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A mixed bag a shorts about Valentine's Day and the love we seem to find on that day. It's tattoos, muscles and piercing, ladies. Oh yes, and bare chest. Enjoy, my lusty fans.

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She hated this day. With a passion. Passion. Suzy snorted. That’s something she has never felt and probably never will. Being a werewolf, and mateless was not easy. She was a reject. Her mate rejected her because she wasn’t what he thought she should be. She wasn’t skinny, bony or model thin. No, she was a curvy girl and she wasn’t ashamed of it. She was very fit despite being overweight. She worked out regularly and lifted weights along with yoga three times a week. However, her mate had not wanted to hear that. He had called her fat, disgusting and ugly. Her self-esteem had taken a big hit. She would take time to recover from his careless rejection.

Putting all of that behind her, she decided to head outside to get some air. The room was full of humans wearing too much perfume and it was giving her a headache. Taking her champagne glass and placing it on a tray of the passing server, she approached the bar before heading outside.

“Black Jack double shot, straight, please.” When the bartender handed it to her, she thanked him and went to go outside.

“That’s a potent drink for a little girl.” Suzy turned her head and saw a bare-chested biker leaning on the bar, watching the party.

“I can handle it biker boy. Just as I can handle you.” She threw back the whisky and placed the glass back on the bar, turned and went outside.

Zach had watched the female wolf all night long. She had tried stay uninvolved since arriving.. What had caught his attention was that sinful red dress she was wearing. The corset top had lifted her more than ample breasts and enhanced the tuck of her waist and the flare of her hips. As he studied her, he felt his cock harden. When she had come to the bar and ordered a drink, he had been surprised at her choice. He had also been surprised by her throwing it back like water.

Deciding it was now or never, he followed her onto the patio and out into the gardens. Seeing her at the entrance to the maze, he followed her. He had plans for the little she wolf, and they definitely going to be a lifetimes worth. His beast had risen up at the smell of her and decided to claim her. He had been told that he would never have a mate, but it seemed that the seer that told him was wrong.

“Or the Moon Goddess decided to forgive your father for mating with a vampire after your mother died.” His beast whispered to him.

Either way, she was going to be his before the night was out. Even if he had to kidnap her and tie her to his bed and claim her. His beast howled at that thought. “Oh. That excites you, does it?” His beast sent him an image of a wolf-like grin. Zach chuckled to himself as he followed the girl into the maze.

It was so easy. She never knew he was behind her. He followed her until she reached the center of the maze, then making himself know, he spoke.

“I think I’ll take you up on that offer. You know, the one where you said you could handle me. I’m glad. Because I’m a pretty damn aggressive wolf and my mate will have to be able to deal with me. She can’t be some little fragile thing. My mate will need to be sturdy, to say the least. Come here, little girl. Show this biker “boy” just how well yo can handle him.′ Zach smirked at the shock on her face. She still had no clue that she was his mate.

Suzy licked her lips and tried to find her voice. “Uhhhh, I really think you got the wrong girl. You see, I’m not mate material. In fact, I’m a reject. My best possible chance at a decent life is to find a human to fall in love with and hope that I can have children.”

He growled. Growled. ’No!” He stalked towards her as she backed up, ’Mine!”

Finally, she backed up into one of the marble pillars of the gazebo, stopping her retreat.

“Oh little girl. You have now idea.” He purred.

Suzy looked up at him and gasped. His eyes were completely black, with just a faint edging of gold. His wolf was out. She felt his claws as he grabbed her hips and rubbed his erection against her. “No little girl, you’re my mate. I knew it the minute you walked up to the bar. My beast went crazy. You smell so good and I’ll bet you taste just as good.” He growled. Without waiting for her to reply, he leaned down and claimed her lips in an aggressive kiss, that soon had her responding and moaning. “I;m going t mark you now. I’ll be damned if I let you go back into that party with all of the unmated males, human or supernatural. You are mine.′

Sliding his lips down her throat and around to the side of her neck, the heat in her core was terrible. She continued to rub on the leg that he had placed between her legs when he had kissed her. Sinking his teeth into the neck that she offered him, she rubbed harder as her orgasm hit her. Letting her head fall back as she let out a silent scream, she felt the tingles on her body where the he-wolf touched her.

Oh god! She was such a slut. She didn’t even know her mates name. He was going to think that she was worse than the pack slut. “Oh no I won’t. My name is Zach and I am the new lead warrior for the pack. You, little girl, are mine now, and I can’t wait to get you in my bed and fuck you senseless. I hope the Alpha will allow me mating leave. Because I promise to fuck you sore.”

Suzy shivered at his words. But before she could speak, a voice called her name. Of course, it would be her...well she wasn’t sure what to call him. The guy who rejected her. “Hey! What’s going on out here. Suzy, I decided you might be worth after all. At least, you might be someone to fuck when i’m lonely. Who the fuck are you and why are you touching my mate like that.”

“Boy, you better get your head out of your ass. That’s my mate you’re talking to. And as for who I am, I’m the new lead warrior. Now, if you’ll excuse us, my mate and I have to go meet the Alpha.

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