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Chapter Thirteen

“Mommy?” I wake up from the surgery, with a patch over my eye. I can’t see anything.

“I’m right here, sweetie.” I hear mom’s voice, and feel her rubbing my head, and stroking my hair.

“The patch will come off tomorrow, love.” I hear Dt. Calloway’s voice. “But the surgery went excellent my love. I promise.”

“Okay.” I feel myself smiling. “Thank you.” I mutter.

“Hi.” I hear a nurse coming into the room. “Alex?”

“Yeah?” I try sitting up.

“Do you wanna sit up?” I feel someone taking my hand.

Mom takes my other hand, and helps me sit up.

“Are you hungry?” Mom rubs my head.

“A little, but I’m nauseous too.”

“Okay, honey.” The nurse says. “I’ll get you some saltines, and some apple juice.”

“Thank you.” I say, quietly.

“Do you have a headache?” Mom asks.

I had a headache after the last surgery.

“No, I’m okay.”

“Good.” Mom leans over, and kisses my forehead. “I love you.”

“I love you too.” I murmur,


“Alright, sweetheart we’re home.” Dad lifts me out of the car.

“How did we get home?” I ask, quietly.

“We left the hospital an hour ago, you were asleep.”

“Can I take a shower?” I ask.

“No, you have a patch on that you can’t get wet, honey. Mommy is going to help bathe you.”

Tears stream down my cheeks. “Is this how it’s gonna be for the next couple of months?” Dad kisses my cheek. “No, honey. I promise. Dr. Calloway will talk to you about that tomorrow.”

“Okay.” I say, quietly.

“You have to keep your head down, baby. Just like last time.”

“Okay.” I sigh.

“Are you hungry?” He asks.

“No, I’m tired.”

“Okay. Mommy will help you change into some pajamas, and then you can go to bed.”

“Where’s Leo?” I ask.

“Mom told him to go home. He’ll be over in a few hours. He was really tired.”


I hope he comes over soon. What if this is all too much for him to handle?


“Alex.” Mom comes into my room at about two AM.

“What?” I murmur, crabbily.

“I’m sorry sweetie,you’re on your side, you need to stay on your stomach.

“Okay.” I know how important that is. “I’m sorry, mommy.”

“It’s okay.” Mom rubs my back. “You want me to lay next to you?”


“Did Leo come over?” I ask.

“Yeah, he brought over some pizza and cake. It’s in the refrigerator, baby. You can have some tomorrow.”

“Okay.” I roll over so I’m on my tummy, and put my head on the pillow. I hate sleeping like this.


“Alex?” Mom comes into my room.

“Huh?” I murmur, looking for mom’s voice.

“I’m right here, baby.” Mom puts her hand on my back, rubbing it. “I got your clothes out, do you want me to help you get dressed?”

“Yeah. Please.”

“Okay.” I hear the door closed, and feel mom dressing me.

“Can I have some breakfast?” I ask/

“Yeah honey. Do you want eggs and a bagel?”


“Okay, daddy’s making your breakfast, right now.”


Mom helps me through the house, and into the kitchen.

“Your chair is right in front of you, honey.”

“Do we still have that surgery chair?” I ask.

“Yeah, it’s in the garage.” Dad interjects. “I’ll get it out, before we go to the doctor’s office.”


“Need help?” Mom asks. “The fork is on the left.”

“No, I wanna try to do this by myself.”

“Okay.” Mom puts her hand over mine. “But I’m here if you need help.”

“Okay.” I eat breakfast, making sure my head is down.

Maybe things will be better this time.

“Let’s go.” Dad says, about ten minutes later.

“Your shoes are right in front of you, baby.”

“Is Leo coming?”

I really want him to come.

“Yeah, him and his mom are meeting us there.”

“Are the girls coming home?”

Mom links her arm through mine, helping me out to the car. “They’ll be home in a few days, baby. They’re at grandmas.”


Dad lifts me into the car.

“ Did Dr. Calloway say how the surgery went?” I ask, as we’re on our way to the doctor’s office.

“Let’s talk about it when we get there.”

“What do you mean?” I ask, anxiously.

“Let’s talk about it with Dr. Calloway.”

“Okay.” I sigh.

“Love you.” Mom smiles.

“Love you too.”


“Alright sweetie, we’re here.”

“I’ll go get a wheelchair.”

“I don’t need a wheelchair.” I unbuckle my seatbelt.

“I got the wheelchair.” I hear Leo coming over to the car.

“Thanks, man.” Dad shakes his hand.

“Can I get out by myself?”

“Okay baby, just be careful.” Leo and dad grab my arms, and help me out of the car.

“Am I gonna be able to see when they take this patch off?”

“We’ll talk about it with Dr. Calloway, love.” Leo puts his hand over mine.

Why do they all keep saying that?

“Alex?” A voice calls to my left.

Dad gets behind me, and wheels me into the office.

“Do you want me to wait out here?” Leo asks.“No, you can come in.” Mom says, gently.

“Okay honey, the chair is right in front of you, just watch your step going into the chair.”

I step up, going into the chair.

“Okay sweetheart, just try not to move. I’m going to take the tape off.”

“I’m sorry, honey.” I hear mom in the background.

I remember how it felt taking the tape off last time.

“Okay honey, I’ll try to be gentle.” She gently takes the tape off of my face, starting with my cheek.

Tears stream down my cheeks.

“Sorry.” I sigh.

“It’s okay.” She says.

I feel her taking the tape off, and everything is black.

“Can you see anything, honey?” The nurse asks.

“No.” I bite my lip.

“That’s because of the gas bubble honey, it’ll dissolve.”

She moves her fingers in front of my face. “Can you detect any movement?”


“Okay, sweetie that’s a good sign. Dr. Calloway will be in shortly.”

“You ok, honey?” Mom asks.

“I don’t know.” A tear escapes my cheek.

“It’ll be okay, sweetie.” Dad says, reassuringly, but I detect some tears in his voice.

“Hi guys.” I hear Dr. Callaway walking into the room.

“Hi, sweetheart.” He kisses my cheek. “Did you get any sleep last night?”

“Not really.”

He puts his hand on my forearm. “Are you in any pain?”

“Yeah, I woke up with eye pain.”

“Well thankfully the pressure is really good, the eye pain will go down, as the swelling goes down.”

“Am I gonna get my vision back?” I ask in a shaky voice.“Yes, you will, my love. Thankfully the retina was not as severely detached this time, so I was able to use a gas bubble. It usually takes a couple of weeks to a month to dissolve.”

“So, what’ll it look like as it starts to dissolve?” Dad asks.

“It’ll start off by being very blurry, but it’ll look clearer day by day.” Dr. Calloway reassures us.“So how long does she have to keep her head down?” Dad asks.

“Two weeks. To make sure the gas bubble re attaches to the retina, before it dissolves, and doesn’t move to the front of her eye.”

Well, that should be interesting.

“So, we’ll follow up in a week, and see how the vision is, and if the retina is still attached.”

“Okay, thank you.”

“Hang in there.” He puts his hand on my forearm.

“I will.”

Mom takes my hand, and walks me out of the office.

“You want me to come with you guys?” Leo asks.

I nod, without looking up.

“Okay.” Leo puts his hand on the small of my back.

Dad and Leo take my arms, helping me into the car.

“Leo, is your mom driving your car home?”

“Yeah.” He sits next to me, rubbing my back.

“You guys want Starbucks?” Dad asks, pulling out of the parking lot.

“Yeah.” I murmur. “Leo?” Mom asks.

“Yeah, thanks.”

“Okay.” Dad pulls into a parking space, and he and Leo get our drinks.

“You ok honey?” Mom asks, handing me my iced Chai Tea.

“Yeah, I’m just tired. I’m gonna finish my drink, and go to bed.”

“Okay, honey.”

Leo leans over, and kisses my cheek. “I love you.”

I smile, putting my hand out, for him to hold, since I can’t put my head on his shoulder, or chest.

Leo takes my hand, and kisses it. I love him so much.


“Alex, homey Leo’s here.” Mom wakes me up, probably to eat dinner.

“Okay.” I slowly sit up, making sure my head is still down.

“Wanna eat dinner in your chair?” I feel mom kiss my cheek.


“Okay.” Mom leads me over to my chair.

I can see my food and plate, and make out Leo’s face in front of me.

“Hi.” He leans over, and kisses my cheek.

“Hi.” I smile.

“How are you feeling?” He runs his fingers through my hair.

“Good, I’m already starting to see a little better.”

“Good.” Leo kisses my cheek.

“Can you stay over tonight?” I pop a chicken nugger into my mouth.

“You should ask your mom.” Leo rubs my back.

“Can you go get her?”

“Yeah.” Leo strokes my hair. “I’ll be right back.”

“Hi, honey.” Mom strokes my hair.

“What’s up?”

“Can Leo stay over tonight?”

“Sure.” Mom strokes my hair.

Leo and I talk during dinner, and he waits in my room, while mom helps me bathe.

“Do you need help putting her eye drops in?” Leo asks, after my shower.

“Yeah, thanks.” Mom hands Leo my eyedrops.

Leo gently takes my face in his hands. “Tilt your head back, my love.”

I tilt my head back and spend the next hour, talking to Leo, but I can barely keep my eyes open.

“You need to get to bed, sweetheart. I know you’re tired.”

“But I can’t sleep on my stomach.”

“I’ll help you.” Leo puts an audio book on, and rubs my back until I fall asleep.

“Goodnight.” I mumble tiredly.

“Goodnight.” Leo strokes my hair. “I love you.”

“I love you too.” I smile without lifting my head.

He kisses my cheek. I can tell he knows I’m smiling, even though I’m lying face down. He’s the best boyfriend ever.

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