The Binding Angel

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Chapter 7

The meeting of two giant companies was ended with big applauses. The chiefs of the companies were coming forward to get photos together after signing their agreement. They will build a combined of two big companies to expand their reach externally. They started the project by next month and developed the new baby company from the very start overseas. The place would be planned to be in Japan.

Lee Munyeong, the middle-aged successful woman of centuries decided to have a relationship with Juwon, a young-high spirited man of HD Enterprises. Their connected minds at a meeting were helping them on knowing each other company's needs. Besides, they also grew closer after some meetings and the appearance of the little girl in Juwon's room several months ago.

Lee Munyeong, who had been living alone since she developed her company by herself, finding that she felt lonely for the time she spent. Not only after she met Nana, Juwon's daughter who craved for mother's love which pulled Munyeong to embrace her lovingly. She played with the little girl when Juwon had a meeting with her on her company too. She didn't mind the daughter's appearance, she felt like she became a reliable grandmother for her. The absents of Juwon's daughter's appearance, growing her yearn for the little girl. Lee Munyeong knew that Nana already had someone who was taking care of her when her father was away. So, she can't do anything about that.

"Juwon..." her soft trembled voice greeted him after the photo session.

"Yes, Director, what's wrong?" He turned his body facing her to show his politeness.

"I have a birthday this weekend. Can you bring your little cutie with you on my birthday? I miss her already," she put her hand on his shoulder with a cute face.

"Ahh, Director. But, I bring a plus one, is it okay?" He teased her with the dimples showing on his smile.

"Plus One? Nana's mother??" She asked him curiously, frowning her eyebrows.

"Maybe, Nana called her with mother," he said after furrowing his eyebrows fast sometimes confused about how to address Jieun.

" OMG?!! I never heard about the story? Congratulation on your wedding!" she covered her mouth in awe and grabbed his hand tightly congratulating him.

"I don't say anything about wedding though," he tilted his head feeling weird with the statement.


Jieun pushed the cart to buy groceries for daily needs for the apartment. Nana who was always tagged along with her, sitting on the cart playing with Cindy and enjoying the swinging motion of the cart. Jieun stopped at the milk counter and tiptoed her feet up to reach for the milk that was Nana's favorite on the higher counter.

"Hello, Nana's mother??" A woman's sarcastic voice grabbed her attention to make eye contact. She put her feet on the ground slowly and bowed slightly to her.

"Ah right, we still didn't get to know each other. I am Lee Seonhwa," she lends her hand to Jieun's, greeting her with an eye smile. Jieun grabbed her hand slowly, showing politeness to someone who ever been tagged with CEO and might be Nana's mother.

"I am Son Jieun," She replied weakly and her head turned to Nana. Nana, the innocent one was just looking at the two with her questionable stare.

"Mommy, Who is she?" Her finger pointed at Seonhwa with an innocent look. Jieun smiled and took Nana from the cart to the ground in a second.

"Nana, Let's greet her politely!" Nana bowed slightly to Seonhwa after hearing Jieun's words.

"Hello!" Nana said with her baby voice and quickly faced Jieun to have a hug. Her slight tugged on Jieun's clothes, made Jieun embracing Nana in a swift. Nana distracted her focus to the milk counter, avoiding Seonhwa's stare.

"Mommy, Chocolate milk!" Nana's voice brought Jieun back to reality after being dazed caused by Seonhwa's appearance. Jieun then took some boxes of milk to the cart.

"Let's get a lunch together Nana," Seonhwa said with a soft voice. "And Nana's mother??" Her voice turned cold after changing the subject. But her face turned into a smile after Nana looked at Seonhwa with her wide eyes.


The piles of groceries were put beside Jieun's seat and Nana's high chair was put between them in the middle. They took a seat in a coffee shop in silence, while Nana was drinking her milk in peace. It was the opposite of the older situation.

"Nana, Long time no see. How are you?" Seonhwa put her head lower to catch Nana's eyes giving the sincere smile she ever made. Nana looked at her still sucking the straw for chocolate milk. Her mouth sucked the milk until the empty box of milk were sounded loudly.

"Mommy, I have finished it. Nana is clever," Nana diverted her gaze to Jieun and waved the empty milk box. Jieun who saw the changing expression of Seonhwa, smiling at Nana with her crescent eyes.

"Nana is clever but, Why doesn't Nana replied the...." Jieun patted Nana's hair slowly and stopped her word thinking for a while, didn't know how to address Seonhwa. She often saw her always reaching for the CEO but, she still didn't know how to address her right. She might be Nana's mother but also she might not. It would be weird enough if she just called her Mommy, and in the fact she wasn't, but also if she just address her aunty, and the fact she wasn't too.

"Aunty..." Jieun decided to address her with Aunty, in case Nana always called her Mommy, and if she just addresses Seonhwa with Mommy, it would make confusion for Nana. Seonhwa stared at her with an unreadable look, but then she diverted her gaze to Nana.

"Nana is fine Aunty..." Nana diverted her gaze from Jieun to Seonhwa, being obedient to every word Jieun had said. Seonhwa looked pretty satisfied with the answer. And she turned her gaze to Jieun who was busying to feed her with a chocolate cake she bought.

"Seems like you are into the act of Nana's mother too well, Ms. Jieun," Seonhwa took a bite of strawberry cake in front of her, looking far at the view outside.

"It is not like that, Ms. Seonhwa," Jieun turned awkward and drank her cold americano beside the chocolate cake in nervousness. Seonhwa smirked in sudden seeing her reaction.

"You are not her Mommy though," she replied coldly to Jieun's.

"Ms. Seonhwa, I give you a chance to meet with Nana, and I don't think I can go further if you act like this," Jieun replied to her still gave a bit of cake to Nana. Jieun could be harsh sometimes if something was playing with her. Looking at Seonhwa's behavior, Jieun was almost sure that Seonhwa was Nana's real mother by seeing her jealousy of Jieun's relationship with Nana.

"Oh, I am sorry " Seonhwa smiled at her without feeling wrong at all. Seonhwa tried to grab Nana's attention again. Nana's focus was only on her doll and the woman in front of her put an effort to grab her attention.

"Nana, Please take a bit from aunty!" Seonhwa said in a baby voice and handed a spoonful of a cake to Nana's mouth. Hoping that she will take a bit as Jieun had done, she was bitterly smiled looking at Nana’s poker face.

"Mommy, I want to poo," Nana diverted her gaze from Seonhwa to Jieun with something smell appearing in sudden. Seonhwa dropped the spoon on her plate making a loud sound, losing her appetite.


Her little steps ran splitting the crowd, coming closer to the one who became the star of the night. The crowd split the way they were told to do so, however, it caused by the clacked cute sound of small shoes attracted the crowd. Not only because of the shoes, the squeaking sound of a little girl with a black tutu gown and red band on her head bringing a small gift, calling for the main star of the night happily.

"Lee Grandmother," her hands brought the gift in front of her chest and ran with reckless walks to Lee Munyeong.

"Come here beautiful!" LeeMunyeong'sg hands clapped to invite her on her hug. Nana threw herself on her hug and gave the small gift to Lee Munyeong's hand.

"Grandmother, Happy Birthday!" Nana happily congratulated her.

Nana was sociable indeed for her age, the condition when she must to her father, brought her on facing new people almost every day. She wasn't the type of shy kid on the opposite she was indeed a confident one. The crowd who were watching the scene holding their laugh and silently whispering in awe from the little girl's cuteness. The confidence itself could bring an attraction to people surrounding her even without she was realizing it.

"Happy Birthday, Director!" a man voice came after Nana who was coming with a woman with the same color outfit as Nana but for the adult size without a headband on her head. The woman bowed slightly to give respect.

"Your daughter is such a cutie," the smile kept remaining on Lee Munyeong's face. "Ohh, plus one??" She then teased him. His face turned red hearing those words.

"Hello, Mrs. Kim, Juwon told me plus One. I don't know when was your wedding, but I sincerely give my congratulations to you. Juwon, you have good eyes indeed. She is beautiful," she whispered the last sentences on his ear which brought him to a small fake cough.

"I am not," Jieun tried to explain but then Juwon's hand grabbed Jieun's, signed to not giving any explanation about that.

"Thank you, Director!" Jieun changed her words suddenly.

"My Mommy," suddenly, Nana said to Lee Munyeong with her hand pointed to herself, wanted to brag about Jieun. Jieun blinked her eyes nervously hearing the two-person who bragged about her without permission.

"Oh...really?? Nana's mother?" Her question led to Nana's nod. She wiggled her legs on Lee Munyeong's hug after got such a response from Lee Munyeong.

"Anyway, where is my gift, cutie?" Suddenly, a woman's voice interrupted them. There the same feature face and gesture came closer to her. Jieun suddenly bowed to her. Jieun felt weird with the name of Lee Munyeong who had been introduced by her CEO. She thought that it just a similar name to Lee Munjeong, she also thought that Lee Munyeong was a writer, but it came that she was a businessman like Juwon. The first time her heels touched the party, she was also surprised to see the Lee Munjeong appearance. But it turned that the woman didn't even know her, because she was Lee Munjeong's twin.

"Hello, Lee Munjeong Writer," Jieun bowed her back which turned the woman to face her.

"Ms. Son Jieun, What a surprise!! Is he your ..." Lee Munjeong said in surprise, didn't expect to meet her on such an occasion, which was held for the twin's inner circle.

"Munjeong... She is my guest. She came with my inner circle. So, get off." The twins bickered over the guest, which made laughter between Jieun and Juwon.

"I just greet her....." Lee Munjeong sighed and she turned her head to Jieun. "Long time no see! Jieun, I don't know that you have a husband already, you have good eyes indeed. He is handsome. " Munjeong whispered to her which was like a dejavu for her. It was a scene that was lasted just a minute ago, by her twin Lee Munyeong.

"Yes," Jieun slipped a strand of her hair behind her ear shyly.

"Can we take a picture, Director, and Writer?" a photographer came closer to them, distracting their light conversation.

"Mommy, Hug!" Nana stretched her arms to behold Jieun and Jieun willingly hold her on her hug.

"Right, I should get a good photo with the married couple here," Lee Munyeong then came closer to Jieun's side, while Lee Munjeong came closer to Juwon's side. The photographer lifted his camera and focused on the object, but then he put it down again.

"I am sorry, but can the husband and the wife come closer," he waved his two hands and signed them to get closer. Juwon closed the gap with his little step toward Jieun and back to face the camera. The gap was close and they smile happily, ready for a photo.

"The husband is too stiff," the photographer directed them again after seeing the awkward gesture of Juwon.
"Just hug her already. She is your wife though!" The twins whispered in unison losing their tempers to them. Feeling bad about the twin's words, he grabbed Jieun's waist, which made Jieun widened her eyes.

"Good!" the photographer signed his hand as the thumb and pointed finger making an 'O' sign.

"1...2...3..." the photographer shot them in a good view. Jieun and Nana with a smile and Juwon with his stiff smile. Juwon exhaled his breath slowly, after releasing his hand on Jieun's waist.

"Thank you," the twins said in unison to the photographer. The photographer left them. A while after they got their photoshoot, they bowed to the older.

"Ms. Jieun, I have read yours already. I am very excited to get a new job with you," Lee Munjeong said giving a wink to Jieun.

"Thank you so much for the offer!" She bowed slightly, still hugging Nana.

The voice of MC started signing that the party would be starting in no time, distracting their small reunion.

"We should go now. Please take care of Juwon/Jieun, Ms. Jieun-ssi/Juwon!" the twins said in unison and broke their laughter together.

"Bye cutie! stay healthy!" the twins waved their hand to Nana who was amazed at the twin's appearance.

"Bye Bye Grandmothers!" Nana said in low voice waving her hand in a daze, which made Jieun and Juwon busted their laugh.


She walked with her husband elegantly passing the crowd. Lee Seonhwa came with the invitation from Jung Jaehyuk, her husband. She wore a maroon red pressed body gown while her husband wore a black tuxedo with a red tie. They greeted the main star of the night first before blending into the crowd.

"Jaehyuk, Eat this!" Lee Seonhwa tried to feed him with a strawberry shortcake on her hand she took from the waitress who passed her. She didn't know anyone at the party, so she just sticks to him closer.

"I don't like it," Jaehyuk avoided the spoon with his hand open in the side of his face. Seonhwa pouted lightly, feeling ashamed. She took lightly bit by bit the cakes being silent on the corner. Jaehyuk, the one who got the invitation would be roamed the room leaving her alone since he was the one who leads the company. She strayed her eyes and found where Son Jieun and a little girl were standing. They chattered with a couple who were standing not far away from her.

Realizing that she wasn't alone, she chose to come closer, since they were the ones she knew so far. Her eyes then caught up on the small-cut fruit on a stick which was covered with a chocolate layer stand. Her face tugged into a smile. She thought that she could get closer to the little girl by attracting her with the snack.

"What? You have a child???" Lee Joon teased Jieun when she approached him and Yuna with a child on her hand, walking side by side. Lee Joon who was close to Lee Munjeong as a writer got an invitation and also automatically, he brought Yuna, her girl to the party. They met unconditionally with Juwon at first, but he left out of nowhere, and to be found he roamed the party greeting the other businessmen at the party too. That was an important thing for businessmen, to get closer to the people who were standing on the same boat with him.

"Told you so!" Yuna clangs her hand on his hand cutely.

"Hello..." the child greeted the couple politely.

"It is so cute!" Yuna squeaked with the two hands of her making a sign of exasperation. Yuna then reached her eyes by bending down herself to reach Nana's eyes.

"Hello... I am Aunty Mommy's friend.." she lends her hand toward her little body.

"I am Nana, Aunty!" Nana held Yuna's hand tightly which made them burst into laughter.

"Clever girl!" Yuna rubbed Nana's hair slowly. Nana who was embarrassed after getting praised hid on Jieun's back leg and hug the leg tightly. Feeling uneasy for the crowd, she brought Nana to her embrace.

"Nana, Nana could hug Mommy's leg, but not in the public, Understand? Nana?" She asked her softly and getting a nod from Nana.

"Nana couldn't hug Mommy's leg when there are people!" she spelled the words with her high note.

"She looked like she is your real child though.." Lee Joon bickered seeing their way of communicate.

"She is her child!" Yuna was mesmerized by Nana's words. They kept laughing and teasing each other, to compensate for the time when they were busy with each other's work.

"Hello..." a sudden woman's voice butt in their conversation. Lee Joon and Yuna who still didn't know her bowed their head slightly to her. "I am Lee Seonhwa, Ms. Jieun's friend," her words truly choked Jieun of a sudden.

"Nana, Say hi to Aunty!" Jieun instructed her softly. Nana, the obedient little girl, did what she was saying.

"Hello, Aunty!" her words made Seonhwa turned her face into a smile. Yuna and Lee Joon just saw the view in awe.

"Nana, Aunty bring chocolate for you. Here!" Seonhwa handed a stick of fruit covered with chocolate over her.

"Thank you, Aunty!" Nana took the stick and gave her a purely smile on her face seeing her most favorite chocolate in front of her. Seonhwa thought that her plan was worked.

"You're welcome Nana!" she smiled at Nana and her eyes also diverted to Lee Joon and Yuna who kept silent after her sudden attendance.

"Thank you, Ms. Seonhwa!" Jieun gave a slight smile to her feeling awkward. The loud laugh of them turned to be in a mute mode after her attendance. Seonhwa's appearance looked soft yet unreachable which made them uneasy around her.

"Cough... cough..." A little girl's voice broke the silence. Her skin slowly turned into red bumps and she coughed constantly, which was signed as an allergy, Jieun checked the half-eaten snack which was filled with a strawberry inside.

Suddenly, a muscular hand grabbed the snack angrily and threw it to the floor recklessly. It was Nana's father who did that. He looked furious and gave a deep glare to Seonhwa which scared her to death.

"Told you not to come closer to Nana!!!!" his almost screamed voice, attracted people around them. His coldness was giving a shiver to everyone around him, especially Jieun. He looked at Nana worriedly and took a look at her small hand which was drawn with red bumps. Juwon then grabbed Jieun's hand tightly and brought Nana to the nearest hospital they could reach.

-to be continued-

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