The Binding Angel

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Chapter 8

Fortunately, they reached the hospital at the right time. Just if they were late for a second, they couldn't imagine what will happen tomorrow. Nana's condition was like standing in a thin layer of ice which couldn't be predicted when was the ice broke and drowned her fully, didn't know that she would come back or might be the worst. Juwon would never see her again.

Nana almost loses her life in a short time. She was getting hard on breathing as time goes by and crying on Jieun's hug for support, however, Juwon drove his car as fast as he can to make sure Nana could get the best first aid life support.

She was in a deep sleep on the bed in the hospital with her small hand was being injected with the infusion. Her whole body had turned into red bumps island which made Jieun felt wrong to Nana. Jieun held Nana's hand tightly and kept praying the best for Nana. The doctor said that Nana should take a rest for days in the hospital until she fully recovered.

Nana's father walked back and forth to redeem his anger and his adrenaline that aroused a moment ago. Naturally, he took a cigarette from his pocket and a lighter, his habit when he was under stress.

"Director," a soft voice of Jieun took him back to reality. He shouldn't smoke in the VIP room especially it was Nana who was laid there.

"I will be back," he left them alone in the room in no time.

Jieun rubbed Nana's hair lightly that traveled up to Nana's small fingers. The fingers also got red bumps which saddened her more.

"Mommy is sorry," Jieun whispered lightly to her even she was asleep. Jieun's head was put on the bedside and sang a lullaby to Nana, hoping it could decrease her wrong for letting Seonhwa gave Nana a strawberry.


Juwon walked out of the room fast, but his pace was slowing down by Lee Seonhwa's appearance. Feeling mad about the incident, he ignored her by passing her trembled body and go to the nearest garden in the hospital. Lee Seonhwa who was the speechless one, following him to the garden with a wrong feeling. She bit her lips along the way when she followed him, scared that he would damn mad at her. Juwon took a seat on a small bench and started smoking, still ignoring Seonhwa's appearance. His unreadable expression made her feeling even wrong.

"Juwon..." Seonhwa started calling him gingerly, knowing she had made a big mistake. She didn't even brave to call him honey like she always does. Juwon gazed turned over to her without a word and kept puffing the smoke calmly.

"I am sorry, Juwon..." Seonhwa bit her lip with the shaken body.

"Leave..." He replied with a coldness inside and kept puffing his cigarette.

"Juwon, Can you just come back to me and don't go closer to her?? WHY DIDN'T YOU SEE ME EVERY TIME I MADE A MOVE TO YOU??" Seonhwa shouted trying her last chance which was the wrongest choice.

"I SAID LEAVE!!" he shouted at her. Not only a shout but also she received a deep glare from him.


Jieun got a call from Yuna who was watching the whole incident. Jieun's hand grabbed her phone lightly and pick up the phone in instant. She walked toward the window not wanting Nana to hear a small sound that would wake her up. Jieun pulled out the curtain so she can get a good view to reassure her wronged feeling.

"Hello, Sister are you okay?" Yuna greeted her, worrying about the whole situation that just happened. Jieun took a big breath and put her head down feeling the remorse inside. Suddenly, her eyes caught the CEO and Lee Seonhwa having a conversation.

"I am fine," her eyes focused on the two-person in the garden. It wasn't a conversation, but a quarrel. Jieun could see it through the CEO's deep glare and the way he ignored all the words, Lee Seonhwa had said.

"Thank God! I was shivering after seeing our CEO in such an angry state. He wouldn't put on the blame on you, right?" the view of the CEO started smoking, turned her focused from Yuna, and she just sighed deeply.

"Sister, Do you hear me?" Yuna asked her after hearing her sigh.

"Yuna, I am sorry. Seems like I lost my focus, I will call you tomorrow," Jieun hang up the phone and at the same moment, Seonhwa left him. The man who was left behind letting her go without even budge for an inch. The man sat on the bench angrily and puffed his cigarette while his upper body facing the dark sky. He puffed deeply, and their eyes met. Jieun saw his frustration and anger in his eyes from afar that twitched her heart more.

On other hand, Juwon closed his eyes and kept smoking after seeing her, letting her watch his worst condition.

Jieun closed the curtain and grabbed her chest, feeling the sudden strange twitch after seeing him. She didn't know when was the feeling appeared, but she was really into it. It looked like she can feel what he felt sometimes. Sometimes, she felt that they were living in the same body. She took a deep breath and took a seat beside Nana's bed, rubbing Nana's hair lightly.

"It must be hard for Daddy," she whispered lightly. "Nana, please be nice to Daddy! Daddy had done so much for you," Jieun added.


- An hour ago -

"Oh, Jung Director!" Juwon turned his head when Hyun Director called a familiar name behind him. He took a deep breath trying to give a slight smile not to give a hint to anyone at the party, that he had a problem with Jung Jaehyuk.

"Hyun Director, Hello!" Jaehyuk tossed his palm casually like he always did to everyone.

"Let me introduce Kim Director, the head of HD Enterprises.." Hyun Director introduced Juwon to Jaehyuk with a big smile.

" Aaahh... I know him.." Jaehyuk said as it was nothing, whereas they had already got into big fight days ago.

" Ahh. So, you two had known each other?? Waw The world is really small indeed," Hyun Director looking at them in surprise. The conversation was getting awkward until a woman with a soft voice calling Hyun Director from afar.
"Oh, my wife is hinting me to go to her. If I don't go, she might kill me!" Hyun Director moved his hand like it was a knife on his neck. Hyun Director left the two in an awkward situation.

Juwon took a glass of champagne from a waiter who accidentally walked passing him. Jaehyuk did as Juwon and took a sip, looking serious at Juwon. Jaehyuk took a peek at him gingerly. He should forget all his jealousy of Juwon, in case he would go crazy like the latest. He should put away his memories about Seonhwa who was longing for Juwon this time, or else he wouldn't get anything. He should do that to get the information, right now. He should end it fast before his marriage with Seonhwa went worse.

"Where is she?" Jaehyuk started the conversation as his throat was wetting by champagne. Juwon gulped the whole champagne and put the glass on the nearest table. Juwon eyes turned into glare looking at him saying those blunt words.

"It is not your problem anymore, Didn't you say that already?" He coldly replied to his question.

"Please just give me time to make up with her! You should understand what I feel," Jaehyuk added and finished his last sip.

"She doesn't even have a problem with you. And she didn't want you to come for her again," Juwon said lazily want to end the conversation.

"Okay then, just let me meet her for once, and I won't do anything with her. I just want to end our relationship with her in the right way. As you know our last meeting is sucked enough to be done with." Jaehyuk narrowed his eyes showing his sincere which made Juwon burst into a laugh.

"Don't act like a gentleman, it gives me nausea," Juwon let out a sly smile.

"What do you mean?"

"What do you mean??? Huh, What a nice defend!" Juwon mumbled the last words before leaving.

"Is she ??" Jaehyuk stared at Nana which made Juwon do so.

"Told you not to get closer, right?" Juwon said harshly and leaving him. Jaehyuk grabbed his hand tightly and made Juwon turned his face on him.

"She didn't even come that day. We already agreed that we would end it in a good way. She didn't even tell me she was still keeping the baby." Jaehyuk said gingerly to him, trying for a defense.

"SHUT UP!!" Juwon snatched his hand harshly giving a death glare to him, before leaving.


The door was opened harshly and a woman comes closer to Jieun with tears flowing from her eyes. Jieun stood up from the chair and walked forward anticipating that she might put another accident to Nana.

"Move!" She said on her nerve sobbing.

"Lee Seonhwa... please get yourself right!" naturally, Jieun sprawled her hands to protect Nana.

"I said move!!"Seonhwa grabbed Jieun's hands harshly while Jieun pushed her backward.

"Ms. Seonhwa, Enough!" Jieun freed herself after making sure Nana was in a safe space. Seonhwa slapped Jieun on her cheek when suddenly muscular hands grabbed Seonhwa's hand behind.

"Get your grip!" a man's voice behind her tried to drag Seonhwa behind.

Jaehyuk kept following her since the accident. He let her did whatever she wants, not involving her problem with Juwon. He gave her time to end her unfinished feeling toward Juwon. He didn't do anything and just walked behind her, anticipating that she would do a harmful movement again.

" You Bitch! Don't you ever be close to him! I hate you! I hate you two!!" Seonhwa screamed looking at Jieun and Nana's laid body on the bed.

"Jaehyuk, Please bring your wife away from here!" another man's deep voice was coming from behind, and it was Juwon seeing all the view inside the room. Jaehyuk pulled his out-of-control wife to leave the room. Seonhwa still shouted at Jieun calling her bitch and other bad words.

Jieun couldn't believe what was happening. Her jaw opened in disbelief and grabbed her chest feeling hurt inside. 'what is happening this day?' she thought. It felt that everything went wrong just in a minute.

She felt like she had done something wrong with Nana and making all this mess by letting Seonhwa gave Nana the strawberry. It seemed like giving Nana a strawberry makes other problems ahead.

Juwon closed the door lightly and came closer to her in silence. Without words, he grabbed her shoulders lightly and bring her to get a seat on the sofa to calm her, but Jieun stopped him by grabbing his left hand.
Jieun looked at his eyes deeply to get an explanation from him about the latest incident. She was frustrated this time, after seeing Seonhwa who ever get close to Juwon. She didn't know when was the feeling started, but she was damn curious about Seonhwa. She ever thought that Seonhwa was Nana's mother, but after seeing the hatred in her eyes which laid on Nana, she doubts it. The only one she got was deep sorrow in his eyes. She didn't have any word to burst after seeing his helpless sight.

He was frustrated inside and scared too, however she didn't even know what he was scared for. There were two-person with their breakdown trying to understand what was happening, especially Jieun.

"It must be hard for you, Director!" the sensitive words from her mouth calling his true self. It was his breakdown. He tired of everything, he wanted to tell her that he wasn't okay. His lips that couldn't even blurt tons of word inside him, capturing her lips fast and sucking it deeply, before she even finished her words.

Jieun who lost her balance naturally put her hands on his shoulders, receiving un-blurted words from him. Knowing her trembling body searching for balance, he grabbed her waist closer still played his tongue on her mouth, and grabbed her nape tightly, sensing her warmth. The anger he holds for so long turned into deep wild kissing on her lips, releasing his anger toward everything. He passed the border and ate her mouth fully until she was being thrown with him to the long sofa behind her.

His opposite self which she didn't even know these times giving a shiver through her spine. Juwon's tongue actively licked and swirled his tongue inside hers, ignoring their status as CEO and former front officer. On other hand, Jieun with all her wronged feeling toward the incident hugged his neck tightly. She also replied and deepened the kiss by grabbing his cheek with her other hand, ignoring her confused feeling a while ago, and bluntly let out her frustrated feeling to him.

Jieun felt tears wetting her cheeks between kiss which wasn't hers. It must be his, his stress has undergone him fully. Jieun also felt his trembling lips capturing each inch of her lips desperately. For that time, Jieun let her CEO did what he wants to compensate for his sudden breakdown that day and feeling his pain inside between kisses. The breakdown meant that Nana was treasured the most by his father until he acted so differently than his usual self.

Can't get enough from the lips, his tongue traveled to her chin and continued to her neck biting the porcelain white smooth skin lightly. He did it for times which made her whimpered under his touch and she grabbed his collar tightly.

"Director," she moaned unconsciously in a low voice, sensing the butterfly effect the CEO had made. Hearing her voice, he stopped and exhaled his breath hardly. His reddened face with swollen lips breathing hardly in front of Jieun's eyes, touched her deepest heart. His saddened face is portrayed fully on his face.

Jieun was confused at the moment when he suddenly turned his head fast and unbuttoned his upper buttons feeling the hotness that arouses between them, before cupping his face in confusion.

"I am sorry, I lost my control!" he said as catching up his breath. Jieun positioned herself slowly and take a seat beside him.


Jaehyuk dragged Seonhwa passing the darkness to their car. Seonhwa tried to free herself which deepening Jaehyuk's grab. Jaehyuk opened the door and pushed her into the car.

"Jaehyuk!" Seonhwa tuned her glare to him.

"Enough, Seonhwa!! the child is harmed. Let's go home.!" Jaehyuk dominated the whole conversation that made her speechless. Jaehyuk went to the passenger seat and closed the door before Seonhwa tried to escape. Jaehyuk saw the view with his heart being broken.

"Please don't do it again !" He said after getting a seat on the driver seat fast. Jaehyuk exhaled his breath hard.

"I know you won't see me as you did to Juwon, but please don't harm others," he added helplessly.

"Why are you caring for me then, out of sudden?" Seonhwa glared at him. The coldness in her voice made him gulped his own throat.

"I am sorry, I thought that Juwon will be there alone, and I am giving you a chance for you. However, he brought a child and a woman with him. And I just know that you already there with that mess..." he exhaled his breath deeply.

"Just how if I don't want to end the relationship with him?" Seonhwa narrowed her eyes to him.

"How can I make you love me Seonhwa? I already did all you want," he said the mess on his mind frustratedly.

"I have said that this marriage was the business purpose, there was no other than that," she replied not even caring Jaehyuk's feeling.

"I lost her as you told and still you didn't want me??" Jaehyuk grabbed her hand tightly and made her turned her face to her.

"What is being important with her and me? You still can get connected to her. Didn't I say that we still can be with our past?" Seonhwa shouted at him to convince him that their marriage was purely a business.

"Is marriage a joke to you?? You don’t even care this marriage would be destroying us soon, right??? The only thing you think is Juwon, not me.” Jaehyuk shouted at her. Seonhwa was surprised by his words. Jaehyuk sighed deeply and tried to control his anger toward her.

“I am losing her. I don't know where is her after I said that she should abort her baby," Jaehyuk’s voice turned low as word by word was being burst.

"What? You impregnated her?" Seonhwa narrowed her eyes toward him in disbelief.


"I want to beg her apology. I want to raise our child even we aren't together. I am the wrong one here, but I still want this marriage," Jaehyuk said made her shut her lips tight, didn't know what to say. Seonhwa was dazed hearing the truth.

"I don't know where she is... But, I think..." he gulped nervously. "I think I found our child just a moment ago..." Seonhwa's jaw dropped. Her mind was messy.

"You find your child???" Seonhwa stuttered her words hearing those words.

" I have an allergy," Jaehyuk stated straightly. "I think our child gets it from me," Seonhwa's eyes widened.


Juwon cupped his face inhaling much oxygen to refresh his messy mind. He groped his pocket searching for cigarettes with his busy hand to relax him even just for a while.

Seeing the whole view, Jieun touched his hand and gave him courage.

"Director, You were holding it too well for this time. You can take your rest now," sincere words that come out from Jieun, made him breaking his cigarette. A simple word that exactly throbbed his heart. He bit his lower lip harshly and started sobbing.

"Aish!" he cursed.

Jieun held his hand tightly giving strength to him. Juwon was silent with the urge of crying on his deepest heart. He was dazed for a moment, trying to be calm, but it was failed.

"Nana lost her mother since she was born. I don't have anyone other than her." He got a hard to tell her the story when he started the story about him and Nana.

"Jukyung, my stupid little sister left us alone. She left her daughter alone." he let out his tears wholeheartedly. Jieun who was just knowing the truth silently covered her mouth in disbelief. Jieun's eyes started falling in tears.

Juwon wasn't Nana's real father which broke her more inside. She was sadder knowing he took all responsibilities when he shouldn't.

"Do you like it, Jukyung??" He mumbled between sob. The helpless view of him touched her deepest heart. Jieun's hand then hugs his back from behind while the other still holds his hand tightly. She patted his back lightly brought his head to her shoulder, putting on his burden.

"I miss her badly..." He mumbled and hugged her tightly like a child searching for help. His hands grabbed her clothes tightly and sobbed on it, while she tightened her embrace toward him and caressed his back lightly with tears streamed down from her eyes.

"She must be missing you too, Director!" she said with her shattered heart. Juwon sobbed on her embrace tightly.

"I don't want anyone to take Nana away from me, even her father!" he sobbed questioning her more. If Juwon weren't Nana's father, then who was the man that left his daughter alone in this cruel world.

"I don't have anyone other than Nana. I don't want anyone to take away Nana from me!" he sobbed in her hug, kept replaying that 'he didn't want anyone to take Nana from him' words in a low voice even when he was already tired of crying. Jieun's heart is torn into pieces when he said that.

"Director..." Jieun's hand caressed his back lightly.



He often visited her in the hospital, after he finished his works. She was really happy seeing him, but also pity him so much. He was cutting an apple for her while sitting on the chair beside her.

"Son..." she asked him carefully.

"Euhmm, Mother?" he took a slice of apple and gave it to her, while he took another one for him. He didn't feel awkward around her and she did too.

"Don't you feel tired?" She replied weakly.

"What is it Mother?" he munched his apple slowly.

"Thank you so much, Son!" She diverted the focus and munched her apple.

"Ahh, it is not a big deal for me. Mother," he smiled goofily like he did in the past and cut the apple to give her more.

"If I were meant to leave this world, Can you take Jieun on your side?" She said gingerly. "I don't know, I just can't believe anyone other than you," he stopped cutting the apple and turned his face to her.

"I want. But, I don't think, I can do it for these times. Mother," he laughed as if it was nothing but it didn't even reach his eyes. She held his hand tightly and gave him a praised look.

"That is why I couldn't think of another person than you, Son. You put her beyond everything first. Please, don't ever give up on catching her Son! You have my blessing," she smiled weakly.

"I hope so, Mother!" he winked cheekily to her and they laughed together.

-to be continued-
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