Her Wolf

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Chapter thirteen

A tall blonde haired man with a thin scar going down the left side of his cheek came walking in with a limp. Logan frowned as he saw him as he looked familiar, he watched as the man stood in front of everyone to announce himself as Owen Mathis who was alpha of the Onyx moon pack,Logan bowed his head with the rest in respect as they had heard that this pack had a big tragedy where rogues had come in and had killed most of the members.

Owen sat down at the head of the table cleared his throat as he looked around the table before taking a deep breath, "I'm Owen Mathis and I know this evil madman you all know as Franklyn, we welcomed him into our pack eighteen years ago and within a year he got a pack of rogues to kill my father, most of my pack and he snatched my daughter" He looked around at everyone, "my pack was peaceful, my father was the alpha and I lived there with my mate and our beautiful daughter Zella", he swallowed as he tried to control his emotions. He held in his hand a photograph of a blonde haired, blue eyed little toddler who was smiling at the camera, he showed it to Logan and his father with a shaking hand.

"I've never seen her again, I have looked and every time we get a little hope then that hope goes. I'm hoping that me and my pack can help you with defeating this bastard!", Logan was still holding the photo, his mouth open in shock, he shook his head and he showed the photo to his dad who frowned, Claudia....." Logan muttered as he stared at the photo, " it's her". Owen turned his head quickly to Logan, "you've seen her?", his voice sounded hopeful but yet scared. Logan nodded
"Yes, I know her", and he began to explain about what happened, how she got jealous when she found Logan wasn't her mate and how he had to banish her and she has been seen to be in charge of a pack of rogue pups and she was training them to hunt and kill.

Owen's fists clenched, he felt the need to repeat himself, "that man you are talking about, he became part of my pack, we welcomed him with open arms and he became friends with myself and my mate but that friendship turned into an obsession. He gained our trust and then he got his rogues to ambush us, they killed most of my pack and he took my little girl." Logan handed him back the photo, he noticed what was familiar was that Claudia and her dad had the same blue eyes and colour hair "Claudia....Zella is obsessed with power, she wanted me as I'm going to be next in line to be alpha". Owen placed his head in his hands at hearing that, Logan's dad stood up, they could all sense and smell the anger, fear and sadness coming from this man and he placed a hand on Owen's shoulder, "we will have our meeting now and I promise you, you will see your daughter and you will take her home."

Owen kept having flashbacks and hearing his mate howl in despair that night after their daughter went missing that night killed him.
He couldn't believe how gullible and foolish, why did he not trust his wolf's instincts?

Owen thought of Katie, his mate and Zella's mother,"I would let Katie know but we have hoped so many times that we would find her and I don't want to get her hopes up", Logan's dad nodded, "you can let her know once we have Zella safe and sound".
Owen walked out, he hoped they would find her and then he will kill Franklyn.

Logan and his dad, Derrick started talking to their packs about the plans, Derrick, looked at them one by one, he looked grim-faced, "I've had reports that Franklyn and Claudia and their packs are planning to ambush us tonight! We will go on a run as we were planning to but now we will be prepared!"
After they had finished planning on what they were going to do, they left to get on with their business.

Owen had been told what was going to happen, he got his beta who was with him to go back to their pack and to get them to come and help whilst Emily's dad went back home to to tell Emily's mom the the latest news and for her to stay home with guards incase the rogues attacked their home and Emily was told what they were going to do and she was thankful for once that her father had taught her self defence.
Logan after finishing the meeting changed into his wolf once he reached the forest to get to Emily's home faster. He was itching to see her and to hold her in his arms.

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