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What Austin belied was the truth of a coin's one side, it has another side too! Which he realized only after her arrival. Love can change and create revenge. Austin, the millionaire and the most eligible bachelor ,wanted take revenge on Arthur family for killing his mother and breaking his childhood. John and Austin were at their head office, Austin was busy with his daily schedule and meeting. At noon John came inside the main office. “Sir, I found all the information about Miss Arthur” “Show me the file” Austin extended his hands to grab the file from John, He flipped through the pages, his eyebrows twitched when he saw her profile. She had impeccable academics with an astonishing skill set. “She seems to be pretty good at everything” Austin exiled “Yes Sir, Miss Arthur is a good dancer and she won a national level medal at swimming. She also sings. She is working as a tutor to meet her expenses. Even though she is from Arthur family, she doesn’t seem to show off her richness. I think she is a moderate girl” “Are you defending her John?” Austin asked in dispute. “No Sir I am not. This is what I felt along with the inquest” “Does she have any boyfriend” “No Sir, she is single. I couldn’t find anyone in the past also, she seems clear in that part” “Why I am getting a feeling that you are on her side now?” “No Sir” John looked into Austin’s eyes innocently.

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Chapter 1

It is the day Diana and Arthur family was waiting to. It’s Diana’s birthday. The Arthur mansion was fully decorated with lights and flowers. Diana got up early in the morning. She knows her father has a surprise present for her. Also, the grandfather will be here. She needs to behave as the best and good girl for tonight. Grandfather Albert Arthur was not living with the Arthur family. He is living at their beachside resort because he thought that he had worked a lot to make this company a great success so now it’s time for him to give all the responsibility to his sons and take some rest. He always had a fondness for the beach so he preferred to stay at their resort where his beloved wife gave birth to both his sons.

Diana went out of her room. She saw a bouquet of red roses with a note

“ Happy Birthday Love, you are the brightest thing that happened to our life. Stay blessed.

with love your parents”

Diana was very happy to see that. She was excited to see her present so she ran to the living room. The stairs were decorated with white flowers and there were hangings of her childhood photos to the recent ones. She saw a picture of her with her mother. She went near to have a closer look. At that, she was blenched when she heard everybody saying happy birthday together from her back. She turned, the entire family was here except Aria but she was on the video call. Edward is holding the phone. Diana was smiling like a hundred-watt bulb. She saw grandfather Arthur. She ran near him to greet. He blessed her and wished a happy birthday.

“ Happy birthday my dear love,” said grandfather Arthur.

“ Thank you, grandpa. I’m so happy to see you” said Diana

“Me too my child”

“ Happy birthday my Princess, “ said Fredrick and gave Diana a hug

“ Thank you, Papa, I love you, where is my gift?” she asked with excitement

“ Ohh dear lets cut the cake first,” Fredrick said by patting Diana’s shoulder

Katherine, Edward, Louise, Aleena everybody wished a happy birthday.

“Hey Edward can you please take me closer to Diana , I want to wish her,” said Aria on the phone

“ Sorry, wait for a minute” Edward went near to Diana

“ Happy birthday sister” Ara wished Diana

“ Thank you Ana” after saying this she turned towards the cake

Aria was about to say something by seeing this gesture she stopped. Edward understood that and he said “ you know her well, take it easy Ana”

“ Yeah I know, it’s okay. Eddy can you take me to father and mother please”

“Of course dude” he took the phone near to her parents

“ Papa, Mom I’m running out of time. I need to go to class. My friends are waiting. I wish I could have been there. Bye, love you both mwah”

“ We miss you, darling. Take care bye. Love you too” they both said and hand over the phone to Edward.

“Bye Eddy love you” “ bye Ana love you too” he hunged the phone.

Everybody headed to cut the cake.

“ Did anybody see Patra?” Patra is Diana’s best friend cum sex toy. Patra always accompanies Diana on everything even to her boyfriends’ bed too. Patra is a middle-class family girl who always praises Diana just to please her ears. Patra knows the dark side of Diana. All these years Patra has been a loyal friend to Diana.

“ I’m here” Patra is standing at the door

“Always on time, come let’s cut the cake. How can I cut the cake without you”

“I will not let you cut the cake without me my dear” She laughed and hugged Diana and gave a sweet kiss on Diana’s neck. She made sure nobody saw that. They always love to play these hide and seek games.

Diana gave her a lusty look. They headed to cut the cake. While Diana was cutting the cake everybody sang the happy birthday song. Diana took the first piece of cake and gave it to her grandfather. He returned the cake to her and gave a kiss on her forehead. She took the next piece and gave it to Fredrick

“thank you father I love this arrangement, the thought of hanging these picture was nice”

“ Dear this idea was from your mother Katherine, she arranged these all” the smile on Diana’s face diminished when she heard that.

“ father, you know she is not my mother”

“please daughter doesn’t start this on this happy occasion” she rolled her eyes at her father and distributed the cake. When she reached near Katherine she wished her happy birthday but Diana said thanks in a rude way. Katherine was used to this by all these years. She knows that Diana will not accept her as a mother even Diana thinks Katherine stole her father. She believes Katherine and Fredrick had an affair before their marriage that was why he was not able to reach the hospital when her mother died. Because he was with her.

“ Okay, now it’s time for my present, c’mon guys where is it,” Diana asked with excitement.

Fredrick came forward and gifted a small box “ this papa?” she asked with a questioning face

“ open it, dear”

When she opened the box she was surprised to see that. Ita a car. Benz SL AMG. This is her dream car. She was planning to ask for this car as her graduation present. She was jumping with excitement when she saw this.

“ you are the thoughtful dad ever, I love you Papa love you a lot”

“ You are my Princes dear, who can I let you down” he hugged her tightly.

“ Okay grandpa where is yours?” Albert Arthur doesn’t encourage giving an expensive gift to college-going kids. He thinks that it will spoil the kids. He knows Diana well so he bought a Fossil latest edition watch for his granddaughter. Diana was not happy to see that because she was expecting something luxurious than this. Though she said thanks and hugged him.

When everybody was dispersed to their work. Diana approached Fredrick

“ Father can I stay at Patra’s home tonight?” she knows since grandfather is here there will be family dinner and his boring speech. She cannot come home drunk he had other planes too.

“ Babe grandfather is here, we can have family dinner tonight… it is your birthday “

“ exactly that’s my point father it’s my birthday. I want to celebrate it. I want to go to a party. You don’t like parties at home unless it is a family occasion. Please father don’t spoil my birthday” she made a puppy face.

“ Okay fine, stay face”

“ sure Papa, bye see you later”

“ are you leaving this early? Say goodbye to grandpa”

“ Manage that for me papa..” she said while running to her room to get ready. Fredrick smiled at her.

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