The Binding Angel

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Chapter 6

She put the ointment on the wound on his face lightly. Her husband that was coming home with bruises all over his face shocked her in the middle of the night. She did wife things perfectly, but the one she can't do was giving her heart to him. It was arranged marriage and started with no feeling after all.

He flinched his face when her hand touched him. She put the last ointment on his face before putting it back to the aid's kit.

"Are you still a kid? Can't you protect yourself better?" Seonhwa bickered to him like she usually did. Instead of being mad, he turned his face into a faintly smile. Seohwa put on the band on the wound for the last and closed the aid kit without future question about her husband's condition. She picked the aid's kit and ready to leave him.

"Do you love me already?" He asked her grabbing her hand, preventing her from being away. Seonhwa snatched his hand softly and put the aid kit on the drawer.

"I told you not to harm anyone, right?" She mumbled with her redeemed mad tone. She took some new comfortable clothes for him, ignoring the change of Jaehyuk's facial expression. The loosened t-shirt and boxer were brought by her to him. Jaehyuk's eyes followed her steps around without a word and her being ignorant of his existence.

"Will you say the same if it weren't Juwon?" his jaw tightened feeling the jealousy take over him of a sudden. Seonhwa froze on the place and sighed.

"Do you want to eat something ?" She asked him avoiding the quarrel thing that usually couple did. However, she wasn't there, it was the problem.


Still in the vast grassland and he looked at the girl standing beside him who was alluring with her innocence. The sunlight blinded his eyes from looking at her face, it made him narrowing his eyes.

"Brother..." she wandered her sight far away, looking for a peace she wanted. He smiled lightly hearing her soft voice.

"I would like to name the baby with Nana," she said as rubbed her small belly. The breeze waved her hair and dress that portrayed her happiness inside.

Not even a second after that, he was thrown to a darker room. There was a dim light through the hallway and he stood in it.

He walked slowly through it and his eyes caught a small tiny body that was put in a reflected baby box in an empty room. The bed beside the baby box was empty and there was no one in the room other than the sleeping baby. He came closer to the baby box and saw a tiny body-wrapped win pink robe. The baby stretched her wrapped body and yawned widely that called for his tears. He touched the baby slowly when the tears he was holding fell on his cheek slowly. He wiped his tears and tried to give a big smile, welcoming the newborn that just started the life.

"Nana, It is Daddy," he patted her tiny body holding his tears. Suddenly, the baby opened her eyes and scrunched her face feeling uncomfortable. She started crying out loud breaking the atmosphere. He woke up with sweats all over his body feeling dizzy.

"Director..." a familiar voice came across his left side.
He turned his head toward her and saw she was sitting on the bedside, holding a small wet towel. She looked surprised at his sudden awakening. She put the towel and dabbed his face lightly reducing the heat on his body.

She put her palm on his forehead checking his temperature.

He got fever since he arrived with his bruised face. Jieun realized it when he came closer to her and his forehead touched hers that night. He also grabbed her with his two warm hands that night. The time when Nana called him, she got to calm Nana on her sleep last night. She was afraid that he might go collapse when he didn't get a rest. She pulled a reason that she was sleepy already so that he can get a good meal and also Nana couldn't see the bruises on her father's face.

Her hand put a wet towel on his forehead and followed with his hand grabbed hers. He brought her hand toward his chest and he breathed heavily. He closed his eyes feeling the warmth she gave.

Jieun saw the view with her twitched heart, remembering last night. She sighed deeply and slowly tried to fix his wet upper hair softly.

"Director..., Let's have some meal first! You must eat a drug!" she said softly as he tried to wake up. Jieun helped him to get a good straight seat and gave him a glass of water first.

CEO that wouldn't ever go lose with others slowly turned obedient to her.

Jieun then put the water on the bedside table and took a bowl of porridge she made. She took a spoonful of porridge and feed him. The last night scene remained on his mind. It grew his nervousness around her, scared that she would change. He didn’t know what to do other than his cheek became redder. He looked at her feeling embarrassed and opened his mouth slowly.
Fortunately, she didn't change.

"Daddyyy!" Nana's voice came as she went inside the bedroom. Their focus distracted to a small body which walked to them happily with her pinky outfit for a walk. She climbed to the bed effortlessly and threw herself toward her father. Juwon smiled and accepted her on his arm. A day without her grew his longing to her.

"Our princess is already prepared. Where do you want to go, beautiful?" He smiled and snuggled her nose on hers, smelling the kid's fresh perfume that he always did.

"Daddy..., Does daddy hurt? Mommy said that you should get a rest," Nana said with her baby voice.

"Our Nana is clever now," he proud of his daughter. Her daughter became chatterer since Jieun came. Her verbs increased with the help of Jieun. If there were any words higher than thank you, it deserves for her.

"Daddy, What is it?" She pointed at the wound he got.

"Mommy is right. Daddy is hurt. It is hurt Nana," he said cutely, anticipating her next action.

Suddenly, Nana came closer to his face and blew the wounds he got.

"Huuu...Huuu.." he chuckled at his daughter's action.

"Why are you doing that?" He said limply still being dizzy but trying to give his best smile to his only.

"Mommy did that to me when I am hurt." Juwon smiled remembering Jieun did the same to him last night. Nana will resemble her if they stayed together for any longer.

"Daddy can't go with you for a walk today, Is it okay? Daddy should get some rest. Instead, you can go with Mommy?" Jieun asked her slowly, disrupting their talks. It was her habit to go out for the weekend..Unfortunately, her father couldn't take her out that day.

"Uhmmm..." she nodded and hugged her father tightly. Jieun then took a spoonful of porridge and feed him again.

'Ding dong'

They were being distracted by a bell sound. Naturally, Jieun put the bowl on the bedside table and went to open the door.

She opened the door and the woman in front of her, intimidating her existence. She also brought porridge from the famous restaurant that could be seen on the plastic bag. Her deep stare on Jieun’s grew their tension till they stayed silent.

"Mommy!" Nana went to Jieun and hugged her leg.

"Seonhwa, What are you doing here?" a cracked voice of Juwon came closer to them. The long remained silent after Jieun left him, called him to go out.

Seonhwa saw the morning view that shouldn't be seen and she just put on a fake smile, ignoring the woman in front of her. Just after she saw Juwon with the bruises, she already knows, it must be caused by Jaehyuk.

"Honey, I don't know that you still live here, I am so happy that you still stay here to let me know the place you will live in, so I can easily find you. Here, I bring a porridge you like the most," she lifted the plastic bag happily. " I miss you, Honey!" Juwon gulped his throat feeling awkward toward Jieun who froze on the place. He did feel wrong with that words even he wasn't the one who said them.

The words that would hurt Jieun. The words that were blurted on purpose show Jieun that Seonhwa was Juwon's back then. Seonhwa let out a happy smile and bent down to get a good look at the tiny body beside Jieun's leg. "Nana, Hello! she said happily waving her hand. Nana buried her face on Jieun's leg.

"Mommy..." Nana whined to Jieun.

"Mommy?? She is her Mommy?" Seonhwa frowned her eyes and looked straight to Juwon's eyes.

"I think I should take Nana for a walk now, Director!" Jieun said as she took Nana on her embrace and take her bag she had prepared and left them two in the apartment, giving them a time.


"Grandma~~~" her squeaking dolphin voice echoed the ward loudly which made everyone on the ward giggled for her cuteness. She ran with her small steps toward Jieun's mother's bed. On other hand, Jieun followed her from behind and nodded slightly to three other patients on the ward.

"How cute she is, Kid. Do you want some candies?? " the old patient beside Jieun's mother's bed offered candies to her. It was like a habit, she looked at Jieun asking for permission, and when Jieun nodded her head, she happily took the candies with her little hands.

"Thank you grandmother!" she bowed lightly to her. Nana then tried on climbing for the bed, but it was higher than the bed in the apartment. She tried attempts with her grunting sound made Jieun giggled.
Looking at the view, Jieun stopped Nana from climbing with her hands holding Nana’s shoulder to stay still. Jieun took off Nana's shoes first before putting Nana on her mother's safe side and she obediently laid beside her grandmother's side.

"Grandma, I got candies!" she bragged showing her eye smile to her. They were closed after some meetings. Jieun who was still needed to take care of her mother and still can't leave Nana alone, brought Nana to the hospital after she heard that her mother's condition was safe. Surprisingly, Nana didn't whine a lot when she came to the hospital and became closer to her mother. Her mother also didn't complain to her. She was surprised at first, but when she knew the story, she understands the feeling of the little girl.

"Grandma...I give you one!" Nana handed a candy in her hand.

"Just one?? I need some though..." her mother teased her.

Nana frowned at Jieun hearing the words, she started to seek help. She was on verge of tears. Her mother chuckled at her behavior. "I know...Just one.." Jieun's mother took candy from her little hand. They chuckled at the little girl's cuteness.

"Mom, How about your condition?" Jieun put the fruits she brought outside on the desk and peeled an apple. She took a knife and peeled it carefully. She cut the apple for dices so it can easily be eaten.

"I am good. Just focus on yours! I have friends here," she laughed looking at the patients on the general ward.

"Mom!" Jieun whined and gave her a slice of apple. She also didn't forget to give a small piece of apple to Nana.

"Jieun, you are already mature and I think you are ready enough to have a family yourself." She replied with her cracked voice. Jieun smiled lightly and took a seat beside her bed. She munched an apple and snuggled on her mother's pillow.

She missed her touch. Jieun's mother rubbed her hair slightly chuckling. "Hey! You have a child already," Jieun's mother teased her which made her laugh.

"Mommy," Nana handed her the candy wrapper. She had finished munching the apple and want to eat the candy.

Jieun rubbed Nana's hair and threw the candy wrapper into the trash bin.

"Nana is a good eater," she praised her.

Jieun's phone suddenly vibrated and she took the phone from her pocket. The screen written with Lee Joon's name surprised her. There was a long time since they were keeping a contact.

"Mom, Wait a minute! I have a call," Jieun left the ward hurriedly.


Jieun took a sip of cold americano in front of her, staring at the two-person that invited her. She didn't bring Nana with her to the coffee shop and Nana was playing with her mother in the hospital bed. Her mother said that she also misses Nana so, she let Nana stayed at the hospital.

She was there, facing the two lovebirds who were dating on the weekend. The opposite of her there they sat Lee Joon and Yuna which acted lovey-dovey. Ignoring the couple, she felt like a third wheel. She sighed rolling her eyes and cut their moment.

"What do you want to say, Lee Joon?" She asked curtly to the one who can't act in a such place. They cleared their throat and back to their seat like a normal couple.

"What happened with your behavior? Fix it or you can't get a boyfriend!" Joon bickered to her.

"What is your problem?" Jieun sighed in disbelief and shook her americano with straw.

"Joon, you underestimate Jieun. She has a child already," Yuna stood up for Jieun sounding like sarcasm.

"Ohh, Really! Waaah, I didn't know you are that fast," Joon's jaw opened in disbelief. "Here, Lee Mun Jeong's number. She is waiting for you all this time." He landed a name card in front of her.

"Huh? I am not eliminated. I think she only accepts one." She looked at the name card and then she saw Joon.

"Yeah, she likes your style too. But you didn't come for her. I told her your story and for these times and yes, she is waiting for you. I heard that your mother has received surgery and Yuna told me that you have already resigned from the company." He explained the situation in a paragraph like he used to.

"Waw... Cool! Sister, I will be rooting for you too," Yuna squealed beside him. "Honey is the best!" Lee Joon then takes a straw acted like a gentleman and slurped his coffee bragging about the scene. On other hand, Yuna snuggling at his shoulder happily.

"Really!" Jieun held her smile not to burst into a laugh hiding her excitement. 'Is it time for her again?'


The first time she was moved to the general ward after she got her consciousness, she felt lonely. Fortunately, she was laid with the other three patients on the ward so she wasn't lonely. They were also cancer patients and they were growing closer with sharing their condition. But still, the hospital is different from home, she missed her only daughter. The scenes of them playing, cooking, laughing, and crying in the small house they owned, kept repeating on her mind. The condition was different and she should lay her back in the hospital and her daughter only visited her in a meantime, she felt lonely, right after her daughter and a child on her embrace, left her. She looked outside the window seeing the dark sky to distract her mind of longing for her daughter.

There was a time when the silence on the wards was broken with the voice of clacked shoes came closer to her bed. The appearance of a man came closer, made her turned into the person He was standing in front of the bed, brought a bucket of flowers. He took a bow on her showing politeness.

The first time she saw him, she didn't even know him. However, after times looking at him deeply, she finally recognized him. A familiar face she always longed for too, staring at her with a glimpse of a smile.

"Son..." her face turned into a smile seeing the person in front of her. He put the flower on her bedside table and took a seat beside her and gave her a warm hug.

"Mother, Have you felt any better?" He mumbled between hugs. He ended the hug after a while and sit on the small chair beside her.

"I am better now..." she rubbed his hand lovingly.
"Where have you been? Have you met Jieun already?" She asked him feeling excited about meeting him after years. He turned silent and gave her a faintly smile without replying to the questions. "You've grown up this well, I almost can't recognize you.." she patted his cheek lightly.

"Thank you, Mother!" he whispered.

"Why are you sad, Son? Something bad happened?" she asked him again realizing his saddened face after times she came to her. However, he remained silent. "I understand, then why are you coming here after so long," she asked him when suddenly he turned his head down and sighed deeply. He started telling the story about him after he chose not to visit Jieun's mother and Jieun at that time. He told the whole story which started unwrapped his new healing wound. Hearing such unpredictable accidents, Jieun's mother was speechless after hearing the whole story and brought him to her embrace tightly.

"Son..." her eyes started to well and caressed his head with a love. "Don't you say that..." he nodded lightly to her unfinished words on her hug.

"I think Jieun will understand about what you had done," he buried his head even more feeling down.

"I can't Mother, I was the one who left her first. I don't have the confidence to face her like before," he sighed deeply with his blank face.

"How pity you are, my Son!" she caressed his back softly. "Everything will be fine, Son!" she patted his back slowly, as a mother did on her biological son as she did in the past. The time when he called her like his biological mother even though she wasn't.


Jieun opened the apartment door lightly with sleeping Nana on her shoulder. She closed the door slowly, in case it would wake the CEO. Her eyes roamed the room looking for a woman that came early in the morning. Suddenly, her eyes laid on the plastic bag she knew that morning. The seal of the plastic bag also remained closed.

"He didn't eat the porridge," she mumbled slowly with her eyes landed on the CEO's bedroom which was closed tightly.

Jieun went to Nana's bedroom and laid Nana into her bed. She opened Nana's jacket slowly and shoes not to wake her up before she put on the blanket on her tiny body. Jieun rubbed her hair slowly and left her in silence.

Jieun went to the kitchen cabinet and opened the plastic bag. The CEO didn't even touch it. She warmed the porridge she made that morning and brought a bowl of it. She went to CEO's bedroom to check his fever.

She opened the door slowly and took a peek before fully enter the room. The bowl of porridge she made in the morning was empty.

Other than that, there she found a body laid on the bed helplessly. He slept soundly while the blanket covers up to his waist. She came closer and checked his temperature with her palms slowly. His face remained pale and the beads of sweat still covered his face.
Naturally, she took the towel on the table and dabbed his face slowly, cleaning the beads.

"Director," she shook his body lightly to let him awake. He opened his eyes slowly. "It is time for the drug." She whispered. He obediently sat with his back against the head of the bed.

Jieun started feeding him like in the morning. The porridge was empty in no time with her help.
Jieun's hand took water and handed him the drug with it. He gulped the drug in a minute and laid his body on the bed again feeling weak.

Jieun helped him to get good sleep again by caressed his wet upper hair slowly. After she was sure that he was already asleep, Jieun cleaned the bedside table and brought it to the kitchen sink. She washed the dishes when suddenly she felt the burned muscular hands wrapped her from behind.

"Don't go!" his hot breath caused by fever, touched her nape giving a shiver like he did last night. "She is nothing..." he added managing his hot breath caused by the fever. Jieun knew what he was pointed for about. However, he wasn't the one who should clarify that. It was normal though. Seonhwa was his back then, and she didn't have a right to do with their personal.

"Why?" she mumbled and his hug tightened.

"I scare that you might doubt my feeling," he snuggled his head on her shoulder seeking her warmth.

-to be continued-

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