can find her on instagram and Inkitt, same handle.

I really want to say I was inspired by many other stories. If somethings sound familiar, it might be, but I really tried my best to keep this distinct and sui generis. I hope no one else came up with a plot like this. I’m telling you now that if someone has a dead similar plot to this story, it’s coincidence. Really is, I haven’t read any story yet like this so fingers crossed.

Socials: w0rldofhuy on YT, Twitter, and Instagram

One last thing. This is my first book so expect some story inconsistencies, incohesive plot, fast pacing, bland descriptions, lack of descriptions, over descriptions, etc and since I’m not going to hire an editor to my mistakes, I’m going to be relying on your guys’ critics to help me improve. Probably when I’m like 20 and slightly better at writing, will I rewrite it and maybe that time it’ll be better. Fingers crossed.

Also in no way shape or form do I support gang activity or anything that happens in the story relating to a gang, kidnapping related or anything like that. This story is just for funsies.

Also if you don’t like bitchy author’s notes at the bottoms of each and every chapter, feel free to click off. I know for a fact that I talk about my disdain for some celebrities on Tik Tok and just by the word Tik Tok celebrities, I know you guys have a premonition of who I might be talking about so if you don’t like it then leave. I’m not sorry. I’m bitchy. Either deal with it or leave.

One last thing, my writing somewhat gets better throughout the story, just bare with me for the first few chapters...I was learning as I went

Feel free to ask me questions abt this book on any of my socials or on here too, but I don’t really know how to check messages so try socials if you can and then I’ll answer them. Maybe in a video. Maybe in a separate chapter. Who knows. Just ask away.

Anyways, please enjoy ‘I Have Been Watching You’

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