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My husband's regret

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" You can't do this. you can't kick me out" I cried. He is just angry at me for some reason. He doesn't know what he is saying. " Ofcourse I can. Get the hell out from my house right now" he shouted at me angrily. I just blinked at him confusedly. He never even once raised his voice at me. But what happened to him now? " No I won't leave you. you are just angry. I know you love me and you will never hurt me " I said confidently. Even though he didn't say those three letters I know he loves me. " Me.Love.You?" he laughed harshly. " I never loved you and will never" he spit out the words. My confidence wavered a little but I shook off the doubt and held my ground. Ofcourse he loves me why else he married me? I nodded to myself. Maybe he is too stressed and didn't know what he is saying. " I know you love me. That's why you married me" I reminded him confidently. Actually I am not a very confident women but when comes to our love I am 1000 percent confident. He laughed again harshly and said" poor girl I married you not because I loved you . You were a pathetic orphan girl without family or friends so out of pity I married you" he lied smoothly even though it hurt to say such cruel things to her. I thought nothing can break my heart. I thought not even god could break my love but that one word did it " Pity"

Romance / Drama
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Chapter one

Alexander Kingston can't believe want he have heard and what he has seen. He doesn't wanted to believe that his beloved wife betrayed him , he won't believe it. But he has seen the evidence with his own eyes. The pictures of his Faith with various men in various places, mostly in hotel rooms in intimate postures. Even then he was not ready to believe it.

Tania inwardly smiled to herself. Finally she will get ride of that good for nothing Faith. Alexander Kingston is going to be hers soon. Smoothing her perfect dress with her manicured fingers she glided towards Alex with her long silky legs.

" Alex I know it must hurt but don't worry I am here to comfort you." She said suggestively and put her hands on his shoulder.

" I am not hurt Tania and I don't need your comfort" he said removing her hands from his shoulder.

She was puzzled. What the heck? According to her plan by now he should be beyond angry with Faith and seek comfort with Tania.

She voiced her question "but you saw those pictures. How can you not be hurt?"

" Because they are fake and I know my Faith. She will never cheat on me" Alexander said confidently.

Tania's smile didn't even waver a bit. Ofcourse she should have expected this from him. How come he have so much faith in her? That orphan girl doesn't deserve his faith she thought bitterly.

" Look at those pictures clearly Alex. Look at her dresses. All those dresses can't be faked exactly. They are the dresses you bought for her" she explained patiently to him as if speaking to a child.

" But it can't be true. It just can't be. " he insisted.

God this stupid man, why can't he believe it easily like any other men? Tania mentally scowled at him.

" I know I just thought the same as you but we should confirm it. We can't let any doubts in a relationship. If you let even a small grain of doubt in a relationship eventually it will break your marriage." She said sincerely. Actually no, she acted sincerely. Tania knew Alex so well that she went along with what he said so that he will listen to her. After all she is his childhood friend.

" But how to confirm that she is innocent? I can't tell her about this or show her those pictures. My Faith will get hurt"

Tania just rolled her eyes when he wasn't looking at her.

" Ofcourse not. How can we let Your Faith hurt? What I am saying is send the pictures to an agency who will check the pictures and can tell whether it's true or fake. So that you will know for sure that it's 100 percent fake" she spoke sweetly to him.

" Yes you are right. I will send those fake photos to Charlie. " He said.

Send those pictures to whoever you want the result is going to be the same Tania thought smugly.

" Okay Alex I will see you later" waving to him she exited his office with a wide smile on her Barbie face.

But Alex was not smiling he was upset and angry. Who dared to make such fake pictures of his wife? Whoever they were he vowed to hunt them and kill them with his bare hands.

He impatiently waited for Charlie's call before hunting the person behind the pictures. Ofcourse he knows the result but still he wanted to hear it from Charlie.

Alexander's phone started ringing.He quickly snatched the phone from the table and answered it.

" Charlie tell me the photos are fake. Do you have any ideas who might have created it? That damn photos almost look real. If I was stupid I might have believed them. Those fake photos-" Charlie spoke before Alexander finished his sentence.

" They are true Alexander" he said softly. Charlie couldn't believe those photos himself but they were not fake. He checked those horrible photos again and again but the result were same. He didn't want to tell his friend the truth but he doesn't want to lie to him either. But what confuses him the most is that the photos were too perfect. Every single posture in those photos looked like they were choreographed. It's the only thing bothering him. He should tell that to Alexander he reminded himself.

" I know it's fals-" Alex started but was frozen when what Charlie said registered in his brain. He cautiously asked his friend again " what did you say?" Praying what he heared was his mind playing tricks.

" They are not false all of them are true but-"Alexander wanted to hear no more. He felt as if his heart was ripped from his chest. How could she? How could his sweet little Faith do that to him. All the sweet things she said to him played in his mind.

"Alexi sweetie you are my everything. I don't want anyone but you. You are my knight in shining armour" she said to him and showered his face with sweet kisses when he felt insecure and jealous.

" You are my only family Alexi. I will never leave you I will always be with you at all times." She reassured him when he feared that she will abandon him.

" I love you so much that rather I will die than live without you" she said to him again and again.

He felt like his world shattered. He still couldn't believe that Faith was capable of doing such horrible things. His heart still loved his sweet Faith even after hearing how horrible and unfaithful she was. He still wanted to hold her tight to his chest and never let her go. But his mind shouted at him for his stupidity. He was conflicted between his heart and mind.

He decided to follow his mind . After all ,his heart is the reason to fall in the traps of a cunning poor orphan. How could he be so blind to believe her acting for real. Love he laughed bitterly , he loved her that's the reason for all his pain.

He shouldn't have fallen in love with her. He shouldn't have married her. He the hell shouldn't have showered her with love and kisses.

She was his first in everything. His kiss. His love. His touch. In Every damn thing she was his first. He was never interested in girls or believed in love but the day he saw her he changed. Her single smile changed him. The way she looked at him with adoration and admiration changed him. The way she made him feel with those hugs and kisses changed him.

He doesn't want her to leave him but he has to. He can't live with a cheater. He can't be the husband of a betrayer. When he remembered all those photos his blood boiled. How can she be like that with them. How come she broke his trust so easily. Doesn't his love not enough for her? Doesn't he give her everything. Why did she have to spoil their beautiful life. Question after question came bubbling in his head. It felt like his head is going to burst.

That horrible creatures. How could she let them touch what was his. Doesn't she know that she was his? He wanted to kill each one of them who touched his Faith.

Even the thought of touching another girl repulsed him. He will never betray his Faith.
She may have cheated him and hurt him but he will never do such a thing now or ever. His heart body and soul always belongs to her whether she wants them or not he vowed to god.

But he can't let her hurt him anymore. He had enough. He can't bear anymore pain than he already have. He must make her leave him. He has no choice. He will not fall for her acting anymore. Even though he loved her and still love her he want to make her suffer and break. But at the same time he don't want her to be hurt.

He has to do it he has to do it he has get ride of her. He told firmly to himself and walked out of his car towards his mansion with firm determination even though his heart screamed ' don't don't don't' but he didn't listen to it. If only he listened...


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