Her Wolf

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Chapter nineteen

Claudia found herself lying on a bed in a strange room but the room was everything that she liked, from the posters and pictures to the color purple that was painted on her walls and as she looked around she realised all of her furniture from her old house was here too, she sat up in panic, her heart racing, her hands were clammy.
She stood up quickly feeling unsteady as she wobbled on her feet.
She frowned and touched her forehead as she remembered fainting after a strange wolf with a connection to her, mindlinked that he was her father.

She walked to the door which was closed, "please let it be unlocked", she said quietly to herself as she pulled the door handle down and she breathed a sigh of relief as it opened.
She walked out of the room and walked along the passage way to where there were stairs, she tilted her head as she heard voices coming from a room downstairs, she felt the vibration of the connections that was letting her know they were bonded to her and then she heard the voices stop and instead she heard two sets of footsteps walking towards the stairs.
She stiffened as she saw two people standing at the bottom of the stairs looking at her and she knew from instinct and the connection that she could feel that these were her birth parents, "it's not possible", she said to herself even though her brain was denying it, her heart knew it was right, even Sylvia her wolf was telling her.

Katie stared up at her daughter, "Zella", she said quietly, she couldn't believe they found her, she was bursting with joy and happiness.
She had burst into tears when they had carried her in and all she wanted to do was hold her but she knew it was too soon.

Claudia frowned, "Zella?" She shook her head, "no my name is Claudia, you've gotten the wrong girl", Owen looked up at Zella with the same blue eyes, "please come down so we can explain", she shook her head as she slowly walked backwards, she had to find a way out and quickly.
"Please", Katie moved forwards towards the stairs, "your name is Zella and we are your parents, Franklyn, he...he kidnapped you and brainwashed you by telling you lies", Claudia wanted to cover up her ears, her wolf Sylvia wouldn't stop telling her to listen and and now this woman who had the same nose and mouth as her was begging her so she knew she had no choice.
She sighed quietly and reluctantly turned around to face them, "I'll listen then", she slowly walked downstairs, Katie sighed quietly in relief as she went into the living room, Owen followed her hoping that this will help bring her back, Claudia followed them, her stomach was in a turmoil, she was dreading what the truth was.

Claudia sat down in an armchair opposite Katie and Owen, she felt herself tense, Owen knew that this would bring back bad memories for him and Katie, he took a deep breath as he remembered the deep horror and the dread they both felt when they found her missing, "We met Franklyn when he arrived in this town fifteen years ago, he told us, he was from the Crimson moon pack which he wasn't, we discovered after finding that pack that they had never heard of him at all."
Owen took another deep breath as he swallowed the lump in his throat as he thought back to the tragedy what Franklyn caused, Katie took his hand and squeezed it gently because she felt the same, Claudia held her breath, she knew she was going to hear something bad.

Owen shook his head, he still couldn't believe how gullible he was back then, "Franklyn was a good actor because we all thought he was friendly, he talked his way into our pack he became good friends with us and we trusted him until a year later when he...." Owen closed his eyes, his body shook as he tried to control his emotions. He opened his eyes and looked straight at Claudia, "his rogues killed my father, my brother and most of our pack, your mother ran to take you into safety but you were gone, he took you before the attack begun, he had the female rogues attack your mother so she wouldn't be able to look for you and we had to play dead so they would leave us and it was then when we went to get you, you were gone and everytime we would get a little bit of hope about where you would be, we would go to that town and you would be gone."

Claudia clenched her fists, she nodded at Owen "he told me that you were my uncle who tried to kill him because he was promised by my grandfather that he was to be Alpha and you didn't think it was right, and you", she nodded at Katie "and that you were my mother but you ran off with your true mate", she felt sick as she knew what they were saying now was true, "no, none of this can be true." She was in denial but she felt sick knowing that this was true, even her wolf was showing her images of her parents when she was a baby and she knew her wolf was now remembering as one of the herbs, Franklyn made her eat was to make her wolf forget and now with her not eating the herbs, her wolf remembered and she gasped as her wolf bought an image of Franklyn kidnapping her when she was supposed to be safe in the pack's nursery, the people around were dead.

She squeezed her eyes shut, "that was why he always put herbs in the food to disguise our scents and to block my wolf's memory", she said quietly to herself, she opened her eyes as she felt a hand touch hers and there she saw her mom kneeling down before her, "I know the truth now", she felt hatred for the man who bought her up with nothing but lies, he used her because he thought he needed a daughter to be a luna so he could take over as Alpha, he had never treated her like a daughter and he gave her money because he had no love to give her and now she knew why.
She hardened herself against him, she stood up, knowing that she had to make an effort to get to know her new family, she thought about Logan and how she never loved him and the need to be luna had vanished and it was thanks to Franklyn that she caused nothing but trouble.

She stood up, "I have one thing to be grateful to Franklyn for, if he didn't cause me to fight then I wouldn't have found you, my family" she smiled, she felt happy and she realised it was the first time she had felt so much happiness, she felt the bond between the three of them becoming stronger than ever.
She took a deep breath and smiled "My name is Zella."
Her parents smiled, Katie with tears in her eyes stroked her head, "I have my daughter back".
Owen stood up, "we will have a celebration and a naming ceremony to officially make you a member of our pack but for now.....", the Alpha power radiated from him and grew stronger around them, alerting ever pack member what was happening, "I Owen Mathis, Alpha of the Onyx moon pack officially welcomes Zella Mathis as our newest member and will always be protected this I swear by the Moon Goddess."

Zella smiled with tears in her eyes, "thank you my Alpha", she bowed her head in respect, "and to show you my thanks", she breathed heavily, feeling angry and knowing what she must do, she lifted her head up high, "I can show you where Franklyn resides and where he meets with his rogues."

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