Her Wolf

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Chapter eighteen

The next morning, Logan woke up to Emily on top of him and kissing him, "good morning", he ran his hands down her back feeling her curves, she rubbed her nose against his and smiled, "good morning".
Emily sighed, "I'm so happy it's the weekend, no school today", Logan smiled, he kissed her lips, "and that means we get to spend most of the day together", Emily giggled as she kissed his chest.
Logan sighed and laid his head back on her pillow, his hand stroked the back of her neck, "I better go before your mom shouts you down for breakfast", Emily frowned, "I don't want you to go", Logan placed a hand on her cheek, "I don't want to go either but my mom is going to get suspicious that I'm staying here if I don't go because she will be expecting me for breakfast."

Emily sighed and got up reluctantly from the bed, she took off her nightgown and changed into her jeans and sweater, she still felt self conscious about her body but she knew Logan loved her curves and her body and that was all that mattered to her.
Logan lay back on the bed with his hands behind his head, he watched her, loving the sight of her body and loving that she was all his, "you're beautiful", he mindlinked to her
Emily shyly bit her lip as she turned around, he looked so sexy lying there with his black hair all dishevelled and his body, she loved to run her hands down his chest to feel his muscles, she sighed as her hands itched to do just that.
Logan raised an eyebrow, he gave her that cocky smirk that she knew from when he bullied her but she knew that cocky smirk now meant differently to her, "now you know how I feel when it comes to wanting to touch you".

Emily shook her head, giggling, "torture, isn't it?", She picked up his clothes and placed them on his chest, he climbed off the bed and stood up and began to dress in his shirt and jeans, Emily stood by her bedroom door and watched him, Logan walked over to her, "I better go but I'll be back up here after breakfast", she nodded and he kissed her before climbing out of the window, she stood watching him as he landed on the ground and then she heard her mom, "Emily, breakfast is ready!" She walked to the door and opened it, "okay!" As she went downstairs, she wondered if her parents knew that Logan had stayed the night and had now just left.

Logan later on that morning knocked on Emily's front door, he smiled as Emily answered, "I thought I was going to meet you in my bedroom", he walked in as she opened the door wider for him, "I thought I would surprise you", she closed the door behind him and they walked into the living room, he noticed it was quiet, "your parents are out?" Emily sat down, "they're shopping".
Logan sat himself down next to her, he gave her the sideways smile that she loved, "then we need to take advantage of it", Emily giggled, "maybe we should", he leaned forward and kissed her passionately, she moaned as their tongues entwined, she gasped as they parted, she climbed onto his lap, "we should take this upstairs", she said as he kissed her neck.

He lifted her up in his arms making her laugh and squeal, she entwined her arms around his neck as he ran upstairs into her room, he laid her down onto the bed and gazed lovingly down at her, he kissed her lips slowly and gently making her moan in pleasure.
His eyes glowed gold and she gasped as he used his claws to tear her clothing, she grinned as her eyes glowed violet, "I can do that too!" She growled as she did the same with his clothes, he pushed himself on top of her and she moaned as she felt every part of him as he kissed every inch of her body, she arched her body as he made love to her.

She cuddled into him and sighed in pleasure when they were done and they both slept and made love some more until they heard noises coming from outside, "quick before they come in!" Emily said as they quickly put their clothes on, Logan knew it was too late to jump out of her window as he would have been seen.
They went downstairs and they were sitting on the sofa in the living room as her parents walked in, "hello", Emily's mom smiled at them both and Emily's dad nodded his head, they had the bags of groceries in their hands and walked into the kitchen where Emily and Logan gave them a hand.

After they had finished, Emily's father sat with them at the dining room table, "your father told me that Claudia or Zella which is her real name is in denial and shock about who her real family is and there has been no news about Franklyn."
Emily frowned, "why was he not there when we were all fighting?" Her dad frowned back, "that is what we are looking into, we know it's the reason why he ran away", Logan stood up, "perhaps I could try and find out some more information, I will see our pack", he nodded to Emily.
Emily stood up after Logan said goodbye to her parents and she walked him to the door, "sleep well", he said as he kissed her gently, "you too", she smiled and touched his cheek, not wanting him to go, he nodded as he knew he felt the same, she stood and watched as he walked to the forest.

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