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I am just a normal girl trying to get through life without reviling the past but when things happened, I change back to who I was and now Im just trying to have fun, love again, and most importantly not get hurt.

Romance / Drama
Mr. Speider
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Cake and a guy

He grabs me by the waist and pulls me close his hand on my chin, looking in my eyes whispering the three most powerful words. “I…love…Cake.” “Cake!” I yelled. “Ya let’s go out and get cake.” That’s my boyfriend Alex, I have been with him for three years. “Why did you say that instead of I love you?” “Because I love cake and want some.” “Fine let’s go get cake,” I said with a sigh.

We go out to a cake shop and sit down at the table, I bite into the yummy strawberry cake, as I look over to Alex and see him watching other girls. “Babe, are you going to eat?” “Yeah I’ll just be right back I have to pee.” I roll my eyes but continue to eat my cake and then I see a blond girl go into the bathroom. I’d like to trust him but sometimes I just don’t know. Five minutes pass and he’s still not back. I go over and knock on the door, “Babe are you ok?” Nothing. The door opens and the blond girl comes out, her hair is messy.

I’m now mad so I go sit down to wait so I can give him a piece of my mind. I hear the little bell to the entrance ring, I look over to see a guy with slicked-back black hair, a leather jacket, and the darkest brown eyes. My face feels hot when he looks at me and winks. The chair in front of me moves and I spin my head around to see Alex. “What were you looking at?” He said with an edge in his voice. “Nothing,” I said. I then see lipstick on his neck, tears start to form in my eyes but I hold them back trying not to make a scene.

I get up and start walking to the bathroom, just then that guy bumped into me smashing his cake onto my blouse. He catches me in his strong arms. “I’m sorry, are you ok?” He asked. “It’s ok, I’m alright.” As he sets me up straight he moves my strawberry red hair behind my ear, I can feel my ears getting hot. I walk past him into the bathroom. I grab paper towels and start cleaning my blouse, I then stop to look at myself in the mirror. “What am I doing?” My cheeks feel warm and I can see the tears falling down my face. “Why am I with him?” I wipe away my tears and prepare a smile, as I’m walking out I see that guy is smiling and waving to me.

I walk over and sit down with him. “Are you sure you’re ok, your eyes are red, did I make you cry?” He said looking concerned. “It’s ok I’m fine and it wasn’t you.” He then looks past me to Alex. “Your brother looks mad so does your sister.” I turn my head to see Alex staring at me and that blond girl sitting in my seat eating my cake. “Oh he’s not my brother, he’s my boyfriend and I don’t have a sister plus I don’t know her,” I said in a low voice. “Oh, I’m sorry I didn’t know, well you should go sit with them.” I see him looking at my boyfriend with a cold dead glare. “You should go.” He said looking a little sad. “Ya maybe.” I dab my mouth on my napkin and slide it towards him and walk away. He looked down at it and nods his head. “Why were you talking to that guy?” Alex said looking mad.

“He seemed nice and wanted to apologize, but more importantly who is she.” “Her”, Alex says as he points at the girl, “she is a friend and I invited her here.” “Then why were you with her in the bathroom?” “You know what let’s just go home I’ve lost my appetite.” He grabs my arm in a tight grip and pulls me home. I look out the window and notice small droplets of rain, Alex was already asleep so I stepped out onto the balcony in my nightgown. I sigh a heavy sigh and look up to the sky letting the rain hit my face, it’s cold but feels good. I hear my phone start to ring. “Oh, it’s Milo.” Milo is my older brother, he is off somewhere around the globe. “Hey little sis, you still with that scumbag?” I laugh a little. “Ah alas I still am but not for long.” “Well just let me know if he tries anything.” He said sounding concerned. “I’ll be fine.” I lied if he left me I would have no place to go because of… things. We talked for a while longer then said our goodbyes.

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