Forever Is Our Today (Drops of Forever Book Two)

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“I guess you’re stuck here until tomorrow night,” Noah says, looking at me. He looks both okay with it and afraid.

“I should probably call Holly and Rachel and tell them I won’t be home tonight. Will the house be okay with all the windows?” I ask, looking out again.

Noah picks up a remote off the coffee table and presses a button. Immediately, metal shutters come down protecting each of the windowed walls.

“I live pretty close to the beach with windows for walls, I have to have something in place to protect everything,” Noah says when he takes in my surprised look.

I pull out my phone to call Rachel. Noah stands to leave me alone in the living room. The phone rings longer than it should have before Rachel squeals into the phone.

“Where are you?” she asks, and I hear Holly in the background. I must be on speakerphone.

“Erm, Noah’s house,” I reply. More squeals and I roll my eyes at what they’re probably thinking.

“Are you okay? I saw the shelter in place advisory. That means you’re stuck there,” Holly asks.

“Yeah, I’m fine. We only came here to get out of the rain. He made me dinner, and this has been the most perfect date. He’s a total gentleman,” I give them both the rundown of the entire date, constantly checking to see how close Noah is.

“That sounds magical, Avery,” they gush before I finally hang up.

Noah chooses that moment to come back into the living room. He’s wearing a dark blue shirt with the Queen logo and some fitted gray sweatpants. He’s carrying another t-shirt and some basketball shorts.

“Since you’re forced to stay the night and not prepared, I brought you something more comfortable to wear. They’re going to drown you, but it’s all I have,” Noah says with a shrug, handing me the clothes. I smile up at him as I take them. I stare at his lips longer than I should, wanting to kiss them again. I sort of already attacked the poor man.

“The bathroom is the first door on the left,” Noah says, clearing his throat, pointing down the hall past the kitchen.

“Thank you,” I say. I can feel his eyes on me as I walk down the hall. I pause at the bathroom door and look back at Noah, giving him a smile.

I get into the bathroom and I see my reflection in the mirror. I look like a freaking zombie. My hair is a frizzy curly mess and my makeup is smeared, probably from the rain. I fix my makeup with some water from the sink, and I’m glad I have my handy dandy hair tie to pull my hair up into a messy bun on the top of my head.

When I go to change, I remember that I can’t get the zipper undone by myself and I groan. I leave the bathroom to find Noah in the kitchen washing the dirty dishes from dinner.

“Everything all right,” he asks when he sees me.

“Um, I can’t unzip this dress on my own. Could you help?” I ask, embarrassed. Noah smiles faintly and dries his hands on a towel.

“Sure,” he says behind me, and I can feel his breath on my back. It makes goosebumps raise on my skin and I shiver.

I hear as the zipper slides down until the back of my bra is visible. I think Noah is taking longer than is really necessary when I hear his breath catch. I look at him over my shoulder and he has a strange look on his face.

“Thank you,” I whisper, and Noah moves away from me.

He goes back into the kitchen while I rush to the bathroom. I lean against the door after I close it, panting. What was that? I quickly shrug out of my dress and bra and throw on the t-shirt. It’s a black Motley Crue shirt. Hmm, good band. It’s big enough that it reaches down halfway to my knees. I decide against the shorts since the shirt seems long enough to cover everything. I fold my bra into my dress and leave it on the counter with the shorts on top.

I give myself one last look in the mirror before deciding I look as presentable as I can hope to. I take a deep breath and pad back into the kitchen. Noah is leaning against the counter scrolling through his phone. He looks up when he sees me and he stares.

“So, since we have nowhere to be tomorrow, what do you want to do tonight? Or we could just go to bed if you’re tired,” Noah asks and his voice sounds husky. I shake my head.

“No, let’s do something. Despite the hurricane, this has been the best night I’ve had in a while and I’m not ready for it to end just yet,” I respond, picking up my half-full wine glass he brought to the kitchen.

Noah smiles and follows me back to the living room. I sit heavily on the couch while he hangs back, leaning against the wall. I look back at him and pat the seat next to me with a smile. I think the wine and circumstances are making me brave. I’m not usually flirty. At least I don’t think I am.

“So tell me about your job,” I say wanting to sit cross-legged facing him, but then I remember I have no pants on and I’m not ready to give him a full view of everything underneath his shirt.

“I produce music. Basically, I sit behind the glass while the bands are playing and I adjust the dials and buttons to make them sound the way they want to,” Noah says.

“Do you have any of the music you produced here so I can listen?” I ask.

Noah nods and gets up to turn on his Bluetooth speaker. He connects his phone to it and familiar music comes out. I know the song from the radio, but not the band’s name.

I wonder if Noah likes this kind of music. He obviously likes Queen and Motley Crue if I’m to take his choice in clothing as band appreciation. If I were more judgmental like my family, I would think he’d have a harder taste in music based on his appearance.

The song is catchy and has a dancing kind of vibe. It makes me want to get up and move. I’m buzzed and happy enough that I do just that. I get up and lift my hands into the air as I spin and move my hips dramatically. I’m pretty sure the shirt lifts dangerously, showing more skin than I’d normally be comfortable with, but whatever.

I see Noah on his phone and the song instantly changes to Queen. They have so many dancy songs. I laugh freely and dance my way to Noah. I grab his hands and pull him towards me. He laughs a little and dances with me to Don’t Stop Me Now. Noah places a hand on my hip dipping and twirling me around as one good song after another plays from a spectacular band. I feel so light and carefree, dancing and laughing with Noah.

It’s a while before we both get tired enough to sit back down on the couch. The volume drops until the music is just background noise changing from band to band. We have similar tastes in music and I find Noah will listen to whatever. Disturbed will play, then next is some classical piece.

Now, we’re sitting on the couch while I trace one of Noah’s tattoos on his wrist. I wonder where else he has them. Surely they go all the way up his arms. He lets me trace the black lines as he looks at me. There’s a serene look on his face when I glance back up at him, and I wonder how long it’s been since he was happy too.

“When did you get your first one?” I ask, tracing another.

“Got my first one the day I turned eighteen and never stopped. The last one I got a week ago,” he replies now staring at my hands as they move like a feather over his skin.

“Do you just have them on your arms? I ask. He shakes his head.

“No, there’s some on my chest, back, and stomach too. I have one on my thigh and another on my calf.”

Now that he’s wearing a t-shirt, I can see some black ink creeping up from the neck of his shirt. I never thought too much about it before, but God tattoos on him at least are freaking hot. They look so perfect where they are that I can’t imagine him without them.

“Do you have any?” he asks, and I can feel him searching skin he hasn’t seen before.

“No, I never wanted to get one and my mom would have skinned me alive. I’m not so sure now,” I reply with a smile. He returns it and cups my cheek with his ridiculously warm hand. It feels amazing and I shift my face further into it.

Noah’s calloused thumb traces my lips, leaving them on fire. I shiver again and without thinking; I move closer to him. Noah is the one to initiate this kiss, and it has so much more intensity than I think I’ve felt before. My arms go around his neck at the same time Noah’s snake around my back, pulling me closer until I’m on his lap. I try catching a breath before diving into another kiss.

In the back of my head, I’m wondering what the hell I’m doing. This is really unlike me. I don’t usually sleep with someone on the first/second date. I never felt compelled enough to, but Noah has been nothing short of perfect this entire night and here we are, stuck together for at least the next twenty-two hours.

Noah is so ridiculously sexy too and I’m strangely turned on by all the tattoos and piercings. Why shouldn’t I, anyway? I’m an adult and I deserve this. I’m feeling alive for the first time in six years, and I want that feeling to continue as long as I can.

Noah stands up and I clutch my legs around his waist tighter. His arms are still on the small of my back, making sure I don’t fall. He meanders towards what I assume is his bedroom. The way he has no trouble carrying me makes me feel like I’m light as a feather. I smile into his mouth as he kicks open the door. He gently deposits me onto his ginormous bed before shutting the door. He has a wild look on his face and I think mine matches his. I get off the bed and walk towards him, meeting him in the middle of the room.

I kiss him again as I grip the hem of his shirt and pull up. He raises his arms, but I’m way too short to pull it over his head. He’s an entire foot plus some taller than me. More than a foot taller, so he helps me out by taking it the rest of the way off. More colorful ink fills his chest and I notice two silver bars in his nipples. I smile up at him when I see them. Why are they so ridiculously hot?

I lightly caress the outlines of a tree with pink blossoms that spread from his waist on his right side to his chest and end on his shoulder. Noah shivers under my touch and before I can trace another tattoo, he kisses me again as he pulls off the shirt he let me borrow.

That leaves me in just my lacy black panties and I can hear Noah suck in a breath as he looks at my nearly naked body. I feel at a disadvantage since he still might as well be fully dressed, so I tug at his sweats and boxers until they too are on the floor. His massive erection springs free, leaving my mouth dry but other parts of me soaking wet. Rich was nowhere near this big.

Noah lifts me again, and I put my legs around his waist as he takes me to his bed again. Once I’m lying down, he quickly takes my underwear off too and throws them. I see they’ve landed on the doorknob before his lips kiss ravenously at my neck, making me forget everything.

“God, Avery, you’re beautiful,” Noah whispers against my neck making me smile and I rake my nails down his back. Hearing his deep voice say my name awakens long-dormant feelings inside me. Everything Noah does is heavenly, and I’m having a hard time thinking straight until he pauses.

“What’s wrong?” I ask, panting.

“I don’t have any condoms. I wasn’t expecting this to happen,” he breathes against my neck. At least he didn’t assume this was how our date was going to end. I honestly didn’t either.

“I’m on birth control. It’s fine,” I gasp back at him. I catch a glimpse of his smile before I’m filled with pure ecstasy.

After the most amazing sexual experience of my life, we’re laying together under his flannel comforter. Noah’s fingers are tracing unseen pictures on my back, making me shiver every once in a while. My eyes feel heavy and I know I’ll be falling asleep soon.

I vaguely think I shouldn’t have let this happen without a condom, but I don’t think Noah’s the kind of guy who would knowingly endanger anyone with an STD, so I dismiss my worries. It’s done now, anyway. Noah’s breathing deepens and I can tell he’s fallen asleep. It isn’t long before I join him in dreamland.

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