Sentries Passion Series 5 The Kidnapper

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What can you do for love? What can you do for the person you love? Would you move heaven and earth just to be together? Can you cross any boundaries just to be love back? Love is like a poison that can kill a person,as what the saying says, but this kind of love do kidnapped a person just to get the love it wants. Will it have the heart it desires for? Or there were consequences for its ferocity?

Romance / Action
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Chapter 1 Gray Home

Frezzy’s POV

I tossed my shoulder bag on the sofa, drop my ass on the soft cushion and lean my back. I encircled my sight inside the house, no mom, no dad not even my sister and eldest brother who just came all the way from Berlin for a business trip wasn’t here. The house was quiet and dull, the house which is full of love and laughter that I left three years ago now turns to gray home. Strange, no one welcome me as I get back home. Not even Godrick, who promised to pick me up at the airport hadn’t come. Thanks to the cab driver who brings me home. Everybody was busy in all their task after mom got shot.

I have no plan of going back in the Philippines, not even my elder sister Dessa is getting married. Why would I? she's going to marry Godrick, my bestfriend, love, my life, the only man my heart beats for. It hurts me not to witness the best day in my only sister’s life, but it kills me seeing the only Man I love is marrying another woman and I have nothing to do to fight and win him because it was my own blood sister I am going to rip. I felt the whole ambiance of our living room gets gloomy as the wave of tears forge in my eyes. There's a sharp blade drawing lines deep in my heart to causing a silent deep pain.

“Ma’am Frezzy sir Godrick is here” informed by our maid, I just nod and she disappeared.

“Hey, you okay?” Godrick ask worriedly as he sat beside me. He was still in his BDU uniform and he is still damn fucking handsome.

“Do I look like I am?” I replied bluntly. He chuckles like my tantrums was just nothing to him. He pulls me towards him and rest my head on his chest as he caresses my back and randomly planted kisses on my hair.

“I so sorry, I know I promised you, but I was off to a mission, I inform you before I got off right?” he is pleading me to believe him. And shit! My damn heart is so vulnerable when it comes to this man’s word. I easily believe him. Which I know he spoke the truth, it’s obvious in his attire and base on the dirt that stuck on it.

“I wanted to see her” I whispered with heaviness in my heart referring to my mother who was now fighting for her life after she got shot by her kidnapper.

“Let me change my cut and I’ll bring you there.” He said and pulled me up.

“NO need to go back to base to change, you have your clothes in my closet” I informed him. His eyes open wide as well as his mouth because of amazement.

“Seriously” wow! I don’t know you still have my stuff even here in the Philippines” he said.

“Your part of the family Drick,” ‘Specially my life and heart’ I wanted to say but I stopped my self.

“That’s why I love you so, so much Frez” he cupped my face in his hand and kissed me on my forehead. I love you too fucking three words my heart only able to spoke.

“Go and change” I said trying to hide the bitterness on my throat.

“Thanks. I can’t wait for you to be officially my little sister-in-law” he said and run up to stairs straight in my room. This time, I had no control of the pain anymore. The pain is too much strong for me to hold the tears that slide down my cheeks. Theres the truth hitting me hard, I was just a bestfriend to him, a little sis and he cant never be mine. He cant never love me the way he loved Dessa. He cant never want me the way he want and longed for Dessa. And weather I accept it or not I am losing him. Sooner or later my sister will going to own him and I am off limits on him. I know Dessa she is territorial and even she doesn’t know what I fekt towards heer boyfriend she would make restrictions for us to see each other, to get bond the way we get used to be. And that fucking hurts. Why off all the woman in the world why Dessa? Why not me? We are sisters, whatever beauty she has I have too, I am more brainy than her what does Dessa has that I don’t have? Tears rage down as those questions running on my mind. Why he didn’t love any woman whom I can fight with, any woman whom I can steal him by any means. Any other woman whom I don’t care if she will get hurt or even kill herself if I steal him. Why with my sister? With Dessa who I cant fight, Dessa who I love and respect so much, this selfless woman who sacrificed everything of her for me. MY own sister, my own blood whom causes pain to me if she gets hurt, how can I hurt her, how can I steal her man that means everything to her too without me turns evil into everyone’s eyes? Specially mom. I have been a badass to her, a bad daughter, she loves Dessa more than me and if I hurt her favorite Daughter I am nothing but a garbage on her eyes specially that I never took the path she wants me to take. I wiped with the back of my hands those tears that flows again. I fixed myself as I heard the click of the doorknob from my room door. I never look at Godrick as he made his step down on the stairs.

“I’m good to go” he inform me as he smile towards me. My jaw drops as I saw how handsome he in his semi formal attire.

“Okay” the only words I manage to say and accept his hands he offers me to guide me towards his car.

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