The War Between Us

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Love, it’s such a difficult thing. People fall into it and people fall out of it. What makes people want to be in love? How much pain do you have to go through to get what you want?? For Irene Miller, it took everything she had to be with someone who sacrificed their lives for others. With these obstacles around her, she must hop over to become one. Will it be worth it? Or will it all shatter to pieces? Can faith hold up its deal to see these two belong together?

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The sun makes beautiful colors as it peaks from the mountains tops. This whole scenery is worth the trip every morning. Irene likes to sit and view the sky before heading to work. Some days, the scenery gets cloud by smoke as explosions are popping out now and then. Making it hard to even live here.

America vs North Korea was getting to hectic at times. You can’t walk down the street without getting in the middle of something. Irene worries about her new life here in Montana. When stretching her body, she got up and headed to work. This trip brings her peace and relaxation.

As she walked, people greeted her with kindness and offered her some new items. At times, she had to reject it. The area she lived in was nice but there things she wishes wasn’t—

"EVERYONE GET DOWN" the person shouted.

Her vision was blinded and screams were heard everywhere. The streets were empty in no time. Irene couldn’t see anything but felt something very heavy. An explosion went off a few inches away from them. Holy shit. Debris flies everywhere, dust filled people’s lungs. The person released Irene. She begins to cough from the ashes.

“You okay?” The person asked. Her eyes sparkled when looking at him. A tall, fair skin, brownish hair, brown eyes soldier protected her.

“Yeah. I’m fine. Thank you” she replied with a slight smile. The soldier titled his head as he snickered a little. Was something funny? Was her accent too thick?? “Oh, I’m sorry if my accent throws you off. I’m originally from France. At times it gets thick”

Smiling, he nods his head saying it was cute and he could understand her just fine. Like a gentleman, he welcomes her to Montana. A voice was calling him from a distance, which meant he had to leave. Her eyes couldn’t look away from him. It was strange.

After coming back to reality, Irene continues the walk to work. When she entered, a coworker came dashing towards her with speed. “What’s the fire? Is there an emergency?” She panicked.

“Nope. Just happy to see you, that’s all” Maria said. Irene is glad she made at least one friend but geez that gets annoying. She has only been here for a month, Maria acts like they are best friends. Anyways, they walked to the office so Irene could change. Maria mentioned one of her patients is waiting for her arrival in room 211 for a checkup.

Irene Miller, a 26 yr old surgeon who got transferred to America from Paris because of a job switch. Her goal is to be known as the best surgeon around, it doesn’t matter which type. As for right now, a ER surgeon isn’t what she was looking for. It was the only position they had for her ability at the moment.

She could have been a surgeon assistant like her other job instead of being a leading surgeon. Irene is grateful for her position but wants more. She sanitized her hand before attending to her patient. Until an emergency call came over the speaker. A coworker asked Irene to go and help with the incoming patient.

Quickly she went to the ER entrance to find a soldier covered in blood. She rushed to his side. “Sir— Sir! Can you hear me??” She checked his pulse. When she looked again her eyes when huge. “Carson?”


“His bpm is stable and his blood pressure is stabling as well. He could have died from shock due to the blood loss. Thank god, he made it here in time” Irene stated to the nurse.

She takes a mini flashlight and shines it in Carson’s eyes. This helps with vision after getting surgery or seeing if they were okay. He had multiple bullets lodged into his body which needed surgery to remove. His eyes flickered, he was waking up. Irene called him. Carson did a slight goan as he moved.

"What happened?" he said in a soft tone.

“Mr. Reed, you were taken to the emergency room because you were shot. Don’t worry, I will take good care of you” she grinned. It took a minute to notice who she was. A bright smile came on his face. Irene patted him on the head and took a seat next to him. She checked the vitals once more. That’s when a person came to them.

The person asked about his friend and if he was okay. He let out a big sigh to hear the good news. Irene glanced up after realizing the voice. "It's you," she said.

“Well, hello. You are the woman from earlier. Didn’t know you worked here” his smile never left him.

“I am an ER surgeon here. Plus, this is the only hospital that will deal with soldiers wound” she stated. The soldier chuckled at her, looking at her with such love in his eyes. “If you want to stay with him, you can,” she mentioned.

Before leaving, she puts her tools back on the metal cart. Then she closes the curtains for privacy. He grabbed the chair and sat down. A loud pop sound came from Carson’s forehead as his friend flicked him.

“What is wrong with Private?? I told you not to go out there and what did you do?? Go out there. What an idiot. Anyways, you know that doctor?” He curious said.

“It wasn’t my fault, Captain Lewis. It was just a reaction and yes, Dr. Irene Miller. I met her a year ago I think. She is really cool and nice. She is also very cute”

David flicked him once more but this time it was the nose. He peeks from behind the curtains to see if she was around. Irene was talking to her coworkers at the front desk. A glow radiated around her as he kept staring.

Her head slowly turned his direction, which made David heart flushed when they made contact. The two couldn’t stop gazing upon each other. Irene broke the glaze and went back to work. He closed the curtains, his face was completely red.

Carson’s eyebrow raised as he was wondering what his Captain was doing. David just smirks and chuckled. He also tried to keep his composure. “Yeah, she’s cute” he said as he crossed his arms.
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