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You are everything for me (English version)

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You are everything for me!

Two best friends (Noah Lookwood & Millie Parker).They born in the same day(25.08.2004) in the same time(17:30)!Them grow like twins and became inseparable!They love to ride horses!But,in the fist day of hight school all the things are gonna change! A new boy is here and his name is Louis Miller!He is rich,popular and beautiful!And Millie falls in love with him from the first second she saw him.Noah became a little jealous,and realize he is in love with Millie!She became rlly good friend with Louis!But he is in love with her too!Noah tryed to separate them,because he became too much jealous!
•Two days later
After school Noah and Millie goes to stables to see how are they horses!Noah haved a idea•
(N)-A little walk on forest,its not a big deal!
(M)-I think that too,but its pretty late
(N)-We are gonna come back before someone know,you in?
(M)-Fine:)Im in
•At their walk•
(N)-I have something important to tell you
(N)- I- am i-n-
(M)-C’on Noah im your bestie you can tell me anything
(N)-I- love you
(M)-I love you too:)Like my bestie and i have something important to tell you too
(M)-Its so late,lets go home,i will sent you a message:)ly
(N)-Ok,lets go
•They arrive home and...•
•Noah looking at phone•
•opens chat•
(M)-i can tell you what i wanted to say at owr walks
(N)-Ok,im listening
(M)-Uhh,do you know Louis right?
(M)-I need your help
(N)-He hurt you,if he do that i swear im gonna kill him
(M)-Noo,he didn’t do nothing!I only wanted to say is I fall in love with him.And i need your help bc your a boy and you know what boys like!Please do that for me
•Noah start crying•
(N)-uhh,im gonna help you because your my bestie and i love you💕But...
(N)-Do you want to kiss Louis?
(M)-I think so...yes
(N)-I have a better idea
(M)-Im curious
(N)-Tomorrow morning we are gonna go to owr secret tree house and you maybe want to see how to kiss good,for Louis,and u can kiss me!
(M)-Hmm,its a great idea!See u tomorrow!Ly💕Ty for doing that for me...but one last question...
(M)-Do you have crush on someone and you want to try kisses?*laughts*
(N)-Lol,No,i want to do this for you bc i want all good for you,and Louis need a good kiss to fall in love with you!Right?
(M)-Ok,ok,good night sweetie
(N)-Good night,honey
•The next day they took horses and goes to secret tree house•
(M)-Im so tired!I didn’t sleep last night
(N)-why not?*laughts*
(M)-I thinked about Louis a lot
(M)-Uhh,im scared...
(N)-Why?Im your best friend,im not gonna hurt you
(M)-Its my first kiss...Maybe its not good
(N)-This is why we are here,to try until its ok
(M)-Your right...Thanks
(N)-Im a little scared too,but it will be fine One second!I hear something,maybe someone fiind us
(M)-Noah,please be careful
(N)-Its ok,it was just a squirrel
(M)-huh,i got scared for a second
(N)-yeah,me too
•Noah got close to Millie and kiss her fast•
(M)-it was so fast...how was?
(N)-uhh,i got a little scared,because yeah,owr first kiss*blushes*
(M)-You said to me “don’t be scare,it will be fine”!It will be fine Noah,imagine you kiss the person you loved so much in the world!Im imagine your Louis!
(N)- o-ok,it will be fine!
•This time Millie got close to Noah and kiss him,in her mind got confuse,if she love Noah?•
(M)-How was?Its enought for Louis?
(N)-for me its good...but Louis is more then me,he wants more good,all the girls want him!You need to be the most better one!To win him!
(M)-Your right again!
*is he in love with me?*
(N)-Yeah,i know,im a little genius!
•after a cuple of tryes•
(N)-we need to go its too late,and its gonna be more dark!
(M)-I need more tryes!Please,i need to be the better one!
(N)-i know,but its pretty dark outside!
(M)-We can sleep here,this house have beds...you forgot?
(N)-i forgot about this
*i can’t sleep here,with the girl i like,its not good for me*
(M)-please stay.Don’t leave me,i need you
(N)-ok,i will stay,but give me a moment,here are too many kisses *laughts*
(M)-sure...Sorry about this but im so exciting!
(N)-i knowwww,your gonna be awesome!
(M)-ohh,you can be so sweet if you want *laughts*
(N)-yes,i know
(M)-Can we try again?
(N)-huh,let’s do it

*Millie is my best friend,and she is in love with Louis,i can’t tell her the truth,not now*

(M)-i’m tired,let’s go to bed
(N)-ok,im tired too,i think i don’t need kisses anymore
(M)-Your sooo funny Noah
(N)-i need sleep

*I think Noah have fellings for me,not friendship ones*

•The next morning Millie wakes up and she didn’t see Noah•

(M)-Noah?...N-Noah?Are you here?
(M)-Nowaaa!You scared me!
(N)-This was the idea...You needed to see your face!*laughts*
(M)-For a moment i thinked you leaved me alone!
(N)-I never gonna do that!Your my bestie.
(M)-Aww,but now we need to go home!Homeworks waiting us!Come at my home to make homework together.At 6pm?

•on the way home•

(M)-Noah,i need one more try because Monday after school i want to invite him for a ride with horses,and to kiss him!
(N)-ok,one more!

•Noah got close to Millie and kiss her•

(M)-I think i’m ready!
(N)-Your gonna be awesome!
(M)-Thank youu

•Millie arrive home and she want to put books on the desk and she opened a book and saw a little piece of paper,it was a letter from Louis.And she imediatly calls Noah•

^Incomming call from Cutie^

(N)-Hii,What’s up?
(M)-I need you here!
(N)-ok im comming in 5 minutes

•Noah arrive at Millie’s home•

(N)-Millie,its me!
(M)-Come in!
(N)-okk,what happen?WHY ARE YOU CRYING?
(M)-I can’t believe,Louis leave me a letter,to meet at stables after school,he writes his phone number to call him!
(N)-THIS IS AMAZING!Come here to hug you
(M)-Thank you for begin there for me!Not most are like you!
(N)-Are you kidding?I live for this
(M)-So sweet
(N)-At what time you meet him?
(M)-After school at 5pm
(N)-I need to go to stables too,because doctor come to see my horse

•Tomorrow after school Millie meet Louis,and they go for a walk in forest•

(L)-Thanks for comming
(L)-i need to tell you something important
(L)-lets stay here,bc its very important to hear it
(M)-i know a perfect place,come
(M)-Me and my best friend Noah build a secret tree house when we was younger
(L)-its amazing
(M)-And...what you wanted to tell me?
(L)-i know we didn’t talk too much or meet so much,but in the first time i saw you in class i fall in love with you
(M)-i don’t have words...
(L)-its stupid...i know
(M)-No,its not,because i fell same
(L)-No way...I love you Millie!
(M)-I love you too,Louis
(L)-i really want to kiss you,but its my first kiss and i fell scared a little
(M)-its your first kiss?
(M)-Me too

•Louis got close to Millie and kiss her.And she fells good for moment•

(L)-I need to go now,its pretty late,and i have strict parents,see you tomorrow my love
(M)-bye,love you

•Millie was so happy and calls Noah to tell him how was•

^Incomming call from Cutie^

(N)-Hi,how was your first date?
(M)-It was great!Im his girlfriend now!I can’t belive,im crying right now
*Noah fells so sad,and he can’t be happy for his bestie*
(N)-where are you?
(M)-in tree house...why?
(N)-im comming to you,i want to hear all the story
(M)-I can’t wait to tell you,byee

•Noah goes fast to tree house•

(M)-Noahhh,i can’t believe this was my first date
(N)-Im happy for you!He kissed you?
(M)-Actually YES!Omg,i still can’t believe this happen!

*Noah got so sad again,he suppose they didn’t kisses*

(M)-It can’t be real without you Noah,you helped me a lot!But...
(M)-I see in your eyes sadness!Are you ok?If you don’t like Louis i can stop dating him!I don’t want to hurt you,for me your the most important person in the world!
(N)-Thank you,i’m sad because my granny is sick again...
(M)-i hope she is gonna be better soon!
(N)-But,i have a good new!
(M)-What is?
(N)-This week we don’t have school,and this means we have more time to hang out!And watch movies,and eat MC Donalds and drink Starbucks!
(M)-Yass,but i can’t everyday,i need to hang out with my boyfriend too!
(N)-Its ok!We have enought time!
(M)-*Noah got sad everytime i talk about Louis,maybe i was right he have fellings for me...but i need to see if its real*
-Noah,if i broke up with Louis in one day,to make me felling better your gonna became my boyfriend if i need?
(N)-Anything,to make you smile!
(M)-*i think i’m right,but its hard because besties are always here for eachother*
(M)-Aww,so sweet,your turn!
(N)-If you have to choise between me and Louis,who are you gonna choise?
(N)-You can’t,you can save only one
(M)-I think,i don’t think, i know I will save you!
(N)-So sweet,love you
(M)-love you too:)
(N)-I need to go,i sleep at stables tonight,to see stars on the window and fall asleep on hay
(M)-im comming too!SLEEPOVER!
(N)-if you do that your bf can be jealous,and think you cheat on him
(M)-im gonna sent him a message later,to tell him about owr sleepover
(N)-ok,because i don’t need problems...

(M)*Off,i can’t think about Noah and if he have felling for me,I don’t want to hurt him*
-see you at 9pm,im gonna go home to pickup my backpack!
(N)-ok,im waiting you
(M)-byee,luv youu

*I can’t tell her the truth,i really love her,i need to hide my felling*

•late that night•

(N)-Millie look,make a wish fast
(M)-*i wish to make my friend happy*
(N)-*i wish to have something special,to impress her like Louis*
(M)-What you wish?
(N)-I wished to get superpowers
(M)-i wished to keep owr friendship forever
(N)-How sweet,i fell bad for my wish
(M)-Noah,your wish it’s totally AMAZING!Who don’t want superpowers?
(N)-i don’t know!
(N)-You talk with Louis about owr sleepover?
(M)-Yes,and he says its ok,because he and his cousin have a sleepover too
(N)-nice,tomorrow you have time for a walk with my horses?
(M)-You forgot?My horse its sick a little and she need to rest
(N)-sorry about that,i forgot,we can ride my horse
(M)-Great!And yes,i have time,and we can sleep at tree house?But...can i invite Louis at tree house?
(N)-if this make you happy yes,you can

*He is so sweet,but this make me so confuse,maybe i fell something for Noah*

•next morning•
~Millie wakes up and she looking at how Noah sleep~
*Aww,he is so cute when he sleep,i need to wake up him*

(M)-Noah,N-Noah!Wake up!
(N)-I wake up,what happen?Are you ok?
(M)-yes,i’m good,how was your sleep?
(N)-Very good,your?
(N)-Thinking about Louis again,right?
*actually i thinked about you*
(N)-Don’t be stressed,it will be fine:)
*I love you...you are my only love*
(M)-uhh,its gonna be fine
(N)-do you want a walk?
(M)-i can’t right now,im gonna hang out with Louis
(N)-oh,ok,im gonna eat something,you come?
(M)-yeah,lets make waffles
(N)-haha,sure,i love waffes

•one hour later•

(M)-I need to go now,see you soon,maybe at 8pm at tree house,ok?
(N)-ya,sure,i will be there
(N)-Bye,luv you
*she didn’t say “love you too“ maybe now having a boyfriend she don’t love me more like a friend*

^new messaje from Louis my love^
<Millie opens chat>
(L)-hii sweetheart,hang out today?
(L)-i have something important to tell you
(M)-Ok,see you soon:)
(L)-Love you so much💕
(M)-Love you too

•at their date•

(M)-what you wanted to tell me?
(L)-i wanted to tell you something bad...about your friend Naom
(M)-it’s Noah
(L)-oh,ya,Noah,you need to stop hang out with him
(L)-Are you stupid or something?Everyone see how he looking at you!
(M)-Im not stupid!How he looking?
(L)-Sorry about that,but he look at you with love
(M)- I-I can’t stop hang out with him,its my best friend
(L)-You can hang out with him but not too much like before,because-because he make me very jealous
(M)- if you know him,im sure you and him become really good friends
(L)-i don’t really want this,he ignore me everytime i try to talk with him,and he look at you all the time
(M)-im gonna do something about that,ok?
(L)-ok,love youu
(M)-love you too:)
*i can’t stop see Noah,i love him but i love Louis too*

•after date at tree house•

(N)-Your a little late:/
(M)-Can you forgive me?
(M)-i buyed pizza on the way:)
(N)-what happen?I don’t remember😂
(M)-You’re so funny😂
(N)-ya,i know,do you want to watch a movie?I downloaded one:)
(M)-what movie?
(N)-The perfect date
(M)-Sound good😂Oh,we don’t have popcorn
(N)-Don’t worry,i buyed popcorn and soda on the way:)
(M)-You’re the bestttt
(N)-hehe,i knowww:)But...
(M)-Its something wrong?
(N)-I know Louis don’t want to let you hang out with me like before...
(M)-WAIT WHAT?Who tells you that?
(N)-No one,i see how he became jealous very fast,and I understand
(M)-Noah...please don’t be mad at me...
(N)-Millie,its ok,we are best friends forever
(M)-Aw...thank you:)
(N)-Love you:)
(N)-Lets watch the movie:)Popcorn its ready to be eat!
*This is proof she don’t love me anymore*
(M)-i love popcorn!Its with cheese?
(N)-its with extra cheese!

•after watching movie they fall asleep•
•Noah wakes up and looked at Millie•
*she is like sleeping beauty*
(M)-Noah,it’s something wrong?
(N)-No,no,everything its fine:)
(M)-ok,im so tired...
(N)-me too
*tomorrow morning I will tell her the truth*
•Next morning•
(M)-Good morning sunshine!
(N)-Good morning!
(M)-Today its a important day!
(N)-I know,i have something important to tell you:)
(M)-It can wait a little someone call me
^incomming call from Louis my love💕^
(L)-hello sunshine,how are you?
(M)-Im good!You?
(L)-Very good:)Can we hang out now?At pizza place?
~Millie looking at Noah~
(M)-ya,sure,good ideea,but...
(N)-Can Noah come too?
(L)-Uhh,i know he is your best friend but i want only you...this time...i hope its ok?
(M)-ya,its ok...
(L)-He is with you right?!
(M)-no,im alone,im at stables,to see how its my horse
(L)-ok,im gonna pick you from stables:)
(M)-ok,see ya,Love youu
(L)-Love you more:)

•finish the call•
(M)-Noah,please don’t be sad...after this we can meet here again...for a nother movie night
(N)-no...its ok...but i can’t tonight my parents leave and i want to stay home...you can come if you want...its ok to come with Louis
(M)-Really?Your the best!
(M)-i know you missed this “love you” i want to say it again “LOVE YOUUU”
(N)-Love you too:)
~Noah got close to Millie and she pulls him away~
(N)-Millie!I didn’t wanted to kiss you!You have a little spider in your hair!
(M)-Omg,im so sorry...but you said SPIDER?!
(N)-yes,and he is still in your hair,easy i will take it down
(M)-Omg,you saved me...and im sorry for what happen one minute ago...
(N)-its ok,but really?
(M)-ye,i got scared for a second
(N)-haha,oh Millie,Millie
(M)-ok,lets forget this?
(N)-i didn’t remember anything!I think i lost my memory
(M)-You always make me felling good:)
(N)-You too:)
~They look at eachother for a moment~
(M)-i need to go...
(N)-Millie are you ok?Its movie night you forgot?
(M)-No,but...i fell something...my stomach hurt...
(N)-Ohh,let’s go home,your parents know what to do!
(M)-yeah,they know...
*I hate to lie Noah,he is my best friend but i can’t tell him my felling,im still not sure*

•at Millie’s home•
~Her parents look at her suspicious ~
(M parents)-Millie are you ok?
(M)-My stomach hurts
(M mom)-Ohh,come to give you a pill
(M)-ok mom
(M dad)-Thank you Noah for bring her home
(N)-No problem
(P dad)-Do you want to stay here this night,your alone and I your parents talked to me,and you stay here
(N)-thank you so much:)
(P dad)-No problem,Noah!Your a part of family!
(P dad)-Millie,Noah stay at owr home for a week,because his parents are in a nother country!He can sleep with you in your room,ok?
~She looking at Noah~
(M)-ya,sure,it will be fun:)
(N)-We can have the movie night now!
*oh,how to sleep with Noah,im not sure about my felling but i can’t*
^incomming video call from Louis my love^
(M mom )-Who is Louis?
(M)-My b-boyfriend...
(M parents)-Millie!What we talk about boyfriends?
(M)-i know mom,but i love him,and he love me
(M mom)-Ohh,teenagers!Go to your room and talk with him
(M)-I will be right back
(N)-Can i come with you?
(M)-umm,not this time,sorry
(P mom)-I suppose she love you,Noah
(N)-oh no,she love Louis,and im happy for them:)
(P dad)-But,who is this Louis?
(N)-Its the new boy...Its from California,he is rich,popular and beautiful
(P dad)-And all the girls wants him,right?
(N)-How did you know?
(P dad)-I was like this boy,in hight school,and all the girls wanted me,but i wanted the beautiful girl who makes me felling good and when i see her for the first time i know she is gonna became my future wife
(N)-Wow,I didn’t know this
(P dad)-Your father was the same,and he was my only good best friend
(N)-I didn’t know this too
(M)-Im back:)Noah come,lets watch the movie
(N)-Ok,im comming,see you later Sir

•in Millie’s room•
(N)-Louis...what he wanted?
(M)-to see me:)
(N)-Oh,ok,he say something about me?
(N)-You lie,i hear my name two times...
(M)-oh fine,i tells him about owr movie night,and he say again you look at me with love and things like that
(N)-*panics*I don’t see you more than my bestie:)
(M)-*smiles* I love you bestie
*he don’t see me more than a best friend*
(N)-Now lets watch the movie!Its the best ever i seen!
~in the scene with monster Millie got scared and hold Noah hand~
*uh,she hold my hand,what im gonna do now?Maybe just wait*
(N)-Its cool,right?
(M)-Its cool!But a little scary
(N)-ya,i know,and i like it
*maybe she have fellings for me*
(M)-Me too:)But im so tired,im gonna go to bed
(N)-ok,me too:)Good night
(M)-Good night
(N)-luv you:)
(M)-luv you too:)
•in that night Millie fall asleep fast but Noah was still awake,he thinks about Millie and maybe she have fellings for him,but she is not sure.One thing its clear Millie love Louis,but Noah can’t think about them first kiss.Later that night Noah fall asleep too•
^Incomming call from Mom^
(N)-yes mom?
(N mom)-Good morning honey,are you at Millie?
(N mom)-How are you?
(N)-I’m good,a little tired,but you and dad?
(N mom)-We are very good.We miss you honey...
(N)-Miss you too
(N mom)-We need to go,im gonna call you later
(N)-ok,bye mom,love you
(N mom)-Bye Noah,love you too
•Millie wakes up•
(M)-Who was at phone?
(N)-My parents
(M)-oh ok,i need a little more sleep
^incomming call from Louis my love^
(L)-Morning my love,how are you?
(N)-Millie is sleeping now,call later
(L)-Excuse me,who are you?
(N)-Noah,her best friend
(L)-I know it!Leave her alone!Do you understand?!She is mine now,not your!
(N)-Easy boy,my parents are in a nother country and i stay at her!
(L)-Poor baby,he can’t stay alone at home,he wants to stay with his secret love
(N)-What are you talking abut?
(L)-Everyone see how you look at her!Your in love!But its too late,sorry man!
(N)-I think you need a doctor
(L)-So funny Noah,Millie tells me how funny are you
(N)-I need to go!I don’t waste my time with stupids!
•call end•
•Noah go downstairs go make breakfast for he and Millie•
(N)-Im gonna do Waffles,its her favourite breakfast.
*maybe Louis its right,i need to hide my fellings more good*

•Millie wake up again and go downstairs to make breakfast but she saw Noah with a lot of Waffles•
(M)-Morning:)How are you?
(N)-Morning,im good,i maked your fav breakfast
(M)-You’re so sweet
(N)-Lets eat them
(N)-Yummy,its so good
(M)-I know,thank you so much
(N)-For nothing
*aww,she like what i make*
(M)-Im gonna grab a glass of water,do you want one?
(M)-There you go
(N)-You are gonna hang out with Louis today?
(M)-yes,i think im gonna invite him here,to watch a movie together with you!
(N)-Its ok,im gonna go to stables today
(M)-I insist,stay please,for me
(N)-oh,everything for my bestie
(M)-yay,im gonna call Louis
•Millie calls Louis and he say•
(L)-Hi love
(L)-How are you?’
(M)-Im good,you?
(L)-Me too
(M)-Can you come today at my house,to watch a movie?
(M)-Its Noah here too,it will be so fun
(L)-oh,its really necessary
(M)-Noah its my best friend,please,i know you and him are gonna be friends
(L)- Ok,im gonna try
(M)-yay,love you
(L)-love you more

•Louis arrive at Millie’s home but she didn’t know what is gonna happen•
(L)-Hi sweetie,Hi Noah
(M)-Hii love
(M)-We are gonna have a good time together
(L)-Yes,we are gonna have
(N)-yes i think
*he make me so nervous*
(M)-Boys,stay here im gonna be right back in a second
(L)-Calm down Noah,don’t be jealous,you and her can be friends
(N)-Im calm!
(L)-ya,sure,so calm,i want to say only a thing:stay away from my girlfriend!
(N)-If i don’t want?
(L)-You don’t want to kn-
(M)-Im back!I missed something?
(L)-No,me and Noah just talk abut the movie
(N)-yes,we are gonna watch...a horror movie
(M)-umm,ok,sound good
(L)-stay close to me,its scary
(M)-its ok,im can’t get scared
(N)-ya,she is brave
•Movie starts,and again at the scary part Millie hold Noah hand and Louis seeing this got jealous and hold her hand.Millie seeing she hold Noah hand she put her hand away•
(L)-Millie,do you want a little kiss?
•Louis got close to Millie and kiss her,Noah got so jealous,and he goes to bathroom to don’t see this•
(M)-Uh,its he ok?
(L)-He is fine
(N)-im back
(M)-are you ok?
(N)-ya,im good,lets watch
•After movie ends Louis thinks to play a game•
(L)-Millie,Noah do you want to play truh or dare?
(M)-Yes,i love this game
(N)-I think so yes
(L)-ok,Noah,truth or dare?
(L)-I dare you to kiss Millie
(N)-I can’t
(L)-Its a dare!Im not jealous
*I want to see if they are in love with eachother*
(N)-uh,im gonna do it...
•Noah kisses Millie fast,and he fells good because he realize he love Millie so much•
(L)-This was so fast
*This was too fast and i can’t see anything*
(M)-Louis, truth or dare?
(L)-hmm,i will choise Dare
(M)-I dare you to call your friend and say Hello darling
•he calls his friend and does the dare•
(L)-Millie,truth or dare?
(L)-Its true you and Noah had a realationship?
(M)-No,we are just friends
(N)-Its pretty late,im gonna make dinner
(M)-ok,thank you
(L)-Millie,tell me the truth...you cheat on me with Noah?
(M)-LOUIS!I never do that,i love you
(L)-Sorry about that...but i see atraction,and this make me so jealous
(M)-Louis,don’t worry we are just best friends
(L)-if you say this,its true
•Louis kisses Millie and Noah saw this and in that moment he start crying and run downstairs•
(M)-I hear something,Noah,it’s everything ok?
(N)-Yes,i accidentally drop a plate
(N)-Dinner is ready in 10 minutes
(M)-Thank you
(L)-Look,i can’t stay for dinner,i have strict parents and at 8pm i need to be home
(M)-oh,ok,see you tomorrow?
(L)-I need to say...this rest of the week I’m going at grandma with my parents,and she live in Greece...
(M)-Its ok,im gonna miss you
(L)-Miss you too
(M)-Byee,Good night,love you
(L)-Good night,love you more

•Noah makes a delicious dinner,and after this Millie’s parents call and they can’t come home tonight because her grandma its sick•
(M)-omg,my grandma its sick again...
(N)-don’t worry it will be fine
(M)-thanks,you always make me felling good
(N)-Im happy to hear that
(M)-Noah,i need to talk to you
(N)-Ya,sure,about what?
(M)-I need to make this super clear,i have fellings for you but not more than friendly fellings...
(N)-i know
(M)-But...do you remember first time we kiss?
(N)-Yes,it was funny because i was so scared
(M)-Me too
•Noah got close to Millie•
(N)-This night i kissed you,i fell something kinda good
(M)-Can we forgot this?
•She is still not sure about her felling for Noah•
(M)-I need to do something,but nerver tell Louis!Promise me!
(N)-Umm what?
(N)-ok,ok i promise
(M)-Im so tired,im gonna do that think tomorrow
*I think she wants to kiss me*
•In that night both can’t sleep and they talk a lot about memories and everything but in final both fall asleep.The next morning was the same like the other one,but Millie think its more good if she don’t kiss him,because she don’t want to hurt him,that week passed fast,but they haved a lot of fun!Monday morning was the same like other days but with school•
(M mom)-Millie,Noah wake up!Its school today!
(M)-Mom,its so early
(M dad)-Come on,now!
(M)-Fine...wait a second to wake up Noah!Noah wake up!Its school today
(N)-Morning,i forgot...
(M)-Me too,lets hurry
(N)-Ya,come on
*aww,how sweet she didn’t forgot me*
(M)-Your parents are home today:)I’m gonna miss movie night
(N)-Maybe this week you can come at me
(M)-Good ideea,but i can’t,because its school and we need to sleep early
(N)-uhh,yeah,i forgot,again
(M)-of of,come on,lets go to school!I can’t be late
(N)-Me too!Come with bike its more fast!
(M)-ok,Lets go

•School was normal like everyday but something is changed...everyone make fun of Noah because they think he is in love with Millie!After school its more good,Noah its so happy because his parents are back,but he can’t tell his parents about Louis!At 5pm Noah goes to stables to pick his horse for a ride.And he didn’t came back in that night!He fund a cave and he stayed there,with his sadness!

(N)-I hate everyone!I hate myself!Why everyone make fun of me...im normal,like everyone else!And if I love Millie what’s wrong in this?I can’t understand...Maybe i need to go home,but I can’t go to home,tomorrow its school again and I don’t want to see Louis face again!Im gonna sleep here,for a while...

•His parents were beginning to worry about him,and they call Millie’s family to make sure if Noah its with Millie.They said No and they got so scared...Maybe someone took him from street...or more than bad•

(M)-Im gonna help,i think i know were he is
(M dad)-Lets go,we need to fiind him...

•Millie thinks he is at the secret tree house but she opens the door and...starts crying very hard•

(M dad)-Omg,Millie what happen?
(M)-He its not there...NOAH,NOAH,Where are you?!Its me,please come here...
(M dad)-Lets call his parents and police,we are gonna fiind him...i promise
(M)-Im gonna took my horse and i will try to fiind him in forest,maybe he is hidding
(M dad)-Millie No,he is missing,and if someone kidnap him...we need to keep you safe too,Do you understand?
(M)-But...please let me help...
(M dad)-You come with me or his parents,more good is to go with his parents because they need you
(M)-I know Noah more than anyone else..
(M dad)-Exactly!And i promise i don’t stop searching!
(M)-Thank you dad,your the best!
^incomming call from Louis my love^
(M dad)-Tell him about Noah,maybe he want to help
(M)-Great ideea
(M dad)-now answer the phone
(L)-Hi sweetie,How are you?
(M)-Hi,Im not good
(L)-Why not?Someone hurt you?
(M)-Noah is missing,and he is not at sectet tree house and he didn’t answer at phone...If someone kidnap him?
(L)-Im sure he is good,No one kidnap him!
(M)-But i need to know him safe!Last night he goes to stables and didn’t come back...please help us to fiind him
(L)-I don’t know,he is fine i know this maybe he is a little sad and need a time alone,i know this felling
(M)-Uhh,Do you want to help me?Yes or No?
(L)-Sorry,don’t be mad on me,but i can’t,i need to go with my parents...its very important for them
(M)-Its ok,see you at school
-End call-
(M dad)-What he say?
(M)-He need to go with his parents,its important
(M dad)-Sweetie,If you didn’t see he don’t care about your best friend,and if he choise a nother thing over helping you,he its not the right person for you
(M)-Maybe you are right...i need time to think,but Now we need to fiind Noah
(M dad)-Millie!You said he goes at stables last night,lets see if his horse its there,if horse its not there he is not kidnapped!
(M)-Dad!Your a genius!Lets go fast!

•At stables they didn’t fund anything,and this thing make everyone happy because they know he is with his horse and maybe its safe•

(N mom)-I need to fiind my boy...he can be in danger
(M)-Im gonna go with my horse to search him in the forest
(N mom)-Be careful please,If you fiind him,don’t call me,took him here,if you call me he is gonna think its in trouble...
(M)-I understand!If i don’t come back, I fiind him,and im trying to took him home,ok?Don’t worry about me!
(N mom)-Thank you so much,good luck
(M)-byee,see you tomorrow

•On the way Millie can’t stop thinking about Louis,and what her dad say...But she know,its really important to fiind Noah,he is the most important for her!•

(M)-NOAH,NOAH,please come here,its me Millie!PLEASE I NEED YOU!NOAH,PLEASE,DON’T LEAVE ME!

•Outside starts raining and she need to fiind a place to stay,and she fund the cave where is Noah too•

(M)-I will never fiind Noah...I need to wait...
(N)- Mi-Millie?Its that you?
(N)-Yes,its me
(M)-Why you didn’t come back home last night?
(N)-I was sad...And i need a time alone,without my parents...to ask me everytime “what happen”
(M)-Noah,you can tell me the truth!We are best friends!No secrets!
(N)-I can’t tell you the truth...not now
(M)-Noah!Tell me!Im your best friend!
(N)-Its hard to say this...
(M)-Come on...please...
(N)-MILLIE I LOVE YOU!Ok?For the first time you talk about Louis and your fellings for him!I realised im in love with you!And you don’t love me more than your best friend!And when you sleep,Louis calls and I talk to him at phone and he said to stay away from you and things like this!And at school he make fun of me,and you leaves me alone at lunch...and i eat alone...I got so sad i don’t want to come back home!
(M)-I didn’t know that...Im so sorry...Im a terrible friend...
(N)-Its ok...im felling more good now...
(M)-Noah...I don’t know what i fell,i fell love for you...but i love Louis too...
-Noah got close to Millie and kiss her very fast-

(N)-Im so sorry...I don’t know why i do this...
(M)-Its ok Noah...You have fellings for me and i was too close...
(N)-You hate me now?
(M)-I will never hate you!Do you want to go home?
(N)-No,im gonna stay here,i need more time to think...
(M)-If i kiss you?You come?
(N)-No,if you kiss me,im gonna make fake ideas and its not good for me...
(M)-Uhhh,Im so sorry,Im always hurt you!
(N)-Millie!Its ok!You always make me happy!
(M)-your so sweet...i can’t go back home without you!If i go back,police is gonna search you and your parents got more scare...
(N)-You can stay here...
(M)-Its cold!Lets go to tree house...

•They goes to tree house to sleep but in house Louis waiting Millie,she forgot they are gonna hang out today•

(M)-Louis?What are you doing here?
(L)-You forgot about movie night?
(M)-Yes,i forgot abut it...
(N)-Millie,finally i fiind my pillow,we can sleep now,im t-tired
(L)-Aha,I understand now!”He is missing” ya sure!Really Millie,are you cheat on me with him?!
(M)-Im not cheat on you!I searched hours to fiind Noah,and you didn’t care!And he don’t want to go home now!Whats the problem?!
(L)-Sure,sure!You think im stupid or something?
-hits Millie-
(L)-Oho,Do you want to fight me?Little boy!
(N)-Millie its not your toy,stupid!
(L)-I didn’t say that!
(N)-You didn’t love her!You only user her?!Look in my eyes and say IM WRONG!
(L)-Its not your business Noah!Leave me alone with my gf,you only make her felling bad!
(L)-Millie you need to choise!Me or This little boy!
(M)-Why?!No i can’t
(L)-Me or Noah!?
(M)-Noah!He is the only boy who was there for me!And he didn’t hit me!And i can’t hurt him more!I LOVE YOU!
(L)-Your a dead boy Noah!

•Louis starts crying and he leave the tree house.On the way home he thinks only about Millie’s choise..and he realised...Hitting her was not a good ideea,she have fellings...and this is why she chose Noah!•
(L)-I need to win her Again!

•Noah and Millie stayed at tree house...•
(N)-Why you chose me?Over your boyfriend...
(M)-Because your my best friend and dad was right Louis is such a jerk!
(N)-ya,thats right
(M)-And...I love you more than a friend
(M)-I love you Noah!
(N)-I love you too!

•Later that night,Millie wakes up,she hear something...!And that thing go upstairs!•
(M)-Noah!Wake up please...
(N)-YAWN,im awake...what happen?
(M)-Its something outside!And that thing go downstairs at us!
(N)-Im gonna go check!
(M)-No!Its too dangerous!If its a bad people?!We need to hide!
(N)-Im gonna look at the window maybe i see something
(M)-Please,be careful!

•Noah looking on window and he saw a talk man with a gun,he got so scared!They need to hide fast•

(N)-Outside its a tall man,with a gun!
(M)-What we are gonna do?
(N)-We need to use the enemercy window!Lets go outside fast!And if he enter in house we took horses and run!
(M)-Ok...Im scared...Why us?
(N)-It will be fine!Come!We need to go now!

•That misterious man got inside,and they took horses and run fast!He didn’t saw them!They goes very fast to police station•

(N)-Police!Please we need help!
(Police)-What happen boy?
(N)-We was in owr secret tree house and a tall man with a gun!We leaved before he saw us!
(Police)-Wait a second im gonna call all the cops to go there,but you can go with them?You said its secret and they didn’t know where is...
(N)-I can’t go,but i can tell you where is!My bestie its scared and she need me...
(Police)-I think you and her are together.
(N)-No,no,we are just FrIeNdS
(Police)-I see your fellings for her,and i see she have fellings for you too..
(Police)-Do you fiind him?
(Cops)-Yes!We got him!He said a stranger thing...He is looking for his lost son,and he see police anounce about the lost boy,and that gun was not a gun and he didn’t want to hurt kids!
(Police)-Good jos guys!See you here!
-call ends-
(N)-They fund him?
(Police)-Yes,but he said is looking for you!And something about your his lost son!We took him here to show you if its him
(N)-What!?Lost son?Me?He confuse me!
(Police)-Maybe yes,maybe no

•Millie hear that discussion and can’t stop thinking about that weird man•
(M)-Noah,come here please,im so tired,can i sleep on your shoulder?
*he need me,and i need him...I need to give him all my love*
(M)-Ok,I can’t stop thinking abut that man,if he wants to hurt us,or something bad...?
(N)-Don’t worry!We are safe now!
•Millie fall asleep and Noah stayed awake waiting for cops...One hour later cops come back with that man•
(Stranger man)-Noah!My son!Finally i fiind you!
(N)-I think you confuse me!Im not your son!And most important who you are?
(Stranger man)-My name is Robert Wittson...
(N)-This is one of the reasons you confuse me!My name is Noah Lookwood!Its a big difference!
(Cops)-Boy,you are look like him so much
(N)-I don’t see!
(R)-Im your dad!And finally i fund you...If you don’t believe me,come,i will tell you all the story!
(N)-uhh,i want to hear it,but i need to wake up Millie
(R)-You have a beautiful girlfriend!
(N)-She is not my girlfriend...umm...not yet...
(R)-I see love!
(N)-Millie!Wake up,we need to hear a story!
(M)-What are you talking about?What story?
(N)-I think my life story
(R)-In hight school 11th grade i haved a best friend!Her name was Rosie,your mother Noah!We fall in love and not in long time she got pregnant with you!Her parents didn’t want me!And forced her to leave me!They moved in a nother country far away from me!I was so sad,and i wanted only to see you!After one year,a friend tells me she got married and she born you!I was so happy but in the same time sad because i didn’t see you and your gonna see for the first time your step dad...not real one!And 2 days ago i was on Google and i saw the photos with you and the text “LOST” immediately i buyed a plane tiket to fiind you and see you for the first time!
(N)-*cries* Dad!You are!I fell it!
(R)-I love you son!
(N)-I love you too dad!
(M)-Aww,this is so amazing!Noah you finally fiind your real dad!Im so happy!
-Millie kisses Noah-
(N)-Wow,that was...i don’t know...
(R)-Im gonna cry!My son fiinds his love!
(M)-Yes,he fiind it!
(N)-I love you Millie!
(M)-I love you too!
^incomming call from Louis^
(M)-What do you want Louis?
(L)-I want to say Sorry about everything!I was so jealous...and i hope you forgive me,and maybe give me a nother chance...Please!I love you so much!
(M)-I forgive you!But its Over!Forever!
(L)-Please give me one more chance!I promise i will be the best boyfriend ever you seen!
(M)-Louis!Im sorry,but the person who i loved everytime its here!Im so sorry!
(M)-And im sorry because i hurt you but I love him...
(L)-its ok...I understand...but can we keep friendship?
(M)-sure!We can be friends!
(L)-Thank you so much!And i need to say Sorry to Noah...i was such a jerk...and im so sorry
(M)-Its ok!I need to go home now,see you soon
-call end-

•Later that night,Noah and Millie goes home and next day they are gonna meet Robert again!
Next morning was stressful for Noah,he is gonna invite Robert at dinner...•

^incomming call from Cutie^
(M)-Haii,How are you?
(N)-Hi,Im fine...you?
(M)-Im good...I can’t believe,you fiind your real dad!Im so happy for you!
(N)-yah,i fiind it...
(M)-Whats wrong?
(N)-I don’t know how to tell my dad this...
(M)-Its gonna be fine...i need to go now...see you later
(N)-Bye sweetheart!
(M)-Love you!
(N)-Love you too
-end call-
•Noah goes downstairs and his mom and dad makes pizza,he wanted to say if he is adopted to see them reaction!•
(Parents)-Whats wrong sweetie?
(N)-Am i adopted?
(N dad)-No!Who tells you that?
(N)-I only asked
(N dad)-Don’t be stupid Noah!
(N)-Don’t say that to me!
(N dad)-Noah!What is wrong with you!?
(N)-With me nothing!But maybe with you!
(N mom)-Don’t talk like that with your father!
(N)-He is not my father!He only a man who married you!
(N)-My real dad!He fund me!
(N mom)-It can’t be true!
(N)-But its true!Why you didn’t tells me that?My life was a lie!
(N dad)-We didn’t tells you that to fell normal...and protect you!
(N)-Protect me?!TO PROTECT ME?!
(N mom)-Yes!And this man grows you like a lovely father!And your real dad didn’t care about you!
(N)-He searches me!And now he fiind me!
(N dad)-Noah,wait,I love you!Im your father!Maybe he is your real one but i was here for you everytime and i buyed you everything you wanted!
(N)-I need my real dad...I don’t know how he fiind us in secret tree house...but he is here...
(N mom)- Us?Who was with you?And he fiind you in tree house?!
(N)-Millie fiinds me...and i wanted to run away and never come back but she stop me,and was late and dark and we goes to tree house!And a tall man goes upstairs,and we got scared and run at police station before he see us!And cops took him at station and he tells me entire story!
(N mom)-Millie is so sweet!But it’s weird how he know about the tree house!
(N)-its a little strange!But please can i invite dad and Millie for dinner...please so much!
(N mom)-Uhh,only Millie is ok!
(N dad)-Let him invite his real dad!I want to meet him!
(N)-Thank you so much!Im gonna call them!

•Noah calls his dad and he accepted to be here for dinner,Millie approved it too.Later dinner was ready and everyone takes a seat!•

(R)-I will remeber this moment forever!I missed you Rosie!And im glad to meet the man who talkes care about my boy!
(N dad)-My name is Harry!Harry Lookwood!Nice to meet you!
(R)-Nice to meet you too!
(N dad)-But i have a question!How did you know they are in that tree house!
(R)-I didn’t know they are here!I was looking for Noah in the forest and i got a little lost!A little later a saw a house tree and i thinked maybe upstairs its a phone or something to call police!And no one was there,and i fund some photos with Noah and his girlfriend!And a little later police took me!Because they think i have a gun or something!
(N dad)-Interesting!But how you know how Noah looks you never see him!
(R)-I fell him!And he look like me so much!And I can’t believe he is finally with me!Noah,do you want to go with me in Italy?
(N mom)-YOU CAN’T TOOK HIM!Its owr son!
(R)-I was alone my entire life looking for him!I didn’t wanted to start a new family like you!And now I can’t leave him!Noah,do you want to go with me?
(N)-I-I can’t...I can’t leave Millie because i love her!And I don’t want to leave her!
(N mom)-You love Millie?!
(N)-Yes!I love her so much!She is everything for me!
(R)-I understand...But im gonna buy a house in this town to be with you!
(N)-Wait what!Yay!
(R)-After dinner,can i see your dad Millie!I didn’t see him for so much time!
(M)-You know my dad?
(R)-He is my best friend!
(N)-Wait,Millie’s dad knows about everything?
(R)-Yes,but,i tells him to don’t talk to you about me...because i wanted to protect you!
(N)-I understand now!...This means you’re rich like Millie’s dad?
(N)-wow!But...Mom,Harry dad,can be friends with my real father?Please do this for me!
(N dad)-Sure!I like him!I think we are gonna be good friends!
(R)-Im sure about that!Millie can we go to see your father?
(M)-Sure!Im gonna call him to make sure he is at home!
•Millie calls her dad to make sure he is at home!And he confirmed!•
(R)-Is he at home?
(R)-ok!Lets go!Thank you for dinner it was so good!
(N)-Can i go with you?
•They walk to Millie’s house to see her dad!In the moment that they open the door Millie’s father hugs Robert!•
(M dad)-Rober,after so much time finally i see you again!Im gonna cry!My best friend its here!
(R)-I am so happy to be here!Finally after so much time!
(M)-daddy,im gonna go upstairs with Noah
(M dad)-Ya sure!Go!

•Millie and Noah goes upstairs in her room and parents talking for hours.A strong storm started,and Noah can’t go home...•

(N)-I need to go,my mom is gonna kill me...
(M)-You can’t go!Its raining!Im gonna call your mom to let you sleep here
(N)-ok,thank you

•Millie calls his mom and asked her to let Noah sleep at her.She said Yes!•

(M)-Im sorry,but...
(N)-I think she didn’t let me bc dad is here...
(N)-Yep,i need to talk to you,about something important
(M)-What is?
(N)-Do you want to be official my girlfriend?
(M)-Yess!I love youu
(N)-I love you too
^incomming call from Ex Louis^
(N)-What he want?
(M)-I don’t know
-answer the phone-
(L)-Millie,can we talk?
(M)-I can’t
(L)-Please come at tree house,its very important,please....
(M)-I don’t know...
(M)-Uhh,ok,im comming
(L)-Thank you so much!
-end call-
(N)-Where are you going?
(M)-come with me at tree house,but stay hide,if he try something!
(N)-Fine,im comming
(M)-Love youu

•Millie kisses Noah.And they walk to tree house,on the way Noah hide behind a big tree.Louis waiting Millie with flowers,this makes Noah so nervous•

(L)-Thank you for comming
(M)-No problem,what you wanted to say
•Louis hold Millie’s hand•
(L)-I wanted to say I love you,and i miss you and i was stupid!I know you love Noah,but i need you...Im so alone without you,i miss every moment with you...
(M)-I don’t have words...
(L)-i know you still love me...and i want to show you I’m not wrong

•Louis kisses Millie and Noah saw this and fast go to them and push Louis•

(L)-Why are you here?!
(N)-You want to steal my girlfriend?!
(L)-Im not steal her?!She is not a toy!She still have fellings for me and me for her!
(N)-Im gonna show you fellings!

•Noah punch Louis in his face and they starts a fight,Millie started crying•

(M)-BOYS!PLEASE STOP!Don’t fight for me!Im not a toy or a reward for winner!!

•Someone walk on that way and saw this and calls the police.In three minutes police was there and took the boys and Millie•

(police)-Name please!And parents phone number!
(N)-Noah Lookwood!And ********* my dad number
(L)-Louis Millier!And ********** my mom number
(police)-Girl!Name please
(M)-oh,im Millie
(police)-ok,who started fight?
(N)-It was me...i got so nervous on Louis and i punch him!
(police)-For what?You can’t start a fight for no reason
(N)-He kisses my girlfriend!And gave her flowers!
(police)-Millie!Come here
(police)-Who is your boyfriend?Or for who you have fellings?
(M)-Noah its my boyfriend...but i still have fellings for Louis...it’s complicated
(police)-Your right,it’s complicated!
(M)-ya...*she can’t look at them*
(police)-Boys!Parents are on the way!They are nervous!
(L)-I think they are gonna lock me in my room for a while...
•They parents arrives at police station•
(R)-Noah!Are you ok?What happen here!?
(N)-Dad,im ok!I started a fight and im so sorry...
(R)-its ok my dear!But you need to say Sorry to his parents not me
(N)-Mrs.Millier im so sorry about that,but i was jealous and I didn’t know what i do!
(L dad)-Its ok!My son need to learn to don’t steal girlfriends!
(police)-Its everything ok now?
(Parents)-Yes!We can go home?
(police)-Yes!Good night!

•On the way home,Millie tryed to talk with Noah but he ignored her•

(R)-Noah,you can sleep at me tonight,Rosie don’t need to know about this!ok?
(R)-Millie why you don’t talk?
(M)-Im stressed...
(M)-My parents are gonna kill me!
(R)-Im gonna talk with your dad and its gonna be fine!
(M)-Thank you so much Mr.Wittson
(R)-You can call me Robert
(M)-Thank you,Robert
(N)-I want to say!We are over for moment...
(M)-Wait what?!Please no...
(N)-You still have fellings for me and him,i need to make your choise more easy...
(N)-Im sorry...i need to think...

•Finally they arrive at Millie’s house and she go inside crying so hard!•
(M dad)-What happen with her?
(R)-I really don’t know!
(M dad)-I hear about a fight in the woods,but who fight do you know?
(M dad)-Who?
(R)-Noah fight with a boy!
(M dad)-Millie was with them?!
(R)-They fight for her...
(M dad)-Uhh,its so bad,i think this is why she crying...
(R)-Go talk with her...please
(M dad)-Im gonna do this,Good night Robert
(R)-Good night

•Robert on the way home•
(R)-Noah,why Millie crying?
(N)-I broke up with her
(N)-She said to police she still have fellings for Louis
(R)-Its bad!But its not a reason to broke up!
(N)-And i saw them kissing...I see fellings...
(R)-What?They kissing?
(N)-Yes,he calls Millie to meet her at tree house and she said to hide if he try something,and he tells her about his fellings and they kissing,and she didn’t stop that,i got so nervous and i push him away from her!And we started a fight!
(R)-If Millie still have fellings for both be here for her!She need you so much!I know you love her!
(N)-Im not sure if i love her anymore
(R)-You love her!And for the person you love your gonna do everything possible!
(N)-Thank you dad,can you bring me at her house?I need to talk with Millie!
(R)-Sure!Lets go!You can sleep at her this night,Rosie and Harry are not home and i need to go to a old friend and he live far away from here.
(N)-Ok!Thanks for bring me here!Good night
(R)-Good night!
•Noah calls Millie to open the door.She still crying...•
(N)-Millie!Are you ok?
(M)-Yes...im ok...
(N)-Im so sorry about everything!I was just a stupid!
(M)-No,your not stupid,I am...Come inside to talk
(N)-ok,Millie please don’t be sad!Im here for you!I was so nervous because of Louis...Whatever you are gonna choise im here for you no matter what!
(M)-Thank you so much!Your the best!And im so sorry too,because i didn’t tell you about my fellings for Louis...I hurt you and i fell like a garbage!
(N)-You didn’t hurt me!Im gonna be fine!You can choise Louis if you love him!Im ok with that!
(M)-I love him,but i love you too...Why i need to make hard choices?!
(N)-Its gonna be fine!Remember one thing “You are everything for me!”
(M)-I love you!
(N)-I love you too!
*i can’t lose her again,but its all her choice*
•Millie kisses Noah•
(M)-I...I’m so sorry...
•Noah looks in Millie’s eyes with love and he hold her hand and say•
(N)-Its ok,now you can’t worry about if Louis don’t like you *laught*
^incomming call from Louis^
-answer call-
(L)-hii,i want to say sorry because my parents locked me in my room...and yeah
(M)-Don’t worry,its ok
(L)-Thanks,Noah its with you?Right?
(L)-Millie don’t lie to me,i hear his breath
(L)-Yes *laught*
(M)-Don’t be mad pls
(L)-Millie,i said its ok,don’t worry about that
(M)-Aw,you can be so sweet if you want
(L)-*laught* i need to go,byee
-end call-
(N)-Really?! “I hear his breath”
(M)-Noahh!Stop please *laught*
(N)-ok ok *laught*
(M)-I miss owr childhood...
(N)-Me too...
(M)-Without boyfriends without hard choices...only fun all the time
(N)-You don’t need to choise now!You can take any time you need!I love you
•Millie start crying so hard,and Noah hugs her!•
(N)-Don’t cry please,I love you
(M)-In trying but i love both so much...And im so sorry for everything,i hurt you too much,I don’t deserve to be your friend
(N)-Millie!Look at me! I LOVE YOU!
(M)-I love you too *crying*
•After a while they fall asleep on the sofa from livingroom.Millie’s parents enter in and saw them,her mom don’t like Noah so much because she is afraid to not be like his father(she don’t know the real story).And she wakes up Noah.
(N)-Hi Miss
(M mom)-Hi Noah,I called your dad to pick you
(N)-He can’t...I can sleep here this night?Please
(M mom)-Ya,sure,you can sleep here
(N)-But,Millie says to sleep in her room on sofa
(M mom)-She said this?
(N)-Im sure about that
(M mom)-Let’s wake up her
(N)-Millie!Millie!Wake up!
(M)-Im awake,what happen?
(N)-Where im gonna sleep?
(M mom)-Millie,do you want to let Noah sleep in your room?
(M)-Of course,he can sleep on sofa from my room
(M mom)-Noah,i think this sofa is more comfortable
(M)-Mom,stop,he is gonna sleep on sofa from my room!
(N)-Its ok...i can sleep here
(M mom)-Millie!Lisen to me!
(N)-I think im gonna call my dad to pick me!
(M mom)-ok,call him!
(M)-Mom,what happen with you?!
(N)-He said to wait him in the park,its gonna pick me from there...
(M mom)-Perfect!Bye Noah
(N)-Bye Millie,Love you
(M)-Love you too
•Noah goes to tree house because his dad can’t pick him,and he realised Millie’s mom didn’t want him•
^incomming call from Cutie^
-answer call-
(M)-Hii,How are you?
(N)-Im fine...
(M)-Your dad is comming?
(N)-I didn’t talk with him...
(M)-Where are you now?
(N)-At tree house
(M)-Stay where you are!Im comming,my mom fall asleep and im gonna ask dad!
(N)-Its ok,I don’t want problems with your mom...
(M)-I don’t know what is with my mom
(N)-Millie!Im fine,just go to talk with her,don’t comming!
(M)-Uhh,ok,im gonna talk with her
-end call-
•Millie goes downstairs to talk with her mom•
(M)-Mommy!I need to talk with you!
(M mom)-Yes...come,you can talk with me
(M)-What happen with you?!You hurt Noah felling!
(M mom)-My dear,I don’t like Noah,he is more like his dad,a liar and more bad!He is not good for you!Louis is kind and amazing!
(M)-Mom,I love Noah!
(M mom)-He hit Louis only because he kissed and gave you flowers!This is not good!If its like this in future he can hurt you!
(M)-Mom!In that time Noah was my boyfriend and he was jealous!And he is not gonna hurt me!Do you understand I LOVE HIM AND HE IS EVERYTHING FOR ME!
(M mom)-What did you say?!Oh,my little girl love her best friend!You can’t see Noah for a week!
(M dad)-HEY!What happen here?!
(M)-Mom don’t let me see Noah!And she hurt his fellings!Now he is on the tree house because his dad is far away from here!
(M dad)-Are you crazy?!Its so cold outside!Im gonna bring Noah here!
(M mom)-Im so sorry but he is gonna sleep in living room,not with Millie!
(M)-Mom!He is my best friend,we sleep in the same room from years!
^incomming call from Noah^
-answer call-
(M)-Hii,Are you ok?
(N)-Im good!You can come its hot inside the tree house i maked fire
(M)-Im gonna ask my parents...wait a second
-end call-
(M dad)-Is he freezing?!
(M)-No,he maked fire,can you bring me there?
(M dad)-Ya sure,come
(M)-Thank you so much!
•Millie arrive at tree house,hugs her dad and goes upstairs to Noah•
(N)-Im glad your here
(M)-Me too!But i can’t talk very much,im so tired
(N)-Me too
(M)-We have blankets right?
(N)-Ya,we have
(M)-Perfect!Good night!
(N)-Good night!
•Whole night Noah stayed awake watching Millie,He love her so much,but its nothing to do with this...•
(M)-Noah?Are you ok?
(N)-What?Ya,im ok
(M)-You speak in sleep!
(N)-What i said?
(M)-You said something weird!
(N)-Tell me!
(M)-You said you love me and you can’t lose me again...Its true?
(N)-I think so...yes...
(M)-Its so...cute...no one say this to me before...
(N)-This means im special?
(M)-For me you will be always special!
(N)-Thank you Millie
(M)-Im gonna choice,tomorrow!
(N)-Who is winner?
(M)-Don’t say that!Im not a toy to win it!
(N)-Sorry about that...but who is?
(M)-I think Louis!
(M)-Because you are special,wonderful,caring and i don’t deserve you...
(N)-Millie!I love you!And nothing matter!
(M)-Look,i don’t deserve you!I was terrible!I hurt you!
(N)-I forgived you!
^incomming call from Mom^
-answer the phone-
(N mom)-Your dad is gonna die...
•he start crying so hard!And fall on the floor•
-end call-
(M)-Noahhh!What happen?Are you ok?!
(N)-*crying* my dad is gonna die!
(M)-Omg,lets go!We need to go to him!
(N)-I can’t believe!
(M)-But who tells you that?
(M)-This means Harry dies,not Robert
(N)-I know,but Harry was my dad for so much time and i need to see him for the last time
•they run and takes the bus!At hospital Harry wakes up and his last words was•
(N dad)-Noah,Rosie i love you!Rosie you need to marry Robert!Noah deserve to have a normal family!
(N)-Please don’t leave me!
(N mom)-I need you!Don’t go!
•All the doctors tryed to save him but he definitely dies•
(doc)-Im so sorry but he is gone!
•Everyone started crying•
(N)-He c-can’t...
(N mom)-Noo!Harry please wake up!
•Millie,Noah come here to hug you•
(M)-*crying*Im so sorry...im gonna miss Harry and his jokes and his food and everything...
(N)-Im gonna miss my first dad...
(N mom)-I need him!But now...he is never gonna come back...
•They go to home•
(N)-Mom,Millie can stay?
(N mom)-Sure!But Millie can stay with me?Alone with me!
(M)-Ya sure...
(N)-uh,ok mom,im gonna go sleep...
(N mom)-Millie come here
(N mom)-I need to marry Robert!Harry last wish was this and im gonna make him happy!
(M)-Noah deserve a normal family...but what happen with Harry is so sad...
(N mom)-Please let’s stop talking about this,it hurts me too much...
(M)-I understand...
(N mom)-So...do you like Noah?
(M)-*panics* I love him,but...
(N mom)-but?
(M)-I don’t deserve him...
(N mom)-He forgive you!Noah always talk about you and how much he love you
(M)-Thats so sweet...but i hurt him...and I don’t want to do this again...
(N mom)-Millie look at me!I was like you,i hurt Robert but he still look at me with love like we was younger!
(M)-But i have a question...why your parents doesn’t like Robert?
(N mom)-They didn’t like Robert because he was too rich for my family and my parents didn’t wanted a rich boy...
(M)-I need to tell you something...
(N mom)-You can tell me anything!
(M)-My mom stopped like Noah...because he have a more rich dad than mine...and again she don’t want a rich boy...
(N mom)-If you love him,nothing matter!You can stay here!
(M)-I love to talk with you Miss Rosie!
(N mom)-Its only Rosie
(M)-You helped me a lot!Im gonna talk with her about that!
(N mom)-Good!Now go to sleep
(M)-Good night
(N mom)-Good night
•Millie goes upstairs to Noah’s room and opens the door•
(N)-Millie?Is that you?
(M)-Yes,im tired,i need to sleep
(N)-Im gonna sleep on sofa,sleep here in my bed
(M)-No,its ok!Im gonna sleep on sofa,I insist!
(N)-If you really want...
(M)-I love you!
(N)-I love you too!
•Later that night at 3am Millie wakes up and didn’t see Noah in bed...and hear a cry from bathroom!She goes to bathroom to see if he is ok•
(M)-Are you ok?
(N)-yes,im ok...
(M)-Noah!Your not ok!You can tell me!
(N)-Millie!Im good!You can go to sleep!
(N)-I need a time alone...please
*she got close to Noah and kiss him*
(M)-I love you!
*Noah kiss Millie fast*
(N)-I love you too!
(M)-Are you ok now?
(N)-I think so yes
(M)-*laughts*How someone can’t love you?
(N)-i don’t know *laughts*
(M)-lets go to sleep,im so tires
(N)-I don’t really want to sleep,im sad...and i can’t sleep
(M)-We can talk,if your not tired
(M)-Come,please,your mom is not ok,and be better for her...
(N)-Im happy because she is gonna marry Dad,but im sad because i lost Harry
(M)-Me too,im gonna miss him
(N)-Me too...
(M)-Are you gonna call Robert?
(N)-Not now,im gonna let mom call him
(M)-He still love her!I see it
(N)-Me too!
(M)-Now please lets go to sleep,i don’t really want to stay and talk in bathroom
(N)-uhh,ok,I can’t refuse you
•They goes to Noah’s room.He can’t sleep because think about Harry.In the morning Millie wakes up Noah,to make breakfast for his mother•
(M)-Lets make pancakes!
(N)-Yumm,my favorites
(M)-Yass,me too,and your mom too
(N)-We love pancakes!
(N mom)-What happen here?
(N)-We make breakfast
(N mom)-You two are so sweet
(M)-Rosie please wait in living room today we are gonna make breakfast for you
(N mom)-Thank you Millie,Noah
(N)-No problem,we love you!But,can i invite dad?
(N mom)-ya sure
(N)-yass,Millie you hear that?!
(N mom)-*laughts*
•Noah calls Robert to invite him to breakfast,and he approved!30 minutes later he arrived•
(N)-Dad,im glad youre here!
(R)-Me too son,i love you,and im so sorry about Harry
(N)-its ok,we are gonna be fine
(N mom)-Robert!Come here!Stay next to me
(M)-We maked the most delicious breakfast ever
(R)-Im sure about that
(N)-Your gonna like it
(N mom)-Robert i need to say something important
(N mom)-I love you!Do you want to marry me?
(R)-Wait,what?!Its this a joke?!
(N mom)-no!its real
(R)-Rosie Lookwood do you want to marry me?
(N mom)-Yes!I want
•Everyone was so happy and marriage date was released and invitation has sent.The next days Rosie and Millie goes to shopping for a dress.Noah and Robert goes to shopping for a costume•
(M)-Rosie!This is perfect!This is that dress!
(N mom)-You think?I love it
(M)-Its absolutely perfect!
•Noah and Robert goes to the same store and they meet there•
(M)-Noah!What are you doing here?
(N)-Looking for a costume with Robert
(M)-Me too for a dress for Rosie
(N)-I want to do something...
(N)-*He kisses Millie faster*
(M)-Aww,your so cute,I love you
(N)-I love you too
(R)-I fell love in air
(R)-ok,ok,let’s go
•Two weeks later they married and happiness is in the air.Noah and Millie in that night sleeps with his parents in tree house•
(N mom)-I love this tree house
(N)-Me too,its my favorite place,
(N mom)-Why?
(N)-Because here i kissed Millie for the first time
(N mom)-How sweet!
(N)-Ya,i know
(N)-It was not that bad
(R)-They are so cute together!Right Rosie?
(N mom)-Your right!
(M)-Noah,its ok!I like to hear it...*laught*
(N)-Really?Do you want to hear “I love you?”
(M)-It will be my pleasure
(N)-I love you
(R)-They are like us at owr first date
(N mom)-Yes,it was amazing!Im so happy for them
(N)-Mom,we are here,i can hear you!
(N mom)-I know!And i wanted it
(M)-Rosie,can we know the story how you and Robert meet
(N mom)-Sure!Come here
(M)-Yess!I really want to hear it
(N)-Me too
(R)-I want to remember it
•Millie hold Noah’s hand and she use his shoulder like a pillow•
(N mom)-I was in 10th grade,and in owr school arrived a new boy,he was cool,and beautiful!I fall in love with him in the first second!And in class he wanted to stay with me,and the other girls was so jealous!In one day,i got a letter from someone to meet in the woods!I thinked its him,and in the second he saw me,we haved owr first kiss!And we haved a relationship!After 2 years we was invited to a party,and yeah,after months my parents fund im gonna have a baby and we moved!And they forced me to marry Harry,i loved him in time,but not with my whole heart!A part of me is always for Robert!And Harry didn’t want to have more kids because he wanted to give all his love for you!
(N)-I didn’t know all these
(M)-Aww,this story make me crying!And after some years finally you married your first love
(N mom)-Its a cool story,right?
(R)-Of course!
(M)-I need to say something...
(M)-My mom don’t like you anymore,Noah...
(M)-Because you are more rich then me,and she didn’t want a rich boy to marry me...
(N)-Im not rich!My dad is...
(R)-Umm,im your dad,and im rich this means my family is rich
(N)-Yes,but its your money,not mine
(R)-Here your right!But you can use them!
(N)-This means,we can’t be together?
(M)-Yes...my dad love you,but mom...
(N mom)-Im gonna talk to her about that...maybe i will change her mint
(M)-Im so grateful because he was at your marriage!
(N mom)-We cryed together in that night before marriage!She was so happy...she is still my best friend
(M)-But,when you kissed Robert,i kissed Noah too and she was so angry on me but happy for you!
(N)-I didn’t know that,but you can stay at me,its a big house,right dad?
(R)-Sure!Millie,owr home its your home too
(N mom)-I see how much you love Noah and Noah love you too so much!
(N)-Millie,you still love Louis?
(M)-No,I absolutely forgot him,he is only a friend!And i talks with him and he understands!
(N)-Im so happy to hear this!
*Noah hug Millie*
(M)-I love you so much!
(N)-I love you more!
(M)-My mom is gonna understand!Or i will leave!I want a happy life...if don’t do something she is gonna force me to marry someone who i don’t love,and if this happen I can’t think about Noah!
(N)-If you don’t marry me in future,im not gonna marry someone else!
(R)-They are so sweet!
(N mom)-We was the same!And i dont want to let them have the same story!
(N)-Your story is sad!
(N mom)-I know!But in final its happy!My mom is happy for me now,but she regret what she do...
(M)-My mom never regret what she did!
(N mom)-Its more difficult with her!And i don’t want to lose my best friend
^incomming call from Mommy^
(M)-Its something wrong?
(M mom)-No!With who you are?
(M mom)-Come home now!
(M mom)-I don’t let you to stay and kiss with this boy!Come here quickly!Do you understand?!
(M)-yes...im comming
-end call-
(N)-Whats wrong?
(M)-My mom calls me,she need me
(N)-Im gonna go with you
(M)-Its ok,see you soon
(N)-Love you
(M)-Love you too
(N)-Uhh,don’t go!
(M)-Noah!I need to go!
(N mom)-Noah,let her go,*laughts*
(R)-They are so cute!But don’t be stressful Noah
(M)-Bye,see you soon
•Millie leaves and goes to her house.Her mom waiting at door,and in that moment Millie go inside her mom slap her•
(M)-Auch!This is for what?
(M mom)-Go to your room now!We need to talk!
•After a while her mom enter in her room and sit on a chair.Millie crying in her bed•
(M mom)-Millie!Lisen to me!
(M)-Why you don’t understand?!I love him more than myself!
(M mom)-You can’t love someone more than yourself!And i don’t let you see Noah anymore!
(M)-Why?! Why you don’t want to understand?!
(M)-GET OUT!LEAVE ME ALONE! *crying so hard*
•Millie calls Noah to talk with him•
(N)-Hii sweetheart
(M)-Noah!I need you!Don’t leave me!
(N)-I will never leave you!I love you so much
(M)-*crying* I love you so much!My mom is crazy!She locked me in my room to don’t see you anymore!
(N)-Millie!Im gonna sneak in your room this night!Open one window at 12am!
(M)-Ok,but please be careful!
(N)-See you soon
(M)-I love you!
-end call-
•At 12am Noah sneak into Millie’s room,her mom hear a sound and runs upstairs to see what is,but Millie hide Noah in her closet•
(M mom)-I hear something from here!What is?!
(M)-Mom,Its nothing,i opened the window to let air in!
(M mom)-Im gonna go sleep!And im gonna lock your windows!
(M)-Mom are you CRAZY?!
(M)-Just go please!Im tired and i need sleep
(M mom)-Good night honey!
(M)-Good night
•After a while Noah came out from the closet•
(N)-She is so mad on me..but why?And i think not because she think im rich
(M)-I think that too...But now finally i can talk to you again...come here,to watch a movie or something
(N)-Ok,lets watch a scary movie!But if your mom hear us talk and get in?
(M)-Im gonna lock the door and let key in!
•Movie starts and its so scary,Millie hold Noah’s hand.He looks at her so long and kiss her fast•
(M)-I can’t lose you!My mom wants to move!And divorce my dad...
(N)-Why?If this is because of me...maybe its more good if we broke up...
(M)-This is never gonna happen!We love eachother!But lets think this in a nother day...can i sleep on your shoulder?
(N)-Sure!Im tired too!
•They fall asleep and in the morning Millie’s mom knock at the door•
(M mom)-Millie wake up!Breackfast is ready!
(M)-*panics*Im comming in one minute!
(M mom)-I will wait you in the kitchen
(M)-Noah!Wake up fast!
(N)-Why?Its morning?
(M)-Yes!And my mom is downstairs waiting me!Go in and hide inside the closet and wait me because my mom work today and you can get out
(N)-ok,now go
•Millie go downstairs to eat,and someone knock at door.•
(M mom)-Wait here,im gonna go to see who is
•Her mom open the door•
(M mom)-Yes?
(Neighbour)-I want to say,last night i saw a boy climbing on your roof and enter on a window,i called you but no one answer,its everything ok?
(M mom)-Yes!
(Neighbour)-ok,have a great day
(M mom)-You too
•she close and lock the door•
(M mom)-MILLIE!
(M mom)-*slap her*WHO WAS AT YOU LAST NIGHT?!
(M)-No one!
(M mom)-TELL ME! *hit her*
(M)-Please believe me!No one was there!
(M)-No one was at me!
(M mom)-Ok!Lets check your room!
(M)-Mom!Its nothing in my room!
•She took Millie to her room to check it.Noah gets out but he forgot his hoodie•
(M)-Its nothing here!
(M)-*start crying*...n-no one
(M)-I can’t...
•Her mom get out from her room and let her crying.Millie decided to run away from her crazy mom.Later that night she calls Noah to tell him the story•
(M)-Noah...Your parents go to Rome for two weeks right?
(M)-Can i come with you and them?
(N)-Sure!Your parents let you?
(M)-No,but i will run away!Please I can’t stay here anymore my mom is crazy
(N)-She hurt you again?!
(M)-Yes...please help me
(N)-She is never gonna fiind us again
(M)-I don’t want to see her anymore
(N)-My dad is gonna pick you at 3am,ok?
(M)-Im gonna pack my bags,I love you so much
(N)-I love you too
•At 3am Noah’s dad,wait to pick Millie but a Neighbour saw her•
(Neighbour)-Millie?Where are you going?
(M)-Please don’t say anything...let me escape
(Neighbour)-Uhh,just go fast!If someone ask i never sees you
(M)-Thank you so much!
•She goes in the car and drive fast•
(R)-Millie?Are you ok?
(R)-We are gonna move to Rome forever!Your dad is gonna move with us!Your mom divorce him and he loves you!
(M)-I don’t know what happen with mom...she is absolutely crazy
(R)-She is gonna be good in years
(M)-I think that too...
•They arrive at the airport and when Millie come down from the car she saw Noah and start run to him!He saw her too and run to hug her•
(N)-I love you so much!
(M)-*start crying*I love you too
(N)-She is not gonna hurt you anymore!
(M)-Thank you!You saved me!
(N)-Lets go,to don’t lose plane!
•They boarded to plane.Millie hold Noah’s hand and didn’t let him•
(M)-Please,don’t leave me...
•After 2 hours they arrived to Rome•
(M)-I can’t believe we are here!
(N)-Me too!
(M)-Finally my mom is away from me!
(N)-She never fund you!
(M)-*Kiss him*
(N)-Let’s go,sweetheart!
•In that morning Millie’s mom wake up and she goes to her room,but she didn’t was there.She got so nervous and calls cops to report a kidnap.•
(R)-Here is owr apartment
(N mom)-Its amazing!
(M)-I love it!
(R)-Millie you and Noah are gonna stay in the same room!I hope its ok
(N)-Its very good
(N)-I mean,its ok...
(M)-I love you little idiot
(N mom)-We need a city tour!Right Robert?
(R)-Oh yeah!Right!Lets go!
(N mom)-First lets change clothes!
(N)-Yep!Millie come!
(N)-I mean,Millie you go first
*everyone starts laught so hard*
(N mom)-Off,Noah,just go and change your clothes
(M)-I will wait you here!
•After all change them clothes they go for a city tour•
(M)-Rosie,can i go with Noah to see shops?
(N mom)-Sure!Wait a sec to give apartment adress
(N)-Lets go,to SHOPPING
(N)-Come here,its an Puma store
•They buy some new clothes and some decorations for their room.Later that night they come back home•
(N)-Yes?Its everything ok?
(N)-What happen?
(R)-You are on the news!
(N)-What i do wrong?!
(R)-Millie’s mom report a kidnap,and someone film you and her at a store and sent this to news.
(N)-And what happen if they fund us?
(R)-she is gonna go to her mom
(N)-This can’t happen *start crying* I can’t lose her again!
(R)-Her mom wants to kill you!
(N)-No!No if i kill her first!
(R)-Her dad is gonna save Millie and explain she is not kidnap she choise to be here!
•After 2 weeks everything is fine,and everyone is happy but something is gonna be bad•
(N mom)-Kids!Wake up!
(N)-What happen mom?
(N mom)-They announced war!And we can’t leave the country!
(M)-I-I can’t believe
(R)-We need to fiind a safe place
(M)-*starts crying so hard*
(N)-*hug her*Millie!Everything is gonna be fine
(M)-It can’t be fine...we are gonna die...
(R)-We are gonna fight for owr lifes
(N)-And i will never let someone hurt you!
(N mom)-Lets hope we are gonna live!And we need to stay together!
(N)-I want to say...before i die...I haved a beautiful life,full of amazing people,and I love my family.
(M)-I love you too!
(N)-And If i die don’t cry just look at sky and say goodbye...
(M)-Please don’t say this,you are gonna live!
(N)-But if this happen i need to say i love you...
(M)-I love you too!
(N mom)-Robert i love you forever,and if i die take care of kids please...
(R)-I love you Rosie...
•Later that day Robert and Rosie fall asleep but Noah and Millie can’t sleep•
(M)-Noah,im so...scared...
(N)-Me too...But we are together no matter what...ok?
(M)-ok,i love you...I know i said it too much...
(N)-No!Its ok!I love you too!And i promise
I will never leave you!
(M)-Never ever!
(N)-We are together
(M)-Forever and ever!
(N)-Lets try to sleep...
(M)-Can i sleep next to you...im so scared
(N)-Come here!
•Millie fall asleep on Noah shoulder but stayed awake all the night.In the morning a gun sound wake up them•
(M)-Noah!Please don’t let me die...
(N)-I will never leave you!Come to parents room!
(M)-No!We need to stay here,please lisen to me!
(N)-Lets hide under the bed!
(M)-What is this little door?
(N)-I think its something secret
•In that moment someone break the door and get in•
(M)-Come!Get in!Its enought space!
(N)-But mom and dad *crying*
(M)-Noah!We dont have time *start crying*
(N)-We need to save our lifes...
(M)-I understand how much this hurt you...
*she kisses Noah*
•A moment later they hear his mom scream and many gun sounds and after this total silence for some time.They get out from the secret place to see what happen but...Noah’s parents are on the floor•
(N mom)-Noah...
(N)-Mom,don’t leave me please,i need you
(N mom)-Me and your dad love you..take care of you and Millie...*dies*
(N)-NOOO!*crying so hard*
(M)-IT CAN’T BE REAL...*hug Noah and cry*
(N)-We need to fiind a way to leave this country!We are alone now...
(M)-No!We are not alone!We have eachother and this is the most important thing...
(N)-First!Grab food and a map from a store and after a weapon or something like this
(M)-Lets go!Hold my hand please...
(N)-*looking at her and crying*I will never let you go!
(M)-We need to be brave!Your parents love you!And they are gonna be with you forever!
•They go to a store to grab food and things necessary to survive!Noah fund a dead soldier with a gun and he pick the gun•
(N)-We fiind everything we need!
(N)-What happen?
(M)-If i die in this escape mission?
(N)-I don’t let you die!Just imagine this an video game
(M)-in video games,you have infinite lives,but here you have only one!
(N)-be brave Millie!I love you!
(M)-Do you hear that?
(N)-Yes,wait,hold my hand,in the moment i say run you need to run more fast than ever!
(M)-im scared...
•Someone starts run after them very fast•
(Stranger)-Yes...please believe me
(M)-Whats your name?
(M)-Nice to meet you!
(A)-Nice to meet you too!But whats your and him name?
(M)-Im Millie and
(N)-Im Noah
(A)-You two are in a relationship?
(A)-My boyfriend dies...trying to save me...
(M)-That’s terrible!
(A)-Can i come with you and Noah?
(M)-Noah what do you think?
(A)-Thank you so much
(M)-But if you try to steal my boy i will kill you with my hand!I ran alway from home for him!I fight my parents and i leaved my first boyfriend for him!Don’t try something!
(A)-I will love my boyfriend forever...and I don’t want to steal someone’s boyfriend...I know how much it hurts
(M)-Thank you!
(N)-Millie,hold my hand!And Addison hold Millie’s hand
•That day was fine,no one tryes to kill them.Noah started make fire.Millie and Addison talk about them lifes•
(M)-You lived with your boyfriend before this?
(A)-Yes,like you,i ran away from home because i loved him...and i still love him forever!
(M)-Thats so sweet...And im so sorry for you!For me Noah its only family i have...I can’t lose him...because i love him more than everything!
(A)-I understand...
(N)-I maked fire!We can eat now!
(M)-Thanks,i love you
(N)-I love you more!
(A)-Thank you for food...But you and Noah traveled alone here?
(N)-We was with my parents,but owr house got attacked and my parents dies...
(A)-Im so sorry...my parents are still alive,but i think they don’t love me anymore...
(M)-They love you!I know that!Where are you from?
(N)-You have a different way to go home,and we are gonna go to Germany too because its more short way and after we can go home.
(A)-Thank you so much!
(M)-Im so tired...lets go sleep
(N)-Millie,you can sleep on my shoulder...to know you are with me...
(M)-Addison,come with us
(A)-I want to sleep alone,sorry...
•Millie and Noah start kissing eachother.Addison looked at them with tears in her eyes....after a while they fall asleep.But Millie wakes up•
(M)-Noah,wake up please
(N)-What happen?
(M)-Im cold...
(N)-Come here,I have a warm hug for you
(M)-Your always so sweet...Im not scared with you...
(N)-*kiss her*I love you so much!
(M)-I love you more!
•Now everyone sleep.In the morning a sound Wake Up them•
(N)-Girls!Im my back now!
(A)-Its just a bunny
(M)-Huh,i was scared for a moment
(N)-We need to move!To escape from this stupid country...
(A)-Guys,please,if i die...and if you succeed,search my parents and say “im sorry and i love them”
(M)-You are not gonna die!We don’t let you die!
(N)-We are friends now!And we fight for eachother life!
(A)-Thank you so much!But if someone attack us,i want to sacrifice myself!
(A)-I can’t let you lose Noah,or Noah lose you!
(N)-We don’t have time!Lets go!
(M)-Yes!Come here Addison
(A)-You can call me Addy!My boyfriend always calls me Addy...
•After so much time,they fund a house•
(N)-Look!A house!
(M)-Lets go to see if its someone!
(A)-Good ideea!
(Old lady)-Come here kids!Its not safe,soldiers are everywhere!
(Old lady)-Whats your name boy?
(N)-Noah...Noah Wittson
(Old lady)-You are Robert Wittson son?
(N)-Yes...but from where you know him?
(Old lady)-Im his old friend,but where is he?
(N)-He...he dies...
(Old lady)-Oh...*start crying* he always takes care of me when my husband dies...Im gonna miss him...
(N)-Me too...
(Old lady)-You don’t introduce me your friends?
(N)-She is Millie,my girlfriend,and she is Addison owr friend
(Old lady)-Your girlfriend is so cute!And your friend too!
(N)-We need to go to Germany!
(Old lady)-Why?
(N)-To help Addison go gome!And its a more short way to get safe,from Germany we can go home!
(Old lady)-Great idea!Im too old to go with you!But if you need something from here you can took!
(N)-Thank you so much!
(M)-Can we sleep here tonight?
(Old lady)-Sure!Follow me!I have two rooms,Noah and Millie can sleep in this room and you Addison can sleep here in this room with me...its ok?
(A)-Its perfect!
(M)-Ya,its good!
•In that night some they hear some gun sounds far away.Millie and Noah can’t sleep•
(N)-Im a little scared...I don’t know if we are gonna survive
(M)-If you die I die!Do you understand?!
(N)-Millie!If i die you need to finish owr mission!
(M)-No!We are gonna be together forever and ever!No matter what!
(N)-You are absolutely amazing!*hug and kiss Millie*
(M)-You too!We need to rest,it’s dangerous and we need energy to run!
(N)-ya,your right!
•They tryed to fall asleep but something broke the widow and after that some people break into old lady house•
(M)-Noah...im scared...what we are gonna do now?!
(N)-I don’t know,lets fiind a nother place to hide!
(M)-Noah...we are gonna die...please hold my hand
(N)-We are not gonna die!
(M)-I love you!
(N)-I love you too!
(M)-We need to save Addison and old lady!
(N)-Come!We are gonna jump on the window!We need to save our lifes!We can’t do anything for them!
(M)-No...please...I can’t go without them..*start crying*
(N)-Lets go fast Millie!Please come!
•They jump and run away so fast,and Addison scream maked them crying so hard.But in that moment they turn around saw Addison run to them,she escaped•
(M)-ADDISON!Your alive!Im so sorry because i go without you
(A)-Its ok Millie!You need to save your life!
(N)-What happen with the old lady?
(A)-She saved me!And they killed her...
(N)-*start crying*We can’t lose more people!
(M)-I think they looking for us!Because were we are they fiind us...but How?!
(N)-I don’t know!But we need to run away from here!
(A)-Lets go!We need to escape!
•Noah have a weird felling about Addison,he think she is a spy!•
(N)-Millie,can i talk to you for a second?Alone?!
(M)-Wait a second Addy!What happen?
(N)-I think she is a spy!Because soldiers fiind us everywhere why?Because of her!
(M)-Noah!Are you crazy?!
(N)-No!Its something weird here!
(M)-Noah,please don’t do something bad!
(N)-If soldiers fiind us again im gonna kill her!In front of them!
(M)-Please...she is my bestie!You can’t do that...
(N)-Millie!Do you understand?!She is gonna kill us!
(A)-Congrats,You smart boy!
(M)-What do you mean?
(A)-Your boyfriend its too smart!
(N)-I know!Im gonna kill you!
(A)-No,no if i gonna kill you first!
(M)-Why they want us?!
(A)-Because you and your little dog have powers!
(N)-Are you crazy?!I don’t have powers!
(A)-You don’t know how to use them!
(M)-I thinkes you are my friend!But all was a lie!
(A)-Im sorry “bestie”
(M)-I hate you!
(A)-I can’t say i hate you.I started to like you a little!
(N)-*put the gun at Addison head*Im gonna kill you!
(A)-You can’t!Your not that brave!
(N)-*shoots*I am for Millie!
(A)-You are gonna regret this!
(N)-No,im not
(M)-Bye bye “bestie”
(N)-Come fast Millie,we need to go!
(M)-I love you!
(N)-*smiles* I love you too!
(M)-You saved my life...
(N)-No,you saved my life!Because you are in my life!

They walk so much,but its too dark to continue.Millie saw a little cave where they can camp this night.
(M)-Im so sad...i thinked she is my friend...but she was only a stupid spy
(N)-They think we have powers *laught*
(M)-But...if we really have?
(N)-Millie!We don’t have!
(M)-Noah!Lets test,maybe we have wonderful powers.
(N)-And we are gonna do?
(M)-I have an idea,say something bad to me!
(N)-I can’t!
(M)-Noah!You can!
(N)-Uhh,ok,you look like a mess today..
(M)-really?!More bad!
(N)-Im gonna broke up with you!

•Millie for a second thinks its real and her eyes dyed purple and she look at trees and they fall•

(N)-Millie!I just kidding!
(M)-Omg,I thinked its real for a second...but What i do?!
(N)-You was amazing!Now you can fight the soldiers!
(M)-Im like a superhero!
(N)-Yes,you are.My heart hero!
(M)-How sweet you can be?Come here little bear!
(N)-You are the only thing i need in my life!
(M)-This is why i love you!Because you are amazing all the time!
(N)-Not more amazing than you!I love you too!
(M)-Lets fiind your power!
(N)-Hmm,lets go sleep now,in tired and we are gonna fiind it tomorrow...ok?
(M)-Ok...can i sleep on your shoulder again...please?
(N)-You don’t need to ask!Sure!

•Later that night they fall asleep thinking about what power Noah have.Maybe he have the same power with Millie,but he didn’t know it yet.Next morning they wake up...and want to eat something but they don’t have more food•

(M)-Noah...im hungry...
(N)-Millie...i know...we need to fiind something to eat
(M)-Hmm,maybe i can use my powers for hunting.
(N)-Its a great idea.I think its gonna work!

•He can’t finish say this and some gun sounds make them run in the woods,and climb in a very tall tree•

(N)-Millie...we need to stay hide!
(General)-We need to fiind them before know how to use powers.I need to kill the one who murder my daughter!
(Soldier)-Yes!We are gonna kill that one!
(General)-The boy is the most powerful!He need to be killed before teach how to use his powers!
(Soldier)-What happen if he can use them?
(General)-He can kill the entire army!
(Soldier)-Wow!And we are so much peoples!
(Soldier)-I think they run away from here,but im gonna fiind them!
(General)-Thank you!

•General and other soldiers walk away from there and they can go down from the tree•

(M)-You hear what i hear?!
(N)-What do you mean?
(M)-You are the most powerful!Do you understand?!You can kill an entire army!
(N)-Maybe,but i can’t use my powers because I don’t know what powers i have
(M)-We need to fiind them now!How fast it’s possible!
(N)-I need to protect you!No matter what!
(M)-I love you!
(N)-I love you too!

•In that day they tried some options but nothing.A little bit later a strong storm started!Lightning stuck the ground and Millie get so scared of them.When a lightning stuck next to Noah he controlled it.•

(M)-Noah!We fiind your power!
(N)-Ya?What is?
(M)-You can control the weather!
(N)-Its a weird power...and i can’t kill an army with this!
(M)-Of course you can!You can create lightnings if you want!
(N)-Good point!But your power is more amazing!
(M)-You’re wrong!Your is the most amazing one!
(N)-We need to move now!I can’t control it very good yet,i can’t fight with soldiers.
(M)-Me too!
(N)-If we hide,we can’t die like stupid rats!

•Noah was so nervous because he think he don’t have a cool power.And he can’t control it.But they continue walking,soldiers looking for them.Millie is happy but her happiness don’t help Noah•

(M)-Noah!Tell me immediately what happen with you!
(N)-Nothing!Im good!
(M)-No!Your not good!
(N)-I think about my parents,and how i got this power...what happen...i need to know!!
(M)-Noah...don’t lie to me
(N)-I don’t lie,Millie!
(M)-You wanted this!
*she makes Noah fly*
(N)-Millie!Put me down right now!
(M)-You are gonna tell me the truth right now!
(N)-No thanks
(M)-I will broke up with you!
(N)-Not that far young lady!ok...im gonna tell you...
(M)-Perfect!Im lisening...
(N)-My power is so bad!Your it’s absolutely amazing and mine is just a control weather...no one wants a power like this...maybe that general talk about a nother boy!
(M)-Are you kidding me right now?!You have Thor power without a hammer!
(N)-Yes...i think so...
(M)-You need only to teach how to control them and no one can kill you!
(N)-Your right!Im Noah Thor!
(M)-Not that much!Please,its sound weird...
(N)-Ya,i know!*laught*
(M)-I can’t wait to go home...to see dad and i miss mom too...
(N)-She is not gonna accept me...i think im gonna live in my dad house,or i will sell it,I don’t have money to pay bills...
(M)-You can live with me and my dad!Im not gonna stay with mom,she is crazy!
(N)-Im at news because she told them I kidnapped you!
(M)-I don’t want a nother person to kidnap me...
(N)-I have a question...your dad was a robber?
(M)-No!Of course no!Why?
(N)-Because you steal my heart!
(M)-Are you crazy?
(N)-No...i just fall in love...
(M)-Me too!

•they started to kiss eachother but a soldier fund them and he started to scream.Noah created a lightning in his arm and killed the soldier.After this they run away fast and hide in a small cave•

(M)-That was wow!
(N)-I didn’t know i can do this..
(M)-But why everytime we have a cute moment someone wants to kill us...
(N)-Super hero life *laught*
(N)-I want to be a normal boy like before...
(M)-Me too...I think i miss Louis
(N)-Wait!What did you say?!
(M)-I just kidding little idiot!
(N)-I believed it for a second,and i think he have a girlfriend now
(M)-I think that too...
(N)-We need to know how we get that powers!
(M)-Its very important to know the truth!

•Again that night they fall asleep,Millie thinking about them powers...but Noah think about Millie...he really love her and he don’t want to lose her and in that moment he realised•

(N)-Millie!Wake up!
(N)-I just realised something
(M)-What do you mean?
(N)-Addison said the is gonna go to Germany right?
(M)-Im confuse right now
(N)-And she was a spy,this means the army wait us in that way to Germany
(M)-You are really smart!This make sense!
(N)-And this means we are gonna go to a nother way home!
(M)-But...can we sleep now...im very tired...
(N)-I forgot its night *laughts*
(M)-But you forgot something...
(M)-Where is my good night kiss?
(N)-Yeah!Come here! *kiss Millie fast*
(M)-Im a little scared...its so dark this night...and we don’t have fire...And im cold...
(N)-Come...you can sleep next to me!

•That night was darker and cold but Noah hugs Millie everytime she got scared.Next morning didn’t was different like the other mornings.But a sound scared Noah and he wakes up Millie•

(N)-Millie!Wake up!I hear something!
(N)-I don’t know...but come...we need to hide
(M)-Noah...im not scared anymore!Im gonna use these powers!
(N)-Im with you!We are gonna fight them!We are powerful!
(M)-Come behind me!Let me first please
(N)-fine!Love you
(M)-Love you too!

•There was just a bunny.Millie start crying for no reason and hugs Noah•

(N)-Millie...are you ok?
(M)- *still crying* I don’t want to hurt you anymore!
(N)-What are you talking about?
(M)-Your parents died because of me!
(N)-No,its not your fault!
(M)-Its my fault!Because they fiind i have powers and I knew it...and in that moment they break into owr house i haved enought power to save your parents but i was scared...and i left them die for us...and because of me they killed a lot of people...
(N)-*pulls Millie away and start crying*
(M)-I don’t deserve you...

•Noah was so sad all the day and didn’t talk with Millie.She tried to hug him but he pulls her away.Its dark outside and she try again to talk with him•

(M)-I love you...and I don’t want to lose you...
(N)-please leave me alone,i need to think...
(M)-Can i sleep next to you...?
(N)- ....if you really want
(M)-Thank you...

•A bit later Millie fall asleep with tears in her eyes.Noah look at Millie and hug her.She wake up and said...•

(M)-Im sorry...for everything...
(N)-Its ok...im gonna be good...
(M)-I love you so much...and you are my only family i have
(N)-you too for me...and I love you too!
(M)-Can you hug me again?

•He kisses her and they fall asleep together.That morning was beautiful and they wake up and realised...•

(N)-What happen?
(M)-I just realised...We have 1 more day left to walk to go in France!
(N)-How did you know that?
(M)-I saw a indicator!We have 100km left!
(N)-Thats amazing!We finally can escape from this stupid place!
(M)-I can’t believe!We need to go now!Before get dark outside!
(N)-Lets go!Im so hungry...maybe someone can give us food in France!
(M)-Maybe,but we can work and get money for a house...or only food and clothes...
(N)-We are gonna work at Starbucks or MC or something like that
(M)-I don’t care about where im gonna work...if im with you...everything its perfect!
(N)-I fell same!For the first time to buy a little house...and food...
(M)-Thats the most important!

•They walk all the day,and finally saw someone with a car and that man took them to Paris where is his home•

(Man)-Whats your name girl,boy?
(M)-Im Millie,Millie Parker
(N)-Im Noah Wittson
(Man)-Im Oliver
(N)-And how old are you?
(O)-Im 29 years old...but you two?
(M)-We have same age,16 years old
(O)-And,what are doing here two 16 old kids?
(N)-We traveled to Rome with my parents and some soldiers killed them...and we ran away...its a very long story...
(O)-Thats so bad...Im sorry for you Noah
(N)-Its ok...
(O)-This means you don’t have anything?
(N)-We are poor,homeless...
(M)-Yes...can you help us Oliver?
(O)-Sure!Hmm,i have a job for you Millie
(O)-You too can stay with me at my house if Millie take care of house everyday,and you Noah can come with me ar my work to help me,i will pay you!
(N)-Omg,thank you so much!
(O)-With Welcome kids!One more question.
(O)-You two are together?Because i have only one empty room
(N)-Yes,we are!
(O)-So sweet!I wanted to ask this because its not a big house.
(N)-Are you married?
(O)-Yes,i have a beautiful wife...we can’t have kids but this didn’t matter i love her so much!She is gonna be so happy to met you two!
(N)-We can’t wait to meet your wife!
(M)-Whats her name?*smiles*
(O)-Its Stephanie
(M)-She have a very cute name!
(N)-Can we sleep a little?Im so tired...
(O)-Sure!Good night Noah.*laughts*

•After 5 hours they arrived at Oliver house,and his wife run and hug him•

(S)-Who are these kids?
(O)-I can explain...
(S)-I love them!They are so cute!
(O)-He is Noah and she is Millie,they are 16 years old
(M)-Hi Miss Stephanie
(S)-Call me only Stephanie,come inside,dinner is ready
(M)-Thank you so much
(O)-Come on kids

•They take a seat at table and start eat•

(S)-How you two meet my husband?
(N)-We was on the way to Paris,because we traveled with my parents to Rome...
(S)-But in Italy its war
(M)-And someone break into owr apartment and killed his parents...
(N)-Its a very long story...and sad...
(S)-Omg,im so sorry...
(N)-Its ok...
(S)-She is your girlfriend?
(N)-Yea,she is *look at Millie and smile*
(S)-I remember that moment i meet Oliver,in that moment i saw him for the first time i knew he is gonna marry me in one day.
(M)-Aww,its so cute
(S)-I wish to have more rooms but its a small house...
(N)-Its perfect,we can sleep on the floor,its not a problem for us,i mean to say we sleep on the grown for I don’t know how many days...
(M)-Every night was cold...
(S)-I don’t accept to let them sleep on the floor we have one empty room...but i can ask a question?
(S)-I know its too early to ask this,but I always want to have a kid,and you two can be my kids with no adoption?
(N)-Sure *smiles*
(O)-Welcome to owr family!
(M)-Thank you *smiles*
(S)-Now i have a girl to talk about everything
(O)-And i have a boy to work with me!
(N)-We are so happy!
(S)-Come to make your bed,its late and you two need sleep
(M)-We are pretty tired...after everything
(S)-I know,love you kids,Good night
(O)-Good night!

•Stephanie close the door,and goes to her and Oliver room•

(N)-I like this family!
(M)-Me too!They are amazing!
(N)-Its a little weird to sleep with you in the same bed...
(M)-Yea,i know...
(N)-*laughts* We are so lucky...
(M)-But they can’t know about owr powers...
(N)-Shhh,its owr lil’ secret
(M)-Yeah,now sleep!
(N)-i forgot its night *laught*

•In the next morning Stephanie and Oliver wake up very early to make breakfast•

(S)-Aww,finally i have kids to make breakfast for them...im so happy
(O)-Me too!They are amazing kids!
(S)-I don’t know if they like pancakes...
(O)-Im pretty sure they like pancakes!
(S)-Im gonna take care of these kids like them real mother
(O)-Why you don’t want to adopt them?
(S)-Because they love eachother,and if we adopt them they became siblings and they can’t be in a relationship anymore
(O)-I forgot about them relationship.
(S)-Im gonna wake up them...its pretty late and you need to go to work
(O)-Bye honey!

•Stephanie goes upstairs to Noah and Millie room and opens the door•

(S)-Millie,Noah,wake up...its late
(M)-Good morning!
(S)-Good morning darling
(M)-Noah!Wake up!
(N)-What happen?Soldiers attack?
(M)-Just wake up!Its late!
(N)-Oh,good morning Stephanie,Millie!
(S)-Good morning Noah *laughts*
(N)-The bed was so comfortable!
(S)-I have a question,You two like pancakes?
(M)-We love pancakes!I can help you to make them if you want...
(S)-I maked pancakes,but I didn’t know if you like them!Come at kitchen!

•They go to kitchen and take a seat to eat breakfast•

(M)-But where is Oliver?
(S)-He is at work!
(N)-Aaa,this pancakes are so good!
(S)-Thanks Noah!*smiles*
(M)-I love them too!
(S)-Im so happy!Finally i have someone to talk if Oliver is not home...all the days i was so alone...
(M)-But we are here now!You can talk to us!
(N)-Ya,we are here!
(S)-Thank you kids!Can you tell me how you got together?
(N)-Sure!Owr mothers was very good friends,and we born in the same day in the same time!We grow like twins...and this was wonderful!At hight school a new boy arrived his name was Louis,he is rich and of couse he became popular fast!Millie falls in love with him again very fast!And Louis likes Millie too!Louis sent Millie a letter to date,and she wants to try how to kiss good on me!In that moment we kiss for the first time I realised Millie is more than a friend!After so much time they broke up because of me...and we became together but in one day Louis invite Millie to hang out,and she goes,he kissed her and i start a fight with him!After again so much time we became together again and traveled with my family here!
(S)-Wow,its a long,cute and funny story!But totally Romantic!
(M)-It was Romantic,but Noah don’t know this,in the first time i kissed Noah i realised too he is more than a friend but i was confused...and he forgot about that moment he ran away from home and i fund in the woods!
(S)-How romantic!*smiles*
(N)-I love Millie so much!She is everything for me!
(M)-I love Noah too!I never meet a boy like him.Noah is brave,kind and beautiful!He protect me with his life all the way!
(S)-Oliver its the same!I love him so much!He is so amazing!
(M)-Stephanie,do you need help to clean house or something i can help!Because i don’t want to stay here and do nothing!
(N)-Me too!
(S)-Now I don’t have something to do but maybe tomorrow!Me and Oliver save money for a more big house in the city!
(N)-We can work for money!
(S)-Kids,its ok!We need a little more money,Oliver can do it!But thank you!
(N)-Can i paint pictures?
(S)-Are you talented?
(M)-He is so talented!
(N)-At dinner i need to say something important!
(S)-Its something bad?
(N)-No!Its kinda good!Can i go in garden please...i need fresh air...
(M)-Im comming with you...to don’t fall
(S)-Go with him,im gonna make a tea for him,to relax

•Millie go in garden with Noah to ask him what he want to tell at dinner•

(M)-What you want to say at dinner?
(N)-Truth!If we accidentally use owr powers?
(M)-Its time...I don’t know if we can trust them...
(N)-This didn’t matter,we can protect owr self!
(M)-Good point!We need to wait util Oliver arrive home!
(N)-Ok...come inside,i want that tea
(M)-Oh,come on my dear!
(S)-Darling,are you ok?
(N)-Im good now...
(S)-Take this tea,its good for relax
(N)-Thank you Stephanie

•Later that day Oliver arrive home and in the first time he come in Noah,Millie and Stephanie hug him.They maked dinner for him,he takes a seat and...•

(N)-I need to say something important!
(N)-Its hard,but please believe me its real what im gonna say
(O)-Ok,i believe you!
(N)-Me and Millie have superpowers...I can control the weather and Millie can move things with her mind!
(S)-I can’t believe this...it’s impossible!
(O)-Noah,you want to tell me you are a kind of Thor?
(N)-Ya!If you don’t believe me,i will show you!
(M)-Oliver,Stephanie,look at this!

•Millie moves a bottle from the counter to the table where they are•

(O)-Wow!This is....I don’t have words!Can i see your power Noah?
(N)-Come outside!

•Outside Noah making a little cloud and make it rain and after Oliver and Stephanie see this he make it disappear•

(S)-This is absolutely wow!
(M)-We know,but you can’t tell anyone about this,soldiers want to fiind and kill us before teach how to use owr powers...
(O)-I understand now!But if they fiind us,they are gonna kill me and Stephanie too?
(N)-They want only me and Millie
(S)-I was scared,but im gonna protect you!
(M)-Thank you!
(O)-Millie,but your parents are still alive?
(M)-I don’t know,they are in my country,i think
(O)-But why they don’t go with you and his parents in Rome?
(M)-I ran away from home...
(M)-In a moment my mom don’t like Noah,and she still don’t like him.And my dad like him,they divorce because of this,and she started abuse me,and don’t let me see Noah and she ground me...and in one night i escape...and she call at news and said i got kidnapped...
(S)-Thats horrible!She can’t control love!But its your mother and i know she is gonna be so happy to see you...
(M)-I don’t know...i miss her but yeah...I don’t have money to come back home...
(O)-We can give you and Noah money to go home...
(N)-No...you don’t need to do that,Stephanie dream to live in city and her dream need to come true!
(S)-Kids,its not a problem,i can wait a little more!
(M)-No...anyway my mom don’t like Noah...but can you call her?
(S)-You know her number?
(M)-Yes,but talk to her but don’t say you see me or i live here...ok?
(S)-ok!Say the number.
(M)-its ************

•Meanwhile at Millie’s house•
^unknow number^
(M mom)-Hello?Who are you?
(S)-Hi,im Stephanie
(M mom)-And what do you want?
(S)-I was your classmate in hight school,but not this is why i call you,i hear about your daughter,are you ok?
(M mom)-I like to hear you again,but im not really ok...
(S)-But what happen?
(M mom)-She loved a boy,Noah,son of my best friend,I didn’t like them relationship because he is like his dad and I don’t want to let him hurt my little girl...and in one night she ran away,and someone do a photo with Noah and Millie in a store from Rome,after a while i hear its war,and if something is happen with her im gonna kill myself!I love her so much!*start crying*
(S)-Its a very sad story...but if she is alive and come back home,you are gonna be ok with she and Noah...
(M mom)-Noah is never gonna step again in my house,because of him I need to divorce my husband!I loved him!But now its just a memory...
(S)-oh...im so sorry darling
(M)-I want to talk with her...
(S)-Are you sure?
(M)-Mom,its me Millie!Im alive!
(M mom)-M-Millie,oh my god,Millie i miss you and im so sorry for everything!How you are alive?
(M)-Noah saved me!He didn’t leave me alone!And he protect me!
(M mom)-I judged him wrong...i need to say sorry to him and his parents,where is Rosie?
(M)-Mom...Rosie and Robert died!
(M mom)-Its that a joke?Because its not funny...
(M)-I wish to be a joke...
(M mom)-I need to talk with Noah,give him the phone!
(M)-Noah,come,my mom want to talk to you!
(M mom)-Noah...im so sorry for everything,i judged you wrong because i was scared to took my little girl away from me...and i treat you like a garbage!Im so sorry,and thank you so much for take care of my little kid...I want you and Millie home...you can live with us!
(N)-Thank you so much Miss Parker!
(M mom)-Im gonna buy you two a plane tiket!To come home today!
(N & M)-Thank you so much!
-end call-
(M)-We are gonna go home!After so much time...
(S)-Im gonna miss you kids...
(N)-We are never gonna forget you Stephanie,Oliver!
(O)-Oh,I love you kids!Come here for a family hug!

•They haved a very cute hug moment and then Stephanie said•

(S)-Oliver and Me are gonna drive you two to airport!
(M)-Can you give me your phone number?I can call you!And you can come to visit us!My mom is gonna be so happy!
(S)-Its a great ideea!Thank you so much!

•After a while they go in the plane and Millie start crying so hard•

(N)-Cutie,are you okay?
(M)-Im gonna miss them,they was great peoples!
(N)-We are never forgive them!
(M)-Im so happy to go home with you!
(N)-Me too!I love you so much!
(M)-I love you more!

•4 hours later,they finally arrived at home and Millie’s mom hug them•

(M mom)-I missed you so much...are you ok?
(M)-We are ok,but we need to tell you something...
(M mom)-You scare me...come inside and tell me!
(M)-We have superpowers...
(M mom)-*laught so hard*good one Millie!
(M)-Mom!Its not a joke!
(M mom)-If its not a joke show me!
(M)-I will show you!

•Millie tryes to move a bowl but she couldn’t move it!•

(M mom)-What kind of power is that honey?
(M)-It worked!I killed soldiers with this power and i move things and now didn’t work!
(N)-Let me try my power!

•Noah power didn’t work too!Because of something they lose them powers and became normal kids again•

(N)-We haved powers!Maybe something took owr powers!?
(M)-The good thing is we are normal again!
(N)-Im so happy for this!
(M)-Noah!I love you too much!
(N)-I love you too Millie!
*they kiss eachother*
•After years and years Noah and Millie get married and they lived a amazing life!•

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