The Binding Angel

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Chapter 3

“I am sorry for disturbing you but, can you help me for today, Jieun-ssi?” the manly nervous voice could be heard after he cleared his throat. Yuna couldn’t help but covering her mouth not to speak a word. She was in awe seeing Jieun being called by the CEO.

“Ahh… sure, Director. I will be there after I finish my work," Jieun said gingerly, trying to prioritize her work first.

“Uhmm... Thank you, Miss Jieun!” he hangs up his phone in hurry. Jieun and Yuna looked at each other, blinking their eyes in unison.

“OMG Sister, how can he know your number? She asked her still being curious.

“I don’t know either…” Jieun blinked her eyes too. “I should finish it as fast as possible. It might be Nana who wants me to be there...” Jieun remembered Nana, the one who would call her for sure other than her CEO.

“Are you sure it wasn’t our CEO who needs you the most?” Yuna teased her, shrugging her shoulder to Jieun’s.

“Impossible," she mumbled flatly.

“Euuhhmm Sister, can't you feel that your face becomes redder? I feel there would be something happen with you,” Yuna narrowed her eyes with a sly smile.

“Don’t make any rumor here! sstt...” Jieun whispered to her.

“I got it! I can’t wait for the good news...” Yuna chuckled.


“Miss Jieun, Please come inside! Our Director has been waiting for you...” a middle-aged man with his glasses greeted her politely, which made her bowed back to him. His hand gestured pointing at the door and opened it for Jieun.

“Thank you, Sir!” Jieun said while bowing.

“You’re welcome, Miss Jieun...” he smiled before shutting the door up and Jieun entered her CEO’s room with her jaw opened. The room was three times bigger than her living room at home. It is divided into two areas. The one was filled with pinky small baby bed and dolls, while on the opposite was the CEO’s working table. They divided the two areas with a sofa and table for guests in the middle of it. The room was neatly set except for Nana’s part. Juwon played with Nana on her bed and diverted his focused hearing that Jieun had came to the room.

“Mommy!" Nana called her with Mommy again right after she came inside. “Daddy! Yook..!” Nana with her baby voice ordered Juwon to look at Jieun by pointing her finger. Juwon then took a glance and greeted her with a smile. He brought Nana in his embrace and walked toward her.

“Nana, Let's greet Aunty!” he asked Nana to greet her, and in a second Nana bowed to Jieun. “Good girl..." Juwon smiled rubbing her hair lightly. Automatically, Nana expanded her arms to get Jieun’s embrace.

“OMG… Nana! Good girl!” Jieun said as she had Nana in her embrace. “Aunty Jieun is missing you...” she tightened her embrace, which made Nana chuckling loudly.

“Uhmm...Sorry for disturbing you, Miss Jieun! But I have a meeting in an hour. It might end late at night and I can’t leave Nana for that long. So, I need your help badly!" he awkwardly asked her. His hand scratched his nape even though it wasn’t itchy.

“Ah! Sure, Director! That is fine,” Jieun gave a slight smile to her CEO. The facial expression of her CEO, attract her more to help him. He looked extremely tired this time with his dark bag eyes.

“Thank you, Miss Jieun!” he slightly bowed his back, making her felt uneasy.

“It is fine, Director!" Jieun replied with his slight bow. Juwon took Nana’s bag and his bag in a hurry and made sure that he had turned off all the air conditioners and electronics in his room before he left.

“Uhmm...Let’s go in my car! I will bring you to your home,” Juwon led the way to the car.

“Excuse me, Director!” Jieun stopped his step unconsciously with her body covered the door. “Is it fine If I took Nana with me to the hospital, Director? I should take a look at my mother,” she asked gingerly.

“Ahhh... it is fine Miss Jieun, I am extremely fine as long as Nana is with you. I am sorry you might be burdened this way. But I can’t avoid the meeting and I couldn’t handle it for all myself," Juwon reassured her. "Thank you so much, Miss Jieun!"


Juwon washed his hands on the sink, after doing his matter in the restroom. The meeting was being later than it should be done. He checked his wrist, showed that it almost midnight on his watch. Fortunately, tomorrow was Saturday, he could take a rest for the whole day if he wasn’t a single -father.

Imagining Nana made him exhaled his breath and forgot that all day in a deep slumber wish. He tugged a smile, her daughter would take him on a trip to the zoo or amusement park. Even if she was still way long to be understood, but the view of people and animals would amuse her, other than being caged in his apartment all day. He washed away his whole day's rest, it would be a tough journey for him and Nana.

The voice of someone who came to the washroom tickled his peripheral vision to take a look. The gesture of a man with a formal tuxedo-like him, putting him to the conclusion that he might go on a meeting like him. The restaurant itself was often being booked by a businessman for meeting out of the working time. It served good dishes and a 24-hour open restaurant that suited for the workaholic businessman to go.

“Long time no see! Juwon!” a familiar voice that made Juwon’s jaw tightened. The man took a side on him, fixing his not very disheveled hair. ‘Still being overproud of himself' he thought while grinned not so friendly smile. “2 years or 3 years??? we’ve met but you didn’t change a bit...” the man burst his thought nonchalantly, ignoring Juwon furious facial expression.
The man stopped his word sarcastically. “You look thinner than before. Is life going well to you?” the man sarcastically blurted his thought and tightened his jaw holding back his long-time emotion. He wanted to ask further, but the last incident prevents him to do that. He tried to do slight chitchatting and got him closer to Juwon before he declared his urge.

“Mr. Jung Jaehyuk. My life is not your problem, but yours is...” Juwon said right on his face gave him a dead look, before leaving him.


It was 01.00 AM and she couldn’t sleep waiting for her CEO to come and pick his daughter which had slept soundlessly a long time ago. Jieun patted Nana’s thigh lightly to put her in a deep sleep on Jieun’s bed. The CEO didn’t call her since then, which made her even worried, she checked the clock on the wall, frowning. The phone which was put on the bedside table vibrated and made Jieun turned her head to the bedside, slowly taking the phone to see the one who called her past midnight.

The screen showed that ‘Director’ name widened her eyes, sighing in relief. She slowly woke up and took small steps away from her bed not to wake Nana up. She picked up the phone after she reached the front side of her small house.

“Hello, Director!”

“Hello... Miss Jieun!” The unfamiliar voice talked on the other side of the phone. “ I am the called driver who had been phoned by the owner, I can’t ask him, he is already knocked out. The phone owner is drunk so bad and I don’t know, 'where is Nana' I am sorry but I just scrolled the latest person he called.”

“Ahh... it's fine Mr. Nana is with me…you can bring him to my house," She answered worriedly. Jieun mentioned her address fast. Right after she hung the phone up, she took her blazer and her purse leaving the house.

She waited for her CEO in front of her house patiently in case the driver couldn’t reach her house. After almost thirty minutes of waiting, the black SUV car appeared not far from the place she was standing. The car slowly moved forward, searching for the right address. Her hand waved to the car knowing that it was her CEO’s car. The car accelerated to her and stopped right on her side. The side window was opened slowly and a young man who must be the called driver greeted her.

“Excuse me, Son Jieun??” the man asked to confirm her identity.

“ I am Son Jieun,” she nodded. “Can you park the car over there?” she pointed to the empty warehouse which had from wide space for the car to be parked in.

“Sure!" the man parked the car in front of the place she pointed in. Jieun followed the car from behind.

The man who had parked the car opened the backseat door and there he was lying helplessly, mumbling unclearly words. The man helped Juwon to stand up and Jieun closed the door before following the man. Jieun put the other arm and walked beside Juwon.
Right after they reached Jieun's house, the man put him on the floor near the main door. CEO's back against the wall as there was no sofa in her house. She paid for the called driver and closed the door in hurry. The strong smell of alcohol poked her nose as she waved her hand in front of her nose.

“! Daddy has come...” he mumbled with his eyes shut. Jieun hand gripped his arms after seeing his body was ready to fall on the floor. The distance between her and him tickled her heart suddenly. It was beating so hard until the voice of her heart deafened her ear. The sudden grip of Jieun surprised him until his eyes slowly opened but still being tipsy.

“Oh... Jieun!” he giggled and tried to set his back against the wall again. Jieun helped him to walk to the bedroom, so he could take a rest. He stood up being wobbly and his body fully fell on Jieun’s petite body while his head fell on her shoulder.

"Jieun!" he lifted his head until his nose closed their gap touching Jieun's. His eyes stared deeply at Jieun's eyes, showing his untold story behind them. The bloodshot red, pain, and remorse united on his stifled tears.

"Jieun, It's a relief that it was you..." He hiccuped and laughed soundlessly while his hand suddenly grabbed the star pendant on her necklace. Jieun can't fully understand what he was trying to say. The strong alcohol smell couldn't be hidden from him also he was not in a normal state.

"Director..." her voice suddenly turned him into a serious one.

“Jieun, I am tired...” he said in his drunken state seriously. His head fell again on her shoulder snuggling to find his comfort. Jieun who felt that her blazer slightly being wet, frozen up hearing that sentence. Her heartbeat increased drastically, flowing its blood to her face giving flushed red color on her cheeks. Gingerly, she put her hand caressing his back lightly tried coaxing him. Jieun’s heartbeat harder when she touched his back. He was the first man she coaxed with. The story of him amused her and saddened her at the same time.

“It would be fine,” she coaxed her drunken CEO. “Someday...” she added after paused for a while.
“I am tired," he cried releasing his stress. “ I need help,” he sobbed weakly on her shoulder. She caressed his back slowly, keeping the silence and giving him a chance to let out his burden. Seeing her CEO's helpless condition was far from her imagination. The most perfect and reliable one who still needed someone to throw his grudges up. Of course, he had many things to be handled by himself which it must be harder for a single-father that also led the big company. Suddenly, his sobbed stop and his head slowly lifted still being drunken. His hands were still grabbing Jieun's arms, finding his balance.“No... I don’t need help… hehhehehe I can uhm urggghhh.” Juwon threw up on her blazer even before finishing his sentence and messed the whole thing up.


He woke up with the worst pain in his head. His hand grabbed his hair tightly to lessen up his throbbed pain. The back of him felt the hard thing that was just covered with a thin blanket that hurt his back badly. Slowly, he woke up and turned his head to see that he slept on the floor that night. The blanket which covered him, slipped until it reaches his waist. The sudden cold made him nodded his head which showed his shirtless upper body.

“Aisshh…” he bit his lower lip, thinking that he might be done something last night. He lifted his blanket and peeked with one of his eyes scared that he did something wrong last night. “Hufff…” he exhaled in relief seeing his boxer still wrapped his waist. It was better than he thought. He didn't do something that would mess him up more.

He turned his head to the right and found a single bed with pink accessories on it and his daughter's blanket was folded on top of it. He thought that he must be in Jieun’s house. His eyes caught a clock that showed 11.00 AM. He woke up and searched for the restroom. He needed to clean himself after smelling his body which smells like a suck. There was no one in the house other than him.

His steps brought him to the dining table which was located not far from the bedroom. The house was small enough to be lived with. His eyes roamed the place and suddenly found a note on the dining table which had a bowl of hangover soup.

‘ Director.

I am sorry Director. I am going to the hospital with Nana, Nurse Yang has called me this early morning.
In case you would wake up before I am home, I made a hangover soup for you. I have put a towel and new clothes in the bathroom, in case you want to clean yourself up.

-Son Jieun-‘

The written note tugged his lips into a smile. He turned his head to the nearest door which was one meter beside the dining table. He was stunned by the place.
“She might live her life hard...” he mumbled before entered the bathroom.


Jieun walked weakly after coming out from the administration office. Nana held Jieun's hand tightly while embracing her doll. Nana’s eyes kept looking above to Jieun who was much taller than her, making sure that she was okay. Nana didn't understand every single word that was burst by Jieun and the administrator. Her language capability was the worst among them the older. One thing she knew that Jieun was sad by her face. Nana kept catching up with Jieun step with her small steps until she stopped her step. Jieun stopped her way, feeling Nana's gripped tighten on her.

"Mommy, Sad?" Nana's baby voice distracted Jieun from her messed up mind. Jieun looked up through Nana's eyes. Nana waved her hand signing that Jieun should bend down to her. Jieun bent down obediently, reaching her tiny body. Suddenly, Nana hugged her and patted her shoulder recklessly. "Fine...Fine.." Nana spells the word that might reassure Jieun. The way she copied when Jieun reassure her when she was upset tickled Jieun hard. Jieun held her laugh and hugged Nana back.

"How clever our princess Nana is!" Jieun praised her which made Nana giggled.

“Mommy, Nana wants a chocolate milk!” Nana requested a drink.

"OMG... You are very good at talking...Uwaaa... How proud Daddy would be!" Jieun praised her once again which made Nana clapped her hands happily. "Should we buy one?" Jieun offered Nana with her baby voice.

"Yes, Mommy!" Nana giggled happily.


Juwon took a seat in the dining room enjoying the hangover soup Jieun had made. The white t-shirt and black sweatpants Jieun bought on the market in the morning fit his body perfectly. The detailed things Jieun prepared before she left, helped him much. He couldn't think of anything that would be happened if he was by himself. 'What will Nana do? What will he be when last night's condition happens?'. He was being thankful for her help.

The sweet and baby's conversation outside tugged him into a smile. The conversation between Jieun and his baby was the most random, which still attracted him to hear the whole conversation. Suddenly, the main door was opened and a high-toned voice appeared.

"I am home!" they shouted happily didn't care about something inside. Juwon stood up approaching them.

"Daddy!!" Nana screamed in a dolphin voice which widened his father's smile on her. Juwon expanded and took Nana on his embrace. Nana hugged her father tightly and chuckled happily.

"Our daughter is clever... Daddy misses you.." he showered her face with sweet kisses while Nana snuggled on him happily. "Jieun! I am very thankful for your help yesterday and today. I owed you a lot..." he said sincerely.

"No, Director.It'ss fine," she replied casually.

"Miss Jieun," Juwon's word suddenly stopped when Nana kissed him on his cheeks recklessly. "Nana, Do you miss Daddy?" He faced Nana fully forgetting his words to Jieun and he started to tickle Nana's tummy and it made her laugh out loud.

"Excuse me, Director! Jieun's voice distracted him and he turned his face to her with his big smile.


Jieun stood up nervously in front of Lee Hyeokjae's room. She had been waiting for almost minutes with a white envelope in her hand. She kept looking at the envelope and in deep thought again. Her finger tickled the envelope and her heels knocked up in a rhythm. Jieun took a deep breath and exhaled it slowly. 'It would be extremely fine' she put that words on her mind.

'Knock Knock'

She hides the envelope behind her back and knocked on the door slowly. On the third attempt, a voice replied to the knocked door.

"Come inside!" the voice inside told her to come. Jieun opened the door slowly and entered the room. She closed the door behind her and approached the manager's desk slowly. Lee Hyeokjae diverted his eyes from the document he read, to her presence. "Why Miss Jieun?" He asked her.

"Good afternoon, Manager!" she bowed lightly, greeted him.

"Why?" Jieun handed the envelope to his desk and bowed for once again. Lee Hyeokjae looked up into the envelope and lifted it carefully. The envelope with 'Resignation Letter' written on it, surprised him. "What happen?".

"Thank you for your help these times, Manager!" she bowed for the last before leaving the room. Lee Hyeokjae was left dumbfounded and he kept looking at the letter.

"I am indeed being hard to her these times, but It is not what I mean," he mumbled tilting his head while looking at the door that was closed by Jieun.

-to be continued-
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