Wet Vol 1

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12 Short erotic tales. Sure to drive you wild. Follow each charters journey to passion beyond their beliefs. Each chapter is a short story. I hope you all enjoy the tales from the wet series.

Romance / Erotica
M.K. Rissen
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My Boss

The smell of his cologne. The scruff of his beard. The smoothness of his black hair. The veins in his strong forearms. the movement of his muscles in his shirt. The tap of his fingers on his desk. The way he wets his lips. These were all the things I watched as he talked and walked around the board room.

“Miss Kelli, are you paying attention?” Mr. Smith said bringing me out of my trance.

“Yes, sir,” I said. Then he nodded at me. I have been, Mr. Smith’s personal secretary for three years now. I know everything there is to know about him. He is forty-two years old. He has been married for ten years and has two young sons. His wife is a total classy bitch. With her fake breast, new nose job, and bleached blond hair. She absolutely loves her husband’s money. Mr. Smith is very rich and runs this whole company. You would think that Mr.Smith was a total hardass, but he is actually a very sweet man. He is also incredibly sexy and hot. Everyone notices him, women fall at his feet and what makes him even more attractive is the fact that he totally ignores them. He is very devoted to his family, but I still can’t help but imagine what he would feel like between my legs.

Every day is the same routine. I get to work at seven am with his double mocha cappuccino. I open his computer and set his paperwork next to his desk. I sit in the seat in front of his desk and wait for him to arrive. He sits in front of me at exactly seven fifteen every morning. He has a beautiful smile on his face. Then I bite my lip and see myself bent down over his desk with him behind me. Ugh, my life. I really need a boyfriend. I’ve never been too much to look at. I have never been the one to turn heads in a crowd. I’m short at five foot seven. I’m very skinny and I have long brown mousey hair, but you would never know as I always keep it up in a neat bun. I wear glasses to read and write. I kept my clothes very professional and show a little leg. I have big green eyes that are hidden behind my glasses and damn it, I have only slept with one man in my whole life. I don’t even know what it feels like to have an orgasm that I didn’t give myself. I’m also only twenty-three years old. The thoughts I have for Mr. Smith comes from the erotic romance novels I keep my nose in. A man has never touched me that way. No wonder I’m so hung up. I bet he is amazing in the bedroom, but sadly he only sees me as his very smart trusting secretary.

“Good morning Miss Kelli.” I hear his deep voice say.

“Good morning sir,” I say in return. He smiles as he takes his seat and we get right to work. For the first few hours, we are swamped with work. Then I notice he starts to slow down. That tells me he is getting hungry. “Do you want your usual sir?” I ask him. He looks up at me and for the first time, he just looks at me. “Sir?” I say. He normally says yes or asks for his second choice in food, but he was just looking at me. I started to feel hot as I sat there with my eyes locked with his.

“How is it you know when I’m hungry?” He asks me. I take a deep breath.

“Well sir, I’ve worked with you for three years. I sort of know you.” I said.

“Funny, I’ve been married for ten years and my own wife doesn’t even know the color of my suits I wear each day.”

“Black and grey,” I say quietly to myself without even looking. It has been that way for three years.

“What was that?” He said with a slight smile on his face. Fuck, he heard me.

“Nothing sir,” I say. He sits back and just looks at me. I feel my cheeks blush and I bit my lip. “Your lunch sir?” I say again. He then tastes his own lips and keeps his eyes on me.

“Yes Miss Kelli, The usual.” He says. I nodded at him and tell him I’ll be right back. I couldn’t get out of there fast enough. Fuck me, was he flirting with me? I had to catch my breath and my body was on fire. The rest of the day went by perfectly normal. Maybe I was just kidding myself. Of course, he doesn’t notice me. How could he, when he gets to go home to his wife every night. I was doing my evening clean up before I go home when Mr. Smith spoke up. “So, Miss Kelli. I have a gala that I need to attend this weekend.” He started to say.

“Yes sir, the one for Blacken enterprises,” I said. He smiled.

“That would be the one. Anyways my wife will be out of town and I hate to attend these things alone. Do you think you could accompany me that night?” He asked me. In all the years I’ve worked with him. I have never attended any social gathering with him. Do I even own a gown for something like this? I was thinking too much about it. “Miss Kelli?” He said.

“Yes sir, um Yes I can do that,” I said.

“Good, be ready by eight pm. My limo will be at your place. Oh and Miss Kelli, this event is a bit of a dressy affair. Make sure you dress the part.” He said. I nodded at him and he said goodnight and left. Fuck, I guess I was doing some shopping. Thank god it was Saturday night. I could go and find a dress that day. Saturday rolled around and I got up early. I decided to find a dress and go to the salon to get something done with my hair. I’ve never been very good at doing my hair. I found what I had hoped was a good enough dress. I know his favorite color is red. I found a long tight fitted dress. That had a plunging neckline with a slit going up the back. The dress was satin and cost me a pretty penny. At around six I got to my appointment at the salon. The woman got me talking and I ended up telling her all about my boss and how I felt. Thank god she was totally cool about it and said I had to make a good impression. Instead of just getting my hair styled. She cut and colored my hair.

Not short but enough to take the dead ends off and she added some dark browns and honey high lights to my hair. She blew dried it straight and added some big loose curls to the ends. Then she insisted on doing my makeup so I just let her go. When she finally forced me to look in the mirror. I was shocked at the woman looking back at me. I didn’t know her. She was beautiful. My hair and makeup were flawless. My eyes were so green against the new colors in my hair. I almost wanted to cry but my stylist stopped me. “Oh no, you don’t. Go and have a wonderful night.” She said. I took off and got home with just enough time to get my dress on and be ready for him.

I slipped on my red matching thong and went braless. I have decent sized breast. A full c cup to be exact. They’re nowhere near the size of his wife’s breast, but then again they are mine. In this dress, I seem to have a nice butt as well. I got myself a pair of tall heels. That way I wasn’t too short next to his six feet. I was all ready to go and I was just looking at myself in the mirror. I was pretty impressed with how I looked. It really made me feel sexy and pretty. I heard a horn and went to my window. There was a huge limo waiting. When I walked out the door. Mr. Smith had just gotten out of the limo. He stood by the door. He looked amazing in his tux. It fit his body perfectly. Which only added to my frustration. I took a deep breath and walked out to him.

“Miss Kelli?” He said like if he didn’t recognize me.

“Please, sir call me Sarah,” he smiled at me and I smiled back.

“You look beautiful Sarah.”

“Thank you, sir,” I said while blushing.

“Please call me Collen.” I smiled at him and got in the limo. I noticed on our drive over, Collen kept looking at me.

“Is there any type of work I should be doing tonight?′ I asked him.

“No Sarah, tonight you will just enjoy yourself, but I want you to stay close to me at all times. Do you understand?”

“Yes sir, I’m sorry. Yes Collen,” I said. He smiled and sucked his teeth. He seemed to be struggling with himself. He nodded at me. Once inside the place was full of rich and classy business people from all around. I was introduced to many peoples whose names I was never going to remember. No matter how smart I was. I was also getting some very questionable looks from the women. I did my best to just brush that off. I mean hello, Here I am with one of the hottest men who everyone knows is married and he hasn’t taken his arm off mine all night. I guess I would be looking too.

“Would you like to dance?” He asked me very close to my ear. I nodded at him and set my wine glass down. He leads me out to the dance floor. It was darker on the dance floor. He took me into his arms and we started to move. I love to dance. I do it all the time alone in my apartment. I think I’m pretty good. I felt his hand slide down my back and rested right above my ass. The song that came on was not a song I thought would be playing at an event like this. Anywhere by the nineties bands 112 came on. I started to lose myself in the song and turned myself around so my ass was in his crotch. I completely forgot about everyone around us and totally sexed him on the dance floor. He wasn’t stopping me either.

His hands stayed on my body but moved with me as I moved. Now I wasn’t making a scene or anything, but I was definitely letting him know what I wanted from him. I wrapped my arm up around his neck so his face was in my neck. His hand was on my stomach and his other hand was running down the side of my body as I kept moving my hips slowly. I could feel his minty breath on my face and he was breathing deeply. His close shave was rubbing on my cheek. I felt his other hand move down my body to my thigh and back up. I was on fire and completely shocked he hadn’t stopped us yet.

I pushed myself just a little closer to his body and I knew right there and then that I was turning him on. I had never done anything like this before and I was so excited. The song ended and he took my hand and pulled me off the dance floor. I did my best to keep up with him as he took me to a door down a hallway and we went inside. I didn’t say a word as he turns me to face him. He almost looked upset. “What was that?” He asked me. I immediately regretted it.

“I’m sorry sir. I. I” Fuck I didn’t know what to say. I was trying to let you know I wanted to fuck you. Like I could just come out and say that. He moved closer to me.

“What do you want Sarah?” He asked me. So close that if I moved an inch I’d be on his lips. My breathing increased. Fuck it.

“I want you,” I said and looked down the minute the words left my mouth. I’ll be on the job hunt first thing Monday morning, but I didn’t get fired on the spot. Instead, his lips crashed into mine. As soon as that happened I wrapped my arms around him. He then slammed me against the wall. What the fuck was actually happening at that moment. He was like an animal. A caged one that had just been released. He was all over my body. His mouth, his lips. His hand came up my back bringing my dress with it. His hand squeezed my ass and I let out a little moan. Then his other hand came down the front of my dress to my breast.

“Take it off.” He said as he stepped back so he could watch me. I started to unzip the back of the dress. I let it fall to the ground. I stood there in knee-high stockings my thong and nothing else. “Fuck.” He said as he looked at me up and down. “I love how well you listen. You’re a very good girl Sarah.” He said. He started to remove his tux. Slowly at first. When his shirt came off. I was blown away. I had never seen him without a shirt on. He was so well built with tattoos. I cocked my head at him. What a wonderful body for his age.

He then started to remove his pants. I walked over to him. He only had his pants unbuttoned. It was such a sexy sight. I came close to him and licked my lips. I then traced my fingers over his muscles on his chest and stomach. I could see his goosebump. I moved down his body using my mouth and lips until I reached the top of his pants. I stopped on my knees and looked up at him. “So green, I’m sorry I never noticed before.” He said. I smiled at him and went to pull his pants down. He was massive and I was a little intimidated, but it wasn’t going to stop me. I took a hold of him and slipped him past my lips. Slowly at first until I heard the growls and moans coming from him. I then started to move faster.

His body was shaking. He then took a hold of my face. He pulled me away from him. “Not yet love.” He said. He then stood me up and his hands went around my ass. I then jumped into his arms and wrapped my legs around him as he moved me over to a pool table. What the hell kind of room were we in? I said to myself. He laid me down on the table and then he came above me.

He moved my hair from my face and started to kiss down my neck and my body. I started to remove my heels and he stopped me. “Leave them on.” He said. He then pulled my panties down my legs and tossed them on the floor. He came back up to my face. He kissed my lips again and then I watched as he put two of his fingers into his mouth and then they went down in between my legs. Until he found my hot little hole and moved them deep inside of me.

I turned my head and bit down on my fingers. His lips went to my neck as his fingers fucked me deeply. My hips started to move with him. He then made his way down to my body until I felt his tongue push past my folds and find my clit. His tongue felt wonderful as it danced with my clit. I was moaning and my hands were in his hair. “You taste just like whip cream.” He said. I was pushed over the edge as my body reacted to him and I came all over his face. Finally, I said to myself. He then got up and grabbed his tie. He looked down at me laying on the pool table. “Your body is amazing.” He said. “Do you trust me, Sarah?” He asked.

“Yes Collen, I trust you,” I said.

“Good.” He then placed his tie over my eyes and tied it behind my back. “Rollover.” He said in my ear. I did as I was told. “I want you to take mental notes, Miss Kelli.”

“Yes, sir,” I said.

“I’m going to smack your ass for pressing it up against me tonight and making me want to fuck you.”

“Yes, sir,” I said again. His hand came crashing down on my bare ass and I swear to god I came when he did that.

“I’m going to smack you again. For having impure thoughts about me and taking three years to do something about it.” He said in a deep voice.

“Yes, sir,” I said again. His hand smacked my ass again and I moaned out loudly for more.

“Oh so you like being punished, do you, Sarah?” He said in a growl.

“Yes, sir,” I said breathlessly. He got quiet and then I felt him press up against me and he filled me so deeply with his hard cock. He was very large and he felt perfect. He took a hold of my hair and tilted my head up. He was moving fast and it was driving me wild. I was dripping all around him. I must have come at least three times before he came inside of me. Thank god for birth control. He pulled himself out of me and took the blindfold off. He kissed me deeply.

“I expect you to leave that beautiful hair down and come dressed with a little skin showing to work from now on Miss. Kelli.” He said to me. I just nodded at him. “I don’t want to see you hiding your beauty from yourself anymore.”

“Yes, sir,” I said. I bent down to pick up my dress and he smacked my ass softly this time. I giggled a little and slipped my dress back on. Once we were dressed. He pulled me close to him. “You belong to me now.” He said. I bit down on my lip and he winked at me.

“Yes sir.”


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