Ours Wasn't A Meet Cute

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Chapter 1

“Honey? Can you get the cake, I’ll grab the presents.”

“Yeah, coming.” I called back, hauling the big, oversized birthday cake into my struggling arms and lifting my eyebrows to see over the glittery toppers. “Isn’t this a bit excessive for a three year old?”

“He’s my brother, Ayce, you know that.”

“Yes, of course, sorry.”

Balloons were everywhere, children were kicking them into their air, bumping them on their heads, laughing at the way they floated in the air. Mums and dads stood around the island in the big kitchen and chatted about their future and past holidays, funny anecdotes of their children and how they’re doing at work. Wheels on the bus blasted through the built in surround sound and the older brothers and sisters helped their siblings play games with the various toys scattered around the house they had won from pass the parcel.

And my fucking hair kept getting in my face.

Tucking it behind my ear again, I squinted at the lights all around me. I was stood in the room with the parents occasionally nodding and laughing on cue. Then a toddler ran past me and that little strand of hair was in front of my eye again. Damn. It was so much simpler when my hair was shorter.

“Hey baby, enjoying yourself?” I tucked the strand behind my ear again and focused on her, she had some playdough on the end of her nose and her younger brother attached to her leg, smiling the widest smile that she could. “I picked out this plate of food for you, I’ll get back to the kids okay.” She kissed the side of my head knocking my perfectly balanced strand of hair in font of my face again.

I lifted it back up and looked down at my plate. The paper was folding where my fingers were beneath it and the rainbow design had splotches where the ink had run.

A very non vegetarian sausage roll stared back at me, sat next to a cake with an oversized pile of bright blue frosting on the top. The rest of the plate was some pasta covered with a sauce that looks like cheese? Or maybe just mayonnaise? I couldn’t be sure. I laughed at the collection and giggled at how silly she was, walking over to the makeshift bin and tipping it in. Where was she?

One I found her I decided to pin her down by sitting in between her and a three year old so we could have a conversation that didn’t have to be spoken an octave higher than usual.

“Did you eat? Did you like the food? My aunt made it all.”

“Yes, your vegetarian, sauce hating, allergic to blue food colouring girlfriend enjoyed it so much she might actually need to go to the hospital.” I laughed, placing a hand on her thigh. She started to panic, something about me needing to eat? It’s a toddlers party? Adults don’t actually eat the food because they’re hungry do they? I thought it was just out of politeness. Nevertheless she hurried away to make another attempt at picking me out food. The fact that we always ordered takeaway at our place didn’t give me much hope, neither did the sticky fingerprints over all of the serving bowls.

“So, which one is yours?”

“Oh, I, no, I don’t have one, um none.” How can I make that sound less perverted? “Um, I’m the uhh sisters, girlfriend.”

“Ayce! I’ve heard all about you, the promising one! I wouldn’t be surprised to see a ring on that finger soon the way Henry’s parents talk about you!” She disappeared into the sea of children, jelly spills and bustling parents herding up their crying babies. Was she being serious? Am I close to… marriage? Is this what my life is going to be? Toddler birthday parties and shitty paper plates of food that I don’t like.

“Hey, got your favourite! It’s…” She held out a plate of literally everything on the bar and was eagerly awaiting me finishing the sentence.

“Mini pizza’s!” I unenthusiastically said, peering over the fold in the paper plate and furrowing my brow at the chicken pieces she had stacked on top of them.

“See! I knew I could tempt you” She showed all her perfectly white pearls and sat down next to me. “I know this isn’t your idea of fun, but after the kids all go home how about we go to that noodle bar you like in town? Then have a drink at Guy’s and make some fun of our own at home?” She whispered the last part in my ear, nudging me with her elbow. I smirked with one side of my mouth and slid my had behind her back resting it on her ass.

“I guess for that I can forgive you for the ice-cream on my shoes.”

The car journey to town was beautiful, she sang along to her favourite songs while I pretended I knew the lyrics, bobbing her head up and down and tapping the wheel as she sung. Her voice was off key but cute. She would occasionally look over to see if I was joining in, or to gasp at the next Top 40 that came on to see if I knew it. Well, the first 10 minutes were beautiful.

As someone who listens to heavy metal to send them to sleep there’s only so much Ed Sheeran and RagnBoneMan I can take, slipping one of my ear buds into the ear nearest the window, I continued to smile over at her every couple of seconds until we got to the noodle bar.

“What’s wrong? Why don’t you look happy?” I could tell from her eyes that she was… confused? Maybe a little concerned but definitely mostly confusion. I looked down at my plain noodles with no toppings and plastic fork.

“Nothing, this is amazing.” My mind wondered to my favourite noodle bar on the other side of town, she tried! That’s the main thing, right? Besides, nothing can go wrong with drinks at Guy’s. My brother’s best friend owns a bar right around the corner from our place which is very convenient, our favourite drinks are always on the bar whenever we walk in, for free!

“I swear this fucking key hole gets smaller every day” My words slurred and my fingers fumbled around the lock of our door. It was cold outside and every time I blinked a little bit of frost fell from somewhere, maybe my eyebrow? And landed in my eye, making my task even harder. “Got it!”

I fell forwards onto one of our many fluffy rugs, this one being the mustard yellow hallway rug. My wallet fell out of my freezing hand and onto the floor.

“Fuck I’m cold” The blurry light started to change as I noticed she was crouching down between me and the now shut door. I blinked a few times and adjusted my eyesight. “My God you are pretty.”

“I know a way to warm you up.”

Our que to leave the hallway was when I flung my arm back and hit the shoe cabinet, causing the printer to make a very angry noise and spit out a blank sheet of paper. I hopped up, grabbed her hand and dragged her deep into my chest. I could feel the pulse beating in her boobs, she was so warm. Unzipping her jacket slowly, I planted my face nestled into her neck, running my tongue down to her now exposed cleavage. As I started to suck harder she let out a small moan and wrapped her arms tighter around my body.

I quickly pushed her away from my body and up against the wall, biting my lip as I looked her up and down.

“Upstairs. Now.” She bit her lip in response and slowly stepped up the stairs leading to our bedroom. I pushed her delicate body against the mattress and straddled on top of her, pushing my leg in between her thighs and locking my lips with hers.

Sex means you’re bonding right?

Her body was the image of a model, she had a tiny waist and beautiful tanned hips with a smooth tummy and a belly button piercing. Her legs were slim but had shape and she always wore a jewelled anklet. Her boobs were perfectly symmetrical and perky, with an elegant collar bone above them and a slender neck crowned with a blushed, tanned face and big rosy lips.

Her bond hair was naturally wavy and had little lightening coloured baby hairs surrounding her face and natural highlights down to her hips. Okay, she was a model, well part time at least.

It lasted more that two hours, not to brag, we were good at sex, not the best at holding a conversation through dinner, but take our clothes off and give us a bed, or not, the location doesn’t really make a difference, we can go for hours.

I woke up hot and sweaty with my arms tangled in her long hair and my eyes refusing to open to the bright light. Stumbling out of bed, naked and tired, I hopped straight into the shower in our on-suite, it only took a few seconds of the hot water on me for my mind to revert back to what that lady said yesterday. Sure, we connected, but was she the girl I wanted to spend the rest of my life with?

She had everything, well, we had everything. Her family had renovated a town house and given it to us for our one year anniversary. I was invited to all family meals, a concept I had not even known of until I was cast out of the foster care system at 17. We shared a nice car, she obviously had an amazing body, she was sweet, she cared about me, loved me. Wanted to spend the rest of her life with me. So why was I finding that so hard to wrap my head around.

My thoughts were interrupted when I heard rustling in the bed, and the noise of her alarm, I focused on washing my hair to try and distract myself until she shouted through the door in her still half a sleep voice;

“I’ve ordered breakfast! Will be here in 15!” I don’t know why we have a kitchen, I think I’ve used the oven twice to bake, other than that it’s just the microwave and the front door to grab the food from the delivery men.

“Okay, thanks Edi, I mean.. sorry, Emma…”


Let’s hope she didn’t hear that.

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