Club Avalon

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Paxton, 28 years old and a girl active in BDSM since the age of 17. Two crashed relationships, with Axel after 4 and Jax after 2 years, they are still friends, Nadia Volkov and Zachary Black best friends, all working at Avalon. Paxton, back from a 2 year European trip, meets Logan Maddow and Damon Salvatore, two ex Navy Seals, club owner’s and Doms, searching for a sub to share, but they are searching for a perfect one. After crushing her trust, will Logan and Damon be able to get Paxton’s trust again? After they tricked her into a threesome in the hallway? Is Paxton willing to give Logan and Damon a try? Is she able to split her feelings evenly?

Romance / Erotica
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~~~ Club Avalon Friday night ~~~

~~~ Paxton - POV ~~~

I have taken the place in my usual corner at the club. Yeah, weekend again and after two years in Europe back to my old schedule - every Friday night looking for fun in ‘Club Avalon’. Maybe I can find some tonight. They still keep the bar and dance area in the good old black theme. The hallways have changed, they keep them in red and black, on the walls and the floors. The music is matching for a dance floor running in the background, for every age some music in-store, the dance floor in front of me, a long bar to the left with two bartenders working in this place since day one, Axel and Jax, old ‘friends of mine - we know each other since day one, two guys more on the active sadistic side. We had fun together 11 years ago, but it didn’t last, I was not really easy to handle in those days, but we always stayed friends. A hallway with rooms right across the bar, the restrooms to the right side, and some office rooms to the left side. The dungeons and dark rooms on the two floors above me, including the owner’s apartment under the roof.

11 years ago, when I visited this club for the first time, I had to lie my way in because I was still underaged. The club was in an old 4 story warehouse, although the owners changed several times, none of them changed the interior fittings. Today the club looked all the same, but actually, the club got renovated. At least everything looks fresh, but no major changes. Back in the days, there was just one rule, the dungeon door closed, meaning a private session, door open, you can watch, joining into a session had to have permission and talked about before. Today, there are windows with curtains, which means open welcome to watch, doors locked means private, doors open means welcome to join. Then there was the dungeon or darkroom for exhibitionists, a bigger room with a gangway on the side, always open, and everyone was welcome to watch.

As I couldn’t find someone I was interested in, just the old familiar faces, I was going to pick up a drink at the bar, and have a talk to the bartenders.

“Hi, Axel, seeing you still here. Can I get my old favorite one?” Me looking questioning Axel.

“Yeah, why shouldn’t I, always was the best club in town, now it got even better. For sure, still Long Island Iced Tea?”

“Yeah. What do you mean by that one? It’s just freshening up on the inside?”

“Didn’t hear? The owners changed two years ago. And believe me, the club has changed. Some new rules. You haven’t been here for a while.”

“How could I miss that? Yeah ok I know, 2 years break because of my European trip, I get it. ”

“Maybe because you are not really paying attention, as always. You should check out the new rules, maybe… just saying.”

”Oh, common Axel, after 11 years I am not really interested in who owns it, just they don’t close it. Oh, then enlighten me about the new rules.”

“Still, my good old Paxton, I see, and still your good old wristband, tell that one must be 11 years old by now?”

“Yes, you are right, still the old one. And as you can see, nothing changed. So, tell me, what are those new rules.”

“Oh, respecting every DOM in this area as it should be, and the subs have to follow at least the base rules in this area too. If you stay here… I think the blue one is going down fast.”

“You are joking, right? Respecting a DOM at every time, yeah Axel you will never get a ‘Yes, sir’ from me. Sorry, they also have to earn my respect otherwise they are just like every guy out there. So I shall go around and say always, Yes sir or what? They really must be crazy. And because I am on the passive side, I should always be on my knees? Not going to happen. I wasn’t on my knees 11 years ago, I don’t start today, because someone says so. Oh, where is Nadia?”

“She is with Zach, somewhere upstairs. And Paxton, better for you, you stick to those rules. Otherwise, it could happen, to meet the owners, but differently, as you think. ”

“Yeah, Yeah, I see. Axel, you know me, I am not playing with each and every one. So you want to say in case I am not following the rules I get punished or what? By the club owners? You are kidding me, right? Didn’t know that Zach and Nadia were still a thing?”

“Hi, beauty. No, Axel means business, in fact.”

“Hi Jax, what do you want?”

“Paxton, why do you always have to be like that. Why do you always have to provoke?”

“Oh, Jax c’mon you know me since the first day here. I am not one of those ‘Yes, sir. No, sir. Sorry, sir’ girls. I guess I will never be. And by the way, it’s the easiest way to get what I want.”

“Then you definitely haven’t met the right one yet.”

“Jeez, you have been trying for 11 years, I am not that type of over passive girl, I am not the perfect sub, that I would give up full control. Never, that guy has still to be born yet. I wasn’t when I started and I don’t think I will ever get there.”

“OK, guys, I have to get those cocktails into the restroom.”

Paxton handed her glass over to Axel again, turned around, looked into the crowd, and made her way through it. Greeted old friends, shoved touching hands aside, steady hold on the backpack, and after it seemed like an eternity, she reached the ladies’ restroom. Paxton tried to catch her breath, fulfilled her needs and freshened up her makeup, and left again. Her eyes caught up in the scene ongoing on the stage. She reached her old place in that dark corner again.

Paxton looked around again but got distracted from a voice whispering in her ear.

“Hi, bunny, new here?” Dark brown eyes looking at her and a melting smile, Paxton thought. This voice was sexy, caused goosebumps and a tingling feeling in the pit of her stomach.

“No, I am Paxton and I am not your bunny. Get out of my way ...” again one of the wannabe Doms, but Paxton was not in the mood for this game, not tonight.

“I am Logan and what, yeah, what would happen to me, mhh” the deep, rough and sexy voice turned into a voice with a clear dominant sound.

“You will see, I am not one of those fragile newbies.” Why had his voice to be that sexy, she felt soaking her panties down already, just by the sound of his voice?

“No? But sounds like, otherwise, you wouldn’t be so bratty and really talk to me like that, would you?” He took her right hand, lifted it up, and put a kiss on her wrist without breaking eye contact.

“Wow, that’s an old one. How old?” He whispered in her ear in a seductive sound.

“11 years and I am not one of those natural handover girls, never was.” She looked at him, his black curly long hair falling down on his shoulders, those dark brown eyes and lips made to kiss, and this smile. Paxton felt the shiver down her spine that he caused and goosebumps all over.

“I can see that, but a beautiful one. And I would bet a wet one too.” He whispered again.

He grabbed Paxton at her waist and turned her back to the wall, towered over her, both hands on either side to her head. If he would have stood straight in front of her, she would just reach to his chest. Compared to her 5’2”, he had to be at least 6’2”, maybe in his 30s and build, oh Jesus.

“Why do you have the blue one, if you are not really looking out?” He asked with a husky voice.

“What do you want? A sub under contract? I don’t do contracts, I am no handover control girl and now it’s time to leave. Good night.” She ducked under his arm, winked at Axel and Jax, and left.

~~~ one week later~~~

Paxton's usual Friday evening, entering Club Avalon, hitting her dark spot in one corner, and checking the people out.. Picking up a drink at the bar, talking with Axel and Jax, and going back to her place again watching the show ongoing on the stage.

“Hi, mio piccolo” a voice husky and deep whispered in Paxtons ear.

“Hi, I am Paxton, what do you want?” She looked up and smiled at him, and could have melted right here and then. Again, a guy about 6’4”, in his 30s, long wavy blond hair, and build, oh my god.

“I am Damon, why are you hiding in the dark.”

“I am not hiding, I am just checking out without getting bothered too much.”

“Nice old wristband, but I think there’s a wrong color attached.”Oh, you think so, and what color would that be?”

“I think the blue one.”

“Oh, one more wannabe Dom, I think I have to repeat myself, I don’t do contracts, I am no handover control girl, and I think it’s time to leave.”

~~~ At Logan’s at Damon’s place the same night ~~~

“What the fuck!” Damon smashed the door shut when he entered the apartment. Logan looked at him, surprised by his outburst, as Damon came down the hallway towards the living room.

“What’s the problem? Something happened?” Logan wondered why Damon was in such a mood. Usually, Damon was calm and focused, but right now, he was a mess. Logan is sitting in the living room, sipping on his whiskey. Damon entered and took a whole glass of the same drink, sinking down in a chair.

“I saw her, she is perfect, fuck, and I messed up.” Damon runs his hands through his hair and takes a big sip.

“What are you talking about, who is perfect?” Logan looked at him, not understanding why Damon was such a mess.

“She. She is just perfect. And you know what? She was a little nasty brat, gave me a smash in the face, and just left. You really would like her.” It pissed Damon off, that he couldn’t get her there and then.

“Uhm, may I ask what she said?” Logan just smiled, wow what happened to Damon.

“What she said? ‘I don’t do contracts, I am no handover control girl’ am I looking as I would do contracts?” Damon took another big sip of his glass.

“Uhm, wait, she said what? Repeat this please again.” Logan got uneasy on the couch. Could it be the same girl? The girl haunting him in his dreams for one week?

“What is so difficult to understand, ‘I don’t do contracts, I am not...’” He got cut off of Logan

“That’s she, I told you about her. That’s the same girl, about 5’2”, long brown hair, blue eyes, right? The girl from last week. Because she smashed it in my face too, exactly the same words.” Logan smiled as he looked at Damon’s facial expression of astonished surprise.

“What? I think we have to go together next week, Logan.” Damon smiled at Logan and left for his room.

“Yes, we have to convince someone.” Logan put his glass down, left to his room, slid under the sheets, and would have one more night he just could dream.

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