Club Avalon

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Chapter 1 Club Avalon

~~~~ Paxton… POV~~~~

Four hands running down her body, two mouths kissing her everywhere, two cocks fucking her relentlessly at the same time. Waking up covered in sweat and with a dripping pussy. What the fuck is this? What the fuck is happening? This never happened before. What spell did they cast on me?

Those last two weeks, one simple fucking nightmare. Not even one night without dreaming whether of one or the other guy, or both together. I was creeping out of my bed; the alarm had blurred in an amazing piercing sound at 5.00 pm and ripped me out of my dreams. Oh god, when did that last happen, having wet dreams about guys I barely know. Guy’s who are actually Doms and surely want a sub, I am everything but not the sub in a classic way.

I don’t submit because of a trust issue, I always talk against it, I am making mistakes on purpose. The only way to get what I want, and that's pain. While still talking to myself, I enter the bathroom and taking a shower, embracing the warm water running over my body. Standing there for a felt endless amount of time. Thinking about my dress-up for this Friday evening. Should I try something new? Should I go in the usual dress-up?

Standing in front of my closet, I still think if I should make a change. I’m out of nowhere deciding for my short black one, black lace bra/pantie combi, black lace stockings, and black 5-inch leather heels, putting on my wristband, taking my backpack, and heading to my car. As I look in the rearview mirror, I am still shaking my head and wondering why for god’s sake I had put on my collar? A smaller, more decorative one, black small leather bands, and in the middle of the front a purple heart with a black butterfly. I started my car and made my way to club Avalon.

At the entrance, she paid her fee. Reaching the bar, Axel looked at her as she would have been a ghost.

“What, the….. Paxton? What happened, where is your outfit?” Axel was more than surprised, because Paxton rarely changed her outfit, at least not if it just was normal club time. At special events maybe, but not even then in such away.

“Hi, Axel. Nah, just thought maybe time for something different.”

“Didn’t think you had this old collar left. When did you wear this last time?”

“Oh, that’s more than a while ago.”

“The usual? Long Island Iced Tea?”

“Yep, the usual.”

As Axel put the cocktail in front of Paxton, and she tried to take her first sip, someone from behind took the glass out of her hand, put it back on the bar, and whispered in her ear.

“I don’t think bunny should have alcohol tonight at all. I think that would be more than a bad idea.” Logan said and looked at Axel and made signs to take the cocktail away.

“What the fuck… that’s my decision.” Paxton tried to get her cocktail back, but Logan turned the barstool she was sitting on. In this way, she was forced to face him.

“No, not tonight, bunny.” Logan leaned forward and whispered with a stern, rough voice in her ear.

“Logan, I am not joking. I am getting really mad and that won’t be fun at all.” Paxton tried to look angry, but she had the feeling she wasn’t really successful with it.

“Try me, bunny.” Logan’s facial expression had changed not like two weeks ago the soft flirty one, this time he looked quite serious. Paxton got this well-known tingling feeling in the pit of her stomach and got to feel how she already creamed down her pantie. Let’s see if this could be fun.

Paxton reached out to her cocktail, turned to face Logan, and took a sip as big as just could be.

“Am, Paxton, I wouldn’t…” Axel tried to get Paxton’s attention but got cut off from her.

“Axel, please, that doesn’t work with me, you know that. No one tells me what I should do.” Paxton took another big sip and Logan just took the glass again and gave it to Axel.

“Axel put it away, I said no.” Logan

“Lo…..” Axel tried to say something but got cut off by Logan.

“Axel, shut up.” Logan just looked at Axel and turned again back to face Paxton.

“Logan, Paxton, is….” Axel tried again.

“Axel, shut up, I know, she doesn’t do contracts, and she is no handover control girl, right?”

“Right and ok if you wanna put up a fight let’s see who wins.”

“Logan, tell her, she doesn’t know… You never did this before, Logan...” Axel was slightly in panic because he knew how Paxton could react if feeling tricked and trapped.

“Axel, wanna keep your job? Yes? I can handle this.”

“What do I not know?”

“Paxton, he is…”Axel, just shut up.”

“Logan, I am not in the mood for games.”

“Neither am I, Paxton. I think it’s time for you to learn a lesson. Seems you never learned lesson number one, not in 11 years. I think it’s maybe time to change that.” Logan cups Paxton's chin, so she couldn’t look away. He bent down to her and kissed her on her neck.

“I think we should go, bunny.” He took Paxton’s wrist, dragged her from the barstool, and made his way across the dancefloor towards the rooms on the other side.

Damon had watched the entire scene from the distance, actually from Paxton’s spot in the corner. As Logan passed with Paxton, Damon turned and followed them at a safe distance. In the hallway to the restrooms, Logan stopped, pulled her close, and leaned against the wall. He held her head up, bent down, and settled his lips on hers, nipping on her bottom lip, encouraging her to open up to him. The second she parted he entered her mouth swiftly, their tongues fought for dominance and slowly she gave in and handed the control over to Logan, melting completely into his kiss. Damon had approached the two and was standing behind her, pressing himself against her body, and in that way pressing her against Logan. He put both hands on the wall so no way to run for Paxton.

“Hi, moi piccolo.” Damon whispered in her ear before starting kissing her neck.

What the heck is this, they tricked me.

But instead of turning away, she moaned softly into Logan’s kiss and just gave in further. This kiss was too good, this feeling was too good just to stop right now and here. Logan broke the kiss and turned her around, so she faced Damon. Logan and Damon just had switched, so now Damon nipped on her bottom lip, asking for access, and she couldn’t resist and gave in. Logan bent down and kissed her neck, searching for her soft spot. His hands running down her body, tugging the end of her dress and stripping it up over her hips. His hands touched her pantie.

“This one has to go, bunny,” Logan whispered.

And in one swift move, the pantie ripped apart, and the pantie was gone. Logan’s hand took the way up they had left, slowly sliding down, pushing his fingers between her lips.

“There is someone, dripping, Damon.”

“I think I really need to taste it.”

Logan turned her head towards him and kissed her again. Damon got down on his knees, parted her thighs with his hands, and connected his mouth with her pussy, licking slowly the way down her lips and up again.

“So, sweet. So delicious.”

“Do you think you can handle both of us?” Logan groaned into her ear.

“Why, should that be a problem?” Paxton pinned Logan with her eyes and smiled.

“Damon.” Logan zipped up his pants, took a condom out of his pocket before stripping them down. Put the rubber over his hard cock and took Paxton at her hips and lifted her up. Paxton heard a second zip and a second condom got opened. Logan leaning into the wall with his shoulders, Paxton wrapping her legs around his waist, and Damon behind her, pressing them together. Logan slowly let her down and buried himself in her pussy. Paxton, still kissing Logan, as Damon entered her from behind and moaned loudly into Logan’s kiss.

“Oh, fuck bunny.” Logan groaned in Paxtons ear. Deep and hard, he thrust in and out.

“Logan, she is so tight. I don’t last that long. Fuck, Mio piccolo.” Damon groaned as he matched Logan’s rhythm. Now both fucked her relentlessly, hard and deep, and slowly a crowd moved into the hallway to watch them.

“Oh, yes, deeper. Please…” Logan and Damon paced up at the same time. Pounding in and out.

“Please what, bunny?”

“Make me cum.”

“Bunny, ask right. That’s not the right way to ask.”

“Please.. Logan..”

“No bunny, you know what I want to hear.”

“Please.. Logan, I need..”Don’t you dare to cum, you still haven’t asked right, bunny.”

“Oh, jeez,....”

“The longer you wait..”

“Logan, fuck, I don’t last very much longer. Mio piccolo, just say it.”

“Please, may I….. cum,… sir.” Damon flicked with his fingers Paxton's nub at a relentless pace.

“Cum, bunny, cum for us.” Logan groaned loudly as he gave Paxton permission to cum.

Paxton’s walls tightened around Logan and Damon, and as she reached her climax, trembling in her entire body, she screamed Logan’s name as she came so hard as never before, and everything went black. Logan and Damon came right behind her. Paxton just go limp in Logan’s arms. He handed her over to Damon, just put on his pants again. Took her back in bridal style and they left towards the elevator up to their apartment.

Paxton woke up in a bed. No memory of how she got there. She got up, dressed, and left the room. As Logan heard the bedroom door, he looked up and straight into Paxton’s face. What he saw let his heart skip a beat. Anger, hurt, pain, everything crushed in him. It broke his heart to see her like that.

“That’s it, I am leaving. Bye.”

“Bunny, wait.”

“No, I am leaving, you both tricked me and I don’t like this. Bye.”

“Bunny, please wait. We can explain…”

“You have time until the elevator is here.”

“Mio piccolo, please…”

“Time’s up, the elevator is here, bye, have a pleasant weekend.” Paxton entered the elevator, pushed the button, and left the apartment.

“FUCK!” Logan screamed, frustrated and angry.

“I don’t know if we can fix this Logan.”

“I have to, I am talking to Axel. He has known her for 11 years.”

“I hope so because I want her back, she is ours. She is our girl, Logan.”

“I know, Damon. I fix this.”

“Hi, Axel.”

“Good morning, Logan. What happened? You are looking shit, man.”

“She left, really pissed. She thinks we tricked her.”

“Logan, I tried to warn you. She is not easy. She is an independent woman. She never gave in, not even to me, and we had it going for 4 years.”

“Why is she like that? What happened?”

“The only thing I know is, she has a trust issue, a big one. I know she had a negative encounter with one of her first DOMs, but I don’t know what happened. If she believes, you tricked her, then you have a hell of a job to gain her trust back.”

“Oh, a great masterpiece of work. A great night just to create a catastrophe.”

“The only thing the two of you can do is date her in an old-fashioned way.”

“What do you mean with that?”

“Take her out, dates, with the both of you… together.. otherwise she will not get it.”

“Axel? Do you have her phone number?”

“Uhm, Logan… I don’t know..”

“Axel, please we really like her, we really want her and keep her. Please help me, to make this right again.”

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