Her Wolf

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Chapter fourteen

"We will ambush them tonight!" Franklyn said as he got up from the table, he used for his meeting with his thirty rogues, he had a hatred for shapeshifters including these who he was sitting with.
He walked out of the room, his jealousy, madness and hatred taking over him as he went outside, he looked around but couldn't see anyone, Claudia came up from behind him, he was angry, "what do you want?" He said making her jump, she narrowed her eyes, "why have I have never seen you fight?" She had practiced with the pups and had watched the elders practice but she had never seen him fight.....not once and now she was curious.

Franklyn felt the anger rising, how dare she question him, he turned to her, "it's none of your business whether I fight or not!" He walked quickly away into the yard before she could ask him anymore questions.
He felt the wind getting colder as he walked onwards towards the barb wired fence and he put his hands in his pockets, he knew he had to be careful as his secret would come out and all will be ruined.

Franklyn clenched his fists, "I'm not a runt", he said to himself, feeling the madness and hatred swirl inside him as he thought back to when he lived with his parents and his three brothers in their pack, he was the eldest but also the weakest. He was tall but very thin and he had no strength, "runt", his brothers would call him, his brothers were stronger than him and they showed it by fighting him, loving it as he fell to the ground unconscious with pain and knowing that he couldn't shapeshift, he couldn't heal quickly.
His father would watch with a smile finding joy in it, Franklyn vowed as he cleaned his bruises and wounds each time that he would find vengeance.
His parents were forced to mate due to an alliance to unite both packs and his father blamed his mother for what Franklyn was, "a mistake", his mother never defended him, she very hardly spoke, his father was a tyrant and his mother was bought up to be subservient.

He found his revenge when his father died when he was fifteen and his younger brother Linus took over the role of alpha, Linus sat in the chair at the end of the table where their father would sit, "you alpha?", He laughed and sneered as Franklyn protested, I'm the eldest, so it should be me!" He stomped with one foot, his eyes showing the madness that was there now, Linus stood up, his face full of mockery, "the only way you could be alpha is getting your daughter to marry an alpha and then you kill him and then you get to be alpha", Linus laughed knowing that Franklyn believed him.

The next morning, he woke up to a pack of wolves that Linus had specially chosen for this and they threw him out of bed naked and began to punch and kick him. Linus stood there alongside with their brothers laughing as Franklyn was barely conscious, Linus walked over to where he was lying, he looked down at him with a smirk, "I Linus Breton, alpha of the crimson moon pack banish you, Franklyn Breton, you won't speak or go near our mates nor will you have to anything to do with our pups."
Franklyn whimpered as he felt the power wash over him as one of the men threw some clothes at him and they all left laughing, he didn't know how long it took for him to put on his clothes and leave but when he did, he felt anger and he wanted revenge, he didn't look at anyone as he limped past but he heard laughing.

He felt the alpha's power more as he left, he knew Linus was doing that to show him who was the alpha.
The thought of revenge kept him going as he walked, he felt the madness and anger growing and it was only when he felt himself becoming weak and wanting to eat, drink and sleep, he thankfully found an abandoned building, he went in and found food and not knowing that a pack of rogues who were looking for trouble were staying there, they found him when he was sleeping and they could smell that he was a runt but they could also smell the anger, the madness and fear coming from him.

Marcus who was in charge walked in front of them all, he kicked Franklyn's leg to wake him up, he woke up in a fright, "what are you doing here?! Who are you?!" Franklyn sat up, shaken, "please I'll explain everything."

In exchange for letting him stay because they were looking for trouble, he told them about his brother's pack and all that had been done, he went with them to show where his brother's pack resided and as the rogues penetrated the place, he watched from a distance as they killed everyone, the most satisfaction he got was hearing his brother, Linus screaming in pain. He now felt satisfied knowing his revenge had been done but the madness he had inside still lingered.

As he now travelled with the rogues, he wondered whether he had a mate or not as he couldn't change nor did he have any of the senses or powers that went with it.
After two years, he left the rogues as he had discovered the Onyx pack when he came into their town, he decided a fresh start was needed and he now used herbs to disguise his scent thanks to a herbalist he had met.

"I am a traveller and I come from the light moon pack", he told Owen who was the alpha Michael's son who had confronted him when he came to visit their pack, he couldn't detect any unusual scents on him and they let him in and with now Franklyn having confidence thanks to being with the rogues. Owen found nothing suspicious, "come in", he shook his hand and their alpha Michael after questioning him and getting men from the pack to keep a close eye and to find more information about him, then welcomed him as everything seemed good about him.
Franklyn bowed his head after shaking his hand, "thank you my alpha", he felt like laughing knowing they hadn't researched properly as he was never in the light moon pack, "idiots", he thought.

As the year went on, he befriended the alpha's son Owen and his mate Katie, "why don't you come running with us", Katie asked him as they were walking towards the forest, Franklyn paused in panic but he shook it off and laughed, "no, you go ahead, I'll stay behind, I like to run on my own", Katie nodded as there were a few that were the same and they never suspected anything but the madness that resided came back with a vengeance and with jealousy because they had everything he hadn't including a little girl named Zella, the madness and jealousy began to drive him insane.
Franklyn waited until another year when Owen's father died and Owen had took over as alpha so he contacted the rogues who now respected him and looked at him as their alpha and he watched in the distance as the Onyx moon pack was killed by the rogues and in his arms he had Zella who he was going to bring up as a daughter and knowing that one day she will marry an alpha who he will kill so he could take over just as his brother had said and then he will have control and everything he desires.

He and Zella moved to Naple falls fifteen years ago and he kept his rogue pack as he didn't need any other.
He used the herbs on Zella so her scent would be disguised and she wouldn't be found.
He put money in investments and bought a company so people who were part of this town's pack wouldn't suspect who he was and that everyone would think that he was just a single father to a daughter and that he went away on business a lot.

He kept the secret that he couldn't change to himself. He had also changed his look from a thin man to a very muscular man who worked out a lot and any wolf who walked past could smell the confidence coming from him and he had the reputation of being a ladies man because of his handsome looks.

He changed Zella's name to Claudia and told her the tale about how he fell in love with her mom Katie and that Claudia's grandfather Michael had promised him the title of alpha but when he died, her uncle Owen became alpha and he had banished him from the pack and her mom had left them both as she found her true mate. He told Claudia that she was meant to be Luna as she would mate with an alpha and then at thirteen she met Logan Walker and he knew then his plan was happening until now.

Franklyn blinked as he came back to the present, he ran a hand through his brown hair.
Everything he wanted was now going, he heard Claudia following behind him again, "we need to get everyone together, if I'm going to get what I want!"
He looked at the sky and noticed it was getting dark, "yes", he could feel the madness and hatred turning faster in his stomach as he turned round and walked past her to go into the building.
Claudia followed him where they gathered everyone ready for battle.

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