Her Wolf

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Chapter eleven

Logan was having his breakfast, his mom, Julie, who was sitting at the kitchen table with him, "there will be wedding bells next", she laughed as he smiled, "well who knows?" He was pleased that his parents approved.
His father sat down to eat, "we've discovered the herb that Claudia and her father have been using to cover their scents, it looks like they have been using it in their food as the herb has no taste."

Logan was already finding it very worrying because if they can't scent them then they could attack anytime, "what are we going to do then?" He frowned, his father thinned his lips, I have some of my pack out looking and I have two who can smell scents that are disguised so they are on the hunt."
Logan stood up, "I have some of my pack out too, they are keeping a lookout around here and school", he looked at his watch, he grabbed his bag, "I'm going to pick up Emily", he heard his parents saying bye and then talking amongst themselves and he got into his car and drove away.

Emily clutched her bag and walked out the front door, she felt nervous as this felt totally new to her and she didn't know what people at school were going to say, let alone their pack even though Logan said they were happy about them. Logan smiled and took her hand in his as she sat in his car. He kissed the back of her hand, "I know what you're thinking and how you're feeling and believe me it's all fine, there is nothing to worry about", he gave her hand a soft squeeze before letting go. She nodded and smiled into his eyes because she believed him and she took a deep breath as he drove them both to school.

Logan was happy that Emily trusted him and he was going to make school so much easier for her and he swore that he would keep her updated and tell her what is happening as he wanted to keep her safe.
"I have some of the pack keeping guard around the school and our houses."
He had chosen the people in his pack who had very powerful senses.

He had also sent his beta Aaron and his gamma Jack to find out more about Claudia and her sudden disappearance with her father.
He sensed Emily's nerves picking up as he reached the school and parked in the parking lot, he got out to open the door for Emily and she stepped out to find a few girls and a few boys from their pack waiting for them, he smiled and took her hand as he bought her over to them.

She knew them but none of them had ever spoken to her so she stood feeling very uneasy, she couldn't help but feel a little bitter as she thought about the friends she could have had, if it wasn't for them obeying Logan, she felt him squeezing her hand tighter, she quickly looked at him, he looked at her in in understanding as he mindlinked her,"I know and I'm sorry."

Emily looked back at the rest of the pack, she still didn't know what to say but a short blonde haired girl came skipping over and smiled, "hi I'm Laura", Emily smiled, she had seen Laura when they were out hunting or running, she thought that she would be a friend as she always gave her a small smile and now here she was introducing herself, she found herself smiling back, "hi I'm Emily", she put out a hand for Laura to shake and Laura looked down at Emily's hand and laughed before she hugged her, Emily's eyes went big in surprise but she hugged her back, she looked at Logan to see him grinning and he raised his eyebrows "I told you they would love you", he said to her in mindlink as they all introduced themselves to her and shaking hands, she felt happy as she grinned back at Logan and they all walked into school before the bell rang.

Logan stepped back as everyone walked in. His pack were all on guard and looking around whilst talking to Emily but no one could sense or see anything unusual, he ran up the school steps where Emily was waiting for him inside the entrance.
Emily noticed that as the morning went on, Claudia's friends left her alone despite the whispers she heard from them and she found it surprising that none of them questioned Claudia's disappearance.

She found Logan waiting for her after every class she had and she saw students whispering about them as Logan held her hand as they walked past them and she found that despite the whispers, no one bothered her and she became more comfortable with the pack.
She had found that her and Laura had many things in common, "you've never had a sleepover?!" Laura had asked her in shock when they were sitting in a classroom together, she laughed at the shock on Laura's face, "no, I'm sad to say I haven't", Laura shook her head in dismay, "well when all this is over with, then we will." Emily smiled, "I can't wait!"

Throughout the morning she heard more whispers and rumours about Claudia and most of them were about her being pregnant with Logan's baby which hurt her as it reminded her that Logan had been with Claudia.
Logan later on that day after hearing the rumours about him and Claudia, he wanted to find out who started it and he knew it was one of Claudia's friends but even though he wanted to get one of the people from the pack to find out who did it, he knew there were much more important things going on and he had to set Emily straight.

He found her in the cafeteria eating with the pack so he sat next to her and waited until she finished and when she had, he tucked her hair behind her ear making her blush. He smiled as he loved seeing her blush, "come with me", he took her hand and pulled her gently from her chair and led her outside behind the school where it was nice and cool away from the heat of the sun, he sat down on a grassy area and rested his back against a tree, "sit", he grabbed her other hand and tugged her down gently onto his knee, he closed his eyes and sniffed her hair, he loved her scent. He kissed the back of her ear, she felt herself tense up as she knew he was going to talk about him and Claudia, she decided to speak first, "I know who made the rumours up, I saw her whispering and laughing when looking at me in a classroom this morning, she is one of Claudia's little minions, Abby." She also smelled the strong waves of jealousy coming from her too.

Logan wrapped his arms around her waist,"well you know it isn't true then."

Emily felt herself getting possessive and jealous of the thought of Logan and Claudia being together, he could sense it and he rubbed the back of her neck to calm her before taking a deep breath, "I would be able to smell it if she was", he knew it was too soon to tell if Emily was pregnant but he knew it would be the best feeling in the world if she was.

He knew though that they would have to keep her pregnancy quiet if she was because the problem with Claudia, her father and their pack of rogues were hovering above their heads.
She knew he was telling the truth and she tilted her head up to kiss him, he kissed her and smiled, "come for a run with us tonight", he hugged her tightly to him, she leaned her head on his chest and sighed, "it's a shame we couldn't just go for a run alone". He kissed her head, "I know but once this is over with Claudia and her father then we will." Emily smiled at the thought, she stretched, "it's a shame we can't stay here for the rest of the day", she stood up as she knew it would be a bad idea and so did he, so with them both holding hands they made their way back into the school with some of their pack walking behind them as they were keeping guard.

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