Forever Is Our Today (Drops of Forever Book Two)

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The sky is dusky when we step outside. Trash and other debris litter the beach. Trees look sad, sagging now that their fight with the wind has ended. It still smells like rain, and there’s a faint rainbow in the distance. The ocean looks calm as there is no longer wind to rile up the waves. It will take a while to clean up all the trash and fix the damage.

I look back at Noah’s house and see that it’s mostly undisturbed. It’s probably been reinforced just for hurricanes. The beach is wet and hard and I’d like to be able to take off my shoes, but there’s too much crap I could cut my feet with. Noah holds my hand as we pick our way back to where he parked his car Friday night.

Noah opens the door for me, and I step inside and lean against the leather seats. The car starts and we maneuver our way through the streets back to my house. I look out the window, feeling some sort of loss. I can’t pinpoint exactly why I feel this way, but I do. Noah already said he wants to see me again.

He grabs my hand and holds it as we drive in silence. I glance at him and he’s smiling at me. I return a tentative smile before he brings my hand to his lips and kisses it lightly. The ride to my house is short, and now we’re sitting out front. I don’t move as I’m not quite ready to leave. Noah looks at me.

“Can I have your number?” he asks.

I smile and hold out my hand for his phone. I put my number in it and then I hand him mine. I stare at the new contact he’s entered: Noah 💗. My heart leaps at the sight and my fears dissipate a bit. He likes me.

Noah gets out of the car and walks to my side to let me out. We hold hands as we walk to my front door. We pause there like it really is the end of our first date and we haven’t spent the weekend sleeping together. He bends his head and kisses me thoroughly.

“I’ll call you,” he says before kissing me once quickly and jogging back to his car.

I wave at him as he pulls out of the driveway and once he’s down the street; I walk inside. Holly and Rachel descend upon me like the plague. They fire questions at me.

“Oh my God, how was it?”

“Was it just absolutely amazing?”

“How is he in bed? I bet he’s great in bed.”

“God guys, I literally just walked in the door,” I say as I drop my purse and sit on the couch. Holly and Rachel sit on either side of me, waiting for me to answer their questions.

“This weekend was just magical. Noah’s amazing. He’s sweet, kind, thoughtful, and drop-dead gorgeous. His house is huge. He’s got a music room. He’s crazy talented and his voice is just to die for. It makes me weak,” I tell them. They giggle and wait for me to say more.

“It was the best sex I’ve ever had in my life. A million times better than Rich. He has a huge dick, and he knows how to use it. He took me into consideration. We had sex in his bed, in the shower, in the bathtub. He’s also kind of nerdy. We watched Marvel movies. He’s like my dream guy,” I finish and the girls are smiling at me.

“This was probably the single best idea we’ve ever had,” Holly says, wearing a triumphant smile.

“Are you going out again?” Rachel asks.

“Noah said he wants to see me again, so probably this weekend,” I reply and my heart skips beats just thinking about it.

After an hour of questioning, I escape to my room. I want to text Noah, but I don’t want to be “that girl” either. I’ll wait for him to text or call me first. I get my clothes ready for work tomorrow. I check my phone repeatedly and still no messages.

I sigh every time I see it, but I need to not be crazy. It’s only been a few hours, and he probably has shit to do too. We just spent all weekend together. It’s eleven when I finally switch off my TV to go to sleep. Still no texts. I was kinda hoping for a good night one, but it’s okay. Maybe tomorrow. I’ll wait a few days before I text first.

Still nothing when I wake up. I get dressed and put my makeup on for work for the first time in six months. I even style my hair. I’m feeling so much better than I have been. I get tons of compliments at work and I know they can tell something changed in me over the weekend. I feel light, like I’m walking on a cloud. I sip my coffee while I check out some music Noah produced. I also listen to my Queen playlist as I remember us dancing together that first night.

My day speeds by in a way it hasn’t in six months. Still no messages, but I won’t get upset. Noah’s probably busy at work too. He probably can’t be on his phone too much while he’s doing his job.

I make dinner when I get home, and I know Rachel and Holly like this rejuvenated me. We sit down together at the table to eat the first home-cooked meal we’ve had together in a while.

“Have you heard from Noah yet?” Holly asks. I shake my head while I swallow my pasta.

“No. He’s probably busy. I’ll wait a few more days then text him,” I reply, a little annoyed but not yet upset about it. He’s an adult with a life.

Finally, on Thursday when I still haven’t heard from Noah, I text him. I find his contact and press the message button. I’m nervous and I don’t know what to say. I decide on simple.

Me: Hey

I don’t get a response. I expect something on Friday about this weekend, but still nothing. I’m getting upset now. We were supposed to have plans. I give up on any excuses I’ve been making for him. I still feel more myself, and I’m not going to let another guy bring me down the way Rich did. On Friday night I text Noah again, hoping to hear from him.

Me: Hey, just checking in. I wanted you to know I had an amazing weekend and I miss you.

It’s Monday again and I hear nothing. I don’t want to be annoying, but I feel like I deserve some sort of explanation. It’s not fair of him to just leave me hanging like that. I send him several more texts over the next two weeks, each one getting more serious the more pissed off I get. After I send this last one, I’m done.

Me: Well, Noah, thanks for the amazing weekend, but I’m done. I won’t let another man treat me like garbage. You of all people should know how that feels. Goodbye.

If he wants to apologize or whatever, he can contact me. I rage around the house and Rachel and Holly know better than to ask what’s wrong. They know. I’ve very loudly vented to them a few times over the last two weeks.

I think I should stay single for a while. I thank Noah for helping me get out of this rut I was stuck in, but fuck that guy. I deserve better. You know, he deserves to be put in his damn place. My rage level is so high, I grab my purse and keys and rush to my car. My roommates don’t even ask where I’m going. They know and they don’t try to talk me out of it. I need to do this. I need this closure and Noah needs a piece of my fucking mind.

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