Stars Worth Searching For

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Chapter Twenty-Three

I step off the train at the train station, and walk over to the stop to take the Palm Tram to FAU.

My phone buzzes, and I do a double take, before looking at the text on my screen.

Meet at the Starbucks before class?

Leo? He wants to talk?

I nervously step off the tram at FAU, and practically trip over myself, walking over to the Starbucks.

Sure enough, Leo’s sitting at one of the tables in front of the Starbucks with two drinks. He got me my favorite chai tea.

“Hey.” I sit across from him.

“Hey.” He says, not making eye contact with me.

“You wanted to talk?”

He turns to face me. “I saw your speech. And I was wondering if we could talk about s?” He asks.

“You saw my speech?” I ask, smiling.

“Yeah. I’m still friends with your sister on Facebook. And I’m really proud of you.”

“Thank you.” I smile a genuine smile.

“Do you think we could start over?” He asks. “I want to apologize to you.”

“For what? I was the one that was wrong.”

He takes my hand, and interlocks it with his. “I just wanted you to accept yourself. I’m sorry I told Brittany. I didn’t know she would be so mean to you.”

“It’s okay.” I smile. “I’m sorry for being so bitter. And for taking it out on you.”

Leo comes next to me, and puts his arm around me, “Can we start over?”

“Yeah.” I smile up at him.

He takes my face in his hands. “I love you so much.”

“I love you too.” I smile.

Leo kisses me gently, and I can feel him smiling against the kiss. I’ve missed his soft kisses so much. I don’t even care about the PDA.

I finally searched for the stars and learned to love and accept myself. And now I can put all my effort into my relationship.

The words from Tim Mcgraw’s ‘Humble and Kind’ goes through my head, as I’m kissing Leo.

Bitterness keeps you from flying, Always Stay Humble and Kind

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