Her Wolf

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Logan and Emily used to be best friends until Logan began to bully her, rejected her as his mate and pushed her away. Will Emily push him away and make him suffer or will she forgive him and let him mate her to make a fresh start?

Romance / Fantasy
Clare Louise
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Chapter One

Emily made her way to school and as usual she was dreading it, she was late because her alarm clock broke and she had slept in and now she was getting out of breath as she walked fast. She hated school and she hated getting bullied and she always made sure she was around people because Logan and Claudia liked to get her when she was on her own.

She was an 18 year old girl who kept herself to herself, she had brown eyes and long wavy brown hair that she kept tied up in a ponytail.
She was curvy but yet she hid her curves by wearing over large tops and baggy jeans and she was pretty but at school they called her differently.
She was used to getting called fat and ugly but it hurt even more because Logan her ex best friend had started that up, she would try her best to avoid him but he would somehow find her, she had thoughts of rejecting him as he was her mate but her wolf Eve showed her the pain that would never go if she did.

She belonged in the same wolf pack, the White moon pack as him and she had hunted with them a few times despite Logan using his alpha powers to alienate her so she had made no friends, she remembered the first time when he had used his powers against her, she felt the push as she tried to go amongst the pack, he stood in front of her, blocking her, he laughed and sneered, "no one wants you, run along, fat mutt." She cried and went home, she felt so humiliated.

Emily remembered when they would spend all their time together throughout elementary until that horrible day in high school, two years ago, when she was sixteen, she went to meet him at the entrance of the school as usual and she was feeling excited knowing that they were mates but instead she found the popular crowd standing there and she saw Logan amongst them and he was holding hands with Claudia, Claudia enjoyed bullying her and now he was with her, this can't be happening she thought to herself.
She felt the dread swimming around in her stomach as she heard him shouting and pointing at her, "look out because if she falls, she will roll like an inflatable massive ball and will knock us flying", Emily's face went red and she felt the hot sting of tears in her eyes and even though they were all laughing what made it worse was when he kissed Claudia in front of her.
She heard her wolf urging her to tell him that they were mates but she knew by instinct he was rejecting her and she had never felt pain like it.

She knew that her and Logan were mates as when she had first shifted because she saw Logan's face and the word mate in her mind and she felt happy but now it felt like hell.

She gasped and she felt her wolf Eve growling, she knew her wolf was angry for her and she tried to soothe her, it's okay she told Eve as she walked away listening to them laughing, she wanted to run away but where would she go?
She could tell her parents she thought but it would make it worse, so she carried on in front of her parents as if nothing was wrong, she remembered sitting in the kitchen a few days after that and she was watching her mom cook when her mom turned to her, "I haven't seen Logan for a while", she frowned, "you two haven't fallen out I hope."
Emily shook her head, she put her head down, "we go in different circles now",
her mom knew something had happened to Emily, she could feel it but she knew she couldn't push her to tell her, she sighed, she hoped Emily would open up and tell her soon....but she didn't.

Now Emily hated him and she hated how he enjoyed seeing Claudia bullying her, she hated how he flaunted Claudia in front of her, she didn't understand how or why her best friend would turn against her and she hated the pull that she had when she was around him and the pain she got in her chest when he wasn't around or when he hurt her.
She wanted to reject him but the pain her wolf gave was unbearable,"what am I supposed to do?" She cried brokenly to Eve, when she was lying on her bed after another terrible day at school "my mate hates me and I'm sick and tired of feeling like this!" Her wolf soothed her and told her that everything will work itself out, "but when?" Emily asked, "you just have to wait", her wolf told her much to her frustration.

She sucked in a nervous breath as she made her way into the school and she heard the second bell go and her stomach dropped as she knew it would now be quiet and everyone would be in their classes.

Logan walked alongside Claudia who was talking about herself as usual and she giggled, "I see fat piggy hasn't arrived yet", Logan's wolf, Adam felt repulsed at the feel of Claudia's hand holding Logan's but he ignored him which he did when it came to Claudia.
Logan discreetly sniffed the air to see if he could smell Emily's scent of strawberries and vanilla and he found he couldn't and neither could he feel that mating pull but he felt the familiar pain in his chest when he hurt her or when she wasn't around, he wanted to rub his chest to ease it, Claudia smiled, she had that glint in her eye that meant she was going to have fun by causing trouble.
She grinned, "let's go by her locker and wait for her there", he walked with her to Emily's locker, he had a feeling in his gut that something big was going to happen, he was about to use his alpha powers on Claudia to tell her to leave it when he smelled her scent, he lifted his head up and watched as she walked towards them and the further she came towards them, the more he could smell her fear and the pull towards her got more stronger and he fought it as usual, "I'm shocked she's not bouncing, look at her", he muttered to Claudia as she giggled.

Emily made her way to her locker, her feet and legs felt heavy when she saw that Logan and Claudia were waiting for her and she knew that Logan would be able to smell her fear, her wolf Eve, wanted her to turn around and run but she knew he would run after her and cause more damage to her than just name calling this time, she heard her wolf Eve whimper quietly.

She could spot Logan a mile away with his 6 ft 2 muscular frame and his black hair that was short at the top but long at the front and that perfect mouth and nose and that sexy smile and with all that he screamed confidence but he was yet cocky with it, he was overall a very sexy and handsome guy but to Emily he was nothing but a bully who abused his alpha powers.
"Just great" she muttered to herself as she walked slowly towards them, her mouth felt dry, her heart was beating fast aswell as her breathing and she felt herself shaking. She prayed that a teacher would appear out of nowhere but no it wasn't meant to be.

She heard Logan mumbling and Claudia giggling and she knew it was about her,
she knew that Logan could smell her fear and he was loving it.
Logan and Claudia moved themselves away from her locker and walked slowly towards her.
Claudia giggled, "here's fatty" Logan smiled slowly as he watched her walking towards them, he saw she was scared and shaking like a frightened rabbit, he could smell the fear on her and chuckled as Claudia moved towards Emily and pushed her against the locker and he felt the need to protect her and he clenched his fists whilst trying to fight it.

Emily cried out as she felt the pain at the back of her head as she hit the lockers full force. She placed her hand on her head where she was hit and tried to move away from them she wished she was stronger and that she could fight them but she was in the White crescent moon pack which was Logan's pack and he outranked her as he was the alpha and he was far stronger than her.
"Why? She asked as she looked up at him with her big brown eyes. "What have I ever done to you?" It was the first time, she had ever spoken up to him.
His eyes flashed gold, he smirked "I don't need a reason", his wolf, Adam, growled when he heard that but Logan shrugged his shoulders to show that he didn't care but he did care as he didn't hate her but he didn't like the pull that was there around them, his stomach sank as he saw her pained expression.....his pull felt more powerful towards her and the pain in his chest felt worse than ever and he found he couldn't control it.

He also felt his rage getting the better of him and he knew it was all to do with him but he took it out on her as he pushed her hard away from him, she fell and he heard her cry of pain and the thud as her head hit the tiled floor, he heard his wolf Adam growl in anger.
Logan knelt down in a sudden panic because she was unconscious and he frowned as her wolf wasn't healing her, he bent his head down because this time he couldn't resist the smell of the very sweet scent coming from her that smelled of strawberries and vanilla and without thinking, he growled the word "mate!" And his canines jotted out as his eyes flashed gold and with that he bent down and marked her neck.

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