Her Wolf

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Chapter sixteen

Logan, Emily and their pack changed into their wolves as soon as they reached the forest.
Emily could feel her nerves rising, she could feel the tension in the air, Eve growled and shook her head, she was ready to fight for her mate, she could feel the power of being a Luna take over her, she felt a warmth coming from her body and she saw a glow coming from it, "this is one of the powers of being a luna, it will help you when you fight, just imagine the glow getting bigger and stronger and it will", Eve told her.

Logan looked around, he sensed his father's and Owen's packs around the forest, he heard her growl and he knew she was ready.
Adam felt the need to be protective over her, he turned to look at her and saw she had changed into a beautiful silver with little patches of black around her back and her eyes were glowing violet, he noticed the glow coming from her, "if this doesn't prove that you're my Luna than I don't know what will", he smugly mindlinked her.

He looked at all of his pack who were waiting lined up, their eyes searching the darkness of the forest but it was all silent and still, "let's go", Logan mindlinked them all and they all ran together whilst keeping watch.
Emily found one of her new luna powers was seeing things in the dark, her eyes stayed the same but she could see clearly as if it was daytime, "I can see things clearly in the dark", she mindlinked Logan as she looked around.

She stopped abruptly as she saw something crouching amongst the trees, Logan heard the rustling of grass as he sensed the rogues coming closer.
Emily snarled and showed her teeth as she saw Claudia sauntering out in human form and with her she was surrounded by thirty rogues in wolf form from her pack.

Claudia sneered at Emily, she knew she couldn't be touched as her rogues were with her.
She eyed Logan, her eyes were wide with insanity, she screamed "you promised me that you and I were going to have a mating ceremony and I want it!"

Emily snarled, she couldn't help but feel jealous, the flashbacks of Claudia and Logan being together took over her mind, "I didn't promise her that, I swear", he mindlinked to Emily, Logan knew Claudia and the nasty games she played.

Emily felt Eve taking over, "no one tries to steal our mate", she growled and she felt the glow getting stronger, the power came out in a silver shimmering wave, the ground shook and the wave rushed forwards.
Logan stood next to her as he saw the silver wave coming from Emily, he felt Adam taking over him and he felt the strong power that he always possessed come out in a gold shimmering wave, him and Eve both watched as the two collided and the waves joined as one as it rushed towards Claudia and the rogues.

Claudia screamed as she saw the big orb coming towards her, she tried to avoid it as did the rogues but they couldn't and she grunted as it hit her and she flew backwards as the rest of the rogues did and she fell with a thud as she landed on her back, her head hitting the ground hard.
As she lay there, she heard her wolf Sylvia growling, "he is not our mate but he has hurt us by using his powers", Claudia heard footsteps from Logan's pack running and growling towards her and growls from the few rogues that hadn't been knocked out, the rogues surrounded her to protect her and she ignored her wolf as she got up, "it's not him I want to hurt, it's her, that fat bitch stole what, I wanted, I am meant to be Luna, she stole my dreams!"

She felt the anger getting the better of her as she changed into her wolf, her eyes glowed bright green and her fur was black, she watched as the flashes of light that Logan and Emily were shooting from their bodies were knocking out her young rogues, she snarled and leapt at Emily who was building up her power, she felt the heat of the growing orb hit her as she leapt at Emily.
Emily fell on her back, she felt her power fade and Claudia leapt on her, her fur was burnt where she had been hit, Emily felt another power rising, she felt the vibrations as Claudia trapped her as she snapped rapidly at her neck, she kicked Claudia using her back legs and Claudia yelped in pain as electricity sparks shot from Emily's paws onto her stomach, she fell on her back, her body jumping as the electricity ran through her body and she fell unconscious.

Emily knew that as soon as Claudia came round, she would try and kill her once again so she kept herself on guard, she found herself using her powers whenever a rogue came at her but she knew the powers were starting to fade as her wolf was feeling tired. She noticed Logan was the same and she knew that they were outnumbered as she watched their pack fighting with the young rogues,"we need help, we are outnumbered", she mindlinked to Logan who was now single handedly fighting a rogue without using his powers.
Claudia found herself doing the same when a blue orb whizzed from behind her knocking the rogue flying and she saw Logan's dad behind her in wolf form and using his alpha powers and she noticed the rest of his pack and The Onyx Moon pack coming to fight, they looked like they had been in battle already with their scuffed fur, dirt and scratches on their bodies and a few were limping.

Emily ran to Claudia who was now conscious, she growled at her in warning, she placed a paw on her stomach to keep her down, Claudia wished that she could mindlink Franklyn for help because as he was her father she should be able to contact him but she couldn't and where was he?
Claudia who was now weakened due to the electric shocks she had, she looked around as she now found the rogues had either ran off or had died and she was now alone, she was angry knowing that she wasn't going to get her own way, she weakly lifted her paw up and swiped at Emily's paw that was on her stomach.

Emily moved her paw as she felt Claudia's claws, she knew now that Claudia couldn't fight her as she was weak so she stood back and watched as Claudia turned onto her stomach and then stood up quivering, Emily moved herself away next to Logan as the three packs gathered round her, her dad stood next to her and she noticed with relief that he was slightly injured with scratches on his arms. Claudia looked around at them all, she snarled knowing that this was it, she felt defeated "all my dreams wasted because my mate mated with another, if they're going to kill me then why don't they do it now?" She glared at Emily, the hatred showing in her eyes, she then heard a deep voice,"because I told them not to", she turned around in shock as she wasn't expecting anyone to mindlink her now and she watched as the packs parted to let a wolf come through. He had black fur just like hers except for a white patch on his chest he had dark green eyes and she could feel his alpha powers vibrating around him and she felt a connection that she had never felt before, she backed away as he walked slowly towards her, "my daughter", he said and she knew then that this was the connection she had felt, she whimpered, "no", even though she knew it was true and she found that she couldn't take it and she fainted and landed on her stomach where two men from her father's pack gathered her in a blanket as she turned into her human form.

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