Forever Is Our Today (Drops of Forever Book Two)

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I stand in front of Avery, looking down at her. She’s really short and I like it. Her head barely makes it up to my chest. Somehow it’s sexier that I have to bend over so far just to kiss her. That’s exactly what I do after I ask her to take a bath with me. Her lips are soft against mine as I tease her to into following me.

I break away, leaving her breathless, before walking into my bathroom, taking my shirt off as I go. I sense Avery’s hesitation, but before I can say anything; I see her take off the enormous shirt she’s been wearing since this morning. She throws it to the side as I start the bath. It’s a huge round tub with the faucet on the side so it’s out of the way.

I turn to look at Avery with a small smile before walking over, placing my hands on her hips. She lifts her head to gaze up at me.

“Has anyone told you how beautiful you are?” I ask, my voice is deep and husky.

“Technically, you did last night, but otherwise, it’s been longer than I care to admit,” Avery whispers.

“You should be told every day how fucking smart, how witty, how gorgeous you are every single day,” I continue in a husky voice grazing my nose down her neck and placing a small kiss on her collarbone.

Avery lets out quiet moans and groans that send zings straight to my dick. I lift her onto my bathroom counter and step in between her legs. With her up here, I’m a perfect height to enter her, but I don’t.

Instead, I give attention to her neck, both perky nipples as I knead her tits with my hands, before traveling back up to place a fast kiss on her mouth. I let her go to turn off the tub. Steam rings up to the ceiling and I can just about feel how relaxing that water will be.

Avery is still sitting on the counter, panting. Her pale skin is flushed pink in the most alluring way. Staring her in the eyes, I shuck down my sweats and boxers. I’m unapologetic about the fact that my dick is so fucking hard it almost hurts, and I slowly walk back to the tub.

“Are you getting in? The water’s nice,” I ask when I step into the hot water.

She gives me a smile and slowly shimmies out of her lacy underwear, giving me a bit of a show before walking slowly to the tub. She sits on the side and dips her foot into the water, and a lazy smile crosses her face. Avery sinks the rest of her body in opposite mine. We’re sitting across from each other comfortably in this very large bathtub.

I lean my head back against the side and close my eyes in relaxation. Avery is looking at me with a satisfied smile on her face and damn it if it doesn’t make something inside my heart crack.

“So, do you write your own music?” Avery asks, making conversation.

“I’ve been dabbling. I want to do an album someday, but I don’t know if anyone would want to listen to it,” I reply. This is something I’ve wanted to do my whole life but never thought I’d be able to running the Whittier empire.

“I think they would. You have an amazing voice and you’re obviously talented,” she praises. I can feel my cheeks heating. I’m fucking blushing at one little compliment. What in the fuck? Then again, Kendra never paid me any kind of praise so I would be unused to it.

“Kendra didn’t enjoy listening to me play or sing,” I say as I sit up a little.

“If I were with you, I’d demand a song every night before bed and a song written just for me on your album,” Avery responds then flushes at the implication of her words.

“Kendra and I grew up in the same circles. We started dating freshman year of high school. I thought things were great until last year. My best friend and his wife were visiting me during their honeymoon when she found Kendra and Zack fucking in the room he was staying in. Kendra and Zach had always been close friends, but I thought friends were all they were. My friends saw it, they saw how awful she was, but they never said anything,” I start, surprising myself. I told her the basics yesterday, but these details are difficult.

“My best friends were quick to tell me what they found out. It broke me, but I was grateful I could at least lean on them. I kept asking myself why they did this. If they wanted to be together, why didn’t Kendra just break up with me? Why keep me all those years only to shatter my heart? I’ve concluded that she wanted her cake and to eat it too. She didn’t really want me or she only wanted parts of me” I finish.

I don’t want to tell her everything. I’m not ready to tell her I’m Noah Whittier, son of Clarence Whittier. As soon as she knows that, I’m no longer just Noah, I’m the son of a billionaire. Avery’s one of the few people I’ve met that doesn’t know who I really am. I know she likes me for me and not for who my family is.

“I’m sorry she made you feel second to anyone. You are incredibly thoughtful, kind, and sweet. You’re the sexiest man I’ve ever seen, and I got all that in the one day I’ve known you,” she says, managing to say the exact right thing.

Instead of answering her, I pull her closer and kiss her feverishly, like kissing her is the only thing that will keep me alive. I slip inside her easily and water sloshes out onto the floor with each of our movements. She moves in slow sensual circles on top of me that feels something akin to heaven.

When she’s finished, she lays her head on my chest as I try to return my breathing back to normal. I hug her tightly while she does the same. Once we’re recovered, we get out of the tub. I hand Avery a large fluffy white towel to dry off on. I see her eyeing her black panties with disgust and I chuckle when I realize she doesn’t want to put dirty underwear on.

“How about we put your clothes in the wash so they’ll be clean when this shelter in place advisement is over,” I suggest as I snag them off the ground and wrap a towel around my waist.

“Thank you. I’ll go grab my dress from the other bathroom,” she says.

I can hear her pad down the hallway and I have a fresh black t-shirt for her to put on when she gets back. While she’s getting dressed, I take her clothes to the laundry room to get started.

I make my way back to the living room where Avery is sitting on the couch with the news on. I sit next to her and throw my arm over her shoulders like it’s the most natural thing in the world.

“Hurricane Janice is showing no signs of stopping. The shelter in place advisory is still in effect and will remain until Sunday night at eight PM eastern standard time.”

“I guess we have another night and day together,” I say with a small smile. Avery threads her hands together like she’s nervous. I patiently wait for her to voice whatever’s on her name.

“Are you okay being stuck with me a little longer?” she asks softly. I kiss the side of her head.

“There’s no one I’d rather be stuck in a house with. We’ll just have our fourth and fifth date this weekend too,” I say, and it’s true.

Being stuck in this house with Avery has not been the hell I had thought in the back of my mind. She’s so easy to be around, I feel more like my old self than I have in a long time. It’s nice to be back there, and I didn’t think being with another woman was what would get me there.

“You hungry?” I whisper in her ear as I nip the skin behind it. She shudders in response.

“Yeah, let’s go make dinner,” she says getting up from the couch. I quickly follow and we spend the better part of an hour drinking wine and making dinner.

I push behind Avery guiding her hands as we cut vegetables together. I can tell she knows what she’s doing, I just want to be close to her. We laugh and joke, telling each other of our most embarrassing experiences. I feel so happy and light by the time we sit to eat. During a lull in the conversation, she’s staring at me with such intensity that I’m a little put-off. Instead of voicing that, I take to joking.

“Why are you staring at me? Am I that good-looking?”

“I mean, you are easy on the eyes, but I was trying to picture what you were like in high school,” I answer.

“What are your guesses?”

“Well, you’ve got the body of a jock, but you’re really musically talented so I could see you as a band geek. You said you’re shit at skateboarding, so I don’t think you were a skater kid. Your brother probably was, though. Maybe you were a middle coaster kind of kid.”

I want to laugh at her assessment, but I’m afraid to tell her the truth. I went to a prep school called Kingswood Preparatory. My school experience could never be described as normal.

“I was a jock. I played lacrosse in school with my best friend, Evan. I played in college too. I never did play with the school band, but I played a lot at home. My mom paid for lessons and instruments when they found out I was musically inclined, but my dad hated it,” I reply.

“Is there an instrument you can’t play?” she asks with a laugh.

“I’m not too great at the tuba or trombone,” I respond, joining in the laughter.

“How were you friend wise?”

“I have three best friends. Evan, Allie, and Kristie. We grew up together and I still talk to them every few days. We visit each other as often as possible. Zack was another good friend. Not anymore, obviously.”

“Your friends sound wonderful,” she gushes.

“I bet you were a really good student. Straight As with tons of friends. You’re too nice to have been friends with the preppy bitches, but everyone liked you anyway,” I say.

“I had one good friend through high school, but she died our senior year. She got into a car accident, leaving a party I decided not to go to. Most everyone didn’t like me. They thought I was stuck up and bitchy because I didn’t talk unless someone started a conversation with me. I am still pretty socially awkward, which Rich hated because I’m not good with mingling or ass-kissing. I did do well in school, but I wasn’t the Honor Society poster child Harper was. It was hard making friends after what happened, but I’m glad I met Holly and Rachel once I got to college,” she says.

“I’m sorry about your friend, but I’m glad you made more. They seem nice,” I reply before standing and extending my hand for hers.

She takes it and I lead her to the laundry room. She hangs up her dress to air dry when she takes it out of the washer. She hesitates with the underwear. Does she not want to put one thing in there?

“Go ahead. They’ll be nice and warm for bed,” I say.

“What should we do for the rest of the night?” she asks as we leave.

“We could lay in bed and watch TV,” I suggest.

She nods enthusiastically and we climb into the warmth of my bed. I open my arms for her and she lies on my chest. She traces the lines of my tattoos, causing me to shiver sometimes while I graze her back with my fingertips.

“What should we watch?” I ask as I grab the remote off the bedside table.

“We could start a Marvel movie marathon. We’ve got time. How would you start? Chronologically based on release date or year they take place?” she says. A smile spreads across my face. Kendra never wanted to watch anything with me, and here this girl is asking if I want to start a marathon that suggests more time willingly spent with me.

“I think I’ll just marry you now. Release date, of course,” I joke. I think it’s a joke. Fuck! I don’t even know anymore.

I feel better when I see her small smile as she presses a kiss to my chest while I queue up Iron Man.

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