The God’s Above Us

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Rebecca Steele is a senior in high school and is apart of the ‘bad girl’ squad. She doesn’t take shit from anyone and doesn’t participate in the whole ‘dating’ persona. Apollo Stain-field is a senior at the same high school as Rebecca and is apart of his own ‘bad boy’ group. He doesn’t do ‘dating’ either and despises the whole idea. Can they really despise it forever? Fate has a few plans...

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1. Rebecca

I’m growing impatient waiting for these bitches to show up. I’m starving and angry. “Sup bitch.” Jess draws out. I roll my eyes and kick my feet up on the lunch table. “Where in the hell have you guys been?” I rasp. Jessica clicks her tongue at me. Her long black hair blowing from the from the wind of the opening double doors.

“We were keeping Amber from falling for Mr. Berkeley again.” Christina laughs. I pull the chair out from under the table and remove my long ombré pink and red hair from inside my leather jacket. “It wouldn’t be the first and certainly not the last.” I smirk.

Amber has had this huge crush on the new English teacher for months now and apparently there’s a rumor that she’s sleeping with him. Leave it to my best friend to start drama. “He’s so hot though and oh girlllll that tongue.” Amber tries imitate the way her teacher uses his tongue. She looks like fucking squid word with that stupid ass facial expression.

“Did you hear the new boy coming to school? I hear he’s in Max’s friend group. Their like cousins or some shit like that.” Bree chimes in. Her short blonde hair glistening from overuse of hairspray. She really trying to damn hard.

“Probably just another wanna be man-whore trying to get laid.” I say and walk out of the cafeteria. Jess, Bree, Amber and Chris follow after me. “We should go clubbing to tonight!” Bree wraps her hand around mine and jess’s shoulders, smashing us into a bear hug.

“I’m not carrying your drunk ass out of the club.” Chris states. Her brown eyes serious. “I have studying to do tonight.” I say. I may be the baddest bitch at the school, but I’m not stupid. I’m actually fairly smart. All AP classes senior year and half the time I don’t even pay attention and still get an A. I’m just lucky I guess.

“Bitch you study too much. You need to get your cherry blossom ass out there.” Bree frowns. I dig my hands into the back of Jean shorts. “I have a test coming up.” I shrug. Then I hear the biggest asshole in school walk up to me with her botox filled face and bleached ass hair that has seeped into her brain.

“You need to stay away from Max.” The blonde Barbie or ‘Vanessa’ says. Her green eyes furious. “Barbie I can hangout with whoever I want when I want and don’t need your Botox filled face to tell me otherwise. No move the fuck out of my way before I move you.” I say to her face. My eyes not even looking at her.

Her eyes become enraged and her caked faced make-up creases. “Excuse me?” That damn high-pitched voice of hers puts my teeth on edge. “Your fucking excused.” I say with no emotion. I have zero time to deal with this hoes bullshit. She’s literally slept with everyone in this damn school, I swear. “If you think you can just say that to me and walk away your wrong.”

Her voice makes my ears ring.

Her pale face goes red with rage. “Well congrats I just did so go find another doctor to fix those creases in your forehead.” I brush past her and walk out of the doors of the school. “Damn girl!” Jess snickers. I shrug it off because honestly it’s no big deal. “That bitch is annoying. My ears bled from her voice.” Bree pretends to faint and I laugh. “I’m gonna go ask Bryan for his sisters number.” Chris says.

All four us turn to her. “What?” She puts her hand up defensively. “You wanna get laid.” Bree, Amber, Jess and I say in unison. Chris rolls her eyes and walks off. “Bye hoes, see you tomorrow.” Chris yells and flips the bird at us. I smile. I love that girl.

“I have a fight tonight. Make sure you guys are there at nine.” Bree says. She’s always been the fighter in the group. “You gonna kick Natalia’s ass again?” Jess snorts. “When have I not?” Bree flaunts. I roll my eyes into my skull and straighten my black leather jacket. “I’ll be there.” Amber says. I wave them off. “Call me when you come to my house. See you then.” Jess nods at me and I walk into the parking lot to my white Ferrari.

“Yo Becca wait up!” Max yells. His muscular frame coming into view with his shaggy dirty blonde hair. “Sup.” I grin. “I came to give you your notebook back.” He smiles. “Thanks.” I put the key in the ignition and let the car roar to life. “Hey...I was wondering...” Max rubs the back of his neck nervously.

Please no...

“Can I invite you and the girls to my cousins coming home party. I know your the only who hasn’t met him, but I don’t know, maybe it’ll be fun.” He spills so fast my head spins. “Uh yeah when is it?” I ask. “This weekend after the frat party.” He says. “The one your brother Jas is holding?” Max’s older brother Jasper loves to party. “Yeah.” He says.

“We’ll be there.” I smile and hop into the car. I press start and drive off and out of the parking lot and make my way to my house where my mom is probably passed out and my dad is working late...again. I park in our driveway and walk through the front door. I throw my white converse off and tip toe into the kitchen in search of food.

“Why hello young lady.” My mom startles me and I scream to the top of my lungs. “Jesus mom!” I hold my pounding heart in my hand. “Why aren’t you in school?” She ask authoritatively. I grab a handful of strawberries from the fridge. “I was hungry.” I respond nonchalantly. “School food suck that bad?” She snorts.

I give her a deadpan look and plop down into a wooden dining chair. “Pizza looks a hundred days old.” I smirk and pop a piece of fruit in my mouth. “Well make sure to do your homework and go to Bree’s house. Her mom called told me she wanted you over for dinner.”

Bree’s mom is so kind to me for no reason. “Alrighty.” I scarf down my food and wash my plate. “I love you.” She says as I go upstairs. “Yup.” I go up to my room and decided to take a hot shower. I’m so tense from this exhausting day and it’s only Monday. I pull my white crop top over my head and slip my shorts off, throwing them onto my burgundy bed.

Ugh how am I gonna survive this week?
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