Her Wolf

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Chapter ten

Claudia knew her dad was obsessed with being alpha, he had told her from a small age that she was meant to be Luna and when she was then he would be alpha as he would take over from her mate but as she got older she understood that was wrong and no matter how many times she told him, he wouldn't listen and he had all his hopes on her becoming Luna but now with her getting banished and becoming rogue, all the hope had gone and in a panic, he had made them leave, "all of my secrets and past will come out", he told her with a manic stare in his eyes as he placed the living room floor before shouting incoherent words.
The next day they left, putting the house up for sale and her dad blamed her because with her threatening that girl, the two packs of the town will be watching them and word will get round to other packs.
"I will have to contact my pack", he muttered as he took his cell phone out of his pocket as they came across an abandoned derelicted warehouse in a derelicted town.
Claudia frowned, "what pack?" As far as she knew he was nothing but a businessman and she wondered what was the secrets he had.
He ignored her as he began to explain to whoever it was on the phone, he gave Claudia a quick glance, "and bring the pups too, my daughter can be in charge of them."

That was three days ago and now Claudia had found herself in charge of the thirty pups of the rogue pack who had helped her father, twenty years ago.
She found herself enjoying training these pups, they were all fourteen and when they reached seventeen years old that's when they would move on to the adult pack for further training and she was training them to hunt and kill, she had left them now to her gamma and beta, Dominic and Wesley who were taking them on a hunt and run and she made her way into the yard of the warehouse where the building was surrounded by a tall barb wired fence and the only way to get in and out was the big gaping hole in the middle of the fence.

She opened the door to the warehouse and walked in, the big metal door slammed heavily behind her with the sound of it echoing, she pulled down the hood of her pink hooded sweatshirt and walked into a spacious room where the walls and windows were cracked and in the middle of the room was a long rectangle table with metal chairs around it.
The room was empty but the building wasn't, she could hear her father talking to one of the rogues, her father trusted them.

All Claudia knew was that, her dad, Franklyn was never alpha in his pack and her dad got promised by her grandfather alpha Michael that he would be next in line but her uncle Owen got the title instead. She didn't know her mom as she had left them when she was three, she went and found her true mate and left her behind and that Claudia could never forgive because her dad told her that her mom only used him because she thought he was going to be alpha. Her dad also told her that her mom hated her and she wanted nothing to do with her from the day she was born. She had cried when her father told her but he told her to grow up and her main focus in life was to marry an alpha and to think of the power she would have.

She wanted the power still but her wolf Sylvia hadn't wanted anything to do with her since she threatened Emily and she had never liked Logan, Claudia pouted her lips and walked to the room where her dad was, he was holding a meeting, "I want to go back home and I want to show that fat bitch who is Luna and Logan, he played me! He got my hopes up, he promised me that once we graduated, he was going to give me a mating ceremony and now I have nothing!" She stomped her foot, her dad walked over, "we are talking about that now, you just have to be patient."

She knew if anything her dad was very patient, yesterday as they were moving into their new house in a place where no one knew them, he had told her the story about how he had gotten banished from her mother's pack after her grandfather Michael died and her uncle Owen had took over and her dad challenged him as the title was rightfully his but her uncle and the rest of the pack laughed and mocked him. He left with Claudia but found that her uncle wasn't letting it go as he and his pack went to kill her father and herself but thanks to a pack of rogue wolves they had managed to defeat her uncle's pack and then they left.
Her father had kept the rogues knowing that they would be useful and now they were and he had called them in and now their pack was stronger than ever.

She heard a noise as she was about to argue about how patient did she have to be and she tilted her head.
She walked towards where the noise was and she saw her pack of thirty rogues sitting in the meeting room along with Dominic and Wesley, she sat at the head of the table, "we need more training and fast," Dominic and Wesley both sitting opposite her nodded, Dominic leaned forward, "I have heard that both packs from your old town are guarding houses and the school, so it will be best to ambush them without warning when they go on a run". He looked over at two seventeen year old boys whose sight and hearing were very powerful, "I'll be sending these two to watch and listen and then they will come back and tell us and we will be ready".
Claudia pouted, her eyes full of venom, "oh yes I will be ready, he promised me that I would be his Luna and that is the promise he will keep and I will have my mating ceremony", she smirked at the thought.

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