Kings and alphas

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This story is of wonder and magic.Tails of mystery and spellbinding romance and adventure .who knew my soulmate would be from an enemy.not all bad things are good but maybe this one.thing can be right..can these two very different species find they're love and keep it or will the pack and pride detroy something that could be more powerful together than separate.

Romance / Fantasy
Heather Rain
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Intro to my world

My name is rain articwolf I come from Artic Rose Pack. I just turned 18 the day I am supposed to meet my soulmate and forever partner .

Every night I have the same sweet adrenaline.induced sheet grabbing pillow moanimg wet dream of a goregeous tan muscular black hair gold highlights and green eyes adonas looking man, and if that wasn't enough to get my wet dream any wetter than his smile would do me in every time with his glasses he.pusshes up with his index finger to the bridge of his nose.

This kind of man would get any woman wet and moaning in secrecy of embarrassment to how many times that would rub themselves just thinking of how big and thick his growing member would become.

(BLUSHES ? anyway I have alot of secrets I have kept from everyone and even from the alphas in my pack .
To my knowledge there is no other like me nor ever was .
I want to keep it this way because my pack is very harsh on me due to me being an alpha queen.My pack has very high standards .
I think of this every morning as I get up out of bed of my master suite in the pack house. I walk over to my mirror sit down on the soft silky material on the pedistal seat to comb and straighten my hair and rub the sleepiness from my eyes.
Am I going to be a good queen?,or am I going to just mess everything up .
I am 5" 3 I never really attract anyones attention .I stay to myself have silver hair and yellow eyes .I'm really clumsy , not really the makings of a queen .Today we host a mating run ..this run is for every unmated wolf in the whole contenient including some other shifters from other species .To keep the piece we invite everyone and as the queen I host this my day starts at 600 am sharp ..ughhh I'm not really a morning person, so I skip down to get some coffee..where my best friend capsian my beta is sitting at the counter already and has my coffee made , he's such a life saver.annnnddd of course the first thing that pops out his mouth is what if you find your mate...I gently ignore him pretending to be very interested in my coffee ..sipping it as I walk away and say a good queen doesn't need a king .He then shouts back but every queen needs her other half to live.The thing about our pack is that if in ten years if you don't find your mate you slowly die,because without your other half you lose yourself to your wolf and she takes over.This has happened only a few times and it's very hard to watch especially when its your own brother losing himself to madness and despair.
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