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Romance / Mystery
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Page One ; Surrendered to a Rose

I gave you one advantage over me by letting you cuff me to the headboard. I know this game best and I am nearly impossible to break so do not disappoint me.

I do not fear your strength for I have been battered and beaten. I have felt wrath so strong it left bruises that faded with time. So I do not fear your strength instead show me restraint to contain it.

You blinded me next and I did not let a sound escape me. I have been blinded for many year's surrounded and loved by the darkness I know so well. So do not tempt me with darkness instead show me what's bright inside you. For the light and I have never met.

You caress my skin as if you had touched a petal and with each stroke of a finger, I find my resolve. I will not break to you for I have been tested in life and even the loving care of a single touch will not sway me. I have met destruction from a flower that appeared gentle.

Every place met by your lips brings forth a sensation unknown to me yet I hesitate and resist. I cannot surrender so easily and this fight between one mistress and one submissive has just begun. I will withhold my voice for it is my greatest weapon against you. Even though blinded I will show you what it means to tame me.

Fingers dipping through me like a canvas and every crevice is carefully examined. My breathing may increase but I will not yield to you for you have yet to see me at my core. Kisses turn to bites well placed along sensitive flesh that has met relentless abuse. And with every placed bite or nibble a small gasp escapes but still I do not yield.

A single hand finds a place among my thighs walking along a path you created. While the other is painting its canvas and I find your attention marvelous when you find my weakness. This game dances on because I hold dearest what you seek to hear, but I will not relent I will hold on. I also am seeking to understand you through this silence that is louder than anything creatable.

You find the entrance of my core and I feel the tip of a finger. It seeks entry as it carefully caresses its way inside to my core. Yet again I gasp and you find my areola between gentle teeth and warm breath. Finally, you elicit a sound from me and it spurs you on. But I am only playing the game well and I desire the same as you.

A second finger follows suit bringing forth another gasp as you search for my core. My concentration begins to waver the longer we play this game but I have the strength to resist this teasing. Even if for a while longer I will make you submit to me the same I will submit to you for that is the true game we are playing.

Teeth caress along the neck finding crevices to take ahold of my skin. I gasp more breathless as I continue to fight back the urge but you know me now. You have found my core and for that I award you. A moan escapes me soft and drawn out but you have not won yet for this game is played in rounds.

After so long it's my turn to show you what I can do for I am ready to begin my move. With a well-placed foot, I move towards spread legs as the toe finds your thighs. A toenail is pressed into the flesh dragging up towards your core slowly. And I am quickly rewarded for you let out a louder moan than I and with that, I take this round.

You seem to find my resistance endearing and it seems to push you forward. Thumb pressing down above my core as you circulated the area in a petting way. But you apply the right amount of pressure and fingers stroke and claw perfectly in sync. Forcing another moan from me and with this, you are closer than anyone to my core. I feel the heat between us rising further like a furnace radiating flames our bodies have become one as we slowly let our sounds combine into a single duo. Perfectly in sync, as you and I climb higher through this ecstasy together.

The game is finally drawing to a close but you are not done for I have not spoken. And you can't it with your actions as I can no longer control my voice echoing louder with each entrance made. A third finger finds entry and soon you now have me at your command for I no longer can resist. And neither can you, it seems so let us end this duet perfectly tonight

Raie; " Mistress... Please let us climb to our final musical piece."

I am met with a growl for an answer for she is creating her best musical piece yet. And I let her bring forth every note she desires to hear like a piano. For she maintains her gentleness while applying proper roughness to the core where I seek her most. Lips capture the tip of a nipple pulling similarly to my core for she knows my body perfectly now. I bring her higher as my toe finds its way to the crevice inside her entrance seeking out her core. And soon I bring the duets ending closer and closer till we both let forth a perfectly in sync moan filling the silence with a perfect melody.

Taliana; " You are most precious to me my dearest thorn."

Raie; " And you are most precious to me my Rose for I have never met another like you. Please protect me."

Just as I asked her to protect me she had already removed the blindfold and found my eyes. She caressed my cheek while offering me a smile with a kiss and with this she accepts me as I accept her. Our meeting was perhaps strange and maybe we had not the blessings of fate to meet. But every Rose needs its thorns and with my surrender to a rose, I have become her thorns. We shall shelter each other from the things that scare us the most.
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