Her Wolf

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Chapter fifteen

Emily was trying to concentrate on her homework in her bedroom, when she heard her dad come in and she heard him talking to her mom about the meeting, she could tell it was serious by the tone of their voices
She peeked her head out of her window to see some of the pack guarding her house and the surroundings.

She then heard a rustling noise from outside her window and she quickly looked down to find Logan climbing up, she giggled and held out a hand for him to hold, he took it even though he knew he didn't need any help but he wanted to feel her and he held her hand tightly as she moved away so he could climb in.
Emily sat herself back down on her bed and the bed bounced as he sat next to her, he took her hand, he looked serious "I have some important news to tell you", she tensed up "Claudia, her father and their rogues are planning to attack us tonight when we go on our run, we've had some of the pack watching them, so we need to be prepared."

He wrapped his arms around her waist and told her everything they had discovered, Emily felt sorry for Owen and his mate, "I hope they get Claudia to go back to her family", Logan nodded, "he has plans and when we go running tonight, you will have to be guarded, I know Claudia has plans that involve you".
Emily turned her head to look at him, she raised an eyebrow with a small smile on her face, "you know I've been practicing self defence lessons with my father so I'm not going stand back and watch you all fight for me."

She took a deep breath, "I know she's not going to rest until she kills me and her real father wants her back home so why don't I wander around where she can see me and when she comes out to attack then the Onyx moon pack can get her. You can use me as bait." She gasped as she felt his arms tighten around her, he growled at the thought of her getting hurt, " I won't allow that", he rolled over with her on the bed so he was lying on top of her, he entwined his fingers with hers and raised her arms above her head, he kissed her lips softly, his nose touching hers, "I'm not going to let anyone hurt you."

"I don't want to see you get hurt either", she kissed him, his tongue entwined with hers, she moaned as she felt himself pressing against her,the smell of arousal was getting stronger between them as he kissed down her neck, he placed his hand on her stomach and moved up to touch her breasts, she arched her back and moaned.
He stared into her eyes, she opened her mouth as she saw the passion, "I love you and I want to marry you", she gasped in surprise and smiled, "I love you too and I will marry you".

Emily then heard creaking coming from the stairs, "I think my parents know what we are up to and they are listening to make sure we don't go too far", he groaned into her neck, "seriously we need our own place, the sooner the better", she giggled and then remembered what was to come, she sighed, "maybe it's best that we don't get too distracted", he kissed her lips slowly, "we better go", Emily nodded and Logan took her hand as they climbed off the bed and went downstairs.

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