She's My Kind Of Country

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A time and place for a new spark of romance. Amber felt lonely when she lost her wife Sarah to cancer. That all changed when she met this redheaded woman Natalie that brought everything pure light into their new found life. Amber suffers a lot of problems that leads to Natalie being unsure and where she would stand in Amber's life. Until they are both met with one big problem, Sarah is alive and is on the verge to ruin everything both Amber and Natalie have worked for to stay together. Love, Lie, and Trust are built into this book as we discover what lies ahead for our ladies on this wild adventure into the Country.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

As I was taking care of my horses, I heard someone screaming from a distance in frustration, and I laughed as I heard the scream again. I patted my horse Nelle, then headed down the road to see the commotion from down my long driveway. Within view of nearing where the screaming is she caught sight of a red head full of spitfire looking directly at her with fire in her green eyes that made me chuckle.

“Darlin’ what is the matter?” As I spoke to her gently.

“My fucking car broke down and I am in a hurry to meet someone.” She replied with anger.

“Come on up to my place for some sweet tea and we will see about gettin’ you in town to meet this someone.” Responding to this sweet sassy city girl.

“Sure, maybe a hot shower and clean clothes will help too. By the way, I am Natalie.” Natalie replied smiling, offering a hand shake.

Taking in her soft hand, shaking it felt like sparks had gone off in my brain. As I released my hand from hers it felt like electricity had shut off. All I had to do was help Natalie and not begin something that will never be. At least that is what I hoped for when it came to handling this situation. Making their way up the driveway they stayed silent. I couldn’t figure out what to say to her, she is so beautiful and breathtaking. I wanted to kiss her just to see if she is into women but that is pushing the agenda at hand.

“You never told me your name?” Natalie said in a calm voice.

“Amber.” I replied feeling so nervous.

“Nice to meet you.” Natalie responded by rushing her words.

“Nice t-to meet you t-too, Na-Natalie.” Feeling myself closing over words a bit.

Finally arriving at the top to my house where Natalie caught sight of the horses roaming the yard, her eyes never left them, and she looked back at me with an apologetic look. We headed into the house so Natalie could get cleaned up, I showed her where the bathroom was and got her clean clothes, towels and anything else she needed. I had made myself go back to the kitchen and wait for her to come out though it seemed to have taken a bit when she did finally come out with her clothes on, I swore my heart leapt more as Natalie stood in my red flannel shirt, tight blue jeans, and barefoot on the hardwood floor. I had to swallow my thoughts back especially with the thought of undressing her.

“I hope you didn’t mind that I put my dirty clothes in the wash with hopes they’d be done before I have to go meet this person.” Natalie said nervously.

“Not at all, let’s have some tea and enjoy it on this hot day.” I replied smiling at her.

“Don’t you need to clean yourself up before enjoying some tea?” Natalie asked.

“Sweetheart, I am always dirty working on the farm, the only time I am clean is when it is dark and their is no chores left. I am a busy woman especially with horses and this big home to myself.” I said as I grabbed the tea from the fridge.

Pouring two glasses of sweet tea then bringing them to the table. Natalie didn’t say anything else as she abruptly left the table with her tea and making her way outside with some type of device in her hands then placing it to her ear. I watched her movements across the porch not listening to her conversation but watching her body move. It is a wonder this tea didn’t spill as I watched her very closely and looking her up and down with amazement.

Watching as Natalie turned around to look at her, she shook her head then went back to her device while sipping the tea. I decided to keep an eye on the clock, seeing how long she’d be outside since whomever she is speaking to through that device it looked weird seeing such a weird device that I love my house phone as a good use. Natalie finally came back inside after twenty minutes with a sad face that could make me cry.

“Looks like I am stuck here since no one even believes this place exists, I am surprised their is cell phone service out here for being so far out in the woods, and mountains.” Natalie said in her sassy voice.

“What in tarnation is a cell phone and service? I have a house phone right there in front of you. Those aren’t mountain’s dear, those are hills, you want mountains got to go further than this.” I said in my most country voice that got her attention quickly.

“Excuse me, while I do thank you for letting me take a shower and everything. I am going to go catch a bus or taxi to find myself a hotel. I don’t like being bitten by mosquitoes and I am sure as hell not staying with filthy animals.” Natalie replied grabbing her fancy purse, putting on socks and her heels that sure didn’t go with her outfit.

I couldn’t help but chuckle at her trying to work around jeans and heels while her breasts exposed in the front giving that perfect curve. Natalie glared at me.

“Do you have a better solution?” Natalie said raising her eyebrows.

“It’s called boots, princess and to think I have another pair in my bedroom.” I replied, heading toward my room to grab them.

“No, no, Amber, please don’t. I am not cut out to be a country like you.” Natalie responded by stopping inches to me.

“Little to close, princess. And in my house this is all I have. I will be right back with my boots and longer socks because your socks are useless and why in god’s name were you putting them on with heels? Never mind, I will be right back.” I replied, trying to figure out Natalie.

I knew northerns were odd but this way is all sorts of sexy, sassy and a mess of help. But damn, keeping my hands from her is making it harder too. Natalie is going to be one sassy lady that will be hard to turn country but reality will definitely catch up to her and that device she has will disappear.

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