Her Wolf

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Chapter seventeen

Emily watched as Claudia's dad gently picked her up and took her away and the rest of Onyx moon pack followed, Logan looked around, he saw some of his pack was injured due to being bitten and scratched and he noticed a couple were limping but thankfully none of them were seriously hurt.
They all went their seperate ways in the forest to where they had hidden their clothes so they could change back, Emily went with Logan to change, "it's not over yet", Logan said, looking around before quickly putting his shirt on.

Emily nodded and winced, she could feel where Claudia had bitten her neck, she put her shoes on whilst trying to ignore the pain, "what are we going to do then?" He took her hand as he led her out into the forest, "we're going to see Owen about talking to Claudia to see if she will help", he sighed knowing that it would be difficult, "but if not we have Hannah and Paul from my father's pack who knows where Franklyn resides and where he holds his meetings."
Claudia noticed her dad talking to Logan's dad as they reached the opening of the forest, she noticed they looked serious and she pointed it out to Logan, he shook his head, "they will ask for me when they are ready."

Emily saw their pack walking towards them, they were all healing, Laura walked up to Emily, she bowed her head down in front of her, "you did good with Claudia, you proved your worth to her and that was all that mattered." The moon shined down on all of them and Emily looked around in surprise as she saw the rest of their pack had their heads bowed down, she turned to look at Logan who was doing the same, he then lifted his head up and smiled, he took her hand and kissed her knuckles, "my Luna", she swallowed as she held back her tears.
He stroked her cheek, "I swear by the Moon Goddess that I never promised Claudia anything", everyone in their pack was watching as he knelt down in front of her, he took his hand in hers and looked up at her beautiful face, "I Logan Walker Alpha of the White Moon pack announce to everyone in our pack that you are my Luna and I love you with my heart and soul, I swear this by the Moon Goddess and I promise you a mating ceremony will happen."

Emily couldn't help the tears as she stared down at Logan, she could see the love in his eyes, "I love you with all my heart and soul", he stood up smiling and kissed her passionately, everyone in their pack including Logan's father's pack was clapping and cheering. Emily took his hand and she couldn't stop smiling, her dad walked over to them, he looked so proud and he hugged her whilst bowing at Logan, her dad knew that Logan had now proved his worth as an Alpha (and he was pleased that he had secretly recorded this on his cellphone for Emily's mother to see).

Logan kept his arms around Emily as he nodded to their pack that they could leave, Laura smiled and nodded her head to them both, Logan felt proud in knowing that Laura was becoming a good friend to Emily, he and Emily both smiled at her.
Their fathers walked past and Logan nodded at his father, "he has mindlinked to me that our mothers are together at your house", Emily nodded as she watched everyone leave the forest and with thanks to the moon shining down on them all, they could see perfectly.

Logan took her hand and led her out of the forest, he gave her the sideways smile that she adored "I'm going to be sleeping in your room again tonight", she giggled and leaned her head against his upper arm as they walked towards her house, "I can't wait."
Emily walked into her house with Logan to find their mothers had cooked them plenty of beef and steak and of course they were watching the video of them that Emily's father had recorded. Emily's mom kissed them both, she said excitedly "we have plenty of planning to do now", Logan's mom nodded smilingly as she kissed them, "yes we do", they began to talk about the mating ceremony as Logan and Emily began to eat.

Emily laughed to herself knowing they will be the same way when it will come to the wedding and after they ate, Logan's parents left aswell as Logan, "I will come by later", he whispered as he hugged her tightly and so he did after climbing in through her bedroom window, she giggled as he jumped onto the floor with a thud, "you know my parents know you're up here?", She told him as she got up from her bed, she saw his eyes glow gold as he saw her wearing a short pink nightgown, he prowled towards her and she laughed as she walked backwards only to fall back onto the bed and he fell ontop of her, she moaned as he began to kiss her.
She felt his hand begin to slide up her leg and into her nightgown, she reached down to stop him, she didn't want to, "my parents", she hissed as she lay her head down on his shoulder, "it would be so embarrassing if they heard us", he groaned, "I understand", he sighed as he kissed her neck and then got up to pull off his clothes, he smiled "we will get our own place once we graduate and then there will be no stopping us", she grinned already feeling excited about that , she patted the space next to her on the bed, "come and lie down".

Logan laid himself down on the bed next to her and pulled the blankets around them, she cuddled into him, "this is nice", she murmured as he placed his arms around her, "it is", he said as they both fell asleep.

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