Mafia Princess book 3

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This is the third and last book in the Valentino Brothers Series. There will be a spin-off series coming soon Readers 18+ (Sample) “How’d you even get in here?” I snap. “I locked the door.” He stands up and stalks over to me. He comes so close to me that I have to tilt my head up to keep eye contact with him. “I told you not to do that.” He calmly says. I roll my eyes at him and place my hand on my hip, ready for a fight. “You can’t tell me what to do.” He chuckles at that and I glare up at him. “I’m here to protect you Mariska.” He says, my name rolling off of his tongue like honey. “I’m here to tell you what to do and you have to do everything I say.” His eyes darken with something I can’t quite read and my anger towards him flares. “Fuck you!” I shout, stepping away from him. “I don’t have to do anything you say. I’m not your slave!” “No, you’re not my slave, but you are a little princess. And princesses need big, strong men to watch over them.”

Romance / Drama
Mickey Myjak
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3 weeks ago,

“This isn’t fair!” I shout at my obnoxiously overprotective brother Dimitri.

“I don’t care if you think it’s fair or not. You’re still coming with me.”

“Dimitri.” I sigh, running my fingers through my short blonde hair. “I only have three weeks left of high school. At least let me finish my classes and graduate before you drag me off to San Diego with you.”

“I told Xavier we would be there by the end of this week.”

“Then you go and let me stay here.”

“No.” His voice booms with authority and he crosses his arms over his chest. “Absolutely not. You’re coming with me Mariska. I need you to be kept safe.”

“Please Dimitri.” I beg. “I never ask you for anything. I don’t even want to be a part of your Bratva. This is your war, not mine. I’m just stuck in it like some sort of pawn. The least you can do for me is let me finish high school.”

“Fine.” He sighs, relaxing his stance. “You can graduate before we go.”

“Thank you!” I squeal, running to him and hugging him.

“You’re welcome.” He grunts. “But we’re leaving the minute after. You hear me?”

“Yes, I hear you big brother.” I smile, rolling my eyes at him. I step out of his arms and he shakes his head at me but his lips curve up into a smile.

“Just know I’m sending guards with you to school from now on. Until we leave you are being put on watch with extra security and when we get to San Diego you better follow all of the rules there. I can’t see you get hurt Mariska. I promised our parents that I would keep you safe and protect you. I’m not about to break that promise.”

“I know Dimitri. Really, you’re going to kill yourself with stress. Calm down, okay? Everything’s going to be just fine. You’ll catch the bad guy and everything will go back to normal, well normal for us. You’ll see Dimitri, everything will work itself out.” I smile and he just stares at me, brooding like usual.

“You’re far too optimistic and naive for this world Mariska.”

“Well good thing I don’t even want to be in your Bratva world. One day I’ll leave and live a normal life. One day I won’t have crazed psychopaths on my back or a dozen guards watching my every move. But for now, what I do have is my positive attitude and that will get me through another day of your fucked up dark world.”

Dimitri shakes his head at me and his dark brown eyes turn sad.

“It’s not just my world that is dark. It’s the whole Goddamn world that is fucked up Mariska. I wish it wasn’t but it is and sooner or later you’ll find that out. I just hope I’m here to help you through it when you do.”

“God Dimitri!” I growl. “You have to ruin everything don’t you? You have to take everything from me, even my hope. Ugg! I hate you!”

I turn on my heel and run out of the room.

“Mariska!” He shouts after me. I don’t turn around to look at him, I don’t stop running. I get to my room and slam the door shut, locking it so that nobody can come in and disturb me.

“Fuck!” I scream, burying my face in my pillow. I don’t want to go to San Diego. I don’t want to be watched or protected all the time. I want to be left alone. I want to get out of this stupid life as a sheltered girl. I hate the mafia. I hate everything. At least I’ll be able to see some of my friends and graduate with them before my life becomes even more ruined than it already is. At least Dimitri is giving me that.

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